Project 46, AGV Standards, & Rossi’s New Helmet

03/02/2012 @ 1:49 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS

You may have already noticed that Valentino Rossi has been sporting a new lid in his off-season tests with the factory Ducati Desmosedici GP12. Said to have a greater field of vision, the prototype helmet has being going by the code name “Project 46” as the helmet has literally been built around Rossi himself. I say literally because AGV’s new helmet is based off what the Italian company is calling AGV Standards, a new philosophy on how the Italian company makes its forthcoming helmets.

Tailored to each individual rider, AGV started Project 46 by first taking a biometric scan of Rossi’s head and face. Building the helmet then to meet those measurements, AGV has not only been able to make a better fitting helmet, but the Italian brand has also been able to increase the air flow through the helmet (+193%), improve the riders field of vision through the visor (+15°), and gain significant aerodynamical effeciencies.

More importantly, the new design addresses my biggest complaint with AGV’s street/racing line of helmets: the impeded FOV (the vision issue is a deal-breaker for me with AGV race helmets), Thus, I am excited to report that Project 46 helmet will be officially launched to the press in a few weeks. It is not clear how the new AGV Standards program will apply to consumer helmets in practical and realistic matters, but it does seem to underline a fundamental ethos shift for the Italian brand.

Photos: AGV & Ducati Corse
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  • Ranger Jay

    About this: “the impede FOV”

    What does this even mean? Those words make no sense…

  • FOV = field of vision

  • RSVDan

    I’ve worn AGV’s for 20 years and have never had any issue with field of view. As with all things helmet, it comes down to shape. I can’t wear Arais. They make a great helmet, but not for me.

  • BDP

    I see that there is not much to talk about with VR so lets talk about his helmet ;-)

  • BDP

    AGV – always worn them, wouldn’t wear anything else.

  • Alex

    I love the color scheme of that helmet, with all the significance that it carries…. And now with the new shape, I think this might be the first time I’ll bring myself to purchasing a truly expensive helmet when it comes out (I’m sure it will cost almost a $1000)

  • ngads

    man i gotta say…its been a while since vale won..but he is the man …the GOAT!

  • Have they consiered that the utterly hideous shape of that helmet is maybe affecting the performance of the bike??
    Probably not but its worth a shot, they could use all the help they can get.

  • Ervgopwr

    That’s what I keep thinking. The helmet seems larger than necessary due to an increased “aero” profile. Not to mention the consequences of those extra edges and protusions upon a crash. Possibly sliding around and catching one of those flanges.

  • Bob

    The pic of the CF helmet is amazing. Looks great. I’ve never worn AGV because it doesn’t fit my head shape properly. But I agree, a large FOV is most welcome on any brand. But I have to say I’m confused about AGV’s new standard. Biometric scans of Valentino’s head and face is a custom design for him alone. How do you turn his “one-off” ugly monkey head into a standard?

  • Beary

    To me Vale’s grin in that picture seems really tired…worn, like he’s looked at the camera and pulled a face too many times… somehow it just doesn’t have the same impact anymore.

    Shoei for me all the way ;)

  • paulus

    it is all BOLLOCKS.
    Rossi takes the millions for wearing it.
    AGV make a gimmicky helmet to sell to the Rossi-loyalisti… at a premium

  • Sean

    March 2012. I purchased a Gp Pro a few months ago . Comfortable, light and no misting BUt the field of vision was so blinkered I found it dangerous when trying to look astern before overtaking. Shame though, such a super looking helmet.