According to the folks at Motocuatro, socialite Paris Hilton will be picking up where Antonio Banderas left off, and is set to unveil her 125GP team next Saturday. Officially Team SuperMartxé VIP by Paris Hilton, the unveiling of the team is to be held at the Hotel ME in Madrid, Spain. It’s not clear at this time where Hilton’s interest in motorcycle racing stems from (perhaps she is taking a page from, and one-upping, Kim Kardashian’s sponsorship of a NASCAR Sprint Cup team), but the Hilton fortune heiress has put together a very strong team, making her entry into the 125 GP very compelling.

Hilton is reported to be partnered with Nano, Xavi Montero, and Ricard Garriga, while Ricard Jové will be the Technical Director to the team. Riding for the SuperMartxé VIP by Paris Hilton team will be Sergio Gadea (formerly with the Pons Racing Moto2 team) and Maverick Vinales (the 2010 Spanish 125 GP Champion). Also on-board the team are Christian Lundberg and Rossano Brazzi, making the team well-founded with technical expertise, along with its promising young riders. Let’s all collectively cross our fingers and hope that pink colored bikes won’t be a staple on the 2011 125 GP grid.

Source: Motocuatro via GPOne

  • Mark

    Hot women and fast motorcycles have always been a great combination. I’s good to see they are now actually contributing more to the sport than just standing around and looking pretty.

  • gildas

    Remind me, only riders are WADA tested? Right?

  • Doctor Jelly

    I really hope they don’t use umbrella guys…

  • mrbubbles

    please stop calling Paris the “Hilton Heiress”; first off, Hilton hotels is owned by Blackstone, a major hedge fund group. second, there are over 80 offsprings who may get a piece of the inheritance from the original Hilton fortune, controlled by Barron Hilton, who also has pledged to donate over 92% of his close to $2billion fortune to charity… which leaves Paris about $500,000, assuming the fund distributes equally to all 80 offsprings.
    lastly, what got Paris her notoriety was arguable her sex tape, which was actually filmed in a Marriott!

  • Look for the coolant temperature gauge that says, “That’s hot.”

  • Jeram

    so shes investing in a new race team in a class that will be dead after its first season…


    atleast let 125gp go out with a bit of class… jeeez

  • JawDroppin

    What a fucking joke!!! So this is what sport has been reduced to now???

    Paris… GTFO and stick to what you know best – riding blokes, not bikes!!!

    JD ;)

  • irksome

    Hmm… Team Jizz-Gobbling-Talentless-Whore has a nice ring to it.

  • 76

    Are you serious? I for one think its great that Kids in the 125 get some money to run a team. If you havent noticed there isnt all that much going around these days. So what if its Hilton? good for her, I dont know any background on her interest or motivation but if her money is green thats a pretty good start. Its 125 dude, kids that need support & airtime both of which someone like her can provide…. get real and get laid, your a salty bit arent you

  • Isaac

    “Doctor Jelly says:
    December 11, 2010 at 3:02 PM I really hope they don’t use umbrella guys”


  • Matt K

    Hopefully she wont be the team running the KTM’s.

  • jimmy k

    If you haven’t noticed by now….Their really not riding those bikes either. First the bikes are PARKED too close! Second the scenery is fake and you can tell the back drop is a back drop…LOL and their hair is being blown by a fan! Third if they were really riding those bikes with what their wearing their mini’s would be up around their waist with panties showing…oh i forget Paris doesn’t wear panties….LOL oh and then finally…isnt 125 gp a crotch rocket gig…the harleys pics barly even make the pic hot…Now if Paris and Nicole were on a GSXR 1000 together…I might raise a flagpole half mast!

  • crazy

    Great class , pity it is being closed!

  • I wonder wat the team colors wil be. Heh-heh. At least this gives 125GP some press, maybe it saves the 125 class from being scratched.

    Oh and JimmyK, thanks for pointing out those subtle errors we all overlooked in that otherwise awesome picture *cough*. You may also like ;-)

  • Alan W

    There’s a bike in the pic?

  • Shaitan


  • got40

    How does mrbubbles know all that?

  • 76

    got40 says:
    December 12, 2010 at 7:03 PM

    How does mrbubbles know all that?

    It would seems Mr.Bubbles also reads the non-motorcycle related news as well

  • jimmy k, Everything you say is right but it is oh so wrong that you noticed!

    Keep on posing girls cos sure as hell we’ll keep on looking!

  • buellracerx

    I just threw up a little in my mouth…

  • mrbubbles

    I’m a finance guy for non-profit organization, and have dealt with Paris’ uncles regarding their charitable foundation, which is how I got the breakdown… and they chuckle @ the sex tape in Marriott fact.

    it’s just funny once the myth of “heiress” was exposed to me, it really makes you wonder why people don’t automatically assume any one with the last name of “Ford” or “Yamaha” or “McDonald” are heir or heiress to the mega fortune?

    same applies to Trump… how many people across the US with last name of “Trump”, and how many can legitimately claim a piece of the Donld’s fortune?

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  • Wintermute

    jimmy k …… DUHHHHHHHHH