Roland Sands Design Ducati Desmo Tracker

03/14/2011 @ 7:42 am, by Jensen Beeler20 COMMENTS

Those boys in Southern California are at it again, as Roland Sands Design has taken on building a customer’s Ducati Desmosedici RR into a custom street tracker. According to RSD the lucky owner is Justyn Amstutz, and this zero miles Desmosedici RR is one of three in his stable. With 989cc 200+ hp V4 motor that revs to 16,000 rpm, RSD hopes to take Ducati’s beast of a street bike, and turn it into something that requires a steel boot to ride.

So far RSD is still midway through the project, fabbing up a sub-frame, welding together an aluminum gas tank, and putting some spoked wheels with flat track race tires on the Desmo. The team is still working on the tail section, and we’re very curious to see how the bike comes out. It’s not like we have $72,500 Desmosedici at our disposal to even consider a job like this (motorcycle blogging doesn’t pay that well), but we like to dream. Hopefully Roland Sands Design will keep us updated with the bike’s build progress, and include LOTS of photos.

Source: Roland Sands Design via AutoBlog

  • 76

    Wow, way to fck up a GP bike. Sure a street tracker could be cool, on a GP bike just plain dumb, sorry for that kind of money should have just tracked the thing and had no worries dumping it

  • Earl Shives

    Once again, you don’t have to be intelligent to have money. Retards.

  • Kevin

    To the same end, I think this belongs in the just-because-you-can-doesn’t-mean-you-should file.

  • Keith

    BRILLIANT! That’s how it’s done…if something isn’t availble, you find the best you can find and hac^H^H^H^H modifiy it so it can do it. Mind you, I’d have gone for a but nekked cafe’ treatment with parts sourced from bikes of people that can’t ride. ;^)

  • Earl Shives

    Roland Sands parents are the owners of Performance Machine. He’s a motorcycling celebutard for bolting billet stuff on sports bikes. Not so hard to do when you have access to unlimited amounts of scrap and machinery supplied by your parents. From the few photos you can tell this foolio is using the stock frame and swingarm. So he basically fabricates a subframe and tank (or has an employee do it), throws on some spoked wheels and headlights off a Triumph Speed Triple. This is news why? Retarded. A&R is a great website. The breakdown in lap times of the Qatar test, “Who Really Was the Fastest,” is absolutely brilliant stuff. Thank you. But c’mon, don’t report this kind of crap. Why not put someone in the spotlight who needs it? Maybe an up and coming bike painter or a small scale fabricator. What about some WERA or AFM guys and the companies that sponsor them. I’d rather read about the local motorcycle scene in Qatar. When you run stuff like this you’re just feeding into the deflating bubble that is/was West Coast Choppers, Orange County Choppers, Alcoholic Monster Truck Driving Murderous Choppers INC., etc. Not what an already hurting industry needs. Use the bandwidth for something useful. Thanks for listening.

  • MP


  • AnOn

    For the love of God somebody stop Roland Sands and the rest of the hipsters who think that because they can weld, they can design.

    Oh, and stop the RSD print ads too. They are just awful.

  • MikeD

    Easy Solution, Take BOTH RSD and this Justyn guy to the Boonies and shoot them on the back of their heads after making them dig their own graves. The world doesn’t have to know about such Crime (not their deaths but what they’re doing to that poor Desmo).

  • lord_tizzle

    People with money, can be the stupidest creatures on earth sometimes. It’s like making a dune buggy out of an Enzo, just because you have 3.

  • machrage

    RSD and company are tripping over their collective egos obviously since they actually accepted a project like this. Who do they think they are?! Leonardo da Vinci’s they’re not! What’s next? Maybe N.Y. graffiti artists could make over the Mona Lisa.

  • Steve

    Ahhhh…A&R looks like you’ve struck a chord with this one. Quick…somebody call Charlie Sheene, maybe he’ll buy one.

  • Steve

    Hey Earl Shives…ever think of running for office? I’d vote for you.

  • Seriously Steve. I thought this bike was WINNING – DUH! I personally like the stuff Roland Sands Design has been rolling out on its custom projects, and think this bike could look tits mcgee when done.

    It’s worthy of note that the RSD blog is currently featuring the F1 Tracker by Marcus Moto Design, a story first published here btw, which is another Ducati meets street tracker concept that went over swimmingly well here.

    If Roland & Co. are digging that vibe, I think we’ll be digging there’s when this Desmo Tracker is done.

  • Rossi 46

    Umm, I’m not a welder by any means (actually a racer, kind of a big deal), but does the welding on the tank in the last pic look a little rough?

  • BuellRider

    Hey, if the guy has the money to do what he wants to the Desmosedici, who are you guys to call him retarded? Do you guys have a Desmosedici? How about a HyperMotard?….. Didn’t think so.

  • MikeD

    Money, machinery, leverage and contacts doesn’t make u a “designer”… but rather a spoiled half ass bike butcher.

    U can’t buy that kind of talent…u either have or u don’t, thats a fact. U can always buy someone’s else tho (a proper talented creative person).

    U don’t HAVE to own a Ducati to spot a WACK JOB. I love ur anology… so pointless…just like what he’s doing to that Desmo.

  • MikeD

    P.S: All of the above is just one man’s opinion…u know whats been said about it (we all have one and they all stink).

  • TomC

    Nice job on the tank. What are the holes in the welds for, venting?

  • DH

    WOW all this trash talking and still RSD is quite a reputable company with alot of new and innovative designs. Give me an 80K bike and he’s the one i would take it too. And too sit behind your computers and not know either of these succesful gentlemen….HATERS…. Ridiculous cuz the DESMO will be BADASS when its finished up see what you all have to say about the finished product… enjoi

  • MikeD


    LMAO. Go suck on his big toe and hump his leg…lol.