Motorcycle Drawings by Rich Lee Draws!!!

09/29/2011 @ 4:55 pm, by Jensen Beeler14 COMMENTS

I stumbled upon these drawings last week, and have been meaning to post them up ever since. While Asphalt & Rubber likes to cover the art side of the industry, that vein is primarily relegated to concept sketches and renders, and while it is fun to ponder the “what if” side of motorcycles and use a little imagination, we rarely get a chance to appreciate art for simply being art.

That being said, these drawings from San Francisco illustrator/graphic designer Rich Lee (BlogFacebook & Twitter), of appropriately named Rich Lee Draws!!!, made us smile when we saw them, as they’re the sort of thing you wish you’d see in a comic book, or pinned to a little kid’s bedroom wall. Check out some samples of Rich’s motorcycle work after the jump, and be sure to check out his portfolios for his non-moto stuff (Warning: you’ll lose a couple hours in your day if you do).

Source: Rich Lee Draws!!! via Rider Files

  • Shaitan

    The graphic artist in me APPLAUDS this post. Rich Lee’s style is great.

  • Westward

    Excellent art….

  • Austin Tiller

    Who is the rider in the second drawing?

  • Noriyuki Haga, I do presume.

  • Harb

    I’m about to email this guy and see if he sells prints. Some of those comic book style images would be amazing mounted on a wall in my living room :O I’d be a happy man if I could get the ignition, starter button, and tach panels in large, separate prints and hung next to each other.

  • Love Rich Lee’s style – I’ve been following him on DevianArt for years now. He’s even faved quite a few of my pictures, which is nice coming from somebody with such an eye for design!

    Not sure about the Santander Yamaha rider though – always thought Nori rode 41, not 19? I can only think of Spies riding 19, but he didn’t ride a red Yam or have luscious locks!

  • Kevin

    Yep he sells prints.

  • Jake Fox

    LOVE the Obama/Biden sidecar!

  • Pascal

    It is very polished. It reminds me of a French comic series I used to read, see here:

  • Thevenster

    The first one is Dakota Mamola son of US MotoGP Legend Randy Mamola…

  • Austin Tiller

    Oh, I guess I should of asked who the third rider is on the red Yamaha. I forgot there was a picture at the top of the article.

  • Rich Lee freakin’ rocks
    Nice guy too

  • YES! I found out the story about the second R1 picture – read all about it here:

  • Rich Lee

    Well, this guy certainly has a great style. What pisses me off Is I love his work so much, I am an artist, I used to be a motorcycle designer, I draw BMX bikes, I may be moving back to Motorcycles, I’m a gigantic MotoGP fan and my name is Rich Lee.


    Yeah, and I’m not half bad.

    Facebook: Outlaw BMX ART

    Keep it Up Rich!