This is Not Rossi’s New Yamaha MotoGP Livery

01/14/2013 @ 1:14 pm, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS


The great winter depression is nearly over for MotoGP fans, as tomorrow Ducati Corse will debut its 2013 team(s) for the premier class, and soon enough we will see similar events from Honda and Yamaha as well. In February, the boys with their bikes will be back on the track, as the pre-season tests at Sepang again give us our first glimpse at the teams’ progress over the off-season.

Of course, the anticipation doesn’t stop some. Take graphic designer and DeviantArtist Samuel from Italy, he spent the long-winter months photoshopping together what many Rossi fans have been speculating about: the nine-time World Champion’s new livery now that Monster is sponsoring the Yamaha Racing MotoGP team.

Paying a rumored €4 million to Yamaha, which includes the reported €1 million buyout clause of Jorge Lorenzo’s personal Rockstar contract, Monster isn’t footing nearly enough of Yamaha’s racing bill to get the treatment seen above in Samuel’s rendering — as splendid as it looks.

With Monster only a basic team sponsor, and not the title sponsor of the Yamaha team, the likelihood of Rossi’s new livery being dominated by the Monster neon-green is virtually zero. Instead, expect Monster to be represented about as well as Japan petroleum brand ENEOS (ENEOS run by JX Nippon Oil) on Rossi’s new bike and leathers.

The scantily clad Monster Energy girls? You will have to find them farther back on the grid, keeping Cal and Bradley cool with their umbrellas and short skirts.


Source: deviantART

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  • Peter Geran

    Agree..Awful imagination on the part of the graphic artist..:-)

  • jet057

    Really, here’s comes the stomach flu again……………………lol

  • hope like hell they do a better job with JL’s bike…

  • i like the 1st 1 … 2nd not so much :o)

  • I’ll take it and say great job. Wouldn’t be my first choice, but it’s nice and well done. I’m sure everyone here just want some GSXR stickers thrown on it… :)

    Just kidding… I actually like the all BLUE in the pictures and such… VERY nice!

    Subtlety is SEXY

  • carboncanyon

    I dig the first one.

    For the swoop-and-poopers I’d love to see one of you do better.

  • John
  • @john:
    nice one.

    i would rout for the 1st pic of the main post, or your design.
    sadly it isn’t important what i think, sooooo … ;oP