Though he was most certainly breaking the law, we have to feel some sympathy for Swiss motorcyclist Boris Maier. The 38-year-old from Bern was recently caught speeding 107 km/h (66mph) in an 80 km/h (50 mph) zone, and accordingly received a ticket for his traffic violation. Where things get real bad for Maier though is the fact that he wasn’t even on his motorcycle at the time the picture was taken, as the Swiss rider had crashed, and was caught barreling down the highway by the camera.

In analyzing the crash, Swiss police believe Maier saw the speed camera approaching, and locked up the brakes on his motorcycle while attempting to lower his speed before he went through trap. Losing control of his bike, Maier almost lost his license in the process. Had Maier been traveling just 3 km/h faster through the speed sensors, his license would have automatically been suspended. Surely going over the 110 km/h initially, there must be at least a small consolation from that news, though we imagine Majer’s pride must sting a bit still.

Source: Police Neuchâteloise via Carole Nash

  • R.Jinks

    Hmm… speed cameras helping to promote safety? Funny how that works.

  • Other Sean

    Those cows are missing quite a show.

  • Jake Fox

    You lose your license for 20 mph over in Switzerland? Damn, that’s harsh. Particularly so if you lose it because of a speed camera and not even a real cop! At least here in Chicago the red-light cameras are just a monetary fine that doesn’t affect your driving record unless you get a ridiculous number of violations.

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  • Bjorn

    Could he argue he was not at the controls of the motorcycle at the time it was photographed and is thus not responsible for the fine?

  • Pat Walker

    I would fight the ticket. He has photo proof that
    he was NOT riding the motorcycle when it was speeding.

  • Westward

    A: who’s bike is it? and B: Should the law in Switzerland have to prove the identity of the person riding the bike?

    Example: Since it’s a camera ticket, what if a brother, friend, or son is the actual culprit, and not the registered owner…

    That ticket would not be enforceable if identity is not proven in most places. Boris should walk, if he still can…

  • Bjorn

    There is a legal loophole in Australia that says as the registered owner you are responsible for any speeding tickets accrued by your vehicle unless you can prove it was another person. I assume they would use a similar law in Switzerland. A senior Australian judge has just been convicted of perverting the course of justice by falsely claiming a third party was driving his car at the time it was photographed.

  • Shaitan

    I didn’t know sliding on your leathery ass above the speed limit was illegal!

  • Gregor Erdmann

    What bike? Oh you mean this bucket of scratched up parts?

  • Paul

    You honor, so you say my bike was doing 68mph thru that speed trap? I submit photographic proof that I was not the driver at that time. See… there is the bike… and there I am… some distance away getting my bones all broken by your highway. I want to press charges against the highway for assult!

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  • Beary

    Probably the only time Boris will get scratches on his knee sliders.