Spotted: Honda CBR500 & Honda CB500?

09/12/2012 @ 2:24 pm, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS

If you believe the Honda CBR 250 Forums, Big Red is set to drop some 500cc machines at INTERMOT/EICMA later this year. Expected to be lower-spec models built in the company’s Thailand factory, the 2013 Honda CBR500 & 2013 Honda CB500 are interesting offerings that fall in between matrix of the Honda CBR250R, Honda CBR600RR, Honda CB1000R, and Honda NC700S.

It is not clear what market Honda intends to drop these models in, though we are having a hard time seeing either the Honda CBR500 in North America, but both bikes do represent an added stepping-stone in Honda’s model lineup for new riders. One thing is clear, manufacturers like Honda are starting to question the previously proscribed displacement categories with their new models.

Looking at both bikes, it is clear that Honda is channeling heavily from its common parts bin. The CBR500 is very CBR600RR-esque in its appearance, though looks decidedly less aggressive. This is an interesting departure from the Honda CBR250R which just looks very sport in its diminutive package.

The styling cues seem are reminiscent of the Kawasaki Ninja 650 and the previous generation Kawasaki Ninja 250. The styling move is surely to keep the Honda CBR500 off the toes of the venerable Honda CBR600RR, but also creates an interesting question of whom Honda sees buying this motorcycle.

The rumored 2013 Honda CB500(R?) makes a bit more sense in Honda’s lineup. With the Japanese manufacturer already offering the Honda CB1000R on a variety of continents, a half-sized version makes perfect sense. More road-oriented than the Honda NC700X, and fitted better for newer riders than the Honda CB1000R, the Honda CB500 seems more likely to make it to US soil, though Honda has never shied away from interesting category-crossover choices in North America.

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  • T.J.

    A 400cc version could be sold within Japan and worldwide…

  • Singletrack

    Well Duh! Why has Honda been sitting on the sidelines for decades on this CBR500? To me, it’s a no-brainer. Every young rider wants a cool, modern looking bike. But they all don’t want/need top spec performance and price. For years the smallest Honda sportbike was a 600. Ridiculous. At least the 250-600 spread was a bit more reasonable.

    It seems that every other manufacturer has figured out that a mid-spec, mid-displacement motorcycle is a good idea: Ninja 250/500, SV650, GS500 etc. etc.

    Come’on Honda, just do it already.

  • Gutterslob

    [wishful thinking]

    Maybe it’s a 2-stroke 500!!

    [/wishful thinking]

  • Westward

    What about Yamaha, I want to see 250, 300-400, or 500 machines from them…

  • Bring back the 500 V4!!!

  • MikeD

    New Product……..and yet………..WHAT’S WITH THE ANCIENT First Gen CBR600RR Front End ?

    W/e happened to using the Cylon Face of the VFR1200F and CBR250R ? I liked it, it was different yet modern looking.

    I like the “Cone Can” on the CBR250R better than the Bazooka on these 500’s.

    500cc ? Two (2) CBR250R engines slapped togheter ? Hope so, not a fan of Monos. And while at it make it a 270* Crank…no ANEMIC flat bottom-mid range response 180* Crank here, please. This is not a repli-racer that needs to make 100hp at 18k rpm. Leave that to Kawasaki.

    Honda seems on track here, T-Trees, Fork, Caliper, Wheel seem like the same items on the NC700S…hell, even the front Brake M/C and Hose could be the same Items.

    How about they drop in the Aluminium Swinger from the CRF250L in this 500 ? Steel swing arms SCREAM BUDGET…IMHO.

    And lastly……….i hope it makes it to the U.S of A. We need more “rea$onable” yet aesthetically pleasing choices when it comes to the small bike sector here…and we know it…(^.^)

  • Paulo

    Any word on the 2013 CBR 1000RR??????????? Repsol version????? New features???? A totally new bike???? I’m DIEING over here!!!!!!!!! Anyone? Anyone??

  • MikeD


    Play the Lottery…u have a way better chance of getting it before a NEW CBR1000RR, specially after been refreshed so recently ( last year was it ? )

    BNG ? Maybe they’ll give u something there, maybe that Repsol replica u want. New features ? Like i said, if u are lucky a new paintjob or graphics. LOL.

  • Damo


    I am on board man, I hope this ends up being a 500cc twin. Is they keep it a light agile sportbike with manageable power and great gas mileage, this could be a rockin little bike. I love the hell out of the CBR250R we got for the wife.

    The fact that this bike will be awesome means we probably wont get it in the states.

  • David Greenfield

    Enough already with the crap brakes, crap suspension approach to UJM
    Don’t go for the horsepower number, engineer the motor to have a personality (like the Nuda)
    Corporate same-same won’t make the numbers Honda, wake up.

  • Damo

    @David Greenfield

    You might want to wake up, the CBR250R is the number 1 selling bike for Honda right now and they are obviously looking to build on that success with this new intro model.

    The little 250cc actually has plenty of character, I am guessing you haven’t ridden one? I haven’t seen one person get off a CBR250R that doesn’t have a smile on their face and I am sure this bike wont be any different.

    Oh and Nuda…seriously? It may have character, but talk about overpriced for performance value. Try to even see one of those in person in North America, let alone buy one.

  • Eddie

    “but also creates an interesting question of whom Honda sees buying this motorcycle”

    The same crowd who bought the Ninja 500 and GS500 (F). People who want arRelatively tame sensible bikes with semi-upright ergos and decent power. A CBR500 would be a step-up for a not-so-newbie-anymore- rider, a perfect bike for those who have outgrown or never suffered from penis envy race replicas, for experienced woman riders, for older but not over-the-hill riders getting back into riding or just anyone looking for a modern semi-aggressive styled bike. I think this covers an array of prospective buyers.

  • BBQdog

    OK, about 5 years too late but we’ll see …. finally they are waking up.

  • BBQdog

    ” …… from the Honda CBR250R which just looks very sport in its diminutive package”

    The CBR 250 R looks like sh*t. I know because I own one. Nothing wrong with
    the bike though but for the weight and looks. Will swap it against a Duke 350
    next year.

  • spokexx

    If you really want a fun bike that’s not too serious like a modern 600 but more than a 250, get an old Honda Interceptor 500 like my ’86. Makes about 70hp and weighs about 400lbs dry. Handling is razor sharp and that V4 sounds awesome!!!!