Video: Muay-Thai Superbike

07/01/2011 @ 6:19 am, by Jensen Beeler14 COMMENTS

AMA Pro Racing had its crash at Daytona, World Superbike had Max Biaggi’s slap, and MotoGP is apparently still dealing with its Marco Simoncelli. Yes, if there is one common denominator in motorcycle racing, it’s that the drama llama rears its ugly head from time-to-time. This maxim apparently holds true even in Thailand’s domestic Superbike racing series, as this latest video shows some less-than-sportsmanlike behavior occurring.

What started out as a two jumped-starts, ends with a throw-down melee in pit lane, and somewhere in-between those two things, there is some heated racing that sees competitors kicking at each other mid-corner, swerving to collide, and generally trying to kill one another while racing around one of the most “interesting” race tracks we’ve seen in a while. If you like your motorcycle racing with a little Muay-Thai influence, then we’ve got just the video for you.

Source: Stay on the Black via Two Wheels Blog

  • Kevin

    I like that you tagged Simoncelli. Cheeky!

  • Jason

    +1 to what Kevin said.

  • joe

    Looked more like Biaggi, or Stoner

  • Motorcycles are supposed to be fun, right?

  • 76

    who was that guy on the black cbr?, seriously he must have been on drugs, btw is it me or do those guys kind of umm suck?

  • Nope, it’s not just you 76!

    And yeesh, that track is appalling. I wouldn’t wish it on the scrotes that ride round the estate on half-inched ‘crossers…

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  • ML

    These two laps were more exciting that a whole season of MotoGP!

  • I went to the fights the other day, and a motorcycle race broke out. Ba-dum. But seriously, folks…

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  • Scruby

    ML nailed it.I use MotoGP to take naps.

  • LutherG

    i’ve never seen such poor riding. Are these the only guys who own superbikes?

  • BikePilot

    Ha! Some good drama there. The bumping didn’t look so untward, but the kick was a bit unecessary. Maybe they should ride faster and flail about less. That wouldn’t be as fun to watch though. It may be down to the track surface or crappy tires, but the riding sure looked awkward. I’ve seen smoother riding and, I think, faster riding at local track days and Am. events.

  • Larry

    Sheesh… and I thought Ratthapark Wilairot was bad…