Ducati: We’ll Put Our Logo on Anything

03/18/2010 @ 12:49 pm, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS

Ducati owns probably the most valuable brand name in motorcycling, and like many brands Ducati finds ways to monetize this asset by licensing it out to other companies. One great marriage and example of this is the Ducati branded apparel available from Puma, which sees both brands benefitting from a racing/apparel association. One not so great example of this concept however is the Toshiba Satellite U500 Ducati Edition laptop, which sees the vanilla of portable computers get stamped with the mark of Corse Rosa.

When you think of Ducati motorcycles, many attribute a quality of refinement, styling, and exclusivity. However, how one is supposed to make that association with this bulky 13.3in laptop sporting a 2.53GHz Core 2 Duo P8700 processor with a big fat “Toshiba” logo on the back is beyond us. There’s an argument to be made about how this sort of branding and promotion works and adds value to a brand, but I still say pick your partners wisely…this means you too Ducati. Thanks for the tip Dan!

Source: RegHardware

  • Collyer

    This is why you never buy a product just for the logo.

    Now, if Apple had allowed Ducati to put a logo on a mouse or keyboard or iPhone cover….. you’d get a good product with a great logo.

  • michael

    We need a special Ducati branded carbon fiber iPad.

  • Sean Mitchell

    Bulky? Listen, I’d put this Toshiba up against any of the Ferrari or Lamborghini branded Acer laptops that came up. Toshiba’s a quality brand, Acer not so much. Not that any Apple worshippers would know that.

  • i wish i had a logo that everyone wanted to pay me money to put on their product, haha

  • froryde

    2 words fer ya – BRAND DILUTION.

    And if you’re going to whore your logo out like that, at least do some homework so that the products match the brand image. I just lost a whole lot of respect for Ducati (not that there’s much left after the logo change).

    Shame on you Ducati!

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  • CarbonWarrior

    Asus makes the Lamborghini branded Laptops. They are ferociously fast and considerably comparable to other gaming laptops. Too bad they’re priced so far above what’s reasonable that I’ll never buy another again. But… it IS nice to have the Carbon Fiber edition. My CF Lambo laptop gets almost as many stares as my Carbon’ed up Benelli Cafe Racer. Now, THERE’s a brand that would look good on some clothing. Maybe I’ll market the Adidas/Benelli apparel to compete with the Puma/Ducati stuff. Hmmm… the complete whoring of Italian market paraphenalia seems to be nearing completion…

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  • walkingshadow

    (sorry for my crappy english)

    … and you have “missed” (that’s could be luck) : “Ducati corse” the sport socks, “Ducati corse” the umts-internet key …
    Is it a strategy to survive the crisis ?
    IMHO The wrong thing is that i don’t recognize Ducati quality or real ducati customizing in that “Ducati” products, so Ducati in my mind now has less “value points” if I consider all the Ducati-branded product fleet as a real, valid product from D.
    I know marketing is a war, sometimes for make a firm living, but there is too much “Ducati”

    p.s. : I’m waiting (hoping not) the “ducati corse” the corn flakes and some dolls too … something like the scene in the movie “spaceballs” :-D

  • Skip

    God, soon Ducati will be like Harley Davidson and we will have Ducati nose picker gloves, do-rags and crotchless leathers.

  • peter

    asus makes some of the best motherboards out there. toshiba do not even deserve to be in the same sentence with asus. oops/