UPDATE: Add a 1943 BSA M20 to the list of bike’s available from Paul Teutul Sr.’s personal collection.

Paul Teutul Sr. cannot seem to stay out of the news lately. First the senior Teutul sued his son for ownership of Orange County Choppers, invoking a minority buyout clause that would pay Paul Jr. the market value of the business, which was allegedly valued at nothing, thus robbing Paul Jr. of his shares.

Then just recently at the end of the last week we learned that GE Capital and OCC were in disagreement over the terms of OCC’s loan from the credit company. Displeased by having to pay full-price on a devalued building, Paul Sr. has stopped paying back his loans to GE Capital, which have resulted in the financing firm filing for foreclosure on the custom chopper crew.

Allegedly Paul Sr. has the money, but wanted to sway GE into renegotiating the loan. While we were skeptical of this claim, it’s interesting to note that Paul Sr. has since quietly put two motorcycles from his personal collection up on eBay (a Ariel T-5 & BSA B33).

Using the account of OCC Head Assembly and Technician Supervisor Nicholas Hansford to list the bikes, it looks like at least two more motorcycles (maybe an A&R reader can help us identify them) are set to go up for sale. While Hansford has a video of the BSA B33 sitting in his YouTube channel, two other unlisted bikes (another BSA and a Norton) are included in the channel with video titles labeled “bikes for sale.”

Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and it all sorta makes you wonder what’s really going on in Orange County, New York. More info on the auctions after the jump.

Putting up for auction his 1957 Ariel T-5 (shown above) & 1946 BSA B33 (shown below), Paul Sr. has placed a “Buy It Now” price of $13,000 on the Ariel, while the BSA currently sits with one bid at $6,200 (reserve not met). Whatever the reason is behind selling these two bikes, you cannot deny that they look to be in great shape and are unique pieces of motorcycling.

We think they’d look great in any collection, or perhaps in the livingroom as a conversation piece (we hear the feng shui can be tricky though). Bid early and bid often A&R readers. Thanks for the tip Marcus!

Video of the 1946 BSA B33:

Source: eBay & eBay

  • Ern

    The BSA looks like a Gold Star.

  • 305ed

    There are now thre for sale…. WOOOOO HOOOOOO!

  • BikePilot

    By far the best looking bikes ever associated with those folks.

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  • Good eye 305ed! I’ve updated the post.

  • Keith

    None excite me…no really. Now if he called and said he had a crate full of black lightening parts that might make a ridable bike, then we might be able to deal.

  • Christina Ortiz-Reynolds

    What a SAD DAD or should I say dry-drunk?

  • Christina Ortiz-Reynolds

    Your children are your treasures, not your bikely and auto possessions. Your boys are doing great and you haven’t a clue. You truly do need therapy, but you are unchangeable and unloveable. The only time you were liked from the TV point of view was when you were taking great joy in you boys. Now all you do is complain about everything they do. They are doing magnificently !!!!

    Goes to show you what can be seen clearly to the viewing audience. Try an AA meeting

  • wood2610

    He must be selling them because he knows Paul Jr. is gonna kick his a&* in court. Why else would you sell off you’re “prized” collection?

  • irksome

    Can someone please explain to me why I should give a rat’s ass?

  • ShuntR

    Oh no, please do not let this degenerate into a Senior v Junior fight. If he wants to sell em great, they will be in perfect condition no doubt, what he wants the money for, who cares, it’s his.

  • That Guy is a Tool.