Vendetta by Radical Ducati & Dragon TT

10/25/2011 @ 11:09 am, by Jensen Beeler19 COMMENTS

More two-wheel goodness from our friends in Spain, as Radical Ducati has teamed up with Dragon TT not to make a brand new bike, but instead is helping Ducati Superbike 848/1098/1198 owners stand out a bit more at their local coffee shop bike nights. Creating what they call the Vendetta, Radical Ducati and Dragon TT have put together a kit of parts that transforms the soon-to-be outgoing Superbike design into something completely different.

Gone are the smooth and definitively Italian lines of the Ducati, and replacing them are the edgy and sinister designs of the two Spanish firms.We have a feeling that many Ducatisti will cry heresy over this work, and they rightly should. We don’t expect the Bologna brand to make bold designs like this anymore, and the affect of the Vendetta strikes a darker emotion than is legal in the more southern states of the US. Like a bad night in a BDSM sex parlor, there’s something about the Vendetta that screams “I plan on flogging these canyon corners until they scream our safe word” that we really like. More chills down your spine after the jump.

Making the kit a direct bolt-on affair, transforming your Ducati Superbike into a Vendetta seems like a fairly straight-forward process. Radical Ducati and Dragon TT are boasting better air flow in and around the motor, which should create a better performance potential due to the reworked fairings, though we think most buyers will be after the kit for its damningly evil appearance. Add in a larger fuel tank, and solo seat with LED turn signals, and the transformation is complete in either fiberglass or carbon fiber.

The full Vendetta kit includes the following:

  • Aluminum front bracket
  • Front fairing with 2 high beam and 2 low beam ellipsoidal lights , windshield
  • Left and right sidepanels with incorporated blinkers.
  • Race type bellypan
  • Fuel tank
  • Solo seat with leds rear light incorporated
  • Solo seat under-tray.
  • Air funnels.
  • Two silencers adaptors

Source: Radical Ducati; Photos: Javier Fuentes

  • Tim


  • FoRo

    WOW, Looks Awesome!

  • Shaitan

    Badass looking. Streetfighter meets 2-face!

  • sam

    From the front it looks like some kind of hunting spider crouched and ready to pounce.

    me likey!

  • Other Sean

    I don’t hate it, but it’s channeling just enough Buell Thunderbolt/Zx-14 alien headlights that I don’t have to worry about wanting it.

    “Hey Mario, you know whata this Ducati needsa? It needsa looka more like a Buell!”

  • Other Sean

    I just noticed the fairing integrated turn signals, also very Kawasaki. Actually worse, they’re HUGE.

  • John Magnum

    Completed by first year design students, poor, please go away……

    however, as manufactures are not updating bikes cosmetically anymore and may not in the future frequently, i see a market for aftermarket pimp kits for all bikes, so that way when we whinge about fat, big, ugly from our Japanese big companies and their shit designs we can freshen and fashion our valiant steeds as necessary.

  • Bob


  • Jake Fox

    +1 Other Sean. I think I could like it, but I’d never love it enough to buy it.

  • Ted

    NICE, how much ?

  • keef

    just puked in my mouf….

  • Billy B.Tso

    …im a fan of some of their work, although this is not for me. There are some nice elements for me, although overall it looks like a bitsa…

  • Earl Shives

    Double Dog Racing did it best…

  • The Lawyer

    Bike is like the KIRF CF swingarm – craptastic.

  • buellracerx

    looks like an 1125cr w/ a hacked up firebolt fairing

    so hideous, what a waste a of a perfectly good duc

    +1 Earl Shives, Double Dog has the trick parts

  • MikeD

    I would still ride it. LOL.

  • Some people may not like it but I for one find it to be menacing! I like this look, wouldn’t mind getting another 1098 and fixing it to look like this!

  • LutherG

    It puts the “ug” in ugly.

  • Ghaad

    I think it looks very unique and I do kinda like it, not enough to buy a set, although as track fairings with no lights or ginormous turn signals, this could look much nicer also possibly with the rad2 tank that would change this a lot I feel like they were trying to appeal to the douches who ride on the street and think they r doing something amazing cuz there’s only a half inch of unused tire on their rear. It is a great start to breaking into the custom aftermarket fairings world so E for a valiant effort and overall a b+ is what I give it! But knowing how hard it is to change something this much and still make it work with a stock bike, I give it an A- nice job