Spotted: Honda CBR500, Honda CB500R & Honda CB500X

10/25/2012 @ 4:00 pm, by Jensen Beeler17 COMMENTS

Honda is set to debut a number of 500cc machines at EICMA next month, two of which we have already glimpsed: the Honda CBR500 & Honda CB500R. Joining the smaller sport bike and street-naked is is the Honda CB500X, a 500cc version of the Honda NC700X.

Spotted all together at an Italian commercial shoot, all three models are said to share a 500cc parallel-twin motor that makes 45hp, as well as the same basic chassis.

Fitted with “traditional” telescopic forks, single brake discs up front, and all three models sharing a bevy of major parts, Honda should be able to be very aggressive with its pricing structure on the new 500cc model line.

Looking at the components as well, it is clear that Honda intends its new CBR500, CB500R, and CB500X motorcycles to be priced at the lower end of the pricing spectrum, making them attractive to newer and price-sensitive motorcyclists — especially our friends across the pond who are riding with an A2 license.

Honda CBR500:

Honda CB500X:

Source: Il Centro

  • MikeD

    Meh…as atractive as a Female Hippo…Craigslist is your friend if u want more bike for your hard earned $$$ UNLESS u have your heart set on buying new (a warranty, new bike smells, no second hand worries, probably optional ABS, etc).
    “Affordable” Transportation ? Hope so…BUT Honda has this nasty habit of thinking their farts smell like roses and over-pricing it’s products…SO FAR their new 250’s have proven me wrong…but not holding my breath…or hating, for that matter.
    I hope they sale billions of these in SE Asia & S. America so they can keep pouring money on the bigger (USA, EU oriented) bikes. Call me selfish.

  • Call me selfish but market that shit over here stat! I’d rather see the bike industry grow again over here and I’d also like to see more second hand bikes over here as well.

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  • The CBR looks fine to my eyes.

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  • frogy6

    I agree the cbr500 looks good.

  • Damo

    I would love to see a full frontal shot of the CB500. I hate the CB500x looks, but the CBR500 looks fine in my eyes. Not sure why anyone would call it ugly. A little boring sure, but looks clean.

  • Pete

    I think this bikes will sell very well with everyday bikers, specially in Europe where riding on the city is harder. (only weekend bikers will think different ;)

  • i’ll bet these are ~380-390lb porkers, big brothers to the fatso 250. no thanks; waiting for the 100 lb lighter KTMs.

  • Damo

    @steve D

    I can tell you have never actually ridden CBR250.

    I can see you have steady been jockeying those spreadsheets, though.

  • MikeD


    How much u wanna pay……… much it’ll weight. Easy to figure out.
    These are budget commuters…don’t raise your hopes too high and check your feelings at the door…(^_^)


    INDEED. Fat girls can be fun too BUT for it’s size she’s a legit little porker…and everything else on this size segment but the Mini Dukes.

    @every1 & any1 that think they look good:

    Compared to the their direct competitors they look great. My rather quick comparo was with what i could buy USED for the $$$ they’ll ask.
    Kinda of fair/unfair at the same time.

    I think Pete got it pretty much down to the core of the matter.

  • Comparing $$$ for used versus displacement for new is a significant apples-to-oranges deal. It just doesn’t compute, guys. Somebody who wants a nice 500 or 250 isn’t going to get “better value” out of a used 750 gixxer. So, unless you’re talking a nicer 500 used instead of these 500s new, you’re mixing your metaphors, so to speak.

  • “probably optional ABS”

    I just noticed that the bikes in the shoot all have the ABS disc timing marks for the sensor.

  • Paul McM

    With the NC700X offering 65+ mpg, storage, a good riding position, and a broder torque band than my VFR 800, I question why Honda would bring in the CB500X, though I do suspect some young guys will want the CBR500 based on looks alone (and maybe insurance classifications). What I really want to see is a complete re-think of a proper 1100cc street and touring bike that has a good seat, great lights, superior fuel economy and a good set of bags (and a proper pillion) all @ 520 lbs fueled. Then I would sell both the VFR 800 and my ST1100. The NC700X is a little too bare-bones to replace both those bikes, and I’m not sure who is going to buy a CBR500 vs. a 600 in this country unless the 500 is WAY cheaper.

  • Interesting points, Paul.

    I see the NC700X and VFR800 has being entirely different beasts. I mean, jeeze, the VFR has, what, 110 ponies versus 40-something for the NC? The VFR is more sport than touring and the NC, I think, is more UJM than either sport or touring. When you put the CBR against the NC, I suspect you’ll find the CBR will be a peppier performer, cheaper to insure, lighter and something that tastes sporty while not roasting one’s wedding vegetables (term stolen from a user on this blog).

    Because of its torque, the NC would be dressed up and pillion. I feel each bike goes after a decidedly different market. If I were to only want soft bags and/or a tank bag, the CBR would get my personal vote. The 600 makes a great mid-size sport tourer with hard bags, IMO.

  • John

    Several times last year I rode a Honda CBR 150 – yes 150 cc – from Bangkok to Pattaya (2 plus hours one way on a pretty good freeway, carried all my scuba gear and overnight bag, and maintained a steady 60 miles per hour. As an American whose last motorcycle was a BMW R1100R I am convinced that America’s need to ignore anything under 500 cc is a mistake. A Honda CBR 250 can probably do 90% of anything anyone expects a motorcycle to do and do it at a lower price, safer, and much easier in every other way too. I ask you, why is America fixated on huge motorcycles?