Segway Sponsoring MotoCzysz 2011 Racing Season

05/20/2011 @ 6:26 am, by Jensen Beeler17 COMMENTS

We heard rumors that Segway was sponsoring the MotoCzysz Isle of Man TT effort, but passed them off as too crazy to be true, as the rumors also suggested a three-bike team at the Isle, which we knew not to be true. Now we get official word that Segway is indeed sponsoring the Portland-based company, but not just at the Isle of Man TT, but throughout the 2011 racing season. We’re not sure which races that will be exactly for MotoCzysz, but you can count on an appearance at the FIM/TTXGP Laguna Seca round at the very least.

The press release goes on to say that “this combination results in a world class team of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers whose years of experience and knowledge will lead both companies to successes not only at the track but also with new vehicles in the marketplace,” which to us sounds like MotoCzysz has been busy hot-rodding a different kind of two-wheeled electric vehicle up in Portland. I can’t speak for the whole A&R crew, but personally I’d pay good money to see Michael Czysz on a Segway.

“Following last year’s TT, Jimi Heselden, the owner of Segway and I became very interested and motivated to be involved in the electric motorcycle racing world. MotoCzysz was our first choice to partner with, and I could not be happier or more excited to be involved for the 2011 season” said Wayne Mitchell, CEO of Segway Inc.

“We’re thrilled to have Segway as a sponsor for the 2011 race season. Segway is a recognized innovator, making them a perfect partner for MotoCzysz. As the CEO of Segway is an ex-British motorcycle champion, and current world motorcycle land speed record holder, Wayne and I are kindred spirits, and look forward to a great 2011 racing season and future together” said Michael Czysz.

Source: MotoCzysz

  • I heard a rumor MotoCzysz bikes will stand upright without kickstands starting this year. ;)

  • Other Sean

    Glad Czysz has a sponsor and didn’t have to sell his Ford GT and Desmocedici!

    That picture above is hilarious, I’m seeing those guys being easily picked off and falling backwards off their Segways.

  • All I can say is, if a squad of black-clad, gun-toting dickheads are ever coming after me, I dearly hope they are mounted on Segways. Can you imagine actually releasing that image to the press???

    Deeply sorry that Segway owner Jimi Heselden, quote in above press release, won’t be on the IoM because… he… rode a Segway off an embankment on his estate and drowned.

    That’s why I don’t write fiction; you couldn’t make that up.

    But seriously folks… My friend Tony Foale was working at Segway for a couple of years and then was forced back to Europe after his visa ran out. Shame he couldn’t provide input on the Czysz effort. We might break out of the tyranny of sport bike conventionalism.

  • I predict Segways-a-plenty at Laguna Seca. Maybe they’ll announce the new Czysz-way – with 30% more blinking lights than the existing Segway.

  • MC

    Picture needs moar more war dogs.

  • Sun Tsu, “he who makes his enemy laugh may weaken him to attack or diplomacy” or something.

    As for Czysz, I hope his fans forgive him for this little bit of selling out. Because I’m having trouble with it myself. On the bright side, those guys at Segway have some seriously good software engineers and I begrudgingly admit it could be a great hook-up on the tech front. But man does it leave a bad taste on the American motorcycle mythic of MotoCzysz.

  • Dr. Gellar

    Myself…I’m glad to see MotoCzysz pick up the Segway sponsorship. Good for them! Not really seeing the sell out part of this. What’s the big deal?

    It’s equally cool that MotoCzysz will have the services of Michael Rutter for the TT Zero next month. I’m was disappointed though to find out that only Rutter will actually be on a 2011 E1pc, while Mark Miller will be riding an upgraded 2010 E1pc…rather than both riders on new 2011 machines. Nonetheless, hopefully both riders will do well.

  • Where did you hear that Dr. G?

  • Dr. Gellar
  • Tom

    Michael Czysz might be selling out Motoczysz integrity, but on the bright side, its the only thing his company has actually sold in its existence.

  • Bill

    That is not true, they have sold more than their integrity. They sell T-Shirts.

  • You’d prefer MotoCzysz sold bikes like the Brammo Enertia or Zero S?

    MotoCzysz has one of the most compelling electric race motorcycles in the industry. It doesn’t surprise me that they can attract sponsorship from a brand name company that also has a vesting interest in electrics.

  • Tom

    Jensen, we’d prefer that Motoczysz sell something real to justify its never ending hagiographies. Its been SIX YEARS and there is nothing of substance from them. We want them to succeed but we want something there to succeed. So far in its existence, for Motoczysz there is no there there.

  • We all know Czysz was never going to make a production motorcycle. Sure he meant well at first and got plenty of press for it. We all ate it up…this brass balled sonobich was living our dream, build the all American motorcycle, etc., etc. Then there was the MotoGP bid, then this electric bike thing…I’m still a fan mind you. But hold my breath for a Motoczysz 150kW RR for the 2015 model year…I don’t think so.

  • singletrack

    Marketing 101, as practiced by Motoczysz

    1. Pick a name your potential customers can’t pronounce.
    2. Quote Pierre Terblanche’s wisdom on design in your corporate philosophy.
    3. Partner with a sponsor that builds also two wheel vehicles… for people too lazy to walk, and too uncoordinated to ride a motorcycle, or bicycle.

  • Warren G

    Actually singletrack, it’s quite easy to Segway up an incline at 20km/hr – which is not really achievable when walking for the average person. Even those of us who are fine on m-bikes or bikes.

    Also great for people with mobility problems (ie a disability) like my gf.

    You should try one sometime… or are you too frightened you won’t look macho in front of your bogan mates. :)

  • Singletrack

    Well Warren G., my comments were tongue-in-cheek, but using a Segway as a replacement for walking is just stupid. Even uphills. For mobility enhancement, for those that can’t walk, or have real difficulty – absolutely.

    But the Segway has been touted as a mode of transportation for the masses.
    – Walk if you can ( 1 mile or less)
    – 1- 10 miles – Ride a bicycle and get some exercise. Or use an e-bike. Both are cheaper and faster than a Segway.
    – 10+ miles – use a scooter or motorcycle. Cheaper and faster .

    Segways on sidewalks are dangerous for others. Segways on roads are dangerous for themselves. Segways are only a solution for those who can’t walk, or for security detail in malls/airports. Nothing to do with manly-ness