Caution: Smoking May be Hazardous to Your Health

12/29/2010 @ 12:03 pm, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS

Pirelli (makers of the 2011 Pirelli Calendar) and the Italian arm of ad firm Y&R (the NY arm of Y&R did the Xerox/Ducati ad set) want you to know that smoking can be hazardous to your health. Playing off the Surgeon General warning labels found on cigarette packages, Pirelli’s new ads show a motorcycling protagonist full of gusto putting one of his Italian doughnuts to good use with a puff of smoke and a mighty burnout (we’re working on our ad copy hyperbole).

There’s some good play on words going on here, which Y&R has put to good use with motorcycling imagery. We especially like the line “smoking can cause circulation problems” as the photo focuses on the time-warped spinning tire, while the “protect chicks: don’t make them breathe your smoke” seems a bit more pedestrian and blunt. Good photography, a hot custom bike, clever ad work. Chalk up a win for Pirelli (more photos after the jump).

Source: Bikes in the Fast Lane

  • RGR

    Come on Jensen, these ads are kind of lame, predictable, and we’ve all seen it before. The Aprilia ad that you hated with a passion is way better. :-P

  • I’m not into cruisers or destroying a perfectly good tire, on the other hand that’s a good pic and the play on the surgeon general warnings make it memorable in a fun way.

  • I think its a great picture and a fun ad, way better than most of the other lame ads you see in magazines

  • Bob Dogjuice

    I’ve only done one burnout in 33 years of riding and that was on a drag strip test of a V-Rod Destroyer.

    Away from the drag strip, the burnout is mindless, pathetic, moronic. It is the only thing a Harley does well, so know just how sad it is.

    Oh and a tire company actually encouraging the intentional destruction of its own product for no reason other than for you to go replace it with more, is simply VILE.

    No Pirelli tires for me in future.

  • If smoking is injurious to health, I am addicted to burnout. I can’t live without smokes.