Spy Shots of the Honda VFR1200 in the Wild

09/19/2009 @ 7:50 pm, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS


Those Italians over at MotoBlog have found the new 2010 Honda VFR1200 out in the wild doing some road testing. The sport-tourer, which will feature variable cylinder management, and a dual-clutch gear box, is found this time with matching red saddle bags, completing the overall tourer look of the motorcycle. If you parlo italiano, head over to MotoBlog, and check out the rest of their shots.

While getting a better look at the bike than we have in the past, it would seem Honda is holding a press event in the Italian Alps, with journalists and engineers both in attendance. Obviously we weren’t invited (we have a low limoncello tolerance), but we expect to get our first glimpse of the VFR1200 at this year’s EICMA motorcycle show in Milan this November.

Source: MotoBlog.it

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  • http://bit.ly/ZR1fz Spy Shots of the Honda VFR1200 in the Wild – Asphalt & Rubber http://bit.ly/UinkY

  • http://bit.ly/GB4dq Spy Shots of the Honda VFR1200 in the Wild – Asphalt & Rubber: Motorc.. http://bit.ly/2EOGQF

  • Spy Shots of the Honda VFR1200 in the Wild – Asphalt & Rubber http://bit.ly/1M7FGZ

  • kirk starin

    If this new bike still does not even have simple power outlets ,cruise control built in, simple heated grips then what good is all the tech. engine stuff? Is this not a sport TOURING!? bike. How hard is it to make adjustible bars or seat all people are not created equal.
    P.S gear ind would be nice
    Great det.luggage
    I have an outside temp gauge
    Rear rack
    My wife would like a small back rest please
    Lets face it we still have shit for bikes

  • Jonelis Karalius

    What you’re looking for is a BMW tourer..
    To say what you just said about the new VFR, it only means one thing: you have absolutely no ideia of all the concept around the great and beautiful name VFR.
    If you want power outlets, back rests, heated grips, gps, a fridge for your bottle of water…, go for the Pan European, or the R1200RTor maybe even the Goldwing or the K1200LT.
    VFR means that you can go along all the RRRRs, keep up with them without being ashamed, but reach your destination without feeling that you’ve been hit by a bus.. Not having wires hanging and 50kgs of parafernalia..
    Sport-touring in the VFR means that you’re still able to do that comfortable once-or-twice-a-year touring WHILE having TRUE Sport behavior everyday, at all times..
    You’re right about “..all people are not created equal”.. Not everyone deserves to enjoy the VFR!!

  • Dave

    I for one cannot wait to get the new VFR. I currently ride daily (and LOVE) an ST1300 but I am looking for something that will give me more airflow on those incredibly hot So Cal days. I was holding out on the hopes that Honda would bring the CB1000R to the states but this new VFR looks like the ticket to me,, with bags it will be a perfect warm weather commuter.
    I actually kind of like tinkering with my bikes so adding, heated grips, outlets etc. is cool if you feel you need them. HONDA ROCKS and the best are always talked negatively about.
    I hope the VFR is the next addition to my stable of Honda’s. :)