Rizoma 77|011 Metropolitan Bike

01/07/2013 @ 3:03 pm, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS


It is the off-season here in the US, which means for those of you that don’t get to enjoy the perpetual sunshine of California, your bike is neatly packed away for the winter, and withdrawl from motorcycling is already starting to show its full force. Everyone deals with this process differently, and for the racers and track day enthusiasts amongst us, the off-season marks a chance for some much needed maintenance and modification.

We reckon that while a $3,000 full-titanium exhaust system might add a couple more horsepower to the top-end, it is usually the racer that could use the most improvement before next season. While the holidays have been conducive to some “mass centralization” on our bodies, it is never too early to start the physical prep for the riding season.

An obvious translation from our two-wheeled sport, we see many motorcycle racers taking in their fitness training on bicycles. In addition to having the correct number of turning bits, cycling improves cardiovascular fitness, it is low-impact, and it can still be performed with many of the injuries associated with motorcycle racing.

To that vein, motorcycle parts manufacturer Rizoma has released a swanky pushbike for the discerning motorcyclist. True to the brand’s chic, but understated, aesthetic, the Rizoma 77|011 Metropolitan Bike is a bicycle built to take on the city with some serious style. But with that serious style, comes a serious price tag: €3,700. Ouch.

In the same price category as many top-of-the-line road bikes, the Rizoma 77|011 at least features a carbon fiber monocoque frame, single-speed belt-drive, and various billet aluminum and Rizoma brand hallmarks. Probably not enough to justify the outrageous price, but we still think it looks pretty.







Source: Rizoma

  • onespeedpaul

    $20 brakes on a $3700 bike, OUCH.

  • L2C

    Gorgeous bike!

  • ervgopwr

    Another ‘concept’ bike that looks nice, but has no functionality. More pictures of the girl. Even though I bet she was pissed having to sit on that crap seat.

    This discening motorcyclist will continue to pedal his motorless-cycle that has actual seat height adjustment, provisions for water bottles, front and rear brakes and eleven (11!) speeds, but no stupid mirror.

  • Micahel

    I am pretty sure I saw Stefan Bradl riding one of these at Laguna Seca last year. at least the frame is identical, it was one of the weirdest bikes I have ever seen

  • Michael, you did. The photos of the girl were done in SF during the same time as LCR Honda’s other promo events.

  • MikeD

    What a frigging ripoff AND a joke for a bicycle…looking good…BUT NOT $3700 GOOD ! Besides, this thing does nothing else that any regular Walmart sold bike couldn’t possibly do already.

    And it wreacks of overpaid/under achiever HIPSTER STINCH !!!!!!!!!!

    F-YOU RIZOMA…and all your CNC machined overpriced bits and bobs !

  • Bruce

    MikeD, you crack me up. I used to get mildly annoyed with some of your rants, but now look forward to reading the A&R comments just to observe your reaction. I find your posts difficult to predict, yet surprisingly, never surprising. Whatever you’re perpetually high on, I hope it’s safe and inexpensive. Ride safe.

    As to the bicycle, who cannot admire the billet aluminum crankset and steering stem? Looks awesome. But I’ll stick with my basic IronHorse frame and Truvativ crankset and save my money for motorcycle bits.

  • MikeD


    What can i say, even i have my moments, usually more often and f-ed up than the rest of the world. Sometimes i wonder what was going thru my head when i writed some of my previous rants…but i guess that’s what makes MikeD be MikeD.

    I say live and let live…

    NO, NO drugs…don’t even drink…maybe i should start ? !

    P.S: The secret ingredient to fly at my crazy level is SWEETS, LOTS OF IT…and a ship load of randomness in your DNA.
    It’ll make u a Diabetic or turn you into one crazy Fudge like me self.

    You have a good day Sr. AND stay tuned for more rants to come. LMAO.