Trailer: Fastest – The Sequel to Faster

05/19/2011 @ 3:38 pm, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS

Mark Neale has been a busy man lately, first putting out Charge, his movie on the first two electric races at the Isle of Man, and now with Fastest, his follow-up to the must-own MotoGP DVD Faster. Following Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi, Fastest starts with the two riders’ time together as teammates in the Fiat-Yamaha MotoGP squad, and watches that team-dynamic turn into a heated rivalry.

Neale follows the duo as they dominate the field on their Yamaha YZR-M1 race bikes, and later as Rossi splits from Yamaha for Ducati Corse. Talking to the filmmaker the other day, it sounds like Neale is still putting the final touches on the film, but was ecstatic with how it was coming together. If it’s half as good as the trailer, we should be in for a real treat. Check it out after the jump.

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  • Major Tom

    If this movie is about the awe of going really fast, with multiple camera shots of great riders doing highly skillful ridding, then not only will I go to the theater to watch, I will buy the DVD when it comes out.
    If this movie is mostly shots of riders crashing, like the trailer, then I will pass.

  • Westward

    Well the first one was reasonably good, I think its worth checking out the sequel… And it was produced by the same people…

  • hoyt

    interesting final pic to the trailer after last week (and I like Simoncelli)

  • 76

    Simo simply rocks, best thing to happen to GP in a while, hes both the person and the rider

  • super sic

    Faster was great! It was playing in the bike dealership when i got my first motorcycle. got me hooked on GP ever since

  • neil’o

    well this looks like the year of the motorcycle movie, this is now, what #4. Beauty!

  • Steve

    Looks like it has potential.

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  • Seriously excited to see Neale doing another one. He does it right and he does it justice. Loved Faster! Not a crash movie. That’s one of the things I thought was good about it. Although there was a lot of crashes shown. 1 reality of motorbike racing.

    Fastest will be great!! I will see it theaters if it gets here. Gota buy the dvd regardless.

  • Shaitan

    Hot damn. Can’t wait to see this follow-up doc.