If you were in attendance at PTT’s track day at Laguna Seca on May 28th, you may have been rubbing kneepucks with MotoGP’s sure-to-be Rookie of the Year, Stefan Bradl.  The reigning Moto2 World Champion, Bradl was at the Californian track learning the circuit’s 11 turns, the most notable of which being the infamous Corkscrew. With Moto2 skipping the Red Bull US GP at Laguna Seca, letting AMA Pro Racing fill in as the support class, this was the LCR Honda racer’s first chance to ride the circuit outside of a video game.

With American Honda providing Bradl with a bone-stock 2012 Honda CBR1000RR in HRC colors, the MotoGP racer is said to have been lapping in the low 1:30’s as he “learned” the course, which is a fairly respectable time for an AMA Superbike mid-packer will a full race-prepped bike.

“Moto2 and Moto3 don’t race at Mazda Raceway so we thought it was a good idea to have a first taste of this tight and twisty circuit,” said Bradl. “I just knew the track from PlayStation and we came to prepare for MotoGP, and I think we will be more ready for it.”

“Thanks to Honda America I had the chance to ride this new CBR1000RR on the only track that I don’t know,” continued the Moto2 Champion. “It is downhill, and there are lots of blind corners. It is really fun. I especially like the banked corners. It is a big challenge to go fast  especially from Turn 8 to Turn 11, but the whole circuit is tough. There is really no spot to rest or a long straight.”

Source: LCR Honda & BARF

  • ngads

    sweet…its really a shame that the lower classes don’t come here to race. How cool would it be to see the Moto2 grid bombing down the corkscrew!

  • AB

    The tires look like they have grooves… did he do 1:30’s w/ DOTs??

  • I like the guy sliding off the track in 0:32 and into the dirt…

  • Westward

    I don’ know why someone would pay the full price of admission to Laguna Seca, for the privilege of only a third of the MotoGP experience…

    It’s a huge shame that the California crowd does not get the opportunity to see Moto2 and Moto3.

  • 2ndclass

    Having GP riders at trackdays is always good fun. I got divebombed by Wayne Gardner into the T1 kink at Oran Park once.

    And by good fun, I mean not fun at all.

  • Daz

    I wonder if the lack of Moto2/3 will eventually change now that the classes are no longer two stroke. I always thought they never raced in California due to that.

  • Damo


    I agree the full ticket price is a pain in the butt, I am still going to watch the race however, lol.

    In the USA I can either fly to California for Laguna Seca or I am stuck going to Indy. At least if I head out to Cali, there are other things to see when I am not at the track. I am going to start by paying a visit to 21st Amendment Brewery!

  • YES Stefan Bradl was at my trackday! It was a beautiful day and Stephan is a very nice kid. Everyone really enjoyed having Stefan at the track. He gained a lot of new fans that day.

    @AB: He was riding on Bridgestone DOTs.

    @Daz: It is my understanding that Moto2/Moto3 don’t come to Laguna Seca because of the lack of paddock space. I don’t know if it is the size of the paddock or lack of facilities.

    I’ve gone to every GP event at Laguna Seca since 1983. It is well worth the price of admission. I stay at the track Thursday-Sunday.

  • Damo


    Good to hear! I’ll see you at turn 11.

  • Adam

    yep, I was there too. Neat to ride at Laguna with a world champion! That’s the video I shot too. Happy to see you picked it up in your article.


  • Chick

    I was there and he was fast, especially in the afternoon sessions. Passed me like I was standing still, but never passed me twice in once session! I was flattered that he found me predictable enough to make a couple of pretty close passes. Like this one: http://s39.photobucket.com/albums/e162/chickwebb/Motophotos/?action=view&current=GettingPassedbyStefanBradl21024x768.jpg