Photo of the Week: Ducati Meccanica

02/28/2011 @ 10:34 am, by Scott Jones4 COMMENTS

As the Ducati Cup, also know as World Superbike, enters the 2011 season, the grid looks odd without a presence many have taken for granted for several decades, a factory Ducati team. While Ducati does have Valentino Rossi on its prototype GP11 this year, the Xerox WSBK team is no more, leaving others to defend Ducati’s honor in the series. This weekend at Philip Island, Carlos Checa rode his Althea Ducati to pole and a double victory, dominating the weekend. Though the Bologna factory may not be present as an official team entry, Ducati’s racing heritage appears well represented in World Superbike for 2011.

Scott Jones is a professional photographer known for his great action shots and poignant candids when covering MotoGP and WSBK racing events. You may have already seen his work on MotoMatters (they still have more calendars available that feature Scott’s work by the way). Not only do we like Scott’s shots, but he fits right in with our all Nikon-totting office. You can find him on his blog, Twitter, & Facebook. Scott is such a nice guy, he’ll even let you stay in his Lake Tahoe cabinAll images posted, shared, or sent for editorial use or review are registered for full copyright protection at the Library of Congress.

  • joe

    Ive got some free time in late april, wheres that cabin?

  • Other Sean

    I would say that all the Kawayamazuki kids who moan about it being the “Ducati cup” need to amend their grievance to read “Italian Cup’, since Aprilia was allowed to run the gear driven cams last year under dubious circumstances, that have somehow been rectified this year.

    It was strange to watch though, on Speed’s fuzzy coverage, all the bike’s looked the same except Biaggi and a few colorful Ducati’s and Kawis. Most of them are white and black, maybe some blue that looks like black from far away.

  • Dr. Gellar

    I agree with Other Sean…the liveries of the majority of the bikes that made it on TV during the two WSBK races looked surprisingly dull and uninspiring, particularly the factory Yamahas, BMW’s and the lone Alstare Suzuki. If any of these teams had major sponsors (which they don’t), you’d never know it. Contrast them with the Aprilia of Max Biaggi, which livery-wise sticks out like a sore thumb. But sponsor-wise, that’s a good thing, since there is no mistaking the Alitalia Apirilias out on the track for any other bike.

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