Spy Video: BMW R1200GT

04/17/2013 @ 10:00 am, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS


News that BMW will be coming out with a water-cooled replacement of its current R1200RT is really nothing new. Since the debut of the new BMW R1200GS, and its precision water-cooled motor, it has seemed like only a matter of time before the BMW’s next-generation boxer engine made its way into the German company’s other models.

We have already seen the 2014 BMW R1200RT strutting its stuff in camouflage before, but those photos were small and blurry — really just enough to give us an idea of what we were looking at, and nothing more. This is not the case today however, as a German blogger has been fortunate enough to catch what he calls the BMW R1200GTt out in the wild, and has included a 1080p walk-around to prove it.

While the video gives us a much clearer look at the lines of the R1200GT/R1200RT, it reveals surprisingly little information we didn’t before know already. Present are the telltale radiators of the liquid-cooled motor, and BMW has made obvious cosmetic changes to the bike as well. Foremost the fairings have been refreshed, but interestingly enough BMW has moved the exhaust canister from the left-side of the machine to the right-side.

As we saw with the previous spy photos, the new sport-tourer uses the same headlight as the K1600GT/GTL touring bikes, and this video shows that the similarities don’t stop there. The cockpit as well seems to take a page from the K1600GT, which is likely where our German blogger is getting the GT designation from, instead of the “Reise-Tourer” RT.

Since the R1200RT is the only bike in BMW’s line-up to use the RT designation, maybe zie Germans have decided to institute a little more order in their naming conventions, and the RT naming-party fun-time is over. We won’t know for sure until EICMA most likely, but there are many months from now until then, so stay tuned.






Source: Anscharius via Motorcycle.com

  • John

    Is it just me or is that fairing huge even by touring bike standards?

  • proudAmerican

    “What’s that boss? Someone got video of our bikes while we were at lunch? You’re serious–we have to brown-bag it in the park from now on? That’s a bunch of crap!”

  • 2ndclass

    The 2014 BMW R1200GT: Coming soon to your mirrors covered in blue and red flashing lights.

  • jet057

    Just plain ugly…

  • Sportster

    Agree completely with previous 4 bloggers. It’s an RT proto, not a GS with this trim. Lose the radiator weight and maintenance complications; add the second swing-arm for better stability; lose the heavy drive shaft and double hypoids for a simple belt; lose the electronic crap for less weight and problems, and higher reliability; lose all the speakers and crap in that huge fairing. Riding a motorcycle should be FUN — If you want comfort that puts you to sleep, buy a Road King, or a car. Learn to KISS, Bummer.

  • Time will tell, but I’m wondering where BMW is going with this; using common parts cuts production cost, but at what point are you buying a K1600 – 400ccs?

  • Kevin

    @ Sportster: If you want an air cooled, double swing-arm, belt driven, light weight, non-fairing, no electronics bike, buy a Buell Blast. Welcome to the new generation of motorcycling, especially touring bikes. If you don’t like technology or electronic doodadery, unfortunately, the new bikes aren’t going to be for you. The RT isn’t designed to be the minimalist bike you describe and the people buying them aren’t looking for minimalism. Furthermore, they are FUN – they’re just big.