In the story of Oedipus Rex, the protagonist gouges out his eyes after learning that he senselessly killed his father, and has been pounding his mother into the bedroom headboard. Until recently, we didn’t think we could get down to that level and relate to Oedipus with the same wealth of shame and despondency; but the universe is a fickle beast and wins another round today, as we’ve been dry heaving all morning after looking at the race livery for the Team SuperMartxé VIP by Paris Hilton race livery.

Everything we feared it would be, the pretty-in-pink design is going to be obnoxiously flamboyant on the 125GP grid. Capping off the news is that we learn that Paris herself will be attending more than a few races, helping promote the team, do a couple lines of coccaine, and maybe run over a few MotoGP fans while in a drunken stupor. Pretty typical Sunday for the famous for being famous star.

Undoubtedly not the proudest moment in the GP paddock, we’ll leave you with this thought though. Has any other 125GP team made headlines in the New York Times, Perez Hilton, and Asphalt & Rubber this week? This month? This year? Say what you will about the former sex-tape star, but she’s already borught the team a plethora of attention. That’s a win in marketing dollars speak. Touché Paris.

Formerly the BQR team, Hilton has lent her name to very strong GP team that sees Nano, Xavi Montero, and Ricard Garriga all being partners in the team. Ricard Jové will server as the Technical Director, while Christian Lundberg and Rossano Brazzi are also said to be on-board. Riding for the SuperMartxé VIP by Paris Hilton team will be Sergio Gadea (formerly with the Pons Racing Moto2 team) and Maverick Vinales (the 2010 Spanish 125 GP Champion).


  • It’s the shade of pink that bothers me: Pepto Bismol. Of course, if you’ve been dry heaving, it’s just the ticket for you.

  • majordomo490

    I can’t believe that anyone who cares about roadracing or is remotely associated with the industry would say ANYTHING negative about this project.
    It can do nothing but good for all of us.
    Besides I never heard any bitchin’ about the Britten which had pretty much the same colours.

  • Bravo on the lede paragraph. Bravo.

  • jvduc

    that’s hawt

  • Henry

    I agree with majordomo. This ain’t so bad.

    It’s good to see different backers in a struggling GP program. Love her or hate her, Paris can bring mainstream media to the sport, more viewers for TV, better ratings, more races available to us as spectators and better racing with increased exposure.

    I’m slightly bummed that this didn’t happen in the premier class but I suspect they already have Playboy and the frills that circle it.

    Once they get those graphics settled (obviously this is only a workup), it will be a welcome addition to the boring as hell paddock. I only wish they would have fielded Mellisa Paris and Elena Myers who could both kick ass on half that field of rich kids.

  • Westward

    What about Mattia Pasini’s pink liveries for ladies night in Italy, I think he won that race too…
    Hey if it draws more non-traditional fans to the sport i’m all for it, their money is just as good here…

  • Other Sean

    I can appreciate those of you seeing the silver lining in this. But it is laughable too.

    Paris’ PR value is passed it’s prime. Not saying it’s worthless…but passed it’s prime.

    I had the regrettable experience of turning on “Married to Rock” or some such reality show about bimbos married to rockers (also passed their prime). Two of them were taking the basic MSF course, and they were acting like high school girls and pissing off the real people who were there to learn/teach.

    I wonder if Paris’ rider is gonna be the butt of every joke in the paddock…

  • irksome

    I see nothing wrong with Team Cum-Guzzling-Whore.

  • Sean in Oz

    Exit Antonio Banderas, enter Paris Hilton!

    If they let that thing make 1 pass on a circut without runnin it into a barrier I am gonna watch figure skating from now on CRAP!!!!!!!!!

  • Damo

    I am also with Majordomo, this is good exposure either way, even though I wish that broad would choke on a handful of rusty coffin nails.

  • Rexr

    To me “Ken & Barbie” spring to mind………nnnnnnnnooooooooooooo

  • Like others I agree with Majordomo, and if nothing else, the team’s bikes will be easily recognized on the race tracks.

  • Richard Gozinya

    It’s just a paintjob, and it’s not like race bikes have the nicest paint jobs as it is. They’re pretty much all tacky eye sores, and this is no worse than Kawasaki’s hideous green.

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  • doughboy

    I would rather see the sport suffer financially than gain sponsers and viewers from the likes of somebody that represents all that is wrong with this country. Having the capitalist sellout mentality does nothing but damage to the integrity of the sport.

  • If I would be a racer, I’d switch classes or even profession before being seen on that ugly stick, plus having to explain that the race team’s bos is more about marketing than about racing. Racing is expensive, I know, but there is a fine line between accepting sponsors and getting abused.

    Oh well, publicity it is then. I’d go race somewhere else. Good luck with this.

  • CZ
  • Hi guys,

    In France we are jealous, we haven’t got a lot of sponsors for racing motorbike, this girls is like “Gold”.

    Thanks to his name a lot of website (talking about motorcycle or not) has showed the pictures of a blondie on a bike !!!

    it’s so great because maybe some people could be interested to do it too and bring cash in motogp which need it so much …

    thanks you Paris and sure if you come in France for “Le Mans”, you will be well recieved at home ;)


  • Jeram

    watchin a bike crash will never be so fun… ill be on the edge of my seat waiting for ken and barbies scooter to highside LOL

    PS: I love two strokes, but why!!! why invest in a championship that wont exist in 12 months…
    absolutely silly

  • Paris is Thee No.1 Party-Sex Princess, that surely goes together with rush, speed, power and class!(read Cocaine) which she also does ever so well. It’ll be great to see her lick that tank! More Paris, inside or outside!