Spyder Down Under: A Photo Journal of 6 Days in Oz

04/01/2010 @ 2:15 pm, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS

Photo journalist Sandeep “Sunny” Gajjar recently took a six day, 2,000km (1,240 mile) trip around the eastern coast of Australia on Can-Am Spyder. Taking his camera along, Gajjar captured some spectacular HDR photos of his trip and journey down under, and even proved the Spyder has some chops even when not on the asphalt. A self-described motoGrapher, Gajjar is a man of few words, so we’ll let his photos do the talking. Check them out after the jump.

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Source: Spyder Down Under; Photos: Courtesy of Sunny/motoGrapher.com

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  • Anthony

    This “thing” is only in the media due to the massive amounts of advertising dollars the company has spent. Nobody wants this product and nobody cares !! Every review I have seen (and there are way too many) says how wonderful it is but the reviewer wouldn’t buy one in a million years. If you want a huge, expensive tourer get a car ! Stop putting this stuff in our faces ! Motorcycles only please.

  • In response to Anthony, believe it or not CanAm has spent very little on advertising, the Spyder due to it’s unique design attracts it’s own media attention. I hope you have ridden one to find out for yourself. 99% of my customers come back with a smile from ear to ear and say how they have had way more fun riding it than riding a traditional two wheeler, this comes from the young sportsbike riders as well as the old tourer guys.

  • “says how wonderful it is but the reviewer wouldn’t buy one in a million years.”

    I reviewed the bike and I really do want to buy, serious, but I dont have the money? Can someone sponsor me? ;) This comes from someone who has ridden two wheeled breeds extensively. Motorcycles are a sperate breed, who is asking to replace them?

  • Foggel

    “…believe it or not CanAm has spent very little on advertising…” I don’t believe it. Their commercials for these tricycles are on all the time in the states (at least the programming I’m watching).