With all of our subtle and not-so-subtle references to the franchise, you’d have to be a newbie to Asphalt & Rubber to miss the fact that we’ve seen the Star Wars movies at least a couple times. So of course it goes without saying that it tickles our fancy that UD Replicas has unveiled another motorcycle-friendly costume replica, this time a Stormtrooper leather motorcycle suit. Clearly the droids you are looking for, UD Replicas’ Stormtrooper suit is made from form-molded leather, and features CE armor throughout the suit.

For the Star Wars purists, there is the standard Imperial White Stormtropper uniform available, but those looking for something more appropriate for evening attire, a black Shadowtrooper variation is also available. For only $1,165 CAD (that’s $1,152 in US Freedom Dollars), you get the jacket, pants (which zip into the jacket), boots, and gloves. You’re on your own when it comes to a DOT-approved Stormtrooper helmet, but the AGV AX-8 Dual Sport in white might be a good start (UD shows a helmet made by eFXcollectibles). Thanks for the tips everyone!

Source: UD Replicas

  • Rexr

    Errr……….thats so wrong……

  • 2ndclass

    Personally I’ll be going for a Shark RSi Carbon with mine: http://i.imgur.com/lYpFU.jpg

  • I’d be more on board with looking like a dork if it was a Scout Trooper uniform (the ones that road the speeder bikes)

  • 76

    nice call, speederbike troopers indeed…

  • loki

    No no no.. the helmet to go with this HAS to be the Bandit Ghost: http://www.bandithelmets.com/Ghost/index.htm

  • AK

    Sorry Loki… but that helmet looks like; it has pussy attached in the front.

  • johnrdupree

    Here’s the helmet to go with it:


    I’m so hoping somebody puts this combo together.

  • Patron

    @ AK – hahaha…very true. That helmet may be they worst I’ve ever seen. I wonder if the padding is brown?

  • loki

    @ AK, Patron: how about pink?.. heh, seriously, it’s kinda’ hideous indeed. I’d never buy/wear something like that. Then again I don’t think I’d buy/wear the suit either… and it’s not because I don’t like SW.

    Oh, and that helm johnrdupree linked is… erm… would someone wear that? :)

  • Kroeter

    These are not the droids we’re looking for.

  • Damo

    I’ve got a rosso corsa aprilia, so I will have to hold out until they offer and “Emperor’s Royal Guard” variant.

  • THIS is totally way to go. Stormtrooper helmet made from milk bottles :)

    I’m laughing my ass off every time i see it :) So will be with this replica leathers :)