Radical Ducati Café Veloce

11/08/2010 @ 4:07 pm, by Jensen Beeler14 COMMENTS

Seeing how popular the work of Radical Ducati has been on our site, both with the Radical Ducati 9½ and Radical Ducati RAD02 Imola, we thought we’d bring you another one of the Spanish group’s fabulous creations: The Radical Ducati Café Veloce. Based off a Ducati Sport Classic, the Café Veloce features the same DS 1000 air-cooled two-valve motor, and steel tube frame as the now discontinued Ducati, but grows upon the Sport Classic’s cafe inspired lines.

Tastefully refining the Café Veloce into a sleeker and more dynamic package, Radical Ducati has created the Café Veloce to be devoid of Ducati’s more bland touches to the GT1000. In case you haven’t noticed yet, we’re smitten with the Café Veloce, even if it’s not usually the kind of thing we’d go for in our own garage. Photos after the jump.

Source: Radical Ducati; Photos: Javier Fuentes

  • I think I just leaked in my pants.

  • This thing makes me want to sell my MH900e. Too dern sexy!

  • Rob

    wow, gorgeous. Place this next to the Paul Smart replica as the only modern cafe’ ducs id own.

  • mamak kerala

    classic but it’s seem brutal….good work

  • Loki

    @ DeezToolz: well.. DON’T! This thing looks awesome, but it’s no MH900e. Don’t even think about selling that masterpiece. You’re so lucky to have it. Man…

    As for the present piece of collection, I think it looks sooo much better than the Radical Ducati 9½ and a bit better than the Radical Ducati RAD02 Imola. These two look almost “cheap” compared to this Ducati Café Veloce. Well done, Radical!… The only thing I still don’t really like is the headlight. Too small, the lens is also too clear for any “vintage” feel. I think the original big round “eye” would have worked better.

  • Loki

    Edit: I see they’ve put Öhlins on the rear shocks but noting on the front… Showas do their job pretty well, but they’re no Öhlins. Especially since you have Öhlins on the back… why?

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  • +1 for@Loki

    Although I like and dislike it at the same time. I would like to see the actual bike to get a better opinion.

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  • bikepilot

    A touch busy but still very pretty.

  • Andrey

    Hope the tank doesn’t expand! Looks cool, great job.

  • Jim

    Fantastic attention to details. Excellent job!

  • AdAm

    I don’t really know what to say….. Is there a word for I can’t stop staring at this thing!?

  • OMG The sexiest damn cafe I ever layed eyes on. Makes me want to touch myself :0