Sbay Jerry – Fine Art Meets Motorcycling

03/13/2012 @ 11:36 am, by Jensen Beeler25 COMMENTS

While the United States has always been a center for custom motorcycle fabrication, a biker renaissance is currently underway on Spanish soil. It shouldn’t surprise us that one of the largest and most rabid places for motorcycling is fostering some of the most beautiful motorcycle masterpieces in the world, this is after all the same country that brought us Dalí, Goya, & Picasso.

Of course you have seen Madrid’s Radical Ducati gracing our pages, but some of our most favorite work comes from the folks over at Sbay. Truly two-wheeled artistry, our love affair first started with the Sbay Flying 1800, but we find ourselves in serious motorcycling lust with the firm’s latest creation: the Sbay Jerry.

An amalgamation of carbon fiber and aluminum, the Sbay Jerry is fitted with all the premium parts you would expect from a build of this caliber. Despite its high attention to detail and truly unique nature, Sbay says the concept of the Jerry was to build an everyday commuter bike, and thus insisted the custom to have a very comfortable sitting position for the rider.

Touting some Scandinavian connections, you will find mixed in with the ISR brakes and Öhlins suspension parts a set of spoked wheels by Haan (hub) & Takasago (wheel), a customer girder front-end, and an all-aluminum chassis. Tipping the scales at 206kg (454 lbs), the Jerry is no porker, though the company leaves the customer to choose from a variety of motors from Harley-Davidson, S&S, Total Performance, or Revtech. Enough talking, on with the picts.

Source: Inazuma Cafe Racer via Pipeburn

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  • Jackie

    Yes please. Very interesting to look at.

  • lawbreaker

    Put a Motus V4 motor in it and I’d buy one !!

  • irksome

    I’m with @lawbreaker. Hell, throw a thumper in it; anything but that cinder block.

    Other than that bit of personal bias, lovely.

  • MikeD

    I was gonna say refreshing…then i saw the Harley Mill…so now im gonna say ” different enough”.

  • MikeD

    Not that the Harley Engine is a bad choice(it actually makes a great URBAN engine, rode an 883, it pulls from 1000rpm like a 16.0L I-6 MP10 Mack Diesel)…BUT IT is just too BURNT to the ground(over used).

  • You know you can get the Jerry with a number of other engines besides the H-D, right?

  • Smitch

    “Sbay says the concept of the Jerry was to build an everyday commuter bike”…

    Why, why would they say that?

  • adam s

    why’s it got the same wheels as my p.o.s. motard?

  • Califanatic

    Well it’s got some interesting elements but I wouldn’t call it attractive.

  • Grant Madden

    Lot of very hot bits near my tender butt.I,ve burnt a girlfriends leg on hot exhaust(Bad Bad mistake)Where would I carry my bag that I carry when I,m going to work?Not going to wear it over my shoulder.Too old for that.So what,s every day about that?Not my every day and are the reverse levers just for style or is it a good idea?Anyone know?Still looks bitchin!

  • MikeD

    Jensen Beeler says:
    March 13, 2012 at 2:10 PM
    You know you can get the Jerry with a number of other engines besides the H-D, right?

    This is what i get for not reaing COMPLETELY the article.
    If by that the mean the same layout [45* V-2 AirCooled] but from another builder, then no…it’s still the same to me. Like i said, not BAD but Boring.

    And to resonate with the others…i think they where high when they came up with that crazy claim that this IS an everyday commuter…it could be comfy{let’s give the benefit of the doubt}.
    Then again an everyday commuter is something completely different from rider to rider…so…? Ah, what the heck…not my bike…not my problem…lol. I already stirred the pot enough on the Motus Article. LMAO.

    @Adam S:

    i FEEL U, im a “cast, billet wheels or Death” Nazi, Hate spokes with a passion…unless they are on a dirt bike. One of the reason i hated the Bonneville until the latest one came out with cast wheels and tubeless radials…(^_^)…now she’s a total beauty.

  • Ick. Can’t say that I’m a fan of this. The word “fugly” comes to mind. o.0

  • skadamo

    Love the light / air filter.

  • AK

    Am I the only one who like this as is??? Non traditional design that what count …. I ride mv f4, monster and 749.

  • Brij

    give him props for the design excersice! I have a vfr800 motor he can borrow to put in that frame.. now that would be a reasonably good commuter bike! If he had those exhaust pipes a tad bit lower.. he would have been okay. I dont mind eccentric lights but this one just isnt working for me! a classy grilled single headlight in front of that shock would have still worked great.. the frame design is absolutely marvelous!

  • Damo

    People love those Harley Evo blocks. I wish people would start cranking out customs with Rotax V60’s, then they would actually be fast AND reliable.

    I really dig the revers levers for some reason, not super practical, but it looks the business.

    Also custom bike design has taught me one thing…everyone apparently HATES directionals, haha.

  • il Capolino

    I own an SBay Flying with a Zipper’s 131″ engine. These bikes are in a class of their own, trust me. With regards to a/m comments, I’m awaiting my Jerry and it will look a bit different. Bear in mind the Jerry in the pictures is a base Jerry. The sky is the limit of how you want to personalize your ride. I will have mine with the exhausts (titanium) under the gearbox like on the Flying. That way I can have a custom designed removable rear seat/bag holder. Heated handles, carbon wheels are just a few of my bespoke options. There are no identical SBay rides. I haven’t decided on the engine yet: V-Max?, straight six BMW 1600?, Zipper’s Torque Cruiser?, We’ll see… I own many bikes; race, dirt, choppers, bobbers, touring, dessert, etc., but the SBay bikes are really something else!

  • Damo

    @il Capolino

    No one is denying that these bikes are in a class all there own. It is basically a fully custom built bike and unlike most customs the Jerry’s look like you can actually ride them. The Flying seems almost practical. I also dig that you can spec the engine (P.S. I would go for the Yama Vmax lump)

    But I am a cheap bastard that puts 8k miles plus a year on my bike and for the price of an Sbay I could buy pretty much every bike on my wish list and maintain them for years to come. Plus I need to go REALLY fast every now and again.

  • Thank you for reporting my post.
    You will find the complete interview to Sergio Bayarri and the bike spec’s at the Inazuma Cafe.

  • mxs

    Obviously, looking technically different with a lot of different metals.

    But I am scared to ask whether it can take a turn?

  • Kurt

    I agree with most of the comments… to an extent.
    1. I DO love the spoked wheels. Harkens back to the days of the Cafe Racers. Been wanting to put some on my Benelli Cafe Racer to really tie the name to a design cue.
    2. I thoroughly love the reversed levers. After seeing them utilized on the “JAFM”, I turned mine around on the Benelli and LOVE the way they feel and operate. It eliminates that feel of having to push your hands to the ends of the bars to get any leverage for a set of strong levers.
    3. The exhaust is magnificent… I truly enjoy the “art” behind a set of pipes welded in sections and finished nicely. It truly adds a personal touch to the “poop shoot” of the bike.
    4. Not a huge fan of the taillight. It’s OK… but, on a bike as well thought out and executed as this… it almost feels like an afterthought. Maybe they were going for “Less is more” idea… but, I personally think they missed the mark.
    5. The carbon fiber is an awesome touch. The forks/front girder and other pieces such as the tank are a great look… especially in contrast to the color and brass, bronze, and milled aluminum.
    6. I wish I could like that swingarm… as much as I loved all the rest of the CF. But, does anyone else think it looks like a GSXR or R6 ripoff? Definitely out of character on this bike.
    7. For the people who say “But it’s got a choice of engines…” I call BULL!!! They are all V-twins. Clones of the “Harley Davidson” style. I could understand if they had a choice of V-twin, Inline 3 or 4, V-4, or a number of other styles… but, no. No such luck.

    Overall… I love it. But, if it’s going to be touted as “Custom” or “Hand made”… shouldnt it be exactly that? Build each for the paying customer. Works for VYRUS. Every bike made to suit the purchasing party…