Video: “Solus” by Lossa Engineering

08/08/2011 @ 2:12 pm, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

After we brought you Barry Munsterteiger’s “Escapism” short, we got an email from Jay LoRossa at Lossa Engineering, sharing with us his company’s “Solus” film, which also takes us back to the original question as to why we ride motorcycles, and begs an answer to our postulation as to why OEM promotional videos are not this well done. Featuring Lossa Engineering’s Yamaha SR500 Café Racer, “Solus” is a movie about a man who finds the only moments of solitude in the busy city occur at night.

Riding alone on the streets of Los Angeles, which would normally be pack and busy during the day, there is that same message here that when you are on a motorcycle, you are alone with yourself, the bike, and the moment. The video is well shot, and tells a story that we think any motorcyclist can relate to about riding. It probably helps as well that Jay’s work is drool-worthy, and his custom SR500 sounds great over Beethoven’s 7th symphony. Watch it after the jump.

Source: Lossa Engineering

  • irksome

    Gawd, this takes me back. Effin’ brilliant.

    My first street bike was a ’78 SR 500. I built the snot out of that thing; clubman bars, bar-end mirrors, Koni shocks, stiffer fork springs, hotter cam, White Bros. pipe, a Supertrapp w/20 discs, K&N cans, 10:1 piston… That sucker went like stink and I’d ride it all night around the city of Boston. Perfect city bike; gobs of torque in any gear, like opening a tap. Had a friend who was a messenger on an RD 350; we terrorized all night, making beautiful music.

    To this day, nothings sings so sweetly as a single on the cam in a tunnel.

  • invisible cities

    nicely done!

  • man, why in hell I never found this kind of vid in Vimeo…nice bike and the sound of the bike is fantastic ….

  • barry munsterteiger

    Beautiful. As hard as empty roads are to find they some how manage to fill the soul.

  • Victor Knowles

    Wow, nice film. Great bike. Nothing sweeter than a thumpers purr…

  • Damo

    Great bike and great video. I always have admired the simplicity of the cafe movement: take an old bike, make it lighter, make it faster and make it look better.

    It is an extremely utilitarian approach to motorcycling. I have to get an old CB500T and chop it up one of these days…

  • jay used to work for jesse..hes a talented is sweet..ricki come to florida and film me! lol..great short.