Listen to the Pierobon X60R

03/08/2013 @ 3:17 pm, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS


Ok, so we here at Asphalt & Rubber may sort of have a growing crush on the Pierobon X60R, an Italian-made sport bike that features an 1,078cc air-cooled Ducati v-twin motor that is wrapped around the company’s custom aluminum tube frame.

Your answer to a light air-cooled track weapon, the Pierobon X60R is quite the looker too, and given its power plant pedigree, sight and touch aren’t the only senses it pleases. Check the exhaust note (powered by Termignoni) after the jump.

Source: YouTube

  • Air cooled engines are outmoded, particularly for racing applications. They can’t be cooled evenly or as efficiently, and always have hot spots that degrade engine performance. Even in street applications, if you live in a hot climate, expect to lose between 6 and 15% of engine power as a result of heat buildup. Maybe for an off-road bike in colder climates in remote areas, where eliminating a radiator and the maintenance it requires is an advantage, but for the most part air cooled engines are dead for performance applications it.

  • RJJR

    Theoretically yes, but they can be a lot of fun on a track, and more than enough for the road. Its nice to find the limit of the motor at a trackday before you find the limit of suspension or brakes.

  • mullup

    RJJR, yes you are right. It is nce to find the limit of the motor BUT it can be very expensive! As opposed to finding the limits of suspension or brakes which tends to be much more painful!

  • chris

    nice… correct the obvious errors, and delete my post. that’s professional.

  • Richard Gozinya

    Aaron, clearly this bike isn’t for you. It’s for the people who lusted for the MGS-01 Corsa, or wished they could afford an NCR M4, to get the delightful grunt and character of an air-cooled engine in a lightweight, sharp handling chassis. It’s not about spec sheets, or who has the fastest engine, it’s about what puts a smile on your face. The raw, simple, visceral joy of riding, perhaps best quantified by an air cooled twin. Be it a Ducati, a Guzzi, a Triumph, a Beemer, a Norton, or even a Harley. They aren’t the most powerful or efficient engines around, but they’re a hell of a lot of fun.

    Personally, the only liquid cooled bike that inspires lust for me is the never going to hit the streets Norton NRV588. 170 hp, 280ish lbs, and a nearly flat torque curve. But, different strokes for different folks, our differences make the world more interesting.

  • Halfie30

    Owning a peice of Ducati air cooled kit I’ve modded out. I can say that air cooled twins are just a different beast. I have noticed a difference moving from the heat of Texas to the cool NW, but even in hot weather I would’nt trade her for any inline four. This X60R just seems amazing!

  • L2C

    What was this about again? Ah, yes, the pleasing sound of the Pierobon X60R’s exhaust. I absolutely agree. Superb sound.

    +1 for enthusiasm.

  • NDspd

    There’s one of these racing out at Roebling Road Raceway, this video does absolutely no justice to the look or the sound of it. I’m taking tons of photos and videos of all the bikes, in particular this one quite a bit.

  • buellracerx

    +1 to Richard Gozinya, Halfie30, and especially L2C. Superb, indeed.

    Aaron – air-cooled engines simply present different design challenges than liquid-cooled. Typically, there is increased potential with air-cooled for lighter weight and simpler maintenance. You also don’t have to worry about fun little complexities like liner cavitation and such. Instead, you get bigger temp deltas across the head. Lol choose your poison. Ride a lightweight air-cooled twin such as this on a track once. I’ve found it to be a much more intimate and intuitive experience vs. a liquid-cooled 600.

  • anders eliasson

    Nice doggie, good puppy, please don’t chew on the pretty bike … :^D …