Triumph Daytona 250 Caught Testing

12/02/2013 @ 6:57 am, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS


Seeing a Daytona-inspired 250cc sport bike concept at the 2013 EICMA show, it hasn’t been a considerable amount of time since we last heard about Triumph’s plans to bring a quarter-liter motorcycle to market.

Set to be built at the company’s production facilities in India, the Triumph Daytona 250 (as it’s being called) will help bring the British brand to the hot markets of India and Southeast Asia.

Caught testing via a series of “spy photos” by Motorrad in Germany, we can see that Triumph hasn’t strayed far from its render preview, which itself didn’t stray far from the Daytona 675.

Based around a single-cylinder engine, there is little else we know about the Triumph Daytona 250. The machine is likely to be in-line with the Honda CBR300R, Kawasaki Ninja 300, and KTM RC200 as far as technical specifications go, which is to say that the quarter-litre sport bike will be focused more around practical everyday use, rather than being a high-strung mini-racer.

For a bevy of more photos, head over to Germany’s Motorrad magazine website. Expect to see the new Daytona officially break cover next year, and be a 2015 model year motorcycle. No word yet on American and European availability, though we wouldn’t rule it out.

Source: Motorrad

  • Great work by Motorrad!

    This speaks volumes about the tectonic shift which is so evident in the current motorcycling world.
    With motorcycle riders age increasing in the US & EU, and declining sales of Supersports, the emerging markets = hotspots of South-east Asia are finally on the anvil of major OEMs.

    A 400 cc v-twin would be a great ride!

    I am waiting eagerly for 2015 now, when the KTM DUKE 690 will be launched here in India.
    Till then the DUKE 200 will suffice!

  • Fred

    Made in India you say? Might be worth checking that out. ;-)

  • Nice work Triumph. Now may we see a 250 cub?

  • a tom

    I dunno, the looks of that baby Daytona are a bit off… Think it has to do w the tyres, though maybe it’s the stealth bodywork which makes it difficult to see the lines properly.

    On other 400’s, Ducati should really bring back their 400cc L-twins from the 400SS & Monster 400. They need to update the engine for sure (20+year old design w minimal updates, max 44 bhp, 35Nm of torque), but the old engines pull well starting at ~4000rpm and get to 125km/h+ with little issue. (I ride a 2005 EFI version, tops out at ~150ish km/h.)

    Then again, perhaps they’re concerned it’d cannibalize their other sales…

  • BBQdog

    @a tom: knowing Ducati they probably would put them in an already existing and way too heavy frame. I would love a little 150 kg dry weight Duc. Since they cancelled their street SuperMono some ages ago I gave up on them.

  • DAMN

    ugly. and triumph can build nice bikes. the front looks like a cbr600rr. and this 250 looks smaller and cheaper then a honda or yam 125. for me big fail for triumph

  • Jimbo

    @a tom – would be good if Ducati brought back the 400s however I doubt they will. At the press gathering for the baby panigale recently the CEO was very clear they were now only going to be a premium manufacturer of expensive top quality bikes. To me that says that they will stick to larger capacity bikes as how big a market is there for small capacity expensive bikes? Not saying there isnt one but 125-500cc is really about tools for transport economically. You see this even on the “premium” Yamaha R125 etc. You are not going to pay premium money for a 250 or even a 400. Look at the Honda CBR500 range. They are good bikes but you can see the cost cutting on them. Ducati wont do something like that.

  • BBQdog

    @Jimbo: let’s say Ducati would build a nice SuperMono in the price range of a KTM Duke 690
    or just above. 11.500 Euro ??