Radical Ducati Raceric

04/05/2011 @ 1:35 pm, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

As we look at the latest creation from Radical Ducati, a Spanish custom shop whose name you should know by now if you’re a regular A&R reader, there’s always something about their design that just grabs you and sucks you us into the motorcycle (check the RAD02 Imola Café Racer, , Café Veloce, and Mikaracer). We don’t agree with all the choices they make (of course that might be why we’re blogging, and they’re building), but Radical has certainly created a distinct look that you can spot a mile away. Combine that with some superb photography (they always throw in a couple artsy shots for us it seems), and it shouldn’t be a big surprise as to why their work makes it onto our pages so regularly.

The Radical Ducati Raceric was built way back in 2010 (check out this Facebook album with older photos), which technically doesn’t make it a new creation from the Spaniards, but the folks at Radical Ducati did enlist Paolo Grana to take some more shots of the bike, and that’s good enough for us. Radical did-up both monoposto and biposto seat for the Raceric, and in these news shots we see only the biposto version. Half the fun with the bikes from Radical Ducati is spotting which parts came from which Ducati models. The photos are after the jump, shout out what you see in the comments.

Source: Radical Ducati; Photos: Paolo Grana

  • Kevin

    Pure badassery.

  • 2strokesrule

    looks awesome

  • CBR600RR

    Oh my dear sexy…..

  • luke

    oh god that thing is a weird looking concoction. Half the bits on it look like they came out of a spare parts bin. That tail light looks unbelievably stupid. cool ass tank and paint scheme though.

  • Keith

    Nice, but with the roads I ride…needs a kick plate to protect the front header and the oil filter. 8^) Yes the road is all asphalt.

  • John

    Looks like shite. Come up with something out of the box. They are 80% there… just push the envelope a little further and create an original masterpiece.

  • Other Sean

    I’ve loved all their previous stuff. The tail is a bit too bla for me on this one, but otherwise cool.