With the advent of cheap wearable cameras, the internet has become awash with road rage videos, which unsurprisingly sometimes feature motorcyclists. Sometimes these cameras catch acts of two-wheeled stupidity, and sometimes these videos highlight the dangers motorcyclists must face on the open road.

That brings us to our latest edition, where a large group of motorcyclists in New York are caught on film having an altercation with a Range Rover Sport.

We come into the incident after it begins, with a pack of motorcycles enveloped around the SUV on the West Side Highway, and a couple riders already gesticulating with the driver, Alexian Lien. One motorcyclist pulls in front of the Range Rover, brake-checks the four-wheeler, and is subsequently rear-ended…things then spiral out of control from there.

Though it would appear the rider stayed upright, things come to a stop on the roadway, though moments later the Range Rover is then seen driving through the stopped motorcycles.

Once that happens, the chase is on. Exiting the freeway, one rider comes close to opening the driver’s side door before the SUV speeds off again.

The group finally catches the SUV in downtown traffic, where a couple members dismount their bikes and begin breaking the windows of the vehicle. The video ends.

According to the NYPD, Lien was then dragged out of his car, beaten in the street, and cut with a knife on his face.

Lien told police he feared for the safety of his wife and five-month-old daughter, who were in the car with him, as the motorcycles surrounded his vehicle and began beating it on the highway. He then ran over three motorcycles in a bid to escape the assault, as well as one motorcyclist, whose leg was broken as a result.

It’s clear that the motorcyclists in question here feel they were wronged by the driver in the SUV, and thus required a healthy dose of vigilante justice, but we’ve got news for the t-shirt and back protecter crowd.

You caused this incident and outcome. You are the douche bag no-brain riders that give the rest of us a bad name. We really wish you’d take up another sport, like golf or chuteless skydiving. Thanks for the tip Peter!

Source: NY Daily News

  • Dave P

    I gotta say, they riders are obviously douches…and are just one of the many reasons that I don’t ride in events like this.

    But so was that SUV driver who was clearly tailgating from the very start of the video…then elects to rear end someone…

    And as for the car getting trashed…I just didn’t see helmets bobbing or enough movement to suggest his car was being assaulted…and the driver elects to assault people with an SUV…sigh I guess the douches on the bikes should of realized that the bigger douche in the SUV had the bigger weapon and would use it against them. All around a ball-less bunch.

    The riders should be charged with assault with weapons where it applies.

    And the driver (a would be hit-and-run felon) should be charged with attempted manslaughter with a weapon or at the very least assault with a weapon.

    Would love to see all these idiots off the street.

    My God, though, who would think to run over men with an SUV?!?

  • Sid

    These hoodrats are lucky this guy was a pacifist….

    This is the reason I always carry a spare magazine and condom……

    You never know when you really have to F*&^ something up

  • Mitch P

    No, Dave P. The SUV driver was not clearly tailgating. He was cut in front of by the other motorcyclist, aggressively crowding his lane, who hit the breaks unnecessarily and clearly WANTED the SUV to stop. As a motorcyclist, he should know his stopping distance at that speed is smaller than a Range Rover’s. He wanted to start something, that is obvious.
    If I were in my rig with my wife and child, was surrounded and started being attacked, you bet I’d have done the same thing and gunned it out of there, and I probably would have been less judicious on the run after it was clear they were all chasing me.
    Every single one of those riders following the SUV should be charged and convicted with felony menacing, on top of any assault charges; and that’s just the legally actionable punishment they should receive.

  • dfun

    Suggesting that the riders whatever you think of them are responsible is unbelievable. In what world is it ok to possibly kill someone over a bit of fist waving.. Jenson. had your family been run over perhaps you would for feel differently…either that or your just getting some publicity by taking sides..either way very poor thinking. Driver will be charged..period. Wtf is right …with your reasoning skills Beeler.

  • Shane

    Me thinks dfun rides in a tshirt and back protector…

  • JoeD

    The riders threw the first punch. Lane sharing and brake checking. Unsafe maneuvers and clearly spoiling for a fight. Mob violence. Poor judgment by the driver though. Always armed, always vigilant. And every one in the vehicle knows how to shoot.

  • Button


    Why do you need a condom if you have a magazine? Paper towels should work just fine.

  • Halfie30

    I heard someone died as a result of the SUV running them over, probably the last guy. Listen, if you are surrounded by motorcycles at who are not taking kindly to your behavior your best bet is to pull over. Call the cops if you want. The SUV driver then would have had his justice by getting at least some of these dudes in trouble. Instead your “5 month old” got to see you dragged in the street and beat down for injuring people and possibly taking a life. Adrenaline does crazy things to people on two wheels, get this many two wheelers and it just amplifies. Neither party is blameless, and motorcyclists being open to being killed easily by cagers only makes the guy in the SUV even more reasons able for his own actions.


    I would have run over more of those guys had they been attacking my vehicle, after one Jackass clearly wanted to start a fight, because he felt safe with his idiot friends around. Yeah, I can tell you that I would have run them over, and backed over them and run them over again. Threatening myself is one thing, but when I have my wife and child in the car, you are threatening them, and I will defend them with deadly force. The threat was there, the fear was there. Those guys are lucky he didn’t try to mow them all down after the actions of those idiots put his life, and the life of his family in danger….

  • Pedro

    I strongly suggest wearing a quality helmet to any fellow motorcyclist I run across….. These posers, on the other hand, I would strongly suggest to stop wearing helmets and start playing chicken with some brick walls. It would certainly make better use of those bikes than simply parading around town, harassing traffic. I have zero respect to riders like this and hope the fellow with the broken leg learns his damn lesson. I can’t say I would have done anything different if I were in the SUV. The “biker” who gets rear ended in the beginning of the video was clearly trying to harass the driver of the SUV by drifting into his lane ride beside the driver’s door and then slowing down while staring down the driver. I saw no tailgating there. That term assumes you drove up too close behind someone, not had someone cut into your lane 4 ft. in front of you.

    Just another reason I never attend “rides” like this….

  • philly phil

    I have disagree with the author. Although the riders were clearly breaking the law, the SUV driver did as well. I’ve never seen a group of riders attack a car for no reason. I’m betting the driver started this incident thinking he could disregard the bikers and nothing would happen. I’m sorry, I would have been just as irate if someone tried to run me over and/or my bike. The SUV driver is actually lucky none of the bikers had a gun.
    its a crazy situation and it sucks that it happened. But I’m betting the house the bike slowed down in front of the car because of something the driver did first. And this is new York! Did he really think he would have escaped after running them over…ughh this shit makes me mad looking at it

  • Ian

    The video didn’t start early enough to see if the driver did something to cause the riders to get upset. I have been in many a situation where a car does something stupid amongst a pack of motorcycles.

    What is crazy is brake checking an SUV on a motorcycle…. in the middle of a crowded highway full of other motorcycles! The single rider was the cause of the escalation of violence.

    I hate to be critical of a demographic of riders who look to be very passionate about motorcycles because we need all the riders/customers we can get.

  • philly phil

    It appears that the rider was only being verbal with the driver. Attempted murder was committed by the driver first

  • Dale Jr

    SUV shoulda backed over these fuckn hood rats a few times. fucking cowards.

  • Ross Ewich

    most of the above comments are calling people douches, advocating firearms, cheering for the driver and for some unknown reason -about condoms.

    i’m a bicyclist. ride 2-300 miles a week. that is a A LOT of time on public roads -often with vehicles 10x my size that sometimes dont like me/feel i shouldnt be there. in this case- its obvious the driver of the SUV was put into a position where he felt “uncomfortable”. there might have been knocking on a window- whatever. THIS DOES NOT GIVE LICENSE TO MURDER SOMEONE.

    when a car veers into a bike or the like, the law sees it as assault with a deadly weapon. yes. a 4,000 steel vehicle is a deadly weapon.

    the a$$hat in the SUV should have checked his ego, slowed down and let the incident pass. call the cops if need be. instead, he felt a level of superiority that he was being inconvenienced during his commute, probably threw a middle finger- and the entire incident escalated to what we see here… and a dead rider.

    all this “protect my family” crap is what his lawyer told him to say. it all started with sparking/raging egos and the real man knows when to let things pass.

    damn. what a waste.

  • eg

    driver 0, riders -0 (if there is such a thing). These riders are just silly douche bags and I wish the driver had a snow plow hooked up. Guys like these give us a bad name.

  • Racerx

    @Ross you are a moron!!! those are not riders. those are Bronx ghetto trash. Try spending a day in the Bronx, NY!!

  • Button

    I didn’t think the Range Rover Sport had enough ground clearance to make it over a person, let alone a bunch of motorcycles. I guess that I’m going to have to reconsider it for my next vehicle.

  • David F

    I think the bikers were at fault from what I saw on the video. Wish it had started earlier. Brake checking a SUV is stupid. And thinking that an SUV will stop when your gesturing wildly at it, only brain dead people would believe that. Really wish some of those posers would come down here to Ky and ride some of the roads we ride. No cars and I’m sure their skill level would mean they’d be using whatever protective gear they own.

  • pooch

    Yep it’s total dickheads like these riders that give motorcyclists a bad name. Vigilante no brain moronic wankers. Lock them all up.

  • Chuck

    After seeing the video, its a pity the Range Rover didn’t take the lot out.

  • Rossi46

    Bottom line is the driver of the SUV May have rear ended the initial guy on accident because he was totally flustered, when he stopped to tend to the situation the animals went crazy, therefore he felt threatened and did what he had to do to protect his family. If he was a lunatic he would have started mashing tons of bikes; it seams he was trying desperately to remove his family out of the way of danger.

  • You just can’t get away with this crap in America anymore, because everybody’s got guns, a whole generation of people who have grown up in a nation at continual war, have internalized the mentality that it is their RIGHT to kill, and self-defense laws are clear.

    During the assault by the motorcyclist with the helmet, the driver of the SUV would have been well within his rights to pull a gun and shoot each one of these riders dead, and do so methodically. Or use his vehicle as a weapon and run them all over. In New York you might get charged with a crime, but it’s unlikely you would be convicted under these circumstances. In any state that has stand your ground laws today, it’s unlikely you’d even be arrested let alone charged. The cyclist’s video provides all the evidence needed in court to prove that the driver of the SUV was defending himself and his family. What happened prior, aggravating circumstances, don’t even matter in many jurisdictions.

    From the motorcyclist’s perspective, you’ve got to be insane to try to take on a four-wheel vehicle that outweighs your bike by 8 to15 times. Never get in front of a car in this situation, never stay alongside it, and absolutely never stop and get off your bike. The only thing easier to run over than a slow-moving motorcycle, is a parked motorcycle and a person on foot.

    The rider on the white bike with a white helmet jammed on his brakes in front of the SUV, that’s a good way to get yourself killed, and again if you’re doing it with malice of forethought, and the driver believes or says he believes that he felt threatened, was in fear for his life, and that running you or your bikes over (as happened here) was his only avenue of escape and in the interest of his survival, according to the law in every US jurisdiction, he has committed no crime. The subsequent assault only provides further evidence that these motorcyclists had intent to harm during the initial stop. If you die, it’ll be like that cop who ran over that guy in the vegetable garden recently, if no intent to harm can be demonstrated or proven beyond a reasonable doubt, nobody even gets charged with a crime.

    People in groups start feeling emboldened, gang/crowd mentality, thinking numbers give them power, but in this situation the advantage is always with the SUV no matter how many bikes and riders are up against it. Anyone who knows how to drive a 4×4 can run over dozens of motorcycles and riders without breaking a sweat.

    Simply put, don’t do this stupid shit, and don’t ride with anybody who would.

  • jake

    obviously we can’t say what started what because it isn’t shown. And no I don’t think people running other over other’s is right. But even as an avid cyclist this vid pisses me off. Why do people think it’s their right to show no respect for others but want everyone to respect them? Why do they think it’s ok to start crap and then get upset for fell victimized if people react? It would seem obvious what started this. A group of bikers decide to parade down the highway and take up all the lanes. IT happens and we all know it. I’m an avid fan for biker’s rights but not arrogance and stupidity. I have been there were bikers have done this and delayed myself and others because they are stunting or whatever these parades are supposed to be showcasing on public roads. They leave no room for anyone else to mind their own business and give major attitude if anyone tries (safely or not) to get through them so they can mind their own business.

    Yes they guy purposely pulled in front of the SUV and stopped. IT was also clear before that the bikes were already surrounding the SUV. Someone used the word menancing and I would agree 100%. There is wrong on all parts here (I’m sure the driver or passenger could have called the cops from the SUV and reported it before it got to the point that it did). But the blame starts with the biker group.

    I don’t wish ill on anyone and hope no one was seriously hurt, but it’s up to bikers to act responsibly and respectfully as well as anyone else. A similar incident like this has happened to a friend of mine and seriously asked him what did he expect? It took a broken arm and ribs for him to learn getting caught up in the moment was stupid.

  • noname

    Well I’ll side with the SUV driver. With that many riders crowding him he had no idea what they would do next and tried to get out of their grasp. His mistake then was not staying on the highway and not calling the policy immediately as they were chasing him. With that SUV, he had the equivalent of a tank next to the bikes on the highway. The way they were acting, he should have taken out several more, would have been easy to wreck most of the group. Dumb a$$ riders!

  • TheSwede

    +1 Aaron Brown

    Couldn’t put it better myself. Those bikers are Neanderthals..

  • Mnotae

    This has been all over the news in NY. Evidently, the moron who pulled in front of the SUV and chopped his throttle (and was rear ended) went down and broke his leg. This prompted the initial attack on the Rover where the riders were kicking the Rover, hitting it with helmets, and evidently knifed his tires. Clearly sensing an issue, the Rover high tailed it…the rest of the video following is self explanatory. When the video cuts out, they evidently pulled the driver out of the car, beat him up pretty badly and cut his face with a knife. Oh, wife and kid in the car too. Classy day.

    Evidently the NYPD showed up pretty quickly and something like 20 or so of these pieces of crap were arrested and 30+ bikes were impounded.

    I’m only telling you what has been on the news, but regardless, many of us have had these guys engulf us on roads. As far as I’m concerned, they all have a death wish by how they ride and they need to accept responsibility for their riding (and just based on their body position etc, have no idea how to ride anyway). They are rookie riders, showing off, riding in a pack (these losers are more of a gaggle) and bad things happen with that combo. If you are on the west side highway, pull in front of an SUV and chop your throttle for no reason, you deserve whatever you get.

    I agree with a couple of the above posts that these riders are lucky this went down in NY. If it were FL or TX, bodies might have been strewn all over the road. The whole thing is ridiculous…and began with a pack of douche bags riding as such. The Rover driver was was minding his own business when these jerks caused the initial contact then went after the symptom not the problem.

  • Slothrop

    Those people are NOT ‘motorcyclists’…

  • Motogpdr

    Perfect example as to why I legalky have a Glock 40 in the glove compartment of my car. As a 45 year rider if bikes, I don’t care what kind of vehicle you drive….you assault me and my family and you are going to get shot….period…..

  • Aussie Coop

    What a bunch of f@ckwits. Big hero’s in a bunch. It doesn’t matter if the driver started it. It doesn’t give these idiots the right to take the law into their own hands. I was done with them when I saw the ho on the back in the cut off shorts at about 2.40 minutes in. They all should be charged with stealing oxygen ! !

  • kww

    A good number of these riders did not have license plates on their bike, gee, I wonder why???
    I wouldn’t of stopped til I saw my first police car…
    It’s clear to me that the bikes were f***ing with the Range Rover. What a bunch of trash

  • Cole

    The fact that this video was made public is sad b/c that means these “bikers” don’t think they had any fault in this stupidity, much less start it.

    Who the fuck likes riding in a group that large except for dorks?

  • KrazyKid

    Some of you here are complete, biased morons. You feel an entitlement to ride as you please and then blame it on the SUV. Why did the camera start and stop conveniently? So that there was no record of the initial crime committed or afterwards. Your bias is obvious and you are amongst far many here that understood the situation just for what it was. Why did 20 get arrested but not the SUV driver, who WAS the victim of attempted murder by KNIFE? Clueless, self-entitled morons.

  • TexusTim

    those are biker thugs looking for some trouble…not one of them have a license plate on there bikes…nuff said.

  • Todd

    I wonder what happened before the video taping began? Riders don’t just get that angry over nothing….

  • spytech

    I actually know the area very well and i use to live there 10 years ago. it is uptown manhattan (washington heights) not downtown. quite possibly the worst thing he did was to exit where he did. he had choices other choices that are better; to continue on the west side high way path past dyckman where he would encounter a toll and police stationed at the toll or the GW bridge where they have highly armed police with ar15’s. he clearly did not know the area… i cant stress enough that he is lucky, yes, lucky how this turned out. the 34th precinct is very close (less than 10 blocks away), but this happened so fast he could have been killed in the time it would have taken anyone to respond to a call.

    its hard to say what happened before they started recording, but i think all this could have been avoided. both the bikers and the SUV where in the wrong. first the bikes, then the SUV – he could have killed someone ( i dont know if he did). its hard to say without knowing what started all this.

    i havent ridden in the city for a couple of years, but i do know most NYC motorcyclist dont have a motorcycle lic. usually only a regular lic. (if that) its a big problem, it creates a bigger one for legit and law abiding motorist. the crack down on bikes, legal or not will be felt for the next 2 summers in NYC.

  • KrazyKid

    We see this nonsense here in Cali all the time. I ride but would not think of being part of such an event. But you get the punks on their crotch rockets with their inbred self-entitlement attitudes that the world is all about them and what more could you expect? Had I been driving the SUV I would not have gotten off the freeway. But if cornered and considering the attempts to pull me out on at least one occasion, I’d have gone right over the tops of them.Poor baby broke his leg. Insurance scam?

    But the question that begs an answer is why the camera only shows what the rider wants us to see. His perspective after whatever started it? Maybe the SUV crowded one of them and they wanted to get even. Who cares? Is that a reason for what we saw? Road rage apparently needs no excuse, as if it ever did. Road rage — how dare you drive in MY lane! I’ll show you! Out here in Cali you get dead.

    A great ad for the Land Rover. LOL. “Over land, over sea, over motorcycles. Land Rover.”

  • Kevin White

    Geez, I’ve never seen even a fourth that many bikes on the road at one time. In my life.

    Human beings can be so disappointing.

    Looks like the video is getting popular — 1.5M hits. Great. That probably means I’ll have to be harassed at work tomorrow. Guilt by association.

  • John

    This is a joke right? People are looking at a partial video, assigning guilt because the riders may or may not have been wearing “the right gear”? Oh, ok maybe since they’re “hood rats” they deserve to be run over by an SUV? Or…well…they’re “urban” so they deserved it…right? So anytime a rider heads out for a ride without full leathers he/she is a douche?

    Honestly, I think the OP is the main douche here. Jumping to conclusions and throwing idiotic insults without any knowledge of the full story. If you want to pretend to be a reporter then how about trying to relay a story objectively.

    Obviously both sides are at fault here, because the whole altercation could have been ended by either party long before the actual termination. It sad to see that people feel that treating one another in this way is acceptable. And it’s sad to see that crap like this passes for reporting.

  • paulus – Thailand

    Mob mentality and ‘fight or flight’ reaction

    Sad that this just reinforces so many motorcyclist stereotypes

  • Just plain sense less bikers boys are being a pain Rover should have backed off and exited the Fwy not worth putting your kid, wife or yourself at risk. Watching the video made me angry cause bikers like this give real motorcycle riders a bad rap.. Enjoy the ride and respect others. Take it to the track…

  • Racer Boy X

    I live in Manhattan and watch these biker boyz rip past on the FDR constantly. Other than the noise I think it is mildly amusing, none of them can ride for s*it. I even think it is amusing when they take there 4 wheelers through midtown. I know that they piss everyone off in the process. Still, does that give the SUV owner a right to run them over when feeling harassed/threatened? After careful consideration, yes, I think it does.

    The Hollywood Stuntz crew (who I will refer to as biker boyz, I-5 wheelie Boyz, Yay Area Smokey Donuts Crew, or Ride or Die ‘Cause Ya Know I’m High Wreckin Crew) has their annual blitz on NYC to invade Times Square. This year cops were waiting with a checkpoint over the bridges and tunnel, they stopped about 60 but the rest obviously scurried like the NYC cockroaches they resemble. This forced these guys north on HH Parkway. The sole focus for their ride was to create a sh*tstorm of chaos for everyone of NYC as the “last ride of the year”.

    In short, if you are going to ride and act like you don’t have to follow the laws, then by that reasoning neither do other people. Boo hoo for the 12 o’clock stuntas who got a taste of their own medicine. The original biker that got hit wanted the SUV to stop so he could “teach him a lesson not to f**k with me”. Instead, his stolen p.o.s. GSXR got run over along with the whole lot tough guys that surrounded the SUV. I feel bummed for the driver (who should have been smarter with a 5 month old in the car) that (1) he pulled into Harlem looking for possible police help, there are hundreds of Dunkin Donuts shops that would have been better and (2) let his ego get him in a place that wouldn’t end well for anyone.

    Time for me to keep my head on a swivel as I ride my motorcycle in Manhattan (and probably be more polite myself). I have a feeling if I unintentionally cut someone off who has this video fresh in their head I might be the next dent on the day trader’s bumper.

  • Norm G.

    clearly these guys were not paying attention during Mad Max…? Max and the V8 interceptor WINS.

  • Norm G.

    re: “began with a pack of douche bags riding as such”

    speaking of douche bags. anybody paying attention to all the youtube videos coming out of the Missouri Midwest…? if I were to guess i’d have to say that’s where all this resurgence in “moto-menacing” is coming from.

  • Norm G.

    re: “Riders don’t just get that angry over nothing”

    MATURE riders don’t get that angry… DUMB FUCKS lack inner monologue.

  • Norm G.

    re: “What is crazy is brake checking an SUV on a motorcycle…”

    …when the SUV is driven by a man with his wife and baby on board. you may as well brake check King Leonidas. lemme know what that works out for ya.

  • As we don’t see how all of this shit started (why they were arguing in the first instance), and we only have the “urban” SUV driver statement (“I’m innocent, I’ve a baby, bla,bla) is very difficult to judge this video.

    But I tell you this:

    If I were the SUV’s driver carring my wife and daughter and I were surround by a crowd (of whatever) I’ll be carefull, stick to the right lane and let them go away.

    I ride my bike almost every day of the year and I’ve seen cages doing it wrong to many times to believe that SUV’s driver is totally innoncent. The downside is that bikers should have called cops, but I understand they were angry with a man driving over their friends.

  • Slangbuster

    Let me see, some moron on his motorcycle brake checks an SUV that he feels is following him too closely and gets rear ended in the process. Ooopps! So what did he expect? Then his little buddys force the SUV (containing his wife and 5 month old daughter) to stop and they attempt to pull the driver from the SUV, twice. I enjoyed the drivers quick thinking and tactics of running over the some of the motorcycles to protect his family from injury while attempting to get out of harms way. Seems like a good option/tactic. Hopefully he was on the phone with the police reporting the situation and his location. Later he pulls off the freeway and becomes stuck in traffic and some of these billy bad ass’s smash out his windows, drag him from his car and beat and stab him. I can understand these guys becoming angry when their Mohawks blows off their helmets but maybe they snorted a little too much meth before the ride. That’s understandable. Frankly, I don’t have a sense of humor when it comes to the safety of my family and will assure you, this would have turned out much differently for these individuals breaking out my windows and attempting to pull me out of my vehicle. “front sight squeeze”, comes to mind. The up side is, there would have been a few extra helmet Mohawks to pass around to the other club members and the gene pool would have been cleaned up considerably.

  • FernandoARG

    These riders are dumb, I’ve been riding for a couple of decades, I know better than hanging out with mind numb dumbasses, no thanks, that’s why I stopped riding on the streets altogether, racetrack only, safe, like minded individuals, fun, lots of SUV drivers coming to watch us have fun, yeah, that’s the life, sorry people got ran over, but you in a pack come at me at any point while my wife and kid is in the car? Yeah, you’re getting run over too, plus, I’m not afraid of hitting reverse in case I missed the empty cranial cavity…

  • Jimbo

    Where to begin.

    Lets start by saying which party was in the wrong here. Both parties were.
    My problem with car drivers is that they often terrible and dont understand that if they hit us we die and they live.
    If a car driver cuts up a biker they should be told CALMLY AND CONCISELY so they understand and hopefully dont do it again. Beating the guy up and hounding him in a pack immediately loses what ever moral high ground you have (bearing in mind we dont know how it started).
    When i first started riding i was nearly wiped out by a boy racer in a GTI trying to show off and weave between traffic at rush hour one commute home. There was a massive biker on an TL1000s behind me who followed him to the traffic lights made him wind down the window and yelled at him for a good five mins explaining he could have killed me. I didnt know the biker or the driver or the other bikers who came to see what was going on. We werent a gang or weekend show offs. We were commuters going home to our families on on a weekday. There was no violence or punching or threat of violence although i cant lie the presence of the bikes was probably indimidating. I had not brake checked the guy i had just been riding a long. I will for ever be grateful to that suzuki rider for what he did because i continued to see that car daily while that was my route and he never drove like that again.
    Thats how we bikers should handle the situation. Not behaving like a bunch of wanna be hells angels

  • Jack

    What else are you expecting from these arrogant jackasses, which I usually refer to as “squids”!!! They don’t belong on motorcycles as I’ve seen many of them failing and they can’s ride for shit!!! It reminds me of the movie ” Biker Boyz” where bunch of lowlifes were trying to overtake one another. Cheesy and cheep!!!They don’t know the awesome sport of riding and only ride- because in their little brain if any, they have a self image of being somebody possessing sexiness, an outlaw and very cool at that! After riding motorcycles for nearly 41 years straight, I still can not accept these jerks to be part of the world of enthusiasts, riding bikes!! Go back to your damn hoodlum styled cars.

  • Andrew

    First of all, they violated dozen of laws, for more than one time…
    It does not matter if they think that driver did them wrong, they are driving wrong all the time in that video.
    They do not deserve to be hit by that man, they deserve to lose one thing they value the most in their pitiful life: Driving licences… and probably legs… because this is a gang behaving, and we all know how to treat a gang. Like a lowlife should be treated.
    They were lucky he is not violent and armed, cause I know I would be.

  • WhitP

    We can observe in this video:
    – Motorbike riders acting quite anti-social
    – A SUV driver running over said motorbike riders
    – Motorbike riders chasing him down and breaking the window of his car.

    We don’t know/see:
    – What caused the bikes to start surrounding the SUV.
    – Why the SUV driver decided to run over the bikers (besides being surrounded I cannot see anything being thrown at him, guns or anything else).

    General knowledge
    – The motorbike riders (aka biker boyz) are “thugs” who disrespect everything and everyone.
    – People with fancy cars are more likely to behave selfishly – read selfish just like the bikers (source:

    Story we are being sold:
    – The SUV driver was scared for his family. Perhaps his lawyer told him to use this story to gain the sympathy of the public and of the jury when he goes to court? I assume that he has enough money to afford a decent lawyer.

    This story seems to hold very well, because people are immediately siding with the driver and relating to their own personal experience and their right to defend their families.

    Quoting Aaron “Simply put, don’t do this stupid shit, and don’t ride with anybody who would.” and I add – may it be a bike or a car.

  • Rico Bustamente

    & not 1, non-waving Harley Davidson among ’em…..

    C’mon…. how many of you automatically figured it’d be the Pagans or some such group riding Harleys that did this….

    Even if I’m wrong & you all knew this was a bunch of sport-bikers, it’s good to see that there were no H-D riders involved… they were probably off somewhere polishing their chrome pipes & other bolt on doodads… huh!

    Did I see the ring leader of this crew riding a BMW GS?


  • Just saw this video on CNN News, described as ‘family attacked by a gang of bikers.’ With that kind of publicity, somebody’s going to be getting some serious jail or prison time.

    You know these guys are stupid, because only an imbecile would post this video on YouTube. Smart assailants would have immediately disposed of the disk it was stored on before being arrested. Now not only are they going to get prosecuted, they’ll be made into public pariahs, there goes your job and your future dumb-ass.

  • smiler

    What is it with Americans, you could start a fight at a prayer meeting. Many of the w*****er riders as usual have T shirts and jeans on. They clearly blocked the Range Rover in. What do they expect?
    Getting really tired of these idiots and the cultueral export to other countries giving w******ers in other countries the excuse to act like them. Make all other rider lives much more difficult.

    Having said that Range Rover Sports are usually driven by chavs and should therefore be avoided, not taunted.

    Next time someone will likely pull a gun. Pathetic.

    Been watching too much Mad Max.

  • GMD

    Good ad for Range Rover … Mob mentality will never win in a court of law.

  • karl


  • Swizzle

    I’m a sport biker based in Manhattan. I ride that stretch of HH every time I go for a ride up north. Very regrettable that this interaction occurred, and that bikers were injured, and that this family was menaced. My two cents as far as assigning blame is this:

    Despite whatever justification the biker’s may have felt they had against this SUV, the police are the only party genuinely authorized to pull over a driver. Any argument for some sort of citizen’s arrest in this case is simply nonsense. The biker’s remedy should have been to take down the SUV’s plate number, or follow the SUV from a safe distance while an officer was called to the scene. The Range Rover could have been cited for fleeing the scene of an accident. At that moment when the biker’s decided to take the law into their own hands and force the SUV to a stop in the middle of the road, the SUV became entitled to take extreme measures to get away. Frankly, the driver may have been just as fearful of being dragged from his vehicle and beaten or even killed as a result of the first offense as he was after running more bikers over. Since this is exactly what happened, its hard to say that fear wasn’t reasonable. Could the SUV have played it better? Been more careful when fleeing? Chose to wait out the first stop in hopes that the bikers might have kept their heads? Absolutely, but his judgment call to flee was his right in this situation, and what happened happened. The biker’s showed serious immaturity and lack of judgment for putting themselves and the SUV driver/family in this situation in the first place. One might ask why in the world these biker’s thought it was safe to be parked and off their bikes all over the middle of a 3 lane highway at mid-day?? I can’t remember the last time I parked my bike in the center of the Henry Hudson and expected not to be run over.

  • Grimey Benson

    Oh look, smiler finally showed up to spout his usually anti-American bullshit. What country do you live in, smiler? I hope you don’t respent your populace as a whole, but obviously a small group of idiot motorists in my country do?

    America doesn’t “export our culture”. If people in other regions copy it, then they are more stupid than the people doing it over here.

    Typical keyboard warrior coward you are.

  • Kevin White

    I was right about being harassed about this today. I’ve received it in IM and email twelve times already and pe0ple are hitting me up to comment / defend it or giving me an earful of their unsolicited opinions. I’m not one of them!

  • Norm G.

    re: “We don’t know/see: – What caused the bikes to start surrounding the SUV. – Why the SUV driver decided to run over the bikers (besides being surrounded I cannot see anything being thrown at him, guns or anything else).”

    breaking news. we don’t have to. the law states once the vehicle’s path was blocked from proceeding (regardless of what occurred prior), and then surrounded and CLEARLY out numbered, we had seen enough.

    it’s same premise behind why a person doesn’t have the right to call a business with a fake bomb scare…? or pick up a phone and make terroristic threats to an ex girlfriend. doesn’t matter if the act is carried out or not…? the threat ITSELF is unlawful.

    the burden of proof yes, lies totally with the bikers in the portion of video from this individual (that we’re conveniently not being shown), or in the video from one of the 10,000 go pro cameras that the other bikers have (and you know they’ve got ’em) that we’re ALSO not being shown. “well isn’t that convenient”. (church lady voice)

  • John Mith

    EVERYONE was wrong here. The guy in the Range Rover should have been able to stop at such a low speed (I drive one myself they have amazing brakes for being so damn big). The bikers should have not been menacing cars. BUT. The turning point here where the SUV driver was dead wrong is when he took off in the manner that he did. He floored it with people in front of the vehicle. He could have pushed them out of the way slowly giving people a chance to escape if he really had to only causing property damage to the bikes in the vehicle’s path. He could have quietly stayed inside his vehicle and called the police. He could have even rolled down his window and said “sorry. I have phoned the police and rolled the window back up”. His actions show the classic “us against them” mentality. But then again so do the bikers. There was a traffic accident and the bikers flew off the handle about it. The driver and the bikers who started this should be in JAIL. As for the people who smashed out the window and gave the driver a beating no charges should be filed. They were reacting to some crazy person in a 5000# deadly weapon used twice in the attempt to commit murder. If the driver of the Range Rover allowed to walk and you ride on 2 wheels you better watch out. Many motorists would LOVE to explore their murderous fantasies with the possibility of getting away with it. One just has to read a few youtube comments to see the hate and murderous fantasies of a lot of drivers on the road.

    I’m also a rider and avoid riding in groups for exactly this reason. Motorists are intimidated by large groups of motorcycles especially sport bikes when there’s stunting and bad riding involved. More issues like this will only result in more law enforcement manpower being used against motorcycle riders. Unfortunately the way that usually works is anyone on a sport bike is profiled as a problem and harassed.

  • TRL

    We have incident at Wee Jerusalem.
    Nomad bikers, bulk trouble.
    Okay, we’re on it. We gone.
    Goose, come on.

    The good news is that the AHCA will take care of that leg….

  • Norm G.

    re: “Very regrettable that this interaction occurred, and that bikers were injured, and that this family was menaced.”

    let’s look on the brightside. as this video propagates around the globe, we won’t have to worry about seeing this happen but maybe 1 or 2 more times…? this is a pivotal moment. this driver did what every cage driver has WANTED to do, but was reluctant. they are now emboldened.

    up till this point, we riders (a certain deviant portion anyway) had been operating under what only can be described as a false sense of security. this “ILLUSION OF POWER” has now been broken.


    that awkward moment when the bikers suddenly realize… they aren’t as strong as they believe… and cage drivers aren’t as weak. funneled into the narrow corridor that is the West Side Highway, their numbers count for nothing.

  • Norm G.

    re: “There was a traffic accident and the bikers flew off the handle about it.”

    the $64,000 question… where’s the video…?

    to paraphrase a comment made in the broventure thread, “show us the video, or it didn’t happen.”

  • Terry

    My legal background says this will be a case study at laws schools across America in about 5 years. There are so many things to consider. Level of threat, self defenses, possible vehicular homicide or manslaughter, assault, property damage, traffic violations, incomplete video evidence, and about a hundred more legal considerations. Endless litigation coming forward. The only happy people from this will be fellow attorneys who will stay busy with this for years.

    We don’t see the complete video, so the bikers here look really bad here. However , if this vehicle knocked one of their buddies off a bike before the video cuts in, and kept driving on, THAT WOULD BE AN EXTREME EVENT.

  • Spamtasticus

    Since I have no idea what started the animosity between the car and the bikes I must use what is available in the video as a reference. What I see is a car surrounded by motorcycles. The CBR then pulls in front of the car and starts to break check him to stop him i the middle of a multi lane road. The rest of the, over 100, motorcycles then surround the vehicle. We can’t see what happens in the mob but one thing is for certain. A man and his family is now surrounded by over 100 overtly aggressive people that have show a disregard for law and safety by bottling him and his family in the middle o the road. I would do precisely the same thing the SUV driver did. I would get me and my family out of that massively dangerous situation as quickly as possible. If you are blocking my escape from a situation that any prosecutor and jury would easily see as a great threat to death or serious injury then I will use any method to escape, including running the people actively, and intentionally blocking my escape. Once the “Mob” has attempted to sequester, or attack or kill the family then all bets are off on what happens to them next. You know they did not stop all of traffic to just have a chat with the man and nobody would reasonably think so. To paraphrase, you can’t break into a man’s house and then complain when you are shot because “all you meant to do is steal a $100” radio. The owner of the house has no idea what your intentions are and must take your actions on face value. And yes, if my family was cornered and surrounded by over 100 aggressors and my vehicle (more deadly than a firearm) was disabled, I would open fire to defend us.

  • Daniel Croft

    The bikers had the Ability and Opportunity once the SUV was stopped, the driver and his family were in immediate Jeopardy and also appeared to be Precluded from doing anything else to avoid serious bodily harm or death to him and his family. AOJP – look it up.

    The fact is that this could clearly have been avoided. We’ve all seen video of how these “rides” go down. The 100+ bikers block the freeway so that some of them can show off. None of that is legal, considerate or anyone’s “right”. It’s not hard to imagine that the SUV driver became impatient and started trying to get through the bikes. Also not smart when there are plenty of exits up the HH the driver could have taken and moved on to Riverside Parkway to keep traveling North. Why the SUV driver should have to do that is a big part of the problem.

    No doubt the riders felt slighted when the SUV started passing them so they started messing with him as was shown in the video.

    It’s unfortunate that in a city that already stacks the deck against motorcyclists (lived and rode in NYC for 10 years), we have this kind of behavior which is so easily slanted agains everyone on two wheels.

    Here are some tips:
    1) Don’t block the highway and ride in such a disrespectful way and expect respect
    2) Don’t try to stop a 5500lb SUV with a 400lb bike or 5 and expect to succeed
    3) If you come on a group of bikes like this in your car, go another way and report it to police
    4) If an car takes you or one of your riding buddies out, get the license plate, report it to police and if you HAVE to, follow at a safe distance (although, that’s probably not legal and will only escalate the situation if the driver can still see you)
    5) Don’t try this in a state where people have guns

    Fact is, in many states in the US, a bystander watching the assault that we don’t see on this video could have had cause to use deadly force to prevent the serious bodily harm that resulted.

    I hope that his doesn’t result in even more harassment of motorcycles in NYC but I won’t be surprised.

  • J P

    Seeing the headline and first image here, I was fully prepared to get fired up at the Range Rover. As an urban cyclist I can relate to the anger and rage directed at drivers putting my life in unnecessary danger, and the image makes it look like the SUV is tailing the motorcycle far too closely.

    And then I watched the video. Brake checking an SUV?? That’s just a stupid move. They were clearly bullying the SUV for some unknown reason, and the driver had every right to fear for his life and do whatever it took to remove himself from the situation. It looks like an act of self-defense to me.

  • Adubbs

    If an unruly mob blocks me with my family in the car with the intent of being violent…

    I will run your ass over. Twice.

  • LanceBoyles

    Wow. I thought this kind of crap died along with the Starboyz.

  • BobR

    Just a ? for all you riders out there commenting on how you would like to have seen these idiots run over and then backed over again,Be honest now,Have any of you ever been blatantly cut off, had someone pull out in front of you , take a left hand turn in front of you by some A-hole cage drivers? What did you want to do about it? Be honest now, Send them a dozen Roses ? I take it personal when some turd in a car puts my life in danger just because they may have a bad attitude towards bikes. On the other hand I saw video of what was going on with this group before the incident, riding on sidewalks , splitting lanes. There was bound to be some kind of trouble and I think this ghetto group definately started it, the guy in the SUV escalated it .

  • John Mith:

    Stupidest comment I’ve seen posted here, and that says something because there’s a lot of stupid comments here.

    Are you looking at the same video the rest of us are looking at, have you seen another video of this incident? Because the only thing I can be sure of from this, is that a group of bikers decided to use their bikes and their bodies to surround a vehicle and force it to stop, which it seems likely they did by intentionally creating an accident when they tried to force the SUV driver to stop, and he didn’t want to stop. Then all we can see is 15 to 20 bikes and bikers surrounding a vehicle from 150 feet away.

    So we have no idea what occurred during that intimidating and illegal stop, that we are told resulted in an accident. Anything could have happened, or maybe nothing. But it seems very unlikely that a driver who acquiesces to being stopped like this, and who has their family in the car, would then gun their vehicles and run over a bunch people and bikes without good reason. Was he threatened? Did someone produce a weapon? We just don’t know, and unless someone produces a video of the incident closer to the action we probably never will for sure.

    But we do know that the riders attempted to assault the driver and assaulted the driver’s vehicle on two more occasions, according to the edited video as he was attempting to escape in a rather calm manner, not speeding, apparently not breaking traffic laws, like riding onto the median or sidewalk, which you think he would do in such a situation, most people would do anything to get away from that.

    As a rider myself I’ve had all kinds of incidents with ass holes in cars, riding my back wheel within inches in order to provoke me to accelerate away so that the state trooper at the head of the pack of cars he’s riding behind on 95 will pull me over, and the guy in the car can get back to speeding while I get a ticket. The guy who shot a kumquat in my eye with a wrist rocket as I was riding down A1 A when I was 16. Tough guy bumping my back wheel at a stoplight with his car, getting out and trying to provoke a fight. People swerving their cars at me at speed, coming within inches of taking me out, for no more reason than they didn’t like how I passed them.

    I imagine that tens of thousands of motorcyclists have been killed over the years by people in cars who just lose their temper over some perceived slight by the motorcyclist. But that’s life on the American roadways, it’s a jungle out there, and that’s what goes with riding a motorcycle, you either accept it or quit riding. I imagine it is a temptation when you’re young, stupid and surrounded by your gang, to look for payback for all that, but it’s also wrong.

    I’ve had my share of incidents on the road, where I’ve done some things I’m not proud of, but it was always when I was in the car, and I never hurt anybody, just gave them little incentive. Okay well there was that one time when some ass-hole in a BMW waved a gun at me on the turnpike, and I had just worked 12 hours at some shit job, and I was in my old beat-up Camaro, and I just reacted by sending him and his 740i into the ditch. All I saw was a big puff of dirt and grass flying up in my rearview mirror. I don’t really know what happened to him, but hey, he flashed piece at me. Usually, You flash piece out on the lanes, I’ll take it away from you and stick it up your ass, and pull the fuckin trigger til it goes click. :)

    Nobody fucks with ths Jesus… Eight-year-old Dude.

    But a motorcycle is another story, you have to realize that on a bike you’re just too vulnerable to let your temper get the better of you. It’s simple, if you want to survive on two wheels you need to be able to control yourself, your emotions and in particular your aggression. I think the jungle analogy is a good one, because motorcycles taking on a 4×4 SUV, is the equivalent of a bunch of dogs taking on a hippo. If the hippo gets angry, the dogs are going to get crushed and mangled, that’s why dogs don’t mess with hippos.

  • Sentinel

    Anytime you’re within about a 50 mile radius of ghettos and barrios, these are the related gangbanger mentality scumbag riders you will come across anywhere in this country, and they are all the same; they dress the same, they ride the same, they act the same, and they do all the same stupid, ignorant, and violent shit!

  • Daniel Croft

    @BoB R

    Yes, I have 3 times in about 9 years of riding. Once, I nearly went down on the FDR is stop go thanks to some moron doing a decidedly non-NYC lane change. Most people just slowly move into a space, once their nose is in, there’s nothing anyone can do to stop you. This guy wound up and changed lanes like he wanted to hit me. Needless to say I was pretty irritated. Did I stop his car? Nope. Did I break his shit? Nope. Did my anger get the better of me when he almost hit me and I may have given his rear fender a bit of a love punch? Yep. I think a lot of riders make themselves victims of being cut off by the way they ride. But I’m never going to brake check someone in a car. I never want to be next to another vehicle and I’m not going to engage in road rage on a bike, that’s just dumb. Yes, me punching the guy’s car was dumb. No one is perfect but when you’re in moving traffic the best bet is to get the heck out of there. Either stop or speed up. I’ll happily take a big speeding fine if my life is in danger.

    If the incident in this video involved one or two bikes, my opinion of the circumstances may well be very different. Unfortunately for the riders in this scenario, I doubt a jury will see any different.

  • Daniel Croft

    @BoB R

    Yes, I have 3 times in about 9 years of riding. Once, I nearly went down on the FDR is stop go thanks to some moron doing a decidedly non-NYC lane change. Most people just slowly move into a space, once their nose is in, there’s nothing anyone can do to stop you. This guy wound up and changed lanes like he wanted to hit me. Needless to say I was pretty irritated. Did I stop his car? Nope. Did I break his shit? Nope. Did my anger get the better of me when he almost hit me and I may have given his rear fender a bit of a love punch? Yep. I think a lot of riders make themselves victims of being cut off by the way they ride. But I’m never going to brake check someone in a car. I never want to be next to another vehicle and I’m not going to engage in road rage on a bike, that’s just dumb. Yes, me punching the guy’s car was dumb. No one is perfect but when you’re in moving traffic the best bet is to get the heck out of there. Either stop or speed up. I’ll happily take a big speeding fine if my life is in danger.

    If the incident in this video involved one or two bikes, my opinion of the circumstances may well be very different. Unfortunately for the riders in this scenario, I doubt a jury will see any different.

  • Mick

    I think the driver of the Range Rover learned his lesson… he should’ve went with the supercharged version.

  • ryu

    to all the people saying “if i had wife and kid, would’ve done the same and plow down a few more bikes”

    sorry but if i had wife and kid in my car, i would just signal and pull over to begin with, i understand there’s a bunch of idiot lawless bikers out there, and if i’m scared, it’s just all the more reason why i WOULDN”T DRIVE IN THE MIDDLE OF THEM, and i imagine he prolly could’ve done that before that idiot brake checked him

    being frightened doesn’t justify a driver running over a bunch of motorcyclists, again for the third time, i realize at least few of these bikers are lawless idiots who deserve to be put to the law,

    i’m just saying the driver isn’t as victimized as the media is portraying him to be, you got a cut on your face, but the other guy was paralyzed waist down thanks to you

    i’d suggest the driver move town soon…

    to be honest i think he’s more frightened at himself after what he had done, before he got brake checked he was just stubborn

  • Tom

    To ryu, You need to change your name to “statistic” because Reginald Denny can explain in detail what stopping while surrounded by a pack of predators will do to you. I, and others here, am simply more of a man than you are and take our responsibilities as husbands/fathers serious enough because we know what happens to the weak when surrounded by a pack of animals. Get mad and offended by my pointing out the truth to you. I can easily live with your weakness as it in no way endangers me.

  • Norm G.

    re: “sorry but if i had wife and kid in my car, i would just signal and pull over to begin with”

    and if that didn’t appease the mob…? then what…? “what are you prepared to do…?” (sean connery dying on the floor voice)

  • Norm G.

    re: “i’d suggest the driver move town soon”

    he’s a banker, i suggest the new generation rover armorized to “hard car” spec. imagine some douche bag swinging his helmet to break the glass, only to have it ricochet off…? imagine some douche bag trying to knife the tires, only to discover that they’re run-flats…? imagine some douche bag reaching for the handle to open the door, and getting the “dog sh!t” shocked out of him…?

  • Clinic
  • Jimbo

    @ Norm G.
    If only that had been the video – we would be pissing ourselves laughing! Would be like Tomorrow Never Dies when they try to open Bonds’s BMW.

    I am not from the US but i hope “normal Bikers” in the New York Area dont have to suffer fall out because of the actions of a few morons

  • KrazyKid

    Far too many of you are spending far too much time presenting your opinions as if you are a lawyer. You are not. In every state in the country a person has the right to use that amount of force necessary to overcome the assault. At the termination, had I been the driver they were trying to pull out for an obvious beat down or worse the first person in the door would have had a .40 cal screwed in his ear. And in all states I would have been justified given the extreme nature. Had any person continued the attack in most states I would have been legal to pull the trigger.

    Some of you waffle and say that they are both at fault. No they are not.

    The SUV should not have driven over anyone? Then answer this inconvenient fact: what aren’t we being shown that led up to this? None of us know but yet far too many of you are quick to assign blame to the SUV when just based on what we were allowed to see the SUV was clearly in fear of his life. The first rider did not break check the SUV for no reason at all. What precipitated the aggression? It doesn’t matter. Unless the SUV used deadly force or even committed a simple assault the riders went far above and beyond that which is reasonable to effect a citizen’s arrest. You had better know the law before you play lawyer.

    The truth is that these “Hollywood Stunts” as they are known have a serious history with the NYPD who had check points set up to keep them in line. Why? Because of foreseeability. The NYPD had ample reason based on three years of prior contact with this group to know to expect trouble. And trouble they brought to a terrified family. This incident has gone nationwide and not one attorney, defense or prosecutor, has found fault in the actions of the SUV driver. He had every reason under the law to take the actions that he did. As it stands at the termination he was the victim of at a minimum aggravated assault and I suggest attempted murder. Remember that it was one of the mob that slashed the SUV driver with a knife.

    Where ARE all of the video cams they we all know were shot? Destroyed evidence? Please. If you want to blow up this forum and increase their ad sales that’s great. But know the law before pretending you know the law.

    To the young man with two broken legs that may end up paralyzed. Guess what? You brought it on yourself. And before you say that the SUV had time to stop anyone can see that this moron timed his break check so that stopping was not possible. Get a clue.


    A Real Lawyer

  • You know, there’s a reason I chose that particular frame from the video for this article.

  • mnotae


    Mieses is a Massachusetts resident, he has never had a valid Massachusetts driver’s license for a passenger vehicle and has never applied for a motorcycle license, the Registry of Motor Vehicles said.

    Registry records show that Mieses applied for a learner’s permit in 1999 and 2000, but that he never obtained a full license because he failed to pay fines imposed after he was ticketed for speeding in Lawrence in 1999. His last contact with the Registry was in 2001, when he obtained an identification card, registry records show.

    Since 1999, he has been ticketed by police 16 times, in Lawrence, Methuen, Roxbury, Andover, and New Hampshire, according to registry records.

    In June, the Registry notified the National Driver Register that Mieses was a habitual traffic offender whose right to drive in Massachusetts was revoked until 2017.

  • CNN reporting that during the initial stopping of the SUV, riders were pounding on the vehicle and slashed its tires.

    The driver of the SUV, Alexian Lien, 33, of Manhattan made multiple 911 calls while this was going down. No charges pending for him at this point. Initially called 911 to report bikers driving erratically.

    [After cyclists converged on Lien’s vehicle, the driver apparently clips one of the bikers who cuts in close. NBC News quotes New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly as saying that rider suffered a broken leg.]

    [The scrape prompts other bikers to surround the vehicle, according to Kelly. “They take their helmets and start to dent his car, and apparently his tires are slashed there with a knife,” he says.]

    Where was the NYPD while all this was happening anyway?

    The rider on the white bike and white helmet is being charged with intentionally causing the accident and endangering a child. [Christopher Cruz, 28, was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, menacing, reckless driving and acting in a manner injurious to a child less than 17.]

    [As Christopher Cruz, 28, was awaiting arraignment on charges stemming from the attack on Alexian Lien, police arrested a second motorcyclist, Allen Edwards, 42, of Queens.]

    [Edwards surrendered after police released a photo of him. He was charged Tuesday night with reckless endangerment, criminal mischief and menacing, police said.]

    [The Daily News says police are looking for two more bikers for allegedly pulling Lien from his vehicle and beating him.]

    The family of the guy who was injured worst, on a ventilator in a medically induced coma, claim he was trying to help.

    The gang is known as ‘Hollywood Stuntz’ as someone already mentioned here.

  • Westward

    I’m of the opinion that the Motrocyclist are in the wrong. I would think that an Asian man with his wife and 5 month old baby would not want to jeopardize his family.

    What the video reveals to me, is a group of motorcyclist dominating the hwy in what would appear to others as chaos, as they attempt to prey on a citizens fear of hitting motorcyclist.

    It would have been different if the motorcyclist occupied a single lane in a procession. Instead they were scattered and disorganized.

    The guy in the picture clearly tries to brake check the rover and does so too closely. Thus causing the intitial contact. Of course all the other bikers are going to immediately blame the motorist.

    Then what appears to be a mob encroaches the rover, and the man panics and flees. The bikers who attacked the motorist are hooligans and should be prosecuted for felony assault and battery.

    I have ridden in a pack equally as larg on multiple occasions, we were two abreast occupying a single lane. Never have I seen such behaviour during any of those rides.

    The bikers in this video gives our kind a bad reputation. I suspect the guy who videoed this thinks the rover driver is in the wrong. I will bet he captured the assault on the driver too, but lacks the honour and integrity to reveal it to the authorities.

    Sometimes I wish the Punisher wasn’t just a comic book. Not really, I’m glad it is….

  • Peter D

    One of the accounts of this story in a NY paper said that once the cycle mob surrounded the SUV, they started trying to get the locked doors open. It was at this point that the guy panicked and stepped on the accelerator. Can’t say I blame the guy. Imagine going for drive and finding yourself in a scene from Mad Max with your family in the car with you.

    As far as running over the guys, the bikers who blocked his way with their bikes and bodies were being thugs (as was clearly demonstrated by the second time they got him stopped) and their stupidity ended up being painful.

  • Really?

    Impossible to know what interactions occurred between the driver and the rider before the video starts. It looks like there may have been an interaction prior to the rider stopping/getting run over. After that, it looks like the SUV is taking the only reasonable option in a very dangerous situation.

    To all you Rambo wannabes talking about how you would have come out the car firing…do you really think you’d still be alive like the SUV driver? The odds seem pretty good to me that had SUV guy pulled a gun he would have been staring down the barrel of many more. Doubtful he would have survived, and with all the lead flying who knows how his family would have fared. He handled it the right way.

  • JoeD

    For those who do not know me, I am the State Coordinator for the SC motorcycle training program and have been an active MSF ridercoach since 2008. Last year I was invited to go on a ride to Charleston for the “Chucktown Shutdown”. I had no clue as to the meaning of the term. Being a seasoned rider with no club affiliation, past or present, I wrongly surmised this would be a great oppotunity to spread the word about training and safety. I hooked up with a group of 20 or so riders and we rode to Charleston. Arriving at the mall, I guess there were well over 1000 maybe 2000 bikes of all types from a lone Panigale and my Benelli to several HDs. There were some sociopaths up front stunting and intimidating other vehicles. Riding on sidewalks and disregarding traffic signals was rampant. My riding friend and his wife on their HD were not impressed. LE was present but powerless. Glad to have experienced the event but no thanks on the next one. Please do not refer to me as a Biker. I ride motorcycles and am a motorcyclist. That NY crowd are not. And this is not the first altercation for them. It’s no wonder Sons of Anarchy is aired what with groups like this trashing the gene pool.

  • Jimmyjohn

    Tragic event. The paralyzed riders injuries are on the shoulders of those friends (idiots) who terrorized the motorist into running for his life. I doubt any of them will ever feel the least bit responsible, but it’s clear if they had not acted as they did, the driver would not have had to run. I personally hope they are also charged with causing his injuries.

  • Done for good

    I feel dumber for having read through many of these idiotic comments. Just shows for every idiot biker we see that gives all of us a bad name, there are even more we don’t see. It’s sorry to say but true, “We have seen the enemy, and he is us”.

  • Spamtasticus

    Stunters are a terrible subspecies of motorcyclists. They are the sad clowns of the motorcycle ecosystem. The single value in their existence is that they provide a steady stream of slightly scuffed and bloodied parts for us racers.

  • Spamtasticus

    * Correction.

    …cheap, slightly scuffed and bloodied parts…

  • Norm G.

    we’re federally fukked now. just saw the story on network tv. ABC/Brian Williams. sharing airtime with the Govt. shutdown and the passing of Tom Clancy. he even made reference to the knuckleheads in
    Missouri that i spoke about earlier that are all over youtube. guys, the LAST thing we need right now is this kind of publicity. The 97% of the population that don’t ride already hate us. This is not a war we can win.

  • Ducati848

    The guys at the beginning started the whole thing. I don’t condone running people over but seriously, that was gang intimidation right out of Mad Max. there should be a law against having that many squids on sport bikes taking over the road. What a serious bunch of losers. I love how they had to slow down so much for the corner when they got off the highway. I’ve seen my daughter corner faster on her Yamaha PW 50 when she was 5! I would love to get these idiots up to the race track for a track day and watch them BAIL OUT!

    Disgusting, no-brain, chicken s%&t bullies.

  • Some photos of the beating

    If this story is correct, the New York DA is reluctant to prosecute these guys, refusing to charge one, and the other multiple suspects may get off as well, for lack of evidence? Are we reverting to the law of the jungle now, survival of the fittest, he who shoots first wins?

  • Norm G.

    re: “If this story is correct, the New York DA is reluctant to prosecute these guys”

    not so fast. you’re rationalizing while not in possession of all the facts. there’s a method…

    re: “We are taking Sunday’s crimes extremely seriously, and will proceed with charges in a manner that enables us to build the strongest cases possible,” Karen Friedman-Agnifilo of the Manhattan district attorney’s office said in a statement.”

    re: “Prematurely charging individuals with low-level crimes does not further the goals of the investigation, and could weaken the cases we expect to bring against the perpetrators of serious crimes.”

    however, the brake check genius we seen in the video is VERY MUCH in court…

    re: “the biker who is accused of causing the fender-bender that set off the chase appeared in a Manhattan courtroom to face charges of reckless driving and unlawful imprisonment.”

    see, there’s that U word, UNLAWFUL, just like I said.

    here’s the link to the ABC/Brian Williams report shown nationally this evening. we got names, faces, and an even MORE graphic picture. they go on to connect this incident in NY to incidences in Dallas, Frisco, and the Lou (Missouri) that’ve already long occurred. see this is bad, VERY BAD. if you aren’t worried…? then you aren’t paying attention.

  • Norm G.

    re: “there should be a law against having that many squids on sport bikes taking over the road.”

    actually there is. it’s referred to as “unlawful assembly”. that’s why anytime a mass gathering is planned, most places require you to file for a permit.

  • Norm G.

    re: “I am not from the US but i hope “normal Bikers” in the New York Area dont have to suffer fall out because of the actions of a few morons”

    it’s already WAAY past that. i don’t live there, but I have a good friend who lives nearby and said NYPD was already cracking down earlier this summer WELL BEFORE this incident ever happened. he showed me the video of him and his buds getting stopped every 2 blocks for what was termed as “safety checks” or something like that. this is well within their providence, same as DOT does with 18-wheelers anywhere else in the country.

    it was pretty obvious from the video, the idea is to make coming into the city so UNPALLATABLE for riders that that they’ll simply smarten up and go elsewhere. this latest group…? yeah, not that smart.

  • Norm G.

    oh crap, I see the daily news coverage and the today show up above. who in America doesn’t watch Lauer and Roker…? there isn’t a soccer mom in the past 24 hours who hasn’t chewed the ear of her state police husband.

  • Daniel Croft

    @Norm G
    The NYPD has been doing “safety checks” for years at the expense of all motorcyclists thanks to unlicensed riders and stolen bikes. NYC was already unfriendly towards motorcycles, now the case to make these pseudo legal stops legal will have much broader public support I’m sure.

    What a pack of assholes. I feel bad for the injured rider’s family as they’ll need to look after this guy but the blame should be place squarely at the feet of his friends on that day.

  • Judge


    Over 100 comments is the record, right? (except that Norm G. posted 15 times) But who’s counting? Me.

    A&R is really the only blogazine I visit almost every day. Seeing this incident multiple times on the little bit of TV news I catch, I was eager to see how my fellow motorcycle enthusiasts would respond. So far:

    8 say it’s equal blame

    5 say it’s the SUV’s fault

    It’s ridiculous to suggest that the SUV had even ¼ the blame of these douches. But I’m happy to see that the vast majority of us don’t get sucked up by prejudices, and see things for what they really are. So there’s hope for us after all. The influence this will have on how motorcyclists are viewed by the rest of the population is something else entirely. Indeed, these guys give the rest of us a bad name.

  • Phil K

    These dudes are lucky nobody died. The previous comments about “The Mob Mentality” are right on the nose. I hope A&R does a follow up on the court proceedings. I hope the D-bag who did the brake check Goes to Prison. Everyone Who surrounded that SUV and threatened that family Need to pay a heavy price. They are just lucky, If that happened to me, The use of deadly force would be a viable option.

  • John Morrow

    Sorry I’m not ready to unequivocally side with the SUV driver on this one. The investigation is still ongoing and so far there’s been several murmurs of Alexian Lien driving recklessly prior to the incident. What’s that you say, a Rich A*hole in a Land Rover in New York driving like a Jerk!?! Living in South Florida has taught me to be suspicious and exercise precautionary prejudice in any encounter with someone from New York.

  • Judge

    Hey John – almost everyone involved is from New York. So how does your point about being cautious around people from NY apply exactly?

  • KrazyKid

    To the person that referred to me as Rambo because I stated that if the mob was trying to yank me out of of the car I’d screw a .40 caliber in the first persons ear. You haven’t been paying attention to the facts. How many times did the mob attempt to violently remove the driver from the Land Rover? At least one person was armed and slashed his tired. At the termination the driver was in fact slashed with a knife. But if armed you would not defend yourself because you’d fear getting shot? By your logic you could be dead already. You don’t bring a knife to a knife fight.

    I see that since pointing out the law many of you have seen the light. You may use that force which is reasonably available to protect your self or another.

  • meatspin

    this story is everywhere now. I would say that almost everyone ,motorcyclists included, have sided with the driver of the SUV. I think the video exonerates Lien more than anything. If it had shown his guilt in the altercation, then the video would have shown more of the events leading up to it. Even hacked down to what the video was, it still doesnt look good for the Stuntz gang.

  • Kevin White

    I “side” with the SUV driver based on the video. Which is to say I may or may not have any basis for that judgment since I don’t have the whole story.

    However, my siding with the SUV driver in no way means people I know (and car drivers and cops I don’t know) AREN’T siding AGAINST ME.

    I’ve been staying off my bike every day since this story broke and will continue to stay off it for a while. Some of the inane comments from ignorant friends and co-workers and acquaintances are worrisome. And you should see the sh!tstorm that developed on my neighborhood association’s Facebook page. Granted, I live in a suburb in North Texas where people are generally aggressive and aggressively stupid, but either way it’s not a good time to be on the road on a sportbike right now.

    I’ve been saying for a while that two-wheeled motorized recreational transport in this country will not survive universal single-payer healthcare when we finally get there. But if any more incidents like this one occur it could be sooner…

  • Dyno

    Lets be honest…both are at fault….Why? Because we will never know what happened prior to video clip .See packs like this a lot in the Midwest but have never seen an un provoked attack by bikers.The country and media has a somewhat anti-bike attitude.I have riden for years safely and never ,ever crowd people on the road.Its just plain ignorant.How do people think these 29 car pileups happen? DUH….following too close.At 60+ Ive sold my Goldwing because Im fearful of rude and distracted drivers.Whatever your opinion,we all need to slow down and live.

  • Norm G.

    re: “there’s been several murmurs of Alexian Lien driving recklessly prior to the incident.”

    with his wife and child…? good luck selling that one to Brian Williams.

  • Joe

    I totally agree with Ross Ewich! It all started with sparking/raging egos and at most times disrespect for bikers safety on the roads!

  • Singletrack

    It’s time for a remake of The Wild One !!

    The general public has mostly ignored motorcyclists for a long time. Now they have a reason to fear us again !


  • Mike

    For those that side with the bikers, they posted more video of the same ride (sorry don’t have the link: google it) with another incident where a rider gets up to a window of another car and starts throwing punches. The driver of that car sped away. It also shows some of the bikers weaving in and out of traffic on the wrong side of the street. These were not “riders”..they were d-bags thinking that they own the road. This crap makes me extremely angry because I’ve been riding for 25 years and it’s aholes like this that makes other cars on the road dislike bikers. If my family was in the car I would have done the same thing and headed to a police station and picked em off one by one.

  • KrazyKid


    “Lets be honest…both are at fault….Why? Because we will never know what happened prior to video clip”

    That is ridiculous logic! I have tried to get you non-lawyers to look at this based on New York law that states that a person may use that force which is reasonably necessary to stop the attack. But then you toss out this statement void of FACT? The fact is we don’t have the tape that conveniently only shows what the MC with the camera wants us to see. Where did all of the other cameras with their footage go? One cannot be swayed by the fact that someone got injured and may be paralyzed. He/they should not have boxed in the SUV and repeatedly attempted to forcibly pull the driver out for a beating and a knife attack.

    Use your brains and not your bias. The SUV hasn’t been charged, in large part because the NYPD has the 911 tapes that we don’t have. His flight from assault is documented and NYPD was on scene very quickly at the termination. That means they were actively coming to the aid of the SUV. Check points had already been setup to watch the “Hollywood Stuntz” because they are known for violence and general trouble making. But those of you biased because you ride a crotch rocket need to dump the bias. One may use that force which is reasonably necessary to stop the assault.

  • j.davis
  • c j

    Bad riders, this isn’t the first time this club has attacked a person in a car, been following this on live leak, there’s videos of them prior to this incident of them riding on the sidewalk, running red lights etc. Giving other riders a bad name. Disgusting.

  • BobR

    I noticed a lot of people commenting about how the non-riding public or general public is going to view us now, especially after this incident. I think even if this had never happened, peoples opinions of motorcyclists are never gonna change. No matter how many charity rides – benefits, toys for tots rides, in the USA , you will never see any thing good that riders do put out by the press. Its alway’s ”There was a riot today between the hells angel’s & the outlaws” or something like this. So before you go putting your baffles back in, the only thing you will be doing is getting your hands dirty.

  • Dyno

    KrazyKid needs to get back in his Suv and follow someone too closely to the Honda store.There you will find out that a Goldwing is not a crotch rocket.Get you stuff together.

  • Norm G.

    re: “been following this on live leak, there’s videos of them prior to this incident of them riding on the sidewalk, running red lights etc.”

    live leak, schmive leak. just look at the other videos in michelinman900’s youtube account. note, they’re from last years event, but that doesn’t help. it just supports what others have said… they’ve been doing this for a few years and have been on the NYPD radar for just as long.

    re: “I think even if this had never happened, peoples opinions of motorcyclists are never gonna change.”

    correct, unless the opportunity allows for said opinion to descend even FURTHER downward. oh yeah, mankind will move heaven and earth to make THAT change.


    this being said, I do feel bad for the mother and wife of the injured biker. look for the Gloria Allred press conference. even if THAT particular individual was a “good guy”, and didn’t know any of them ‘cept for maybe the friend he rode there with…? unfortunately, he still made the choice that put him on that stretch of highway, with those guys, at that fateful moment. it sucks, but the gamble of life is that sometimes we make bad decisions.

    to illustrate, the flipside of that freedom is that A. he could’ve also chosen NOT to ride with a bunch of to$$ers he didn’t even know…? and B. just because the GROUP chose to park their bikes in the middle of an ACTIVE FUCKING ROADWAY (regardless of reason), that HE was obligated to do the same…?

    it’s not like there was a sign that said BRIDGE OUT up ahead. he could’ve said screw this, the simple act of parking a bike in the middle of ANY road in the metropolitan area is dangerous (observe the volume and speed of the cars travelling southbound), and just kept riding.

  • Norm G.


    southbound), and just kept riding on the basis of safety.

  • smiler

    Even better in that it is only the morons who ger injured.

  • John Morrow

    And what happens if the events that really took place were what happened as described in the article below.

  • Norm G.

    re: “And what happens if the events that really took place were what happened as described in the article below.”

    same deal. burden of proof rests solely with the bikers. mr. mike just earned himself a subpoena. dodge a wrench…? he can dodge a ball. testify on the phone…? he can testify under oath. get the records from the hospital documenting the treatment the biker received from the knock-0ff, etc. oh and do it quick because it won’t be lost on the powers that be that this WASN’T the first thing out of anyone’s mouth. it comes after 96-120 hours of news cycle.

  • Mariani

    I thought I was in for some funny Youtube video. Talk about being mistaken.

    I too have to side up with the Range Rover driver.

    And I too would have done exactly the same on that position.

    Best of all is that this will reinforce the always sharp general public’s image of motorcycle riders.

    Shameful, really, to see that.

    I’m not aware of anything quite like that here in Brazil, at least involving motorcycles.

  • John Morrow

    Extenuating and aggravating circumstances may be taken into account in the prosecution of these riders, but from a legal standpoint it matters very little what happened before what we see on the tape, unless he killed or badly injured someone, display depraved indifference behind the wheel. But no matter what laws Mr. Lien may have broken before this incident, no one has the right to take the law to their own hands… period. You only have the right to employ force in self-defense, defense of someone else, or in some jurisdictions, defense of your home and property, places like Texas. Chasing someone down and provoking an incident, i.e. breaking the law yourself, puts you in the wrong, and opens you up to prosecution, and I’d say it’s highly likely that all those who can be identified will get prosecuted. And this video will be used in their prosecution.

    Any prosecutor worth a damn will see this as an opportunity for an easy conviction, as well as a chance to get themselves in the public eye. That kind of thing attracts ambitious people, go-getters who want to make a name for themselves. That prosecutor is thinking about getting these bikers in front of a jury, and then putting that nice Manhattan family on display. Then they’ll show the video of these guys attacking their vehicle, with the man’s wife and a little girl inside.

    Imagine yourself on the jury, watching a gang of bikers converge on a family in their vehicle, pounding on it with their helmets, terrorizing them. Imagine watching some angry biker smashing through the windows of an SUV with a little girl inside, imagine how terrified that young child must’ve been, how traumatized she must’ve been. Imagine that little girl was your child. Think about the kind of person who sees a child in an SUV, likely screaming and crying, and then takes his helmet and smashes the window. Windows were smashed on the passenger side as well. Imagine the kind of person who sees a child in an SUV and slashes the tires of that vehicle. Imagine the mother of that child describing her fear and her fear for her child’s life and safety on the witness stand. Imagine the kind of person who would beat the father of a little girl, in front of that child. Those are the things the prosecutor will put in the mind of a jury.

    I’d say you could pack such a jury with nothing but fair-minded motorcyclists, who could even be allowed to hear about extenuating and aggravating circumstances, if there is indeed evidence of it, and if the judge allows it, and I’d still say the chances of conviction would still be very high. And that’s all a prosecutor cares about, the likelihood of getting a conviction.

    Did these motorcyclists call the police? Did they file a police report claiming hit-and-run with property damage and injuries? Hospital records attesting to these injuries, as Norm pointed out? If not, why not?

    Perhaps because they don’t have licenses or insurance, perhaps they have Unpaid tickets and warrants out for their arrest, a criminal history even? As did several of the riders involved in the incidents in the video? Is that why they chose to become vigilantes. The law takes a dim view of that kind of thing.

    If there’s video of Other incidents, where is it? Why isn’t it posted on YouTube? Why wouldn’t other riders, several of whom I saw wearing cameras on their helmets, come forward? I saw some of them on TV saying that they were not a gang, that they were a family. Well you would think they would come forward to defend their family, if they have evidence and can give relevant testimony. Those who claim to be in possession of evidence, can and will be subpoenaed I imagine, and they will be compelled to produce that evidence in its entirety. So if you identify yourself publicly as having such evidence, you better expect that.

  • Norm G.

    re: “no one has the right to take the law to their own hands… period.”

    and there it is.

    re: “Perhaps because they don’t have licenses or insurance, perhaps they have Unpaid tickets and warrants out for their arrest, a criminal history even?”

    weed… THEY GOT WEED…!!! THEY GOT WEED…!!!

  • KrazyKid

    @Dyno: This is not personal so don’t make it personal. One Goldwing in a sea of crotch rockets does not change this. “Hollywood Stuntz” is about pulling trick rides. Lemme see you pull them on a Goldwing.

    @Norm G.: You wrote “”no one has the right to take the law to their own hands… period.”

    You are mistaken. A person may use that amount of force which is reasonably necessary tom protect himself and others from attack. “Reasonable” is determined by the Reasonable Man Doctrine. What would a reasonable man do in a similar situation. Self-defense isn’t taking the law into ones hands.

  • LN

    This video says a lot:

    A complete disregard for the law, a complete disregard for rider safety, public safety and vehicle safety. Riders are seen assaulting other cars trying to utilize legal green light right of way passage and getting harassed as rides barrel through red lights en mass, riding on sidewalks, crossing the double yellow, riding against oncoming traffic, etc. It’s thug mentality all the way. And as another poster mentioned it’s a shame Lien didn’t get to the upper crossing toll which leads upstate where there are police and more cameras. But if my wife and baby were in the back I doubt I’d be thinking clearly either.


    [Chance has been charged with gang assault, assault, criminal possession of a weapon, criminal mischief and unlawful imprisonment and a judge set his bail at $100,000.]

    [The New York City Police Department is also asking for the public’s assistance in locating and identifying two more suspects connected with the assault… Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or text their tips to or by texting their tips to 274637 (CRIMES) then enter TIP577.]

    [Ng called 911 four times amid the dramatic standoff, first at 1:52 p.m., police sources told NBC News.
    She told the operator: “We’re surrounded by a group of bikers.”
    The riders then began attacking Lien’s vehicle and chased him for 50 blocks before cornering him, smashing his windows, yanking him out and beating him in front of his wife and child, police said.]

    Where was the NYPD while this was going on for 50 blocks, after they received four 911 calls? Not sure about the size of city blocks in New York, but that’s as much as 5 miles. 50 blocks that had to be at low speed because of the punctured tire, that means the whole thing had to go on for at least 15 or 20 minutes. How can the driver be making multiple 911 calls, asking for help, with a chase that goes on through a major urban area, and not one police officer shows up until it’s all over?

    Police departments around the US have been badly degraded by big budget cuts and rollbacks. As a result, benefits, retirement and protections offered to people going in to law enforcement are not what they once were. In many places psychological screening process for those who wish to become police officers are no longer as stringent as they once were. Plus training for many departments is woefully inadequate, and is often provided by people who are themselves not properly trained. Many of the most senior veterans and best people have have been retired off far too quickly or pushed out before they’ve had a chance to properly train and impart their decades long experience to the next generation of officers. So what the public is left with is a far lower standard when it comes to who gets hired to be police officers, and these officers are often younger less experienced with fewer hours of overall training.

    Even so-called elite police forces, such of the Capitol police in DC now demonstrate their complete lack of professional competency for the whole world to see. I’m talking about the recent DC shooting in which a mother with her infant was shot and killed because a bunch of officers did not do their job properly. Just take a look at that video showing the initial traffic stop, multiple officers with multiple vehicles failed to box in a suspect they already believe to be dangerous, allowing her to just drive away. Nor were they able to defuse the situation, even though they were speaking to her. Pathetic. That incident should have ended right there one way or another, instead they allowed the suspect to get out of their control further endangering the public, and leading to Another officer being injured.

    We are all endangered by the police departments on shoestring budgets who fail to have enough police officers on the street and fail to hire competent people and train them properly. This is certainly not yet the majority of officers today, but this dangerous minority grows with each passing year, making each community across America less and less safe.

    [State Sen. Adriano Espaillat, who said the upper Manhattan district he represents has become “the Wild West of motorcycle riders,” called for legislation to outlaw large packs of law-flouting riders on highways.]

    As has been mentioned in this thread, all riders will suffer as a result of incidents like these. Last year I saw some of these douche bags breaking the law and endangering people here in St. Louis, I thought about calling the police but didn’t. Next time I definitely will.

    This video shows the Range Rover with one tire completely missing, that means he was driving on a deflated tire for a significant distance, likely since the first assault, where it is alleged that the bikers slashed vehicle’s tires.

  • Mnotae

    So if someone calls the NYPD 4x in the span of 50 blocks, and nobody responds … considering the NY forces you to solely rely on the NYNP to protect you by banning your right to carry any form of firearm, at what point to they become liable…also understanding that there must have been numerous squad cars within a mile of the incident and an NYPD policy of non engagement with motorcycle gangs.

  • Aaron B Brown

    Perhaps this was why there was no response to those multiple 911 calls, six NYPD officers were involved in that ride, and one took part in the Beating.

    The department and the city have both opened themselves up to big time lawsuits not only from the passengers in the SUV but from the bikers as well. When the police become criminals, Law and order no longer exists, and no one is safe. Now I understand those worried looks on police officials and politicians face during the news conferences, Heads are going to roll on this one.


    [CBS News senior correspondent John Miller, a former New York deputy police commissioner, reported that one of the three off-duty officers thought to be accompanying the bikers was a detective working undercover who was possibly afraid to blow his cover to break up the attack.

    Miller hinted that the undercover officer might be in hot water after waiting four days after the attack to come forward to his superiors. According to the Associated Press, undercover officers are supposed to immediately report witnessing a crime.

    Miller also reported that the other two officers were a sergeant and an undercover internal affairs detective who may face disciplinary measures of their own.

    “Here’s the problem they’re going to face, which is whatever they did or didn’t do that day is one issue, but not coming forward right away actually could rise to official misconduct for hindering an investigation once they were aware of it, and that’s a potential criminal charge,” Miller said on CBS’ “This Morning” show on Monday.]

    So let me get this straight, an undercover police officer, or officers, just stood by and watched this family being attacked, then a man being beaten, and did nothing in order to protect their undercover investigation. Then they didn’t come forward for four days because they feared facing the mere possibility of official misconduct and being charged with interfering with an investigation?

    I call bull-shit shenanigans on all this. What, were they waiting for someone to get murdered before stepping in, so they could get a murder arrest on their record? Or do they have a major undercover operation going on to capture a bunch of petty criminals and two bit thug imbeciles?

    Makes me wonder Exactly what these cops were doing in that ride, were they really working, or were they just out having fun, while pretending to do police work? Is this why NYPD patrol officers didn’t respond to those multiple 911 calls for help?

    Something is rotten here, and the stink just keeps getting worse.