Up-Close With the Pikes Peak Multistrada 1200S

05/22/2010 @ 6:06 pm, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

We were lucky enough today to get some shots from an Asphalt & Rubber reader who was in attendance at the Newport Beach Ducati shop to check out the Pikes Peak Ducati Multistrada 1200S race bike. From what we can tell the race bike has a cropped windsceen, hand-guards, revamped tail section (no luggage racks needed!), and a killer paint job. The overall affect is pretty dramatic, and makes the Multistrada 1200S look like a real speed demon. Ducati North America, can you say race replica? Thanks for the photos John!

Photos: Dr. John Garman aka Dr. Wheelies to his friends

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  • BRose

    Oh man! This should be good – I hope they got someone that can ride that road and the the maximum from that bike. This should eat the Beemers up! I will cry like a 6th grader if I buy my new Multi and 6 months latter they have a “Pikes Peak” version!

  • MTS Lust

    The cropped screen and cleaned up tail-section really improve the looks of the bike. I’d love to see a stripped down and pumped up Pikes Peak edition!

    From what I’ve heard their riders should be excellent – last year they won on HM1100s. The HP2 and KTM offerings haven’t changed a lot so chances should be very good on this provided they can get the weight down so that handling is on par with the HM1100.

  • MTS Lust

    And these A&R reader pictures are now world famous!