Earlier this month, UBS Investment Research released their Top 10 Predictions for 2014, one of them being that Polaris would release the Slingshot, a three-wheeled vehicle, in the first half of 2014.

Although there has previously been much speculation as to whether Polaris Industries would officially be producing the Slingshot, a press release dated January 3, 2014 discusses the release of a slingshot product line.

“This sales and marekting consolidation frees Mike Jonikas from those responsibilities, allowing him to focus his efforts on growing Polaris’ snowmobile business unit and launching the company’s Slingshot product line,” the press release read. A design patent, which was filed  filed on March 21, 2011, gives a clear description of a “three wheeled vehicle” with several accompanying photos.

According to the patent, the slingshot  is going to be a three-wheeled reverse-trike design, similar in layout to the Campagna V13R, but would be powered by a 2.4L Ecotec 4-cylinder engine made by GM that produces roughly 200 hp.

The Slingshot, if released will have one rear wheel which is belt driven, a steering wheel instead of handle bars, and have side by side seating for the driver and passenger.

The patent also states that trike is expected to have several other features including, electronic power steering, anti-lock brakes, traction control, and vehicle stability control.

If UBS Investment Research’s prediction is correct, we should see the Slingshot rolling out sometime in the next few months. From the looks of these photos, which were taken from Polaris’ patent filings, the Slingshot looks very close to being ready for production.






Source: USPTO & UBS Investment Research

  • KSW

    Wow, looks like it should be called the Rex Bow as it’s a combination T-Rex rear and KTM X-Bow front. Only thing missing is an appearance on CNBC by a Polaris analyst to get a premature uptick in the stock. Not at all very creative thinking really. I’d rather Polaris un snowmobile the other 3 wheelers and give them a canting/leaning front end.

  • Brandon

    When it comes down to it I’d rather have an crossbow (X-Bow) than a Slingshot. Polaris made themselves to be less than the competition in many ways- name, style, and power. Why did they not try to
    improve upon a category that is obviously filled by a better product? They even set themselves up with a lesser brand name (Slingshot). Why would you choose a slingshot over a crossbow? Why not name it a Catapult if they are going that route? They shot low on this one.

  • Mariani

    Uh, I’m really tempted to call this a KTM rip-off.

    This is so much like a three-wheeled X-Bow, just look at it!

    So, is this supposed to be a performance vehicle? If so, going for a single rear wheel is really wasteful.

    Anyway, why would you buy this and not the already-established KTM, or a Caterham, or an Ariel Atom, or even a Morgan ThreeWheeler?

  • proudAmerican

    Wow. That has a very 1990’s look to it.

    And no, that wasn’t a compliment.

  • paulus

    Is it April already?

  • Absolute X-Bow rip off but it def makes more sense than a Can Am Spyder. Seriously those things aren’t motorcycles! STOP RIDING THEM SIDE BY SIDE ON THE STREET TAKING UP 2 LANES AT STOP LIGHTS!

  • David

    Yeah,maybe a X Bow copy but who cares. I like the concept. 200 HP….awesome.

    But the real problem I have with these vehicles is their small size. Very hard for people to see these things while on the road.

    I already feel I have a problem with being seen when I drive my corvette because it is so low. These vehicles are even lower and smaller.

  • JoeD

    Motorcycling is in decline in the US. Exception?-HD of course.

  • Frank

    According to the pictures, this is nothing more than a full-size model. But maybe there is some technical patents…

  • desmo

    The cross box starts at 120K in the US when it arrives next year. WTF?

  • desmo

    Cross Bow KTM

  • paulus

    KTM X-bow sales sucked. Under performed massively. X-bow 2 now sports a screen (car drivers dont want to wear helmet)… sales still suck.

    This is a poor immitation and an insult to T-Rex at the same time… WTF

  • TaDaaaaa!

    I predict that older white men and black men of all ages will buy these up like crazy. Where I live, those two demographics ride the Can Am Spyders. Old people because obvious, no tipping over. Black people because rims, stereo, and other customizations. I say, sell as many as you can. We need more people to be aware of motorcyclist of all kinds.

  • Confused

    How come no one reading this understands what this is? T-Rex competitor. Hopefully Polaris can lower the price and make overpriced sports cars nervous for less than the Campagna T Rex.

  • Aaron Mezger

    Let’s not ignore the fact that 3 wheel vehicles are regulated like motorcycles and not like cars. If they were to add a fourth wheel, the cost would jump by way more than the price of the extra parts because it would then be a car.

  • The Healthy Skeptic

    I get this is the age of the internet and information can “leak” and spread rapidly, but would anyone be the wiser if I decided it’d be fun to PhotoShop some images and send them to the forum to generate buzz?

    It’s exciting, but at this point the author and USPTO & UBS Investment Research haven’t given any insight into where the images came from so it seems to be purely speculative at this point unless anyone has heard otherwise…

  • jackie

    Volkswagen GX3

    I wish they would have brought that to market.

  • V2win

    It ain’t a motorcycle — none of the feel and benefits; all of the drawbacks.
    Put a 4th wheel on it and finish this cute little convertible!

  • buellracerx

    Assuming this is a look-alike or copy also assumes this idea at Polaris is younger than the market release of those models. Remember lead time to market is a few years + any misc roadblocks or setbacks.

    That thing looks like a hoot on an auto trackday. Corvette killer.

  • cheeky

    Most of you commenters don’t get it, with a few exceptions.

    Yes it does look similar to a KTM x-bow from the front, however when this Polaris hits the streets expect the price to be 20-25% of what an X-bow costs. It has 3 wheels so it can slide outside all of the rules and regulations 4 wheel vehicles are forced to have by the over regulated government.
    I personally think it will fill a niche not being served right now, I think its significantly different than the CanAm Spyder as it will obviously be much wider, have a steering wheel and side by side seating, so I think it will have its own unique customer base. I would consider it, not as a replacement to any of my motorcycles but as an option instead of a convertible sports car. As long as the performance and speed are very good for this vehicle, and cost is low, I think it will be a winner. There are other similar vehicles that have been made, but all were by small companies so the prices were high. Polaris is obviously a big company with a well established dealer network, so price, availability and service should all be good I would expect.
    I’m excited to see it hit the road.

    My only concern looking at these drawings is what happens the first time someone driving one rear ends a pick up truck?