Photo of the Week: Trail Braking

02/14/2011 @ 9:05 am, by Scott Jones5 COMMENTS

Taking over Valentino Rossi’s factory Yamaha seat, multiple AMA Superbike Champion, 2010 WSBK Champion, and 2011 MotoGP Rookie of the Year Ben Spies will have the same equipment as reigning World Champion Jorge Lorenzo. Given how well Spies did on the satellite Tech3 Yamaha in 2010, the factory bike and a year of experience could mean the difference between being the “Best of the Rest” and the “Big Four” becoming the Big Five.

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  • MP

    I’d very much like to see Spies become the favorite on the Yamaha squad this year. He has a trunk load of talent.

  • MP I’m with you, I reckon the year will be between Ben and Casey, they are both hard chargers, win or bust, love that. Many people bag Ben, I say look at his record, 3 x AMA, then 1 x WSBK (Rookie year), then 0 x MotoGP (Rookie of the year). Look out 2011!!

    I fully acknowledge the wonder that is Vale but I am happy in a way to witness him struggling with the Ducati (atm), Casey had to override the latter two year’s versions, Ducati went the wrong way with development, maybe JB can get it back to how it was when CS won the MotoGP Championship soonish…..

  • Odie

    I am very excited about this season. I think we will see what Ben can really do. In WSBK, if it wasn’t for a few boo-boos by the Sterilgarda team, he would have cinched the championship way early in the season. With a proper Factory M1 under him he should have the tools to kick ass and take names.

    I am also very interested in what Vale can do with the Desmo. If anyone one can fix it, it’s The Doctor. His ability to take a bike from one end of the result sheet to the other is reportedly legendary. We’ll see if he’s worth all the money they are going to pay him. I wonder what the lack of Vale’s bike developing talent will affect Yamaha.

  • vonich

    LOL! I just want to point out something… BS is ’09 WSBK champion not ’10WSBK WC and ’10 MOTOGP ROOKIE of the year not ’11 MOTOGP ROOKIE of the year. anyway i have no doubt that spies will more then imprest everybody again this year… he have all the goods to be a world champ in premier class. is just a matter of time and some luck on his side. what i mean about luck is injured free all season long not getting win by some luck.

    Odie… vale is worth every pennies his being paid for with or without WC on the ducati desmo.

  • Steve

    What we are witnessing here is new history being made, as in the days of Rainey, Mamola, Lawson, Doohan, Gardner Etc….These are exciting times. No matter who you favor for whatever reason, this will be one of the most memorable of seasons in the sport and I for one, …. can’t wait.