Rok Bagoroš Meets the KTM 125 Duke

04/28/2011 @ 12:10 pm, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

We thought we had the good life here at Asphalt & Rubber, blogging in our pajamas until noon, no rent, and mom making us an endless supply of cookies. This was of course before we got an email from KTM Factory stunt rider Rok Bagoroš. The young Slovenian probably has the dream job of more than few motorcyclists. Traveling the world, riding bikes all day, and teaching Spanish cops how to wheelie are just some of the perks of his job.

Now that Bagoroš has a gig with the KTM squad, he’s taken possession of the company’s latest motorcycle, the KTM 125 Duke. Tasked with making the entry-level Duke appeal to its target market, KTM has marketed the 125 Duke mostly as a hooligan machine for teenage boys, which is like trying to sell a magnifying glass to a 14 year-old sitting on an ant hill. Enter Bagoroš with his bag of tricks, and the list of things we’d probably break trying to replicate them (getting old is tough).

Anyways…check the videos after the jump, and keep counting the days until KTM releases are larger displacement model of the new Duke to the American market.

Source: Rok Bagoroš; Title Photo: Damjan Žibert

  • RSVDan

    “blogging in our pajamas until noon ”

    Please….everyone here knows you sleep in nothing but a gimp mask and a tutu.

    Nice vids. Still trying to convince the girlfriend she needs this bike.

  • and NOW everyone is wondering why you know that fact. Girlfriend…puh-leaz…

  • RSVDan

    Quit leaving your web cam on.

  • “until KTM releases are larger displacement model of the new Duke to the American market.”

    It think the ASEAN (is asian version of the EU) has 250cc as beginners class.
    Would like a 250cc version for Europe too, a125cc fourstroke is underpowered.
    250cc will sell over here, also for older riders, 125cc won’t.

  • GeddyT

    Beautiful bike. Needs that new FI 350, though. Would be the perfect play bike then.
    Anyone else notice the twin rear brake calipers he runs?

  • simon riadis

    Every stunt rider has two brake calipers … it is for the simple reason. When you do a trick on the seat or on the wheele bar you need to brake for prevent to crash on the back. So all stunt riders mount a second caliper connected to a brake lever on the bar under the clutch to be able to brake when we are doing tricks

  • 125s and 250s are just a little too under powered. I would be the first in line to buy this if it was a 450.