Report: KTM 390 Duke Coming to the USA in 2014

02/11/2013 @ 12:50 pm, by Jensen Beeler14 COMMENTS


Speaking to India’s Business Standard, KTM CEO Stefan Pierer has confirmed that the KTM 390 Duke will be coming to the US market in 2014 — a full year later than the company’s leaked road map slide projected.

A noticeable absence from this year’s USA model lineup, the KTM 390 Duke is the biggest sibling in KTM’s new entry-level street bike offerings, with the company already seeing the KTM 125 Duke and KTM 200 Duke as successes in the marketplace.

Helping push KTM beyond BMW Motorrad’s yearly sales totals for 2012, the Austrian company is reaping significant benefits from its partnership with Bajaj, which owns a minority stake in KTM. Producing the smaller Duke machines in Bajaj’s Chakan plant, KTM has been able to create a capable, affordable, and enticing motorcycle for new and current motorcyclists alike.

The perfect displacement for the North American market, KTM has long been expected to bring the 373cc machine across the pond, and it came as a surprise when the KTM 390 Duke was not announced at the company’s USA model unveil in Long Beach earlier this year.

Absent too was the KTM 1190 Adventure, which has debuted in Europe, and is expected to have a late-2013 arrival in the US, making one wonder what exactly is going on with KTM’s on-road lineup (instead for 2013, North Americans will get the KTM 990 Adventure Baja as a new model).

Though the saying goes that it is “better late than never,” similar delays are attributed to the sales flop of the KTM RC8, which also suffered from a off-road focused dealer network.

It seems with the KTM 390 Duke, the Austrian brand is looking to try again with its move from the dirt to the street. Hopefully, they will have more success this second time around.

Source: Business Standard

  • Prasenjit Debroy

    Ah! KTM ought to go ballistic in US to garner more market share in the Streetbike Category.
    Also, here in India, it seem’s that KTM-BAJAJ will Launch the DUKE 390 only in June 2013.
    I have been eagerly following every single bit of information available.
    The DUKE 390 is Indeed a Most Potent Mix of Power, Looks & High Quality Cycle Parts.
    **Keeping my finger’s crossed :) **

  • Mitch

    Yesss. Very happy, anxious to see some reviews about the powerplant – would love to commute on this but it needs to do ~70mph reliably without throwing up.

  • JoeD

    It would be nice to have a couple of them at every one of my training sites. The Japs figured out the deal-newbies tend to buy what they learned on. KTM, are you listening?

  • paulus – Thailand

    There can only be so many produced at a time… if you can only fulfil so many, where to sell them first?
    Where you make the most money the fastest?

    In general, the US market prices are lower than Europe or Asia…

    If the 350EXC engine will fit into the frame… I wonder if the 500EXC would :)

  • jeram

    make it a KTM300 duke and I might be interested ;)

  • Bajaj can make 5000 units a week, so production volumes won’t be a problem!

  • BBQdog

    Last week I had a little test ride on the Duke 200. It is very light and nimble and feels very good. Just asking myself if I gonna buy the 200 or the 10 kg heaviers 390. Only ride very small backroads. The KTM 200 is ages apart from my CBR 250 R, total other class.

  • Gritboy

    Woooooooohooooo! This looks like an ideal urban “fun” bike.

  • 76

    very interested in this one, I really want a test ride

  • a tom

    A Honda Super Four, a SV 400 and a Monster 400 all pull ~60mph (100kmph) fairly easily, with top speeds at the >115 mph range; The M400 gets to and holds easily at 60mph @ 5,500rpm’s in 6th, the Super Four giving roughly the same.

    Given where this bike slots in, @ 45hp as against the others’ 45-53-ish hp, I would expect 70mph and the power not to be an issue. On the other hand, still to see more than just the manu’s figures on this engine, so we shall see.

  • Paul McM

    Like the 390. Love the 690 … now that would get the adrenalin flowing. Sat on a 690 Duke at the Long Beach shot. I’m 6’1″ and it felt great. Better ergos than the new Monster… which ain’t bad. If I won the lottery there would definitely be a 690 Duke in my stable. See:

  • Mitch

    a tom: It’s not the hp that concerns me, it’s that its a single cylinder. Anyone that’s own an Aprilia single can testify to issues from holding revs.

  • Damo

    If the bike is priced right and KTM convinces all their off-road dealers to carry them, this could be a successful little bike.

    KTM needs to do more marketing in the USA than just dumping shiny new models off at the dealer though.

  • Faust

    I wish there was anywhere near me where I could even go look at a KTM street bike. Until that changes, I simply can’t buy one.