In the United States, race track corners don’t get much more iconic than Laguna Seca’s Corkscrew, but for our brothers and sisters across the pond, two-wheeled spectacle perhaps reaches its zenith at “The Mountain” at Cadwell Park. Known for launching riders off the tarmac with its short and steep incline, The Mountain has been conquered by many a rider, but no one puts on a better show at Cadwell than Tyco Suzuki’s Josh Brookes.

Treating the small hill as the motocross jump that it is, Brookes puts on a show for fans with his long and high leaps. When put to task for the reasoning behind his approach, Brookes shrugs off the questions. “Simple, I do it because its the fastest way I know how to get over there.”

If Brookes is an example on how to properly take the leap at Cadwell, his new teammate, American transplant PJ Jacobsen, perhaps gives us the converse approach of how not to tackle the famous section of British track. Not to worry though, we’re sure PJ got some tips from Josh after his close encounter — found after the jump.

Source: YouTube via My Life at Speed

  • Glenn

    After his wobble PJ looks over to the trackside Marshall who has his back to him, swigging from a bottle…

  • It’s a phenomenal circuit, I live in the UK, and its a BSB round I’ve always wanted to go to.

    One small issue about this article however is – Its CADwell Park, not CALDwell Park”

    Glad he held it over the mountain though!

  • smiler

    It is a great track and even if you are not BSB quick getting it right is a challenge because there is not too much track to straighten the bike after the corner. But what a thrill.
    The rest of the track is also good except the large grass runoffs, not that sympathetic when your bike comes off the track.
    Like having the nuts to accelerated down into Paddock Hill Bend at Brands and other tracks that are not flat, it is so important to have these tracks because the challenge and thrills are greater.

  • Are those dinosaurs we hear in the background, or mating narwhals?

    Great images for a slowed-down video.