UPDATE 2: American Chopper is back as American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior.

UPDATE: TLC has cancelled American Chopper.

Even with Paul Jr. and Mikey off of the show American Chopper, Paul Teutul Sr. has found a way to fight with his children, and further estrange himself from his family. Paul Sr. has filed a dispute with the Supreme Court of New York state (the State’s lowest court), which alleges that the elder Teutul has the right to purchase his son’s stock in Orange County Choppers Holdings, Inc., the company behind OCC.

Paul Sr. sent Paul Jr. a letter stating that he was exercising a stock option that would allow Paul Sr. to buy Paul Jr.’s position company at a pre-determined price. The stock options allegedly amount to over $500,000, while the law suit filed calls for an additional sum of $1 million in damages.

If you haven’t been following the new season of American Chopper at all, we’ll give you the 20 second synopsis so you can continue that trend. OCC is now devoid of Paul Jr., who has gone on to make his own industrial design firm, while Mikey has been in rehab for an alcohol problem.

Paul Sr. has admitted on camera to having no contact with any of his children, and remains in his fortress of solitude with newly found wife Beth Dillon. Paul Sr. has said in a number of awkward show candids that he’s happy about not having his sons there, much to the dismay of the remaining workers who still work at OCC.

Source: TMZ

  • mike

    WHO CARES??????? LOL

  • Will


    Over three hundred channels on my cable network and we still can’t get a television show about real, non Milwaukee Mafia motorcyclists in the twenty first century.

  • BRose

    Fame and disfunction cause problems in a family !!! Wow! shocking! The biker builder thing is over – move on boys! How about a show where nerds get together and build solar powered contraptions for corpratons that want to look “green”?

  • Steph

    It was obvious to see that Senior had got swept away by his ego. You could see that he figured he was the driving force behind OCC’s success, when in fact it was Junior’s design abilities that produced nice bikes with some real flavour, while Senior’s ‘old skool’ choppers always looked… well old, and displayed for all to see that he was totally devoid of mechanical skills, as well as artistic flair. Mikey made the show enjoyable, but he started to look really depressed and unhealthy in the 5th season, and he actually made me feel sad. Add to that the delusional Senior running around pretending to do something, when he’s obviously a lay-about, and the show really had passed its due date. It’s funny, they say we don’t like qualities in others that we dislike most of all in ourselves, well Senior was a major slacker, and he would take out his self-dislike, or even self-hatred, against Junior, which just exposed him as the mean spirited old man he really is. OCC owes all its success to Pauly’s design flair, Mikey’s loveability, and the great craftsmen out in the workshop. Too bad they can’t get rid of Senior and bring back Pauly and start building motorcycles again. If I were the show’s producer, I’d poach all the guys from OCC’s workshop, bring back Vince, and start a new shop building custom cycles without the overbearing ego of Senior to spoil the mix. Now that would make for a good show, but sadly reality TV thrives with hostility, well the ratings do anyway.

  • Maico

    To the above Steph: Well said !

  • Susan

    This really stinks. I’ve been watching American Chopper since day one, and I’ve seen Paul Sr.’s ego grow bigger than his biceps over the years. He claims to give credit to the people who work for him, but he has never seemed sincere to me. His son Paul Jr. WAS the show in the beginning, with his inovative designs, albiet less than stellar work ethic…but his designs are what made the Teutuls rich and famous and over time, Sr. couldn’t take that. I’m afraid this is another case of the “reality show curse”, and this family may never be able to recover from it. Several of the guys who helped put OCC on the map have left for various reasons, which took the show on a downward spiral, along with the ridiculously loud bickering between Sr. and Jr…and Mikey’s increasing idiotic behavior. Rick (The artistic one with the funny beard and wide eyes) was the first one to go, then Vinnie and Cody. Now Paul Jr. is gone and is making his own way. Then you have Mikey, who is in rehab…and none of them even talk to Danny anymore. So…I wonder in the end if Sr. will only be happy when he has no one there with him at his brand new million dollar shop. No one to throw chairs through the window with, or axes through the doors, or to blow up garbage cans. It can be very lonely at the top when you keep stepping on the people who helped get you there. I hope Paul Teutul Sr. realizes that before it’s too late. But…I doubt it.

  • JIM


  • tpnga

    Maybe now they’ll stop making such hideous “motorcycles”.

    Wishful thinking.

  • Collyer

    Does anyone with a life watch this $#%^? I mean, who cares about the most dysfunctional “family” on TV – look what their “success” has done to them? The custom chopper thing has been over since the first episode of this series – as soon as TV network makes a show about something exclusive & interesting, it becomes neither. These guys are not about motorcycles, they are about image, giving mainstream society the finger, and generally acting poorly. Now, mainstream society is acting like them, and look where that’s headed…… Too bad TV programmers cannot find people & content of quality & expertise to look up to, as positive role models & examples, not jackasses that are a warning to our children as to how NOT to behave. Next they’ll be wearing orange jumpsuits emblazoned with OCCF (Orange County Correctional Facility). Pitiful.

    PS = these guys are motorcycle assemblers, not designers or builders. They buy the parts, make a bracket or fender, and pay some shmuck to paint it & put it all together.

  • Willie’s Ghost

    OMG – How will the motorcycle industry survive without them?

  • snowchopper

    Sr.’s a meglomaniac and a horrible excuse for a parent

  • Mike Pearl

    Senior is an arrogant, pompous ass. A drunk that has not recovered and can only find solace in his life by inflcitng hurt on his sons. No family is perfect, but he seems to relish in causing more and more hurt with his absurd actions and comments. That Jr. and Mkey both have gone out and are doing something constructive with their lives is to be commended. No longer servants to the OCC brand they are establishing themselves by themselves. One can only imagine what OCC could have been. As for me, I have watched my last OCC unreality show and will watch the cooking channel instead. Senior ruined himself, his family and now his show.

  • Bill

    Just to be clear here. OCC builds choppers, not motorcycles. There’s a world of difference.

  • Treebeard

    Are you guys kidding? Jr. was the pompous ass. Mikey was a loser leach from the beginning. Sr. started the business and it’s true, Jr.’s designs for the unique choppers made the business boom. But he got a free ride in from the old man’s built business. Watching them all move from one bigger building to another and finally building their own…the hummers, the fancy trucks, the big homes…it was a whirlwind. But I don’t blame Sr., a little respect people! The fighting was the show, an unfortunate state of affairs for the family, but hey, money is everything right?

    Now we have boring Sr. and the guys still there building so-so bikes. And we have delusional Jr. with his new dumb logo and insignificant business. A joke. He’s nothing outside of the shop, c’mon. Mikey looks like he’s trying to dump some weight (no, it ain’t funny, nor was it ever cute Mikey. So keep going down the right path dude). Those guys as individuals are all losing and are nothing without each other. Together, they made the show. They best learn to park their egos and try to get back even a small portion of what they had. And do it by playing nicely together guys.

    I honestly think Vinnie left because he couldn’t take it any more. I’m sure the tension and fights were real. He’s the one I DO miss (and certainly not that loser kid Cody either).

    Their women will be the next to go….they can’t possibly be with those guys for anything other than the fast-waning monies. No money? No women. Jr. needs to get over himself. Sr. needs to get over his pride. Mikey needs to get over his addiction and do something FOR HIMSELF. That’s my 2 cents.

  • I watched the show & i am a girl, who doesn’t care about motorcycles, i tuned in for the drama, and paul jr. was a whiz, who needed guidance too. The father was too brutual with his ways, and should be really sorry that he lost his son over this and made enemies along the way, i am sure. I am sure sometimes, he looks like a nice father and not nice other times, to people, his staff, it was shown on TV. But that is your SON Paul Sr., try and make up and it’s too late, when you file a lawsuit against the kid. Paul Sr, has much to learn, about family. I felt the tension while watching the show. Shame on you Paul Sr. for treating those around you like it’s all about bottom lines and dollars and it’s your way of the highway. You cannot and should not rule with an iron fist or this will happen. I was shocked when i heard there was some kind of a problem and i saw now the show will be over. I wasn’t watching anyway anymore, But you have ruined your own life paul sr., and any future you have with your grandkids. You should be saying you are so sorry and make up with your family ! But you will not. i know older people do not give in, which is pride and their own shame for the way they are and they don’t even know it.
    Is a tv show really worth not knowing your own son and having peace in your life. Come on, i don’t feel sorry for you at all. You will be a sad alone man. Paul Jr. stick to your guns and do your own thing, that makes you happy !

  • hotrod351

    jr. is a joke and mikey a lazy bum. jr. found out real quick that the company goes on great without him. they still build great bikes. jr. is bummed out because the company is doing better than ever without him. and whats he doing, what he should be doing, designing barbecues. jr. and mikey were given a great chance. like sr. told mikey, well lets see, last year you took 60 days off and came in late the rest of the time, and jr. figured, as he said, the company couldnt make it without him. hmmm time will tell but so far occ seems to be doing great, not so much for mikey or jr, but they can blame sr for all there problems, just like wifes blame there husbands. anyway im sure, in a year or two, jr and mikey will be no longer thought of.

  • True to the fact Sr. X drug addict?? X Alky seen him drink club ida on shows. You are Never yo Big for your children no matter how old. To let them Go as someone else can do the jop that not a family man. Vince and Cody had enough. He marries a VERY young women. What happen to Lucy and the women who beared his chilren. Dropped everyone and know he has to be nice because he cannot lose any more help. The TV cameras should take a break fron choppers and give vinny and cody a shot and bring in paul jr. and michael for a seris. I wont watch the show just from the family angle sr just doesnt care only HIM SELF> Its A TERRIBLE THING pete

  • mick

    what is the matter with you people !!!- this show has provided you, me and many others with hours of entertainment – now it seems that given the first opportunity everybody wants to knock the Teutals. Yes Snr is a control freak but this is typical of somebody whose life was out of control (when he was misusing drugs and alcohol).

    it seems clear from the crap that most of you have written that the show wasn’t about the choppers it was about the relationship between the two Pauls – surely the mistake was them allowing their dirty laundry to be laundered in public.

    maybe the choppers they built weren’t everybody’s cup of tea but taste is one of the things that make us all unique. everybodyis entitled to an opinion but surely this does mean that everybody is entitled to launch an attack on those who are already hurting.

    also why is everybody knocking the Teutals for being successful – isn’t it the American dream to aim high and succeed – i thought it was us brits that knock down those who do well.

    come on people get a grip – let’s give this family the chance to rebuild their relationship and their respective businesses.

    i for one wish all the members of this family the best for the future…

  • Chuck Amuck

    It really sucks when a parent forgets about family. Sr. seems to think he did it all himself when basically he just yelled and got in the way. He has changed his routine since Jr. and Mikey left. Big mistake building that large new headquarters in this economy. Why does he feel he must degrade Jr. every episode; does he think he is Howard Stern, but Stern loves his daughters. Who will Sr. leave his legacy to, the sycophants who are laughing now? Who will visit his gravesite? Only in America, I guess, is this supposed to entertain us. F’ Sr. Hope he dies alone!!!

  • I”ll be more than glad to “(bust a cap)” to get this problem reconciled. Later. JH

  • Too bad the sons, one who has NO abilitywhetever and the other who wants to take credit for the efforts of other team members. Who started and built this business?? FATHER But the sons who have no investment in the business have received an income far far what they would have received had the worked in any other bike shot. CHECK their homes & cars. They will both rely on the family name for all their future efforts and income. WONT BE NEARLY CLOSE TO WHAT THEIR DAD PAID THEM. Their entitlement is over and now the must face the real world. Wont be near as good as their father provided. PAUL Sr stand tall you went far beyond what any father would endure.

  • ManChild

    Sr. Sucks, no way around it. Jr. should get some action, think about all the abuse Jr. took prior to the show, when he was young and his dad was a drunk. It should be Jr. suing Sr.

  • B& M

    Who else could get away with never showing up to work on time or not at all, but kids of the owner. That is the american way.
    Go Senior I am sure you reached your limit. I miss vinny he came to work and was very talented. Rick I am so happy you stayed with Sr.
    Good luck, I would like to know if the other son or sons still work for OCC

  • JK

    What a pathetic person Sr is. He’s no Dad by any stretch and I think its funny that Sr did’nt sue Jr till after Jr wanted to see the books of OCC

  • sal caradonna

    Paul Sr. is and always has been on steroids, he cannot think rationally anymore.

  • tony

    great show sadly wont be watching anymore paul sr has cast his sons aside how sad and new flunkys on occ hmm had this situation with my own dad no respect for his own son this show will come to its demise !

  • EEK

    Wow what a great father… wasn’t there for his kids when they were younger and now sues them. What a guy! No wonder why none of them talk to him.

  • Steven

    Enter the Wicked Stepmother and the 2 step sons. What a joke. B**ch got the old man to dump his kids so she and her sons could worm their way into the business.
    $$$ Cha Ching!!$$$

    Now she and Paul SR. are trying to pawn her off as some kind of mechanic? “Private Project” my A unt SS ue. What an insult! Producers are full if it if they think we are buying this trash.

  • Nick

    Your completely wrong, they dont build choppers, they assemble them. Overpriced junk, you can buy the parts and do the same things they are doing. My dad’s friend had one of their lower end production bikes, biggest piece of junk. Had some major problems with it, and OCC wouldnt help him out. They dont care about quality or their customers, its all about the money. As far as im concerned, im happy to be Jr and Mikey out of OCC, they are sticking together, and making it on their own. Their own father doesnt seem to care about them. Rememebr him mentioning that his dog Gus was the most important thing to him? Im sure thats the only thing that cares about him, maybe his mother, but who knows about that. Hes a cold blooded self centered prick, i hope he goes bankrupt and is forced to sell everything and gets what he deserves. I hope Jr fights him tooth and nail and gets everything he deserves, because as far as im concerned, Jr’s designs is what put OCC on the map, Sr couldnt design anything like Jr has.

  • JAK

    Lets face it Sr. , Jr. , and Mikey have there issues. But the boys would not have been anything without there dad. Mikey is a loser and always be. Jr. is the biggest a$$ hole I have ever seen, he showed alot of respect to Sr. and the rest of the crew coming in late all the time. If my father built a company like that I would kiss his a$$.

  • Mr. J

    Vinnie, you were the true talent. Too bad you weren’t an a$$hole, you might have made it big!

  • T for Texas

    Watched all the episodes, here come the layoffs and massive shrinkage of OCC, no way to keep that buisness running without the advertisment that came along free with the series. OCC should be called Tanks-n-Fenders-R-Us. Other than some round bar work
    and some mildly modified exhausts, computerized machined parts,they just bolt on all the goodies.

  • JAK

    MR. J , Good point about Vinnie. I forgot about him. I think he was a threat to paul Jr. So they had to get rid of him. If it was not for the discovery channel OCC would not have gone this far

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  • RSki

    Vinnie left on his own. It was the last straw for him when Jr broke a bolt in something & told Vinne to dig it out. The mortgage & overhead on that new building must be huge. They need a huge revenue stream on a regular basis to sustain it. ….no show, bad economy, crummy bikes ….it’s going down the toilet. Jr SHOULD sell his shares to the old man while he can get something for it. In a little while it won’t be worth dog crap!

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  • I Ball

    OCC sucks!!!!!!! The only thing that was good about the show was that painter in the begining……his paint made the bikes!!…….the piece of sh@! Parts catolog snap together bikes! ….no talent co@% suckers!!!!!!

  • TheTRUTHx1000

    Not that I really care but Sr is on drugs or some $h!t! Always wearing shades slurring his speech; dudes a really dysfuncional person notice how he doesn’t talk to any of his siblings Pauly and Mikey are just the latest victims of his life long decent into drugs and alcohol again. Bottom line is bring back Vince and the sons and start something else. Pauly is the real reason for the shows success. Remember how the business was failing until they started using using Jr’s designs, Didn’t see Sr building that widow bike. So he should be entitled to the companies profits.

  • FighterPilot

    Senior looks like the old liver might finally be failing. Mikey is a bum… PERIOD! As for Junior he has never really designed anything except tack on gingerbread. His ego is out of control and his design and brand will die in 6 months when the show goes off the air. His business man act is a total joke. Its kind of embarrassing to watch…. Vinnie was the real deal!

  • Kmon. So what if Paul Sr. was an “ass” to his kids. He is the one who created the iron + bikes business and gave a chance to his sons to do something with their lives, by offering them great jobs. It turned out that Paul Jr. was a guy who took all the credit for what other people like Vinnie did in the shop. I have no idea what you guys talk about him being a bike genius, the guys at local chopper shop in Montreal build way better looking bikes. Mike? Sorry, but I cannot believe how he can accept to sit on his ass and do nothing all day. The old man was right, he got all the chances in the world, while he was working at the OCC shop. Yet, he did not do anything to show his pop he wants to do something with his life. Now he is selling his house and moves where? To a small rented apartment?

    The old man was simply tired to take care of his “dontwannadoanythingbutget paidbigmoney” sons. For crying out loud, his step sons helped him more do chores around his house then his own sons. So what if he yelled? I would yell also to my sons if I would see them shell out like that. Who is going to take care of my business? Vinnie?

    Talking about Vinnie. He did good that he left. It looks like he is taking off well with that Cody kid. They have a website (vforcecustoms.com) and will start a new series show called Throttle Junkies, in few days.

    In conclusion, I don’t think a second Paul Sr. did anything wrong. Anyways, it is too late. With the show cancelled, he will still be a rich guy while the 2 sons will endup 2 lonely bums. They never knew how good they had it while they worked in their dad’s shop and now they see how useless they are.

  • Tom

    Let’s face it. The “true reality” is all families are dysfunctional. It just unfortunate that the Teutul’s demon’s where played out on national television. And now in the end, all that remains is a broken family whose patriarch will die a lonely, bitter, and convoluted man who had the power to rally his family from destruction and did nothing. Paul Jr. will no doubt be successful in his own right. He may never see the fame he once enjoyed on OCC, but his talents will afford him a comfortable life. Mikey on the other hand was a lost soul on the show and will probably continue his soul searching to find out where he fits in. Let’s not forget folks, at the end of the day all we really have is family. That’s the true prize.

  • I watched this show from the very first episode and I am surprised it lasted as long as it did. In the beginning it was fun watching JR and SR fighting. Then Mikey’s fat ass came in and made it a little more funnier. But then they started making money and most of what was fun about the show went away as did Vinnie and then Cody. Come on Paul Sr is pretty much useless when it comes to designing or fabricating anything. Roid Rage? I think so and maybe a little bit of Manic depressiveness? Him yelling at everyone got old in about a minute. I wish all of them luck in their future endeavours and thanks for the memories.

  • sledge

    mikeys a loser a bum a piece of shit that couldnt survive with out the old man, how many people u know that have houses trucks money ect. for not doing a damn thing just breathing. couldnt even make a good maintanance man lazy piece of shit. wasnt funny wasnt pretty wasnt nothing but a loser. jr. shouldve kept his big mouth shu and kept rakeing in the cash,but no he had to keep fighting the old man and running his dick licker. senior is a steroid addicted moron popping the pills on the side with no sense of reailty. vinnie left becuase his boy jr left, take a look at the beaks on these guys in the shop that should give you a clew what thier doing in the restroom all day long while building (fucking up) thier so called choppers.

  • Faith

    I think its sad that a family with so much going for them get swept up in the greed and ego’s only to loose sight of what is most important in life. Heck most of today’s society is based on greed. Your family is so very important. When a person is told they are dying I guarnatee the first thing they are NOT worried about is their big fancy homes or over priced possessions…its their family. I hope that they could make up and realize this before its too late. A father and his sons have a special bond…its sad to see greed coming between them. The last fight they had was really ridiculous..punching holes in doors and throwing chairs! and all the loud hot air coming from all of them. They all looked ignorant! And yet they make sooo much money. Do they really deserve to be paid so much money? Heck the brain surgeon who saved my life only makes 150,000 per year. And she SAVES lives and does so much good. And yet American Chopper makes multi millons! Just like all the celebrities do! What have they done so great to deserve so much wealth? That makes me angry. I think there are other things people should be that angry about. Like our military away from home, hard working people out of work and people losing their homes! Greed caused all of these problems too! Its really sad.

  • C

    What a shame that these two had a falling out. My son used to love these guys. I want to go the the World Headquarters(I live about a half hr or so from there), but it stinks that I can’t get the chance to see all of the men who made this business what it is today. Paul Sr. needs some anger management and the rest of them need some therapy. I always understood why Cody and Vinnie left the show. Too much yelling and not enough productivity.

  • jo

    I see a lot of complaints about Jr. showing up late, have you forgotten how often he was there until after midnight finishing a bike… his dad sure did.
    No matter how you feel about your child’s behavior have the common sense not to disparage them on TV. Sr. still has the poor me’s left over from his addition… I’m sure he never did his 12 steps because he takes no responsibility for anything.
    Jr. Is a talent but never learned how to get along with his dad. I wish Pauly and Mikey well and hope Dad figures out how to get along like a parent.

    I feel bad for all of them.

  • ccryder

    Doe’s anyone really watch this show anymore. I lost interest years ago. Wasn’t even aware they had split. I know 2 guys who actually owned OCC bikes and they were both shit bikes. The duelling Pauls got old fast. Vinnie and Rick were the talents plus that short skinny kid that painted all their parts. The money got to them and ruined the show. So yesterday’s news. I doubt anyone really gives a shit anymore.

  • ripsnortinroy

    Ever see Jr. and Sr. compete? Ever wonder why Sr. couldn’t outdo Jr.? Wonder no more. Sr. was such a joke that even when Jr. and Mikie left, he was still the butt of jokes of his employees.

    Want justice? Here’s justice. Jr. drops all pretense and begins to build bikes again, not in the “quick, get ’em out” fashion that Sr. favored, but in the “let’s take some time and do it right” way Jr. built real, quality bikes. Then, this gets picked up as a new reality show, with no Sr. anywhere to foul anything up

    Oh, BTW, I wonder, did Sr.’s new wife and family have anything to do with his sudden rediscovered distaste for his own flesh and blood? The new hag, uh, wife, and her offspring were featured on the last episode that I watched, with Sr. trying to show them how you build a bike (as if he knew) and suddenly a light came on.

  • jr_is_a_pussy

    Junior is a total loser. He has zero skill and his designs were cool but he’s nothing special. He lacks even the simplest of business skills and is so lazy he couldnt show up on time a single day while every other worker in the shop that his father built from the ground up had to come in on time.

    Remember folks, the show was made of the business Sr. built, Jr didnt even come into the picture until much later on. Jr is a lazy chubby spoiled kid who deserves to have his clock cleaned legally and stop living off of Daddy’s riches

  • JAK

    Amen to jr_is_a_pussy……………….

  • they allllllll need to go on the dr.phil show because they need help , i think paul sr. over reacts and than regets it later when it s too late and poor mikey , i think dr.phil can really reunite this family which needs it bad not to mention that i wouldnt be suprised if the new wife had something to do with it !!.

  • Jack Sparrow

    Sr. was on roids and its obvious his temper and arms are alot smaller since the show started but he has his yoko to cheer him up while Sr loves his dogs more than his own kids so lets take a moment to say way to go POP for not being there for his his family AGAIN. Bottom line is he hates the fact that Jr is getting all the credit and Sr. is feeling left out when it was his money that started this company

  • sooo right jack.thats why he has the new” other guys” to do the work for him, not saying he has no skill , but he’s knows he s getting old and so i just dont get where s he s going with all this mess that s why i think the new “wife” has something to do with it and thinking maybe she wants her sons to get in on the part of the company and knows that jr and mikey might put up a fight !! , i meet mikey and he s a great kid, good manners and all and i beilve the same with jr. i used to live only 30 min s away from where they live only i was futher north of them, got pic s of mikey and i at there old shop.i belive if they ” ALL ” go on the dr.phil show , i belive he can make the father and son s reunite , i also heard that sr, out s the other son as well who was incharge of the raw iron work shop.

  • danny c


  • Phil

    If it wasnt for jnr there would be no american chopper snr needs to grow up he does not need to rubbish his sons on the show surely he must be thinking maybe he is the problem when it seems as if none of his kids talk to him

  • i still say its his new wife that is causing the root behind this mess with sr and jr and mikey., she does have 2 boys of her own and i think she wants them to get in on the occ company.they all need to go on the dr.phil show…………

  • Hahn Shandy

    Ah for Jaysus sake! Snr is acting the twat. If he’s not controlling everything he will throw his bricks out of his pram. (BTW…Wearing sunglasses indoors in annoying)

    He made the business by shouting primarily at Paulie? Mikey brought a happy distraction, and well done to him.

    Snr/Jnr were way too serious???

    In fairness the rest of the crew have and had to take sides with Snr because he is the employer…Sometimes (yeah attack me!) the dictator. Well! in my opinion he is dictating even when he hasn’t a clue…

    I’ve been to the OCC shop 5 years ago and the vibe was good but what i have seen in recent times is Snr keeps saying how great occ has been since he is on his own/paulie and mikey has not been involved yada yada…

    I am Paul Snr and i am great….hmmm???

    Why does he have problems with Danny?

    Paul Snr is as thick as shit and twice as smelly… He needs to get his head out of his ass and realise that his family will always come before his big fat EGO.

    When the camera’s go away, who will be there for the big eejit?? FAMILY ya knob jockey…


    Ps… Please tell me Paul Snr’s EGO doesn’t see him being in the limelight forever?

    BTW…Snr is looking skinny these days… SO he is not so tough then??? lol

  • just think about it,, when did all this stuff happen with paul jr getting canned by his own father, i’ll tell you when [ WHEN THE OLD MAN GOT MARRIED !! ] all you have to do is look at the time line, i think paul sr was just looking for an opportunity to get rid of his son , right !! than you have to say ok he got rid of jr but why get rid of the other 2 sons , the oldest one worked for occ iron works , but rarely ever seen him on the show, so what you guys think about that , still say its sr new wife behind the whole thing…..

  • christyk30

    The show was totally getting sucky because Jr and Mikey wasn’t in the shop anymore. Sr. is just a total ass. My dad has never done any of his kids like that asshole is doing. A dad is by his kids no matter what. For vinnie him and cody have their own shop building motorcycles and choppers. The big loser to all of this is Sr. a big asshole. I guess when he gets where he can’t wipe his ass his kids won’t be there cause the ass he been.

  • Finny

    Look im so done with Sr. he is a big asshole,the town hates him,his family hates him,what does that tell you.let him rin one of his cheaply made choppers into a tree and be done with him.Kiss my ass Sr.

  • Tommy Tunes

    He needs to get his head out of his ass and realise that his family will always come before his big fat EGO.Just seeing him with that smurk on his face,makes me wanna slap the shit out of him.hate him.

  • eric

    The OCC name is Sr.’s baby. Period. Yes, he was rough to the guys and has a bad temper, but Jr. didn’t show his father one solitary ounce of respect. I work with/for my father, and if I ever even *considered* talking to him the way Jr talks to Sr, it would be LIGHTS OUT for me.

    On the subject of their bikes, not sure who the bonehead was that commented on old school choppers looking “old”…umm yea, that’s the whole point, genius. That would be “Steph” . You make it readily apparent that you don;t know too much/anything about the chopper world with a comment like that. Bottom line is this – people who go way back in the business and really know their stuff about choppers have been known to refer to the Teutels not as “bike builders”, but as “cake decorators”. Read that in The Horse Magazine. lol

  • sledge

    tru dat. the whole family is disfunctional. the rich get richer the slackers keep on slacking( mikey) mikey is a loser like i said before. he could of had a really good life if he would have been willing to work just a little bit. sweep floors clean toliets ect. hell i woudve cleaned tolites everyday and they wouldve been the cleanest 1s around for the money his old man was giveing him.jr same way running his mouth non stop i wouldve fired him 2.

  • ChopperBoy

    I want to know more about the economics. It seems to me that a large part of the income must come from the TV show. How much? Paul Junior can only survive off the TV money as he is earning nothing and spending plenty. The OCC headquarter must cost a bomb to run and they are only sellling a few bikes per month. I’m not surprized that they have a poor reputation for the quality of their bikes and I am suprized that Ducati would give them a dealership. These are delicate bikes that need delicate maintenance and I don’t see anyone there that would be up to it.

  • Been watchin this crazy lot in New Zealand for a few years now . But its not what it used to
    be. Time to move on. Lets see what Vinnies up to.

  • i said once and said it twice , it will do them very good to go on the dr.phil show ,i really belive that he can help them but whatever !! its there life , i have nt seen that hillbilly guy on the show when last seen before going off the air , i wonder if he got the boot, i used to admire paul sr but now -forget it !! – and i used to live near them.they used to put out some great looking bikes man back in the day . yeah paul jr did show up to work late and that was bad so he did give the old man a slap but than the old man slapped back ! but they are off the wall, paul jr gets royalties i belive from protects they sell onlive and a store , shirts , etc… truly a shame what happen to them …………

  • DarrenMelbAus

    Have been watching the show here in Australia and think it’s time that Jnr, Vinnie, Rick and anyone else who’s been shafted from OCC get together and do their own show. Even bring in Mikey for comic relief. God knows he could do with some support and friendship.
    Who gives a rats tanned funnel about Snr. The ego driven wannabe knew he wasn’t half the builder as Jnr and thought that intimidation was a way of hiding it and compensating for his lack of being in touch with what’s current in motorbikes.
    Jnr built that show and was the one with the creative ideas.
    Start your own show guys and rub Snr’s face in it. I’d watch that.

  • Randy

    wannabe’s, no talent, wannabe yuppie f#$%s!

  • kuki! airani

    Wat happen to blood is thicker than water? im a kiwi from down under New zealand.love your show been watchn it since 2005.snr needs to realise that his two boys is what makes the show popular around the world .with all the amount of pressure jnr has been gettingwithout any hickups always pull thre with satisfaction and appreciation.snr needs to look at it and consider mending old wounds and reunite the tutils.(fresh,start)!

  • alleninarizona

    I bought parts from them and they were absolute junk. The custom oil tank brackets broke after only one week and the chain ground a hole in the bottom, causing all the oil to wash over the rear tire, I dumped and slid down the asphalt a long, long way. I also bought a headlight bracket and it broke. At night! The chrome plating is cheap and the parts are inferior. I paid four hundred bucks for pure junk and now I appreciate the stock Harley parts. The show was not even the least bit informative as far as the do it yourself motorcycle builder goes. The parts are a waste!


  • wow that stinks man 4 hbucks !!! while guys from what i heard is that tlc is picking the show back up, now the other thing is that i belive that paul sr gets paid 70.000 per episode , i dont know about mikey and paul jr. but just to let you know the show has been picked up again , i just hope its about building bikes and not soap oprea……….

  • colinA

    well, if they are going to be paid enormous sums of money, like 70k per episode for snr, then all i know that these guys are sitting on a fat load of cash and i cant see them ever being bankrupt. now it makes sense why snr, paid for loads of the bikes when on auction, the “it s about giving back” talk he just loves, coz he can afford to throw the money away.
    i cant stand seeing snr indoors with his shades on.just frigging bad manners, and no respect for his audience. he has been dry for 25 years, well thats good, but all the sob stories he spews and his goons stand around him in the shops saying oooh yes and aaah, yes and uuuurgh, it makes me sick.
    i am sure that vinnie and vforce could be better to watch.
    its just become a sad show.
    i like jnr as he had some talent and he could work late if need be in the business, he was a shareholder. but snr treated him like a pure apprentice.
    good luck to them all. especially paul jnr and mikey, who doesn’t have a bad bone in his body,he goofs around as he hasn’t been given any direction in life, and isn’t the metal worker that snr wants him to be.
    the guy i feel real sorry for is rick.no where to go, and he has to put up with the old gits comments.

  • tito rose

    Like I be saying rednecks, let da black folk run dat bizness

  • tito rosey

    We gonna take over dis country anyways hahahaha!

  • bth

    Sr. wasn’t there when the kid’s were growing up. If it wasn’t for Jr. he wouldn’t have the palace he parks all his trophy car’s in and whatever collectibles.
    What a lifestyle Jr. and the crew have given him. Sr. is a Meat head and deserves to lose his fortress. What an idiot going after Paul Jr. big deal he was late some mornings he probably worked late to meet the deadline and he did a great presentation where Meat head Sr.
    would have choked.
    I wish Paul Jr best of luck winning the court battle and opening a new shop!
    I did have a friend that bought a bike from them and the engine went south and the wouldn’t warranty it Now that is a bummer.
    For Mike start eating salads and exercise and drink LOT’S water you are one spoiled rotten baby go cook hamburgers at Burger King you would have talent in that area.
    As far as Vinnie and Rick are concerned Great Talent. I wish you the best!!

  • bth

    I forgot a few more things Sr. You are a true loud mouth Dumb-Ass you caused more chaos than anyone within your organization look where it got you. Hey that is great you raised money for others but you lost by stepping on everyone you employed.
    Sr. you should have left well enough alone everyone that worked for you had more talent that you had.
    You might have had an idea (IDEER) but Jr. had the vision along with Rick and Vinnie.
    Rick had the Old School Style While Jr. and Vinnie had the futuristic style.
    Mike was the Joke (clown) everyone has to have a nut running around.
    Mike slept on the clock while everyone worked and you would cut out to the gym.
    It would be nice to see Jr. open up a shop with Vinnie and Rick and the rest of the employee’s That would be Sweet!!!!
    I hope Mikey makes it to Head fry cook

  • boscue t benway

    These guys are a bunch of no talents . They should all be arrested for impersonating custom motorcycle builders. Excuse me , those ugly, gross, huge frames and clone motors are the joke of the after market industry . America is a great place , where else on the planet could these no talents sell that junk . Never under estimate the taste of the American public . Take away there cutting torches, body grinders , cresent wrenches and big hammers and they would be even more lost . Fighting among themselves, come on take at good look at these nitwits , sr looks like an old dazed and confused walrus .
    And they have made millions , only in the USA Rember , shiney things sell to people with dull minds.

  • well i like to see you build a chopper there hot – shot , knocking our country , meaning usa . oh buy the way you never did say where your from !!!!!………..so much for being proud huh…………..

  • ChopperBoy

    I just watched Paul senior feed his dog a steak off a fork in a restaurant. Who is the most gross Paul or the dog? Aren’t there health codes in Orange County which would deny feeding of pets inside a restaurant? How craven are Paul’s merry men? Who is the most stupid me for watching the show or Discovery for filming it?

  • Tico

    So read the article and read the more recent comments. From a business perspective, it looks like Sr is trying to get the shares so he could sell the business. Betting that he is hurting really badly now. Wouldn’t be surprised when OCC is sold for the brand to like Harley Davidson or something. I can guarantee that the choppers will become an assembly line make like cars and Rick will be going with Vinnie anyway.

    The sad part is that their family is in such dismay now. It may be recoverable, however, it will not be the same. If Sr doesn’t work it out, I think he is going to end up living a long and lonely life as he will have pushed everyone who really cares about him away. You know what they say… “Only the good die young.”

    As for a spin-off, it would be nice to see one that is about bike building. Something with a educational value. However, they should be picked up by the Speed Network for it.

  • ChopperBoy

    I support Tic0’s theory that Senior would like to sell the business but I would be surprised if he could find a buyer. His factory/showroom is oversized by a factor of 100 in my opinion. As for mass marketing OCC choppers at $150, 000.00 a pop? I think they would be over-priced crap! And because these bikes have never been properly tested or developed except for senior bowling down the road and saying in quite a mock genuine tone that this the best bike they every built, the after-sale care would be a nightmare. As for the diesel bike – is there anything they wouldn’t build, just for the sake of the show? I’m afraid I watch this show now the same way as I would watch a road accident – it is really sick thing to do but I can’t take my eyes away.

  • david631

    it’s a damn shame. I missed the 09′ season so I’m just seeing what’s going on w/OCC. Sr. is way out there. since the split up he has given no credit to the bike building skills of his son, Paul jr.. for the people out there that have never worked on a bike let alone design and build one let me tell you Jr. has skills. he’s a relatively newcomer to bike building but, he took to it like he’s been doing it for years. I give paul jr. major props for his achievements. I think that’s where the problems started. it’s obvious Sr. is no match for Jr. when it comes to design and patience in building a bike. Paul Sr. is one of the few people that slipped through the cracks and made (his iron works co.) enough money to do the bike thing. he should be praising his son because w/o him there would not be an OCC. I don’t know what Jr. is doing today but, I wish he would start his own custom bike building shop. he’s got a natural talent that as yet has’nt been completely seen. as for Sr.. you could at least give Paul jr. some of the credit for making OCC a success.

  • Tampaslice

    Well they’ve lived the typical American Dream rags to riches story. Come out of the sewer, make millions, spend more millions, and have the family all go back to the sewer again.

  • tbonenf911

    its a shame with all the talent that jr has , he has to go to coustom bbq grills .

  • hummingbird

    ok im a chip foose fan! But i do watch american choppers. i think if the show would put more energy to putting detail to their creations than the show could really go far. some of their choppers were telling. so come on pimp those choppers Sr. and congrats on the wife. don’t pump yourself with harmonial crap. take care of your sons but don’t continue to run your life around them, it won’t work out with the new wife(who needs the spot light). new family member, new balance. you did the right thing by pushing the kids out of the nest, but don’t kick them out completely of your life. you try and thats what counts. remember what makes a parent is giving without receiving. yet sr. you have received, with mikey and the tube socks, apple pies and helicopter rides. :=) i think mikey needs culinary school. paul has earned his stock and i don’t see a real legal battle, unless hot air and money takes peoples rights away on things they’ve earned. father and son need to fight in a ring with gloves and get it all out.

  • Capt. Obvious

    Collyer, get a clue. OCC is a full functioning machine shop that cuts the frames, rims and does just about every facet of creating bikes. While that has come in more recent years, they’ve designed since season 1. Did you watch 1 episode or something?

    I look forward to Senior vs. Junior coming this fall, maybe it will be back to designing bikes and not constant arguing. And hopefully it will get to a point where Jr. puts his megalomaniac father out of business. Arrogant PoS.

  • tbonenf911

    i said it once and i’ll say it again its his new wife behind all of this .

  • Jackie

    Can’t believe this is going to court, it’s true you just shouldn’t mix family and business too! Well
    Someone couldn’t just be the bigger person and just keep the family together, you must wonder how much the new wife influenced sr. But do you notice most of thos family reality show on TLC seem to end. Ina family blow out. Occ choppers. Jon and Kate. And now the little family seem to be on the verge of a divorce? How tradgic. Is all the money really worth it?

  • A bit late reading all this but the father has serious personality problems. No doubt he’s on steroids.

  • J. Gordon Bengtson

    Paul came to the hard realization that his sons were taking unfair advantage of this family business. Paul Jr. has great talent and capacity to produce but those complaints of Paul Sr. of Paul Jr.s behavior are very well founded. Releasing Paul Jr. from the company was a very unfortunate but just as much needed. The attitude of Paul Jr. was the most degrading portion of his performance at the facility that also rubbed off onto viable employees.

    As far as Mikey goes, what a waste of a human being! His apperarnce tells it all. Mikey needs to be totally and absolutely removed from the business in each and every aspect. Is time for him to get on with life and leave this free ride. Mikey offers absolutely nothing positive to the business or the people there in. He should have been removed years ago.

    Paul Sr. needs help in his management style but over all he does quite well. He builds a quality bike and meets deadlines as well as customer expectations which generally are exceeded in quality and value. Paul Jr. did help in this but over all he took the company down with his attitude and demeanor, it is a positive move for the company to have removed him from the business. Mike needs to find other occupation totally disassociated and indepent with the family business.

    Gordon Bengtson

  • moit

    Just like the Roman empire, things will come to an end. And Sr. will find out he has more mouth than talent! He’s a poor businessman, a mediocre bike builder, and totally lacks parenting skills. Just remember he has more kids that wont talk to him either.

  • Hahn Shandy

    Loved this show in the earlier days…

    Don’t think Sr is on steriods…

    My opinion, Sr, doesnt know or understand communication. He thinks that shouting and flexing muscle will get him what he wants… (Mind you, he only bully’s the family members) If he was to flex muscle at others, i’m sure he would get him come-uppence.

    I’m 5′ 7” but and angry fucker… lol just joking.

    I’m 5′ 7” but never looked at Sr as a general threat (I don’t think he is either)

    I think he misses his early years, a few spliffs, couple of beers, etc…

    If you probe, i’m sure he will tell you he is a proud man, but he is the lion king, and he ain’t gonna give up the top slot.

    Where i come from (Ireland) we would call him a “Thick prick” (Porno people, NO)

    Sr has gotta look at the future, if he want’s a legacy, then get your head outta your ass.

    Remember, your sons will always be your sons, you wife can be your x……

    but your sons will always be your sons….

    Pull the bones out of that….. *Grrrr*

  • Ron

    Just to be clear to those calling it Orange County Choppers. They are N O T choppers, they are customs. A chopper is something made out of an existing motorcycle. In other words…. take a bike off of the road, and modify it. If it’s built from the ground up, it’s a custom.

  • Rabid Clam

    This is allot of hoopla over someone elses personal business. Paul Jr. and Mikey definately deserved to be thrown out of the family business, especially Mikey who is useless as tits on a cow turd. Paul Jr. needs to get a grip on reality and this will happen when he gears up his own business. Then the light will blink on for a change. So far he has had a free ride on his faher’s boot straps. Mikey is just an ignorant loaf of crap and he for sure keeps his apperarance that way.

    Paul Sr. does need some help in dealing with people but that is his only glaring fault other than having raised those two kids that suck him dry, or at least tried to! Am glad Paul Sr. got his act togather enough to clean house.

  • Hahn Shandy

    I agree, there is a lot of hoopla about someone else’s business, but it ain’t personal business. If you make your name and money in the public eye, then the public gets an opinion. If some posters don’t agree, then tough. Opinions, are what they are, just opinions. Paul Sr started the business, but the guy is locked in the past. And that includes the old hard way of dealing with problem’s, screaming and shouting the odd’s when the mood takes him. How often has he bawled like a baby when he had a tooth ache? (pussy) or he wake’s up with a head like a slapped arse?

    I agree Mikey hasn’t added much in the bike building area. But he was good enough to sell shirts with “Mikey for president”. If Mikey is such a fool and if Sr think this, then shame on him for putting him out there… It’s your son for fuck sake. You don’t bring the limelight on your son by saying “He makes me laugh” So what! don’t take the piss…

    Paul Jr in fairness takes the piss with Sr when it comes to timekeeping (and in fairness to all parties, we only know what we were shown. Biased? who knows?)
    But OCC wouldn’t have be known for the creative side if it wasn’t for Paul Jr, Spider bike, fire bike.. etc… Sr may have been good at sales (who knows?) But if you have no-one to build them (early days) who would listen???

    Paul Sr in my opinion should never have to sue his son/s. He is stupid beyond reason.

    I know ppl are divided with this story, but sueing your family and constantly saying on tv that we are better off without paulie etc… For fuck sake Sr, they are you kids. If you gotta say it, say it privately.

    Family sores take a long time to heal, and in a lot of cases just fester…

    Sr’s pride is going to make him a lonely man.

    His bikes, his pride, and his money won’t mourn his passing, and if he is not careful neither will his family…

    End Of Message

  • Matt

    Hey this sucks I lovedthe show and was inspired to start buildin mini choppers and planned to do it profesionaly with actual choppers one day. While sr is an ass ,mikey a dumb ass and jr ( my favorite) a litle well over creative (whitch I loved) they will do nothing great alone but if anyone makes jr and mikey will.

  • john

    @ ron its a custom chopper moron get your facts straight

  • hummingbird

    tbone, i’m in complete agreement. when i heard what was up, i asked what has changed and of course i hear about the new wife. concerned about sr. because i woke up in shock one day when my favorite wrestler strangled his wife and kid and than killed himself with weights stranglation. harmones is a serious, scary thing to mix with pumping iron and i can tell sr pumps iron. so i wouldn’t call him a pussy. its hard to be in the public eye with your family problems, usually the public becomes cruel with their opinions. i didn’t see american choppers just buy parts and assemble, they were actually designing , creating parts to yes, oh yes a chopper. thats right choppers i was told are cruisers built low for those confused between a motorcycle and chopper. i know when i borrowed a motorcycle, the throttle stuck, launched me up a hill, air born into some trees. it was fun though i forgot to ditch the motorcycle when landing. :) you wouldn’t do that with a chopper.

  • Gottago

    If it weren’t for Jr. & Vinnie, Sr. would still be hustling steel at Orange County Iron Works. Sr. doesn’t have the smarts to design the specialized bikes that Jr. designs. He is the poorest excuse for a manager I’ve ever seen. He’s a pompous a-hole whose only “talent” is cursing and screaming at the employees. I’m surprised they lasted as long as they did. Vinnie and Cody seem to be doing well with their V Force Customs. It’s certainly a more peaceful working environment. Vinnie was the glue that held OCC together when Sr. was doing his damnedest to destroy it. It wouldn’t bother me to see OCC go belly up. Maybe then Mikey, the loser and Paul Sr., the bigger loser, could commiserate with each other.

  • TG

    Everything started going down hill after Vinnie left; Vinnie had the Motor skills, JR has the design talent, Mikey was a good time,SR idiot!!

  • TracyV

    Jr. is the only reason why OCC made money, and where they are today. Jr. should of told Sr. to F@&% Off a long time ago. Sr. isn’t even a has been, he’s a never was. Mikey is a waste of air.

  • Matt

    I think sr should blow a dam goat so everyone else can make it in life

  • soi español i veo con bastante frecuencia el realiti de occ i me parece que lo que a hecho pol sr.no lo veo correcto por que la familia es lo primero cuando eres major lo unico que importa es tener a tus hijos i nietos cerca i no estar solo por que el dinero no sirve de nada lo digo por experiencia ami tambien me paso lo mismo con mi padre i yo espero no comportarme asi con mis hijos i perdonar, sobretodo porque la enpresa que hoi tiene tambien se la debe ha sus hijos ,no me olbido de empleados que pusieron su granito de arena pero la major parte de la mente pensadora de occ fue de paul Jr.

  • curlculio

    I can’t believe this old, ugly, hairy fool is still making that stupid show. Now I hear that he fired his own kids from the show, what a joke this guy. What kind of a beast does this? No wonder he was a drug addict and a loser.

  • Susan

    Let me tell you something about recovery from alcohol abuse. If you do not practice a program, at all times, even after 20+years sober, you are called a RID.
    RID= Restless, Irritable and Discontented

    Sr is the poster boy of a RID and…if he is abusing steroids, he has never been clean. He will act the same way he did when he was using.

    Sr has an ego too big for him to work with anyone of caliber and Jr is disrespectful. Jr should have come in on time and shown some respect to his father for setting him up in a situation that not many young men get the chance to have.
    My poor son busts his ass for 12$ an hour and would never mouth off to his boss…ever.
    Poor Mikey is a lost soul. I cannot judge the boy because I think the happy go lucky stuff is an act, mask, to cover the pain that poor boy is in.

    Sr should put his sons before his ego and wallet. Always. You reap what you sow. And sorry but i cannot just blame a woman ie his new wife, on his behavior. I am putting the accountability for that right where it belongs…on Sr’s lap.

  • noyb

    Incredibly sad. My thoughts and prayers to the entire family.

  • Jimmy D.

    I have watched American chopper since day one, great show great family . what happened? Paul senior kicking his kids to the curb,so wrong, Paul Jr. not always on time, but a great designer, and poor Mikey in rehab, what a out right shame, and now Sr. is taking his own son to court for more money $$$$$$$ how much do you really need. Do you realize how many familys would like to be in your position,with all that sucsess and money.. WAKE UP and look at the big picture. finally my heart goes out to Mikey, hang in there buddy it will all work out..

  • Dave D

    my personal opinion is I think that they all needed each other in some way or other? if they stop and think that if they take all this anger for each other and relise that after all the things they have achieved together as a family that once all the fame and fortune has disappeared and the media they are left with each other A FAMILY that should be more important than any amount of money and belongings I am a great believer in we come into this world with family around us and for those that are fortunate we leave with family around us paul sr and paul jr should stop this amnimosity for the sake of the rest of the family I believe that they both played a part in all of this. I wish I could turn the clock back again to be able to spend time putting 13 years of not talking to my dad put right but stubborness can and is a terrible act so come on you guys think!!!!!! is this really worth it for you and the rest of the family?????? Just imagine what you could achieve if you both put your energy into something better rather than this take care guys and all the best for your futures

  • Bob

    watching Paul jr. build the Wendys bike ,the guy has no skills.imagin building a custom bike for tht much money ,macks the battery box to small and steps on the battery to force it into the box

  • Mike F

    One question…nothing major. Why does Sr. always go for the same over all design? They all seem to start off low, from the seat, the gas tanks start off about even with your belt buckle and goes up the backbone so high that after the handlebars are mounted you soon need a backbrace because your trying to see over everything. Almost every bike has an obstructed view. Sr. wants those bike to all look the same overall. Damn bikes are about 3 feet wide because of the belt drive, can’t see where your going, the front ends are too thin with barely a wheel. The bikes Sr. builds are way unbalanced as far as looks. Theme bikes, just build some badass bikes and forget theme shit!

  • Steve W

    ” Go Paul JR.”

  • Sr, is just an asshole! ’nuff said!

  • bluesjunke

    Paul Sr., is a no-talent douchebag and I’ll watch it just to see how fukked up his designs are. The only bikes he’s ever designed/built are nasty-azz, “old school” pieces of crap. Paulie Jr. is the real talent in the family.

  • m dodge

    The real tragedy Sr. is missing out on the Grandkids. There is nothing in the world worth loosing contact with the Grandkids. They are worth all the money in the world.

  • Hahn Shandy

    @Dave D

    Don’t forget Sr hasn’t spoken to mikey and paul jr’s older brother Danny for many years.

    I think Sr has a lot of problems.

    Alpha Male syndrome?

  • fabe

    It was bound to happen Dr is so abusive it’s unreal. Then their is all that money it changes people. But I can’t imagiane anyone putting up with Paul SR’s abuse everyday no matter how much you made. Jr’s designs made OCC and brought in the Corparate clients. Senior has some seriouss Ego issues and might be using steriods the way he just looks for anything to act like the biggest as ever, And this is what his second or third wife since the show began I’m certian she didn’t narry him for Love dumb ass it is your money I mean who would out up with himn without it. He was a drunk when the kids were growing up then this oportunity comes alog a great chance to redem himself and what does he do abuse them daily verbaly, takes all the credit and now sues Jr. I don’t know how Vinnie and Rick could work and produce some quality parts with senior always being an asshole. I think Rick is a great metal worker and Vinnie learned how to run the waterjet and put out some nice pieces. Senior has no clue about the creative process and when Jr would be standing around he was tryiing to picture the bike in it’s finished form anyone who is talented in a trade has to be able to see the finished product before they start, Semior thinks you just pull some parts and bolt them together Jr’s bikes brought in the corperations that gave them their niche in the business. Good luck to Paul Jr counter sue your Dad since he wouldn’t let him see the books Senior must have somethings to hide and it will bite him in the ass in court and he’ll endup oweing Jr watch and see. aqnyways it’s the end of thier success. and their wil be a really nice building up for sale soon.

  • Rich G

    It’s really sad to see a family torn apart by fame and money, but if not for Paul Sr.’s talent as a builder and metal worker none of this would have come to be. Paul Sr. has delt with his demons in his own manor as some of the rest of us have. If people have been whatching the show Paul Jr. is a slacker, not showing up for work and when there’s a problem blame it on some one else. Mick I hope he get’s his life in order and can find his self, he has talent but it does not have a direction. People reading this will say I’m pro senior and your right Paul and I have been down many of the same roads with demonds and family and dealing with kids that think that they are entitled to everything with out the hard work requiered. Some of the people out there have called Sr. a poor bike builder and mediocre at best with poor parenting skills. Give me a break! Paul is a good man and some one I’m proud to say I know as a friend. Best of luck my friend RGG.

  • Hahn Shandy

    @Rich G

    I think you summed it up when you said, “Paul is a good man and someone I’m proud to say I know as a friend”

    That is a totally Biased statement!

    Dude, you have to look at it from an outsiders view.

    I don’t know Paul Sr personally and i do understand that what we see on T.V. is edited.

    But saying he is better off without Mikey and Paul Jr on T.V. shows the real alpha male he is. He constantly knocks his sons (Danny included)
    Paul Sr built a few bikes (nothing special) but the bikes that got people excited were built by Jr, vinne, rick etc…
    BTW, paul jr is no saint (lateness etc…) Mikey (slacking off) nothing a good wage cut wouldn’t fix.
    My opinion, Paul Sr is wrong.

    As i said before:
    His bikes, his pride, and his money won’t mourn his passing, and if he is not careful neither will his family…

  • I guess it’s a damn shame that Sr. wasn’t filming way back in the day when he first started building bikes because I’m sure that from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., he was steady working….no slacking off. I’m sure every last minute—-he was steady moving huh? Back then before the flow jet, pipe benders and welding machines, I’ll bet Sr. was working non stop at a break neck pace. His sons and employees have probably built 50 times the amount of bikes as Sr. They have it down to almost second nature. Working at 100 mph isn’t necessary. Put Sr. and Jr. in a competition one on one, same exact tools and materials. Sr. can’t hang with Jr. However, Sr. is real good at riding the bikes onto a stage for unveilings and struting around like HE built it.

  • Hahn Shandy

    @Mike Furlow


  • Anyone out there ever notice that when anyone in the shop is working and maybe walks off either to get a part or use another machine and Sr. happens to witness that person walking back to their project and Sr. will just go off on that worker for not working-fabricating? BUT, it’s perfectly okay to get into a half hour yelling match. Hey Sr.,how much fabricating was NOT done because of YOUR hissy fits? Sr. is yelling most of the time without knowing what the hell is going on!
    I remember Sr. flipping out for finding drinking cups on the work tables, about to give Vinnie time off because that was his new responsibility, making everyone stop and begin cleaning, sweeping etc…. Tell me, I don’t think that falls into the fabricating column.

  • Hahn Shandy

    @Mike F.

    Now your sucking diesel (right on)

    Dude, Well Said M8.

  • david631

    what ashame. sr. and jr. really need to straighten this thing out. mikey can stay in rehab. mascots have 4 legs not 2. jr. is so talented it’s not funny. he’s been building bikes for what 8 or 9 yrs. look at what he’s done. I’m not into the raked out look but, I like quality and craftmenship. less than 10 yrs. building bikes, jr. is good. of course it could’nt hurt if he improved his work ethic. that would include some respect for his father also. I worked for my dad for years. I had to be at work at 7:30. if I was late he was gone. I was also told not to go looking for him. ie., you have that day off. what my dad taught me about the trade he was teaching me could not have been learned in a lifetime. sr. needs to step back and rethink a thing or two. lately, I’ve heard him saying jr. and vinnie were not the main contributors in the shop. wow!! those two are the shop. rick deserves credit also. in the beginning there was no cad designs. jr. would visit the clients business, look at what they are about and head back to the shop and start fabbing. you guy’s out there that work on your own scooters know what I’m talking about. jr. is the shit. c’mon sr. and jr. forget about the court room, quit the arguing and go back to what you do best, building bikes.

  • JAK

    Paul senior might not be perfect, but Paul Jr. is the biggest joke. I see that his f**king Jr design business lasted long. Now he is going back to building bikes on his own???? We will see how long that lasts and how many employee’s he can keep with is f**king work ethics. I wouldn’t let that worthless piece of s**t assemble a bicycle from Wal-mart for me!!!!!!

  • karen

    i love paul jr he is the best i also like this father too i love the way the work on the bike they make it cool.

  • colin

    well i reckon that the reason that Paul Jr had a bad work ethic was because he didn’t like having to go to work in the morning and be greeted unceremoniously by Sr.
    As the buck stops with Sr, then its Sr’s fault for making OCC a living hell to work in.
    come on. I doubt that one of us here passing comments would like to work in a place where you knew you would be shat out , just for leaving a cup in the wrong place and for not making the deadline.boo to Sr for always accepting a job and the bike was always just finished in time for the send off.
    i would like to have seen just once a bike finished a week ahead of schedule.

  • jim kelley

    paul sr built business.those kids paul jr and mikey had it made.paul jr would not show up to work on time and mikey needs mental help.
    who would hire them 2 in regular world.
    as for vinnie and others.what would they be if not for paul sr hiring them.vinnie should be ashamed of himself. i remember when paul sr put a new roof on his home.codie too.

    i feel paul sr should act same way .HE IS BOSS .he built thing from nothing.i am sure if anyone said to PAUL SR they did not like what he said, he would come back later and correct it .

    PAUL SR is not perfect but who is.
    no reason to leave or quit.paul jr and mikey i would not hire.coming in late and acting nutty by those 2 would not be welcome around me.

  • Andy

    The OCC name grew very quickly in a short time and became much bigger than Sr. or Jr. Sr. had a business built, Jr. helped take it to another level, but it’s symbiotic. They need eachother to be successful – business wise and family wise. Unfortunately for Mike, the show kind of allowed him to be lazy goof for about 6 years too long. Talk about a guy needing some direction.
    I hate seeing families broken apart for dumb reasons. Sr. and Jr. are more alike than different and won’t be happy until their relationship is redeemed. Pride is a bitch.

  • Walter

    Yeah, Jr. is an ass, but you shouldn’t sue your own son, when all he’s done is had success. It’s not like Jr. is a crackhead or something. Mikey may very well be, but he probably doesn’t have any money anyway. I understand Sr.’s old school, hard-ass mentality, and agree with what he says in many ways, but you can’t take it as far as he has. Both his kids are obviously very sensitive, and as long as they aren’t pissing their lives away, he should act more like a father than a competitor. I know a lot of guys have trouble with that when it comes to their adult sons; i.e. they develop an inferiority complex and feel a constant need to one-up them in everything they do, but that’s a pretty small way to think and feel. Given his age, and beefy appearance, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sr. didn’t have many years left, and once he’s gone, that’s something his kids will carry around with them for the rest of their lives if they never patch things up. They all should be looking at the bigger picture.

  • RG

    JR’s rules. I hope he cleans Sr’s clock.

  • Toddy

    Sr. had a bit of my sympathy until it was revealed that he wanted to buy out Jr. 20% for $0 because the business was worth $0. I’m no financial analyst but even I know that ain’t right.

  • Mike

    Jr: “what’s the company worth?”
    Sr: “zero”
    Jr: “ok well if that’s the case then I’ll buy your 80%”

    Neither is right or wrong. One’s old school one’s new school. Jr might have some problems getting started, but his designs very well may allow him to coast right through it, along with all the publicity he’ll be getting.

  • First of all I wouldn’t be caught dead on one those Holloween death traps they call choppers. Second, Sr hired a scab work force to build his new building ” some iron worker eh”. Third, wtf is this dumb show on TLC? what are kids supoosed to learn from it?

  • Richard

    I think people on here don’t really get the concept. OCC makes custom and stock choppers. Most of those choppers featured on the show are really meant for a show piece to the buyer. These are not what OCC regularly builds ( for all those out there that don’t grasp that) . Next, I’m sure that OCC will do fine without Jr. there; however, that company was made famous off of Jr.s designs. Let’s be fair people. How many episodes featured a buyer coming directly to Sr. and asking him to build the custom chopper? It doesn’t matter if Sr. started the business or not, the level of success for that business and the popularity was based off of Jr.’s designs. Does any of you actually think that OCC would be as widely recognized or had a show created for it if Paul Jr. was never involved? They would be just another custom chopper shop.

  • jim

    FOLKS,THINK FOR ONE MINUTE.COULD ALL THIS BE TOO GET BETTER RATING?like sr against jr now. then vinnie returns, then rick, then mikey etc. you get my drift.they could keep this going for years.

    no show lasts forever,so if your ratings are going down, HEY DO THINGS LIKE THIS..

    i just got feeling we are being hood winked.

    time will tell if i am right……………………

  • Mike

    I think you have it right Jim.

    (that all this is staged to pump up interest in the TV show)

    Was it just a coincidence that Sr rode by Jr’s new shop, then stopped, and Jr just happened to be in the parking lot and the TV crew just happened to have enough people and equiment there to interview them both simultaneously?

    I like the show … but I know a marketing plot when I see it!

  • j ervin

    Paul Sr. you are such a jerk. 4 children and none of them want nothing to do with you! Makes me wonder what kind of a father you ever were. The most important things in the world should be your kids, your values are really twisted. It seems the only people around you, are the people you pay, your YES men, and I use that word men loosly.
    Jason is such a sucka__. Jr. is fortunate he stayed with Sr.

  • Mark S

    OCC was fun to watch no doubt about that. It is getting old now though. Sr. is a lot smaller than he used to be. You can tell he is body has taken a big toll from all of this. Jr. doesn’t have what it takes to make it. He will be begging back at dads wallet soon. His lawsuit doesn’t have a chance. To bad he should have stuck around and tried to make it work. With this economy I don’t see how any of them can last much longer . The bikes arn’t that good of quality. Sr. is rich but not that rich. He owes a fortune on his building.

  • DON C

    I thought sr was in recovery? What step is he working. SEEK HIS WILL JR as you trudge the happy road of happy destiny. GOD bless

  • i missed the show on the 12th been looking for it on the pc. im sure it will air on hulu or spme site soon, so i cant re-ply about the new show im sure Vinny will be back with JR and Cody and Miky will be doing some thing around the shop. taking out the trsh, i read the old man got married, i hope he got a pre-nup if JR gwts the right people behinde him well its all depends on the rateing im sure they have a team of writers.it will be like a soap opra…they will be told where to be and what to say stay toon in its a another reality show SR dose this JR says that, and on and on.. JR will be planing a wedding and at the last minute he will brake off the wedding bexuse she was seeing miking behinde JR back.and JR has been seeing SR wife on the sly i can see it now as the bike shop turns staring the tuttles lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hummingbird

    Anyone believe this court stuff an act? Now its Jr vs Sr. and watch the ratings as everyones curiosity is peeked.

  • b lee

    senoirs a fagget fucking asshole

  • Pat

    I watched the show and Sr. showed his true colors, what father would laugh and make fun of his son pic in the paper, he is so jealous of his sons, no wonder his kids don’t speak to him. So glad Vinnie is on board, maybe Cody, wish Rick would leave also. Dad was a drunk, kids had a terrible life, so did there mother. So happy for Paulie, he was the one that designed the occ lable. Best to the new motorcycle show, When are the guys at occ going to wake up and see where the real future is.

  • pierre

    How about paur Sr taking a drug test on the show (steriods) ?????

  • Cheri

    How is Vinnie and Cody’s V-Force bike business doing ? Why would he get back with Paul Jr if he had his own bike shop? Would the bike shop be more of a partnership then a Paul Jr business?

  • mike

    Sr. is a dead beet! I’m tired of his drama. This whole issues with his kids is directly related to his new wife. It’s all about greed and control! I will no longer watch this show. Get rid of the wife and bring back the kids and maybe I’ll watch it again.

  • Jacqueline

    Paul Sr is and always be an ass. He thinks his crap doesn’t stink but it sure does. Paul Jr used to drawl motorcycles up way before Jason came a long. The fighting between the 2 was crazy and Paul sr was always right when he didn’t even know what was going on in his shop because he was so busy sitting on his ass doing nothing. I wish Paul Jr all the luck in the world and seeing him and Vinnie working together is going to be great!!!! Paul sr always treated Vinnie like he was shit just like his own sons.. Well Jr is going to be on top and he will make it on his own.. I feel it in my gut!! Good Luck Jr and look get your Dad off your mind, he’s an ass and always will be.. Stick with your brother and with Vinnie and things will come your way…. :)

  • David

    I like the show just wish they had alittle cleaner mouth the trash that comes out of their mouths is prettyfowl sometimes. I wish JR. all the best and hope his company does good I hope mikey get his life strait and does well.All I can say to Sr. is you need to get together with all your sons and get on your knees and ask God into your hearts that you and your sons would all love each other and make liars out of everyone that would run you down and make you and your sons look bad.As far as the money it may the root of the problem just remember it,s nice to have but don,t let it run your lives just remember,have your ever seen an armored car following the heasre going to the cemetery.God bless you and all things that come to

  • God Bless

    “Honour thy father and thy mother”

  • sledge

    This is really a sad soap opera, lets get started by saying the old man cares about nobody except himself, Jr is going so far into debt if he doesnt make it he loses everything, and mikeys still one of the biggest losers ever, what happend to his diet and look at the way he dresses and all that nasty facial hair, what a freaking slob. Mike trys to be funny but he doesnt have a sense of humor at all. I would say vinnies bussiness is not around anymore or why would he be working for jr. apparentlly he can even afford a decent set of tires for his old chevy truck that he was driveing on the show talk about bald man it must really be bad for him now, looks like hes packed a few pounds on also , kinda looked like a bum if you asked me. You can probbally expect to see cody comeing in to the picture real soon Im sure he cant find anything to do on his own , doesnt really seem that bright. What about Rick and that red nose thier is somrthing going up in that beak on a daily basis for it to be that red all the time, I would say him and a few of the boys are snorting it up on a regular basis, I doubt the old man cares he is probally doing it with them. personally I think jr an mikey are both losers and hope that they fail the old man got them where they are and they just took advantage of the situation. If that was my old man I would of treated him with a little respect knowing he was paying my bills. Jr couldnt keep his mouth shut and show up for work, and mikey couldnt show up, and when he did he din knothing around the shop, hell hsunday , back to work tomorrow, e couldve at least kept the place clean , talk about 1 lazy bastard. anyway im done for now everybody have a great later Sledge

  • sledge

    everbody have a great sunday, messed up the last couple lines later all sledge

  • chris

    I see everyone harping on SR. but Jr is an arrogant smart ace. He really took advantage of being the son. Both Mikey and him would have been fired at any other place for there short comings. SR. and Jr. both have attitude problems but one knows how to run a successful business. The other has no idea of the commitment it takes and just took it for granted that someone else would step up. He will soon learn the ups and down and the time you have to put in to make it work or he will fail. It could be really good for JR to grow up and to see things from SR. point of view now that he is an owner and that JR. and the employees lively hood rely on it. Sr. understood this. I assume most of the people complaining on here are young or have no real clue about running your own business. If jr. was so special he should have been setting the example for everyone else, but he didn’t he always was late, leaving early not understanding that other see that and it spreads laziness. Then you get less productive work . Finally I think many are underestimating the OCC name and what brand image is. Jr should have tried to work a deal out to be OCC but jr. edition. Just in a different building across town. That could be the natural progression if he wants to ever be as successful as the OCC.

  • chris

    Honestly I don’t understand how Paul Jr. should have a stake in OCC if he is going to try to have a competing business. SR still has the responsibility of all the employees that work for him. I guarantee he loves his sons but is also not going let that spoiled brat bring down the business. And actually who do you think will get the business will SR is gone. Those kids could come back anytime if they wanted, I guarantee you. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is all set up.

  • Another way to make money, Besides Sr and Jr building awsome bikes. I think there a bunch of disfunctionals……………..

  • Rabid Clam

    The latest sows with out Paul Jr. or Mikey is terriffic. There is no circus of yelling, arguing, name calling or all that childish crap. The adults can be adults and build quality bikes as they should without all this bickering and other insanity interjecting into the picture to distract the viewer from enjoying what otherwise could be a great program but isn’t because of Paul Jr. and Mikey.

    Understandably they are the offspring of Paul Sr. and he loves them, but there is a time and place for everything and there simply is not a time and the show is NOT the place for the three to gather in one place to do anything constructive.

    Rabid Coam

  • Tom

    I’ve watched OCC make choppers for years and I must admit that the only original and truly unique things produced by OCC were because of Paul Jr., and he was right when he said OCC would crumble without him because Paul Sr. has liquidated most of the truly talented people he was working with.

    I can’t wait to see what Jr. produces when his dad isn’t degrading him or in general screwing everything up just so he can pretend he’s the real brains behind all these bikes etc. And as for the lawsuit that’s pretty low even for Sr. I know things are rough between the two, but suing your own son over some stock options is just about the least classy thing he could have done.

    And as for the multitude of comments that Paul Jr. is somehow lazy and wasn’t pulling his own at OCC, even Sr. admitted at various points that Jr. had never not completed a bike on time and that he worked 60 hours or more quite a bit of the time. I truly believe if you’re pulling that kind of load with that much stress you should take 60 days off or face a nervous break down.

  • jlem

    There are issues here MIKEY needs to go to school and get passed the elementary school crybaby BULLSHIT. P. Sr. is the boss if there is a start time for everyone and you showup late everyday in the real world your ass get SHIT CANNED plain and simple end of story. Jr did come up with good concepts but would shoot alot of people down and now starting to shine. Im sure alot of this is blown out for TV but im not saying they dont have issue they DO. One of the things that bother me is the father son stuff dont shoot your kid down for doing something he was trained to do by his own father.

  • Thackman

    Paul Sr. does have a big ego, but he should. His company has come a long way. Paul Jr. has a big ego too.( The apple don’t fall far from the tree.) I don’t think that Jr. was the sole talent at OCC and not the mechanic in the bunch. What I’m saying is he needs a lot of help to build bikes … whereas Sr. looks to have everything in house. As for Mikey show up on time and take things a little more serious … it’s you’re life, keep it funny.

  • Rabid Clam

    Paul Sr. has it togather, knows what he wants and works hard to get it using his head. Paul Jr. has terriffic insight and imagination which is what in part helped the company gain such great notoriety. Mieky has not one clue of reality in life. Everything is a big joke, and in the end the joke is him. His appearance is absolute lack of even a single brain cell.

    Paul Jr. needed to get out of dodge, he didn’t go on his own so Paul Sr. made that decision for him and that was a very good m ove. Mikey can’t even make a feeble attempt to do anything of substance for himself or anyone else. Mikey belongs in an istitution, he needs some serious psychological help.

    I don’t dislike Mikey, I just do not give him any chance for a future where he has earned NOTHING for himself, ever. Paul Jr. has a future and he will create that for himself once he gets a grip on life and reality.

    Paul Sr. will continue to do well and grow. So far he gave his children every chance to ‘join the club’ but none did, they only took advantage of a good easy thing. They lost.
    Rightfully so.

    Good luck to Paul Jr., Mikey, go get help from a ‘shrink’. Paul Sr,: Keep on keeping on. You are doing a first rate job and have made all the correct decisions. You gave your sons a chance, they blew it and you did nothing to cause that. They did that on their own. Now they pay the price. They are emancipated and need to get on the road like all the other adults in this world. You did, now it is their turn. No more mom and pop apron strings for them. Good. This will make them stronger, in time. Maybe anyway.


  • Hahn Shandy

    @Rabid_Clam are you drunk?

    “Paul Sr keep on going, you are doing a first rate job?”

    What? Paul sr was a poor father / figure, yet when he dictates in a TV bike show he is doing a first rate job???? get real…

    If snr was the good father he is being portrayed here, then why didn’t he get help for Mike instead of making money with the “mikey for president” tee-shirts???

    Oh sorry! that was snr being the good businessman????

    Snr is a junkie/alcolohic/bully that doesn’t want anyone getting above his BIG ego.

    Snr, can only build OLD school shite, jnr has his discipline issues but he builds better bikes, end of…

    Everytime Mike did anything in the show it was always with a fun punchline…

    Snr was always saying, mike makes me laugh….

    Snr misses the drink/drugs and controlling people.

    The guys that work for him know better than to challenge him (he is paying their wages)

    Jnr (not always right) challenged him and snr didn’t like it. (always threatened)

    Snr is a steel worker and a poor bike builder, junior is a bike builder, mikey needs some

    help with direction.

    Snr/Jnr/Mikey have to understand that if you make your money/fame in the public eye the you gotta have a thick skin….

  • wcc fan

    I wish they would just go away! The best bike to come out of there was the 911 bike. After that it was down hill drama.

  • mike

    PAUL sr. and PAUL jr. need to get a grip on their lives and seek help go to a head shrink and talk about whats realy bothering both of you about each other this isnt a JOKE !!!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT BEFORE IT IS TO LATE !!!!

  • Hay senior, I’m your age. Living and rasing kids is a tough deal. I could have never been in a business with my father. I think you did great, not always with your kids growing up, but what family is perfect? I’m sure they made a lot more money with you, and got to know you better than working as welders. Both father and son have a great talent.
    A retired biker, best to senior and jr. in the future, Brad

  • Clayboss

    Sr. Sucks, wouldn’t buy a T-shirt rag from him, every one else in the shop is talented. Also have watched from 2003. Jr. While late sometimes, he took the old ass from the stone ages to some very creative machines. Sure they sold out long ago to Corporate dollars, I’ll say it again Sr. Is an unfit father and human being.

  • Mike B

    From the first episode of Sr vs. Jr the old man has been spewing crap. He has no talent, class or intelligence. Listen to him speak and it doesn’t take a minute to figure out he’s an idiot. Figger out is not a word it’s figure. He’s a burned out, alcoholic who was riding Jrs tail. If it was the other way around where was OCC before Jrs bikes came to be.

    He has done nothing but bad mouth Jr. and hopes he fails. What kind of father would wish that on his own son. He’s managed to build a brand new building, a massive house, a car collection and when he offered to buy Jr out had the business appraised and it worth nothing. C’mon a frickin idiot could see through that. So besides being an over steroided, horse jawed pumped up drunk he’s a liar and a theif. I would be ashamed to tell people he was my dad.

  • Paul Sr., Paul Jr. and mikey all have bussiness sense. after all the comments con and pro thje family has got it going on.

  • I love the show Keep up the good work. I love seeing the working man make it. All of you deserve it . mikey is a winner he came from good genes. Paul Sr. you have my respect , because you be as real as you can be for the show. Paul Jr. you learned from the best, and put your God giving talent out there.

  • Irisheyes

    My father said if you cannot say anything good, don’t say anything. I can say nothing about Paul Sr. Paul Jr, Mickey and Vinnie will rise again. The staff at OCC should not be putting their mouths on Paul Jr. He helped them all get rich. The creative style left OCC with Paul Jr. Steve is talented and it is too bad he did not leave OCC too. He should. He is a toad for Paul Sr. Maybe Paul Sr started the company but Paul Jr’s artistry is second to none.

  • Joe Strummer

    It is amazing to watch the employees of OCC sit there are trash Paul Jr and Mike and the rest of the outcasts from OCC when in fact they have thier jobs because of Paul Jr. and Vince and even Mikey and in great part due to TLC. If Paul Jr. did not come up with the unique designs back in the beginning Paul Sr. would more then likely still be buildng his old style bikes makng a living. But TLC didn’t get this show going for Sr. to sell his dinosaur bikes, the audience and clients wanted to see something new and unique and those ide-ers as Sr. says, didn’t come from him. So that big shop, his big house, cars and bikes and all the other things he has he did earn and also Jr. contributed to his success. But Sr. well never give anyone else credit for his success and will only trash his sons on national TV and in the media and in the courts and blame him for all the bad things. Sr is so threatened by his own son for a reason, cause he knows Jr. has talent that he never had. So all the employees sit there and trash Paul Jr. while continueing to earn a paycheck from his past work, a class act all the way. That said, Jr. and Mikey should have had thier ass’s fired a long time ago. Coming from a family business and looking back 20 years ago and doing some of the same things, i should have fired my own ass and now realize i was wrong. As many of you know working for a boss there is a start time a break time and a finish time. Mikey, move to California, stay there and have nothing to do with any of them and start a new life. Disfunctional Family Viewing.
    So lets take a vote, who would like to have Paul Sr. as their father ???? anyone?? Theres a few positions open, anyone??

  • Chris

    Okay I just finished watching the first two episodes of this season. I wish I would have had something better to do tonight I actually searched for a site where I could vote or or something. Paul Sr or Paul Jr.

    Really, Paul SR is the biggest ass I have ever seen I used to like this show but I can not stand watching him suing his own son and for what? Paul Jr was the one that made the show worth watching I don’t care who owns that shop. Sr never respected his kids or any other worker. It seems to me right now that he’s black balling his son trying to make sure he’ll never work in that county again how could anyone ever do something like that to their kid. Unless you make that asshole grow a little compassion for his two sons I’ll never watch this garbage again.

  • Xd

    I used to be a fan, I repeat used to be a fan right now I’d rather sue that Paul Senior for ruining my respect for him. If that were possible.

    Well Paul Junior has my vote when it comes to hoping he gets treated better if I could afford to buy a bike I’d take my work to him he made better bikes hands down his fathers inflated ego is the worst if I could have slapped him in those first two episodes of this season I would have. You don’t treat your kids like he does. Do something about making this show better because it isn’t worth watching now.

  • Donnie

    This show is beginning to really suck. I know you are trying to get ratings and you have to set up different things to spark interest but really the family soap opera is ridiculous. Fathers shouldn’t treat their sons so disrespectfully. I’ve worked in a family owned body shop for years and I am telling you if we would have yelled at our sons like that they would have quit in a heartbeat and I wouldn’t have blamed them one bit. No American business should be run in such an offensive manner period. I know this is just a show and they are reading a script trying to make it appear realistic but quite frankly it is bringing the show down. Those of you thinking SR. is the bomb consider this from a child’s point of view would you honestly work for a father like that.

  • Skippy

    ….I went through the exact same thing with my dad but in an unrelated business.

    Verbally and physically abused all my life,forced to work for him.

    Tired of being treated like crap for being the inspiration and design, I quit-but having held back the best ideas.

    I started my own company,got all the good people who were tired of the dick,and within one year dad was out of business.

    Been 10 years since I’ve even seen/spoken to the a$$hole.

    I hear he’s living in some old motorhome,and I don’t care.

  • Teresa

    Paul sr. You are an ass, you cant say anything without it being insulting. You think everyone agrees with you? Think again ,,, The only ones agreeing with you are the people your paying wages too. If there is something you dont like about your kidsBLAME YOURSELF! You Raised Them!!! luckily they dont act like you do. Go Paul Jr. The fans are on your side

  • colin

    @skippy. i think you have written the best comment here.
    i hear you and you did good.
    i wish paul jr. all the best. and mikey and vinnie.
    paul sr. wont end up in a caravan, he is being paid 70k per episode and if you think of the hundred odd plus episodes , he must have made loads of money.
    any way all the best to the non ass creepers

  • Bubba

    Paul Sr., you should be wishing your son Paul Jr. success.

    Paul Sr., grow-up

  • km

    Sr destroyed his family at least twice…I could never imagine talking about my sons as he did last night. Money is everything to him and family means nothing!

  • GM

    Their phony differences made the show a success…it’s TV give me brake.
    The old veteran made the business and Jr. made it work.
    But I’m sorry to say their bikes suck with all the shit placed on them, the bikes looked like
    a billboard.
    Well, if this battle is real or not, I liked the show it passes time for my sorry-ass retirement.
    From Long Island, NY, take time out…get on a real chopper and ride the roads throughout the USA.

  • Del

    All I can say is..
    A) When this show first came out…If Paul Jr was in a diffrent shop from his father…who would have the show right now?
    B) You really believe that Jr was taking atvantage of Sr? The man that every time ya seen him he was lounging kicked back in his chair..waiting like a pit bull to strike at anything he seen his son doing..any excuse. He owns 20% of the company…he may come in late..but he got more done than his father.
    C) The lawsuit is real. Its no wonder none of his kids will talk to him.
    D) Sr stated on camers refering to Jr “If it was so bad here for 20 yrs why did ya stay?” Maybe it was out of respect to you. he was there when your other kids bailed.
    E) Sr slammin Jr for making bikes..cause its easy…..well yeah ya dumb ass….he made you rich by designing bikes.
    F) What kinda man makes fun of and degrades his own kids on tv every chance he gets..oo cameras on need to talk shit about my sons….when your wife leaves you ..and she will and you have noone in the room while your on your death bed…maybe ..just maybe you’ll see how wrong you are.

    I could go on and on…Ive watched this show since the being and watched how Paul Sr has turned into this greedy self centered asshole.. I mean look Jr isnt even in the shop anymore and Sr still gets all rilled up about him….oo Im so stress free now….What theres a pic of him in the paper and not me?? lets make fun of my blood on camera …again.
    OCC is failing..look at there cliets now…a frickin window company. lets build a ugly ass bike for the people that make our web site..it might apeer they are busy with customs but really grabbing the bottom of the barrel.
    OCC has become a billboard for advertisement the bikes seem verry generic at best since Jr has left.
    Sr…you need to retire, let Jr take over meanwhile you can goto your ranch bail the hay in your biker garb..take a seat and watch over your miniture donkeys.

  • Jim D.

    Sr. Vs Jr.

    I’m still waiting for the fun to start.

    Watching Paul Jr. put his shop together is pretty boring.

    Watching Paul Sr. pretend to be a craftsman is ridiculous. On top of that, the bikes are no longer growling choppers with some unique flare, but cartoonish, over-designed monstrosities that no one would ride for amusement. And all the while, Paul Sr. spends his time bad-mouthing and putting down Paul Jr.

    This is not very entertaining. I fast forwarded through most of Sr’s stuff to see what Pauly was doing.

    I can’t wait for Paul Jr. to make some bikes and put some heat on Sr. I think Paul Jr. knows how to design great looking bikes and Vinnie can really put them together. OCC has become bloated by it’s own excess, just like its proprietor.

    Hopefully, the action will start soon in Pauly’s shop then we’ll see who knows how to do it better.

  • jimmy

    This is why you dont go into bussiness with family. When something happens in bussiness it affects the family. Sr has to step back and remeber this is your kids,your blood the ones your suppode to take care of not hurt or hit them when they are down. jr is the talent besides rick and mike, vinny was also very good , but i think he got the blunt from sr when jr wasnt around. sr says all the time on the new show my kids need to gorw up, well whos idea is it to blow things up , crash cars, blow up windows with a jet quad not jr. show me one bike the old man designed on his own that could top jr. answer none. love the show but dont like where its going. the fsther is trying to sue a son that makes me sick al over, are you kidding me , get your head out of your butt. what about when sr had his own problems years ago , oh yea big man where were you then for your family, grow up, stop acting like you dont care because you do, spot lite is going to come away from you one day, and then what look back and say look at all the time i wasted, and then what call jr and mike and danny and say i am sorry forgive me, bite me

  • Kevin

    Paul Jr. all the way. Sr. is an ass.

  • Donnie

    I just want to say that people are to quick to say bad things about Mikey he does have a job like it or not he does a right silly job of trying to be funny. I mean he’s trying to be an artist who knows some of those people who like kindergarten art might want to hang his stuff out. He’s comic relief guys he isn’t worthless he’s just under appreciated and heck all you pretty boys out there get a life not everyone is genetically perfect some people do have the fat gene thank god we aren’t all genetically identical life would be boring if that were the case.

  • Sum yung Gai

    To Fabe 8/11/2010

    Wow! engrish much? you syntax good…. yes know? hookt on fonix no rilly werkt to you, huh?

  • Len

    I have watch this show forever and read most of the replays.I agree with most people that sr. behavier is wrongand that jr talent is whats got them where they are.SR best bike was the POW bike and that’s it.,and most of that paint.Now I’m not really into theme bikes but that is what the show is about.I like many in the begining wacth the banter back en forth which sr. as taken it as fur as jr as taken occ and with that said many opionions may differ.But one comment was honer thy Farther nad Mother! Thistwo is a part I see Sr. really is part of the problem.In the begining the show had and still has his mother on it.The show where jr. annouces that he going to marry his girlfriend she looks so unhappy I wounder how this makes her fell.But this might be the way sr. father treated him.Our this could be a lesson for you all Drink have babies become a drunk and you to can have a familly like this.Jr best of luck you have the talent.Mikey you’ll find you way.SR you once said when you die the kids would sell the bike company to the Japeness I’m sure they be glad to pay you what its worth O shame on you

  • Donnie

    when you own your own business you can set you on hours. Like it or not Paul JR shouldn’t have had to listen to his father shouting about coming in late and leaving early a lot of JRs job was creating new bikes he could have planned those new bikes at home and then came into work later to work on those plans with the other employees. Those stupid deadlines are ridiculous and just for this TV show because in real life if you don’t make a deadline the customer merely has to come back for it another day it isn’t going to ruin a sale if they have to come back the next day to receive their merchandice.

  • Lenny T

    WTF, Can’t people just try and get along? They’ve lost me as a fan with this stupid bullshit. Too bad one of them isn’t living with cancer without enough money to get treatment. Wake the “F” up before it’s too late.

  • Bill

    This is why u don’t go in business with family.

  • paul senior needs to let go of the range and give paul jr the opportunity to show off his talent.paul jr has tons of experience but his dad always have to pull rank on the kid.MR Senior give your sons a break they are very good kids.FAMILY FIRST thats what O.C.C means.EVERY ONE AT OCC ARE FAMILY.R.S.V.P

  • CSchlo

    Senior needs to learn life is too short, you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your family. There is NOTHING in life that will ever replace your family. I can feel for what Skippy stated earlier regarding his father, see anyone can be a father, not everyone can be a Dad. Sr. needs to be the adult and lead by example, and learn that one cannot make people do what they don’t want to do. He missed his son’s wedding, that’s something he’ll never get back…

  • I support Sr. 100%, this is just another example of kids being handed a lucrative career, and they are never satisfied.I guess they forgot where they came from. I wish I had a chance like they did. Senior, do what you have to do. They should be lucky that they have a father to enjoy life with and be able to work side by side with. My father passed away when I was 25, and would give up anything just to have one more day with him. Wake up boys before its to late.

  • Good luck Paul Jr.

  • Swe

    Stupid americans!

    I really can not believe what I am reading in this commentary box. There is one or maybe two that is merely asking themselfs the question “maybe this is all a setup?” But the rest of you, well, lets just say it confirms all the prejudices I had about you. Living in a bubble with no feeling what so ever for what´s real and what´s not. Man, a majority of people can´t be this stupid. I simply cannot fathom the magnitude of this lacking sense of reality.

    Ofcourse all this is scripted. The disputes they have doesn´t really exist. The law suit is fake. The only difference is that they are now building two bikes at a time instead of one (as far as numbers is concerned that was just a metaphore).

    God lord.

  • bill

    paul kick sr in ass

  • paynster

    lol family first bs second and just another way to get ratings for them to split so poeple suck it up, if it was true as for the lawsuit well they need to do something like that to get the other tv show snowballing for viewer’s, equals ratings and more bussiness for paul sr and jr to get more customers and discovery needs more ratings for show to keep on the air if it drops in rating it gets dropped there just going to plan B

  • la cubanitamex


  • Donny

    I think paul Jr should mass produce a cheep reliable motorcycle.(PS)I like paul Jr new logo.

  • bill

    well for starters the big problem is the wife and the new kids before they come in the pix
    they where just find now she wants her kids in on that money.you no sr. for as much as your sons has stood by you now your shitting on them thats bad no women or other
    kids is wroth losing your kids you might should be thinking about that becouse you will never love her kids like you do your own

  • brenda

    I’ve been reading a lot of these comments, i also have been watching the show from the start. I really think sr. should stop and think as well about what he is doing, his children should be the most important thing in his life, especially seeing how they too, had to deal with his drug and drinking trouble. All the big heads that he has in the office i believe should get some of the blame as well. they also started putting this stupid crap in sr/’s head. Like a lot of you are saying and i argree jr. made the bikes and that is wht put him on the map, and helpped him with his other boys make his money. Wake up sr., relize how you are damaging youre so called good name……. you are an old over the hell bully/

  • Unbelievable

    Its clear that Sr. is doing something terribly wrong with his kids, how can one father lose all his boys respect. Sr. is an ASS! He thinks that the show is all about him when his son has been on the show from day one, Sr., may have started making bikes on his own, but Jr.’s and Mikie have been a part of the show from the start. Sr., needed a younger wife to make is ego bigger then it already was and anyone knows she’ll take him for more then his kids or wife who went through true HELL with the ASS. Her boys are nothing but leches, but hey look at their mother. Sr. I sure hope the cost fo your family is well worth dieing with out them., Its shows that life is catching up with you, Oh, maybe you should stay off the juice. Paulie, I wish you the best, and HEY I own the new Coleman Stove, I beleive in you and hope you supper sead your father, sorry SR.

  • Erock

    The bikes OCC does now all look the same, all they do is put sponsor’s designs on the wheel or some other lame part of the bike. J Poole isn’t bad but he certainly has contributed nearly as much as Jr. OCC bikes equal BLAND! Go Jr

  • Erock

    Senior must be right, oh yeah that must be why none of his sons or family talk to him anymore. He’s full of sh**. He keeps acting like he doesn’t need them. When he says he doesn’t need them he looks about as truthful and sincere as all the MLB players sitting in front of Congress claiming they have never done steroids. complete bs

  • G.C

    Paul Sr.

    You are a dry drunk!!!
    A horrible parent. I’ve never seen anything like this.
    Your ego is out of control!!!

  • Peter M

    Grow up Fathers are not around forever you spoiled ASSHOLES

  • Peter M

    That is for the Teutul Boys they just want $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I now been there

  • Eileen Greco

    To OCC,

    Each week I could not wait to watch your show, one to see the beautiful bikes you build and the fun in which you had in your shop with your employees and most importantly father and son’s.

    Paul Sr.
    You were blessed with the gift to design and to build bikes, you were also blessed with another gift your children in which you are suppose to nuture and care for no matter what. You are the parent and father figure!, however, you are acting like a child. You need to place your kids first and place your pride second. How many months or years will you have to waste. Your son will be getting married soon, how will you feel when you are not in attendance. How would you feel if you were in your sons shoes…..think about it.

    Paul Jr. and Mikey,
    If I were your mother I would have to say how proud on how you are handling the situation with your father. Paul you will do a great job on your own, no one BOSSING or yelling at you like your father did; even though this may have been for ratings.

    Mikey you keep on trying to get your family together, don’t let your father bully you in bowing down to his insensitive attitude towards you and your brothers. It appears that both you and Paul Jr. understand what family means. Your father has forgotton what family means, he is lost, his ego is bigger and more important than his family based on what I see from T.V.

    Your relationship with your father will mend in due time, however, the way he allows himself and his employees to make fun of his own flesh and blood on TV is so childish. It only shows that he will do anything for ratings even if viewers lose respect for him. I will continue to watch your show to follow your success with your new business including marriage. Keep the faith!!

    Best of luck to both Paul Jr. and Mikey!!

  • they suck

    for all those uninformed idiots on here. paul sr. and paul jr. started the shop 10 years ago. not paul sr. they went in as partners. jr’s new logo sucks. his fiancee sucks. none of the bikes are street legal. if a company asked me to build them a bike i could easily design a bike just like these guys do. you can outsource all the machining. all you need is a rendering. it’s not rocket science. do you know how many welders there are in the world. and welding steel is not hard.

  • they suck

    oh, and can sr. wear a shirt with sleeves once and a while. he’s not a 1%er outlaw biker. show some respect to your clients.

  • they suck

    also, while they probably have lots of reshoots and what not this is not fake. they hate each other. also, paul jr. is being sued b/c his dad gave him 20% of the company for free and was to stupid to stipulate if you leave you have to gift it bake. therefore he is not entitled to the 20% for free which is what he wants. he says it’s worth 0$. basically paul jr. is making bank off doing nothing and sr. hates it. jason pool sucks, sr. sucks. can’t wait to see him sell his building and dozens of cnc and water jet machines b/c he thinks people want to pay 80,000+ for a lame bike when they could get a real bike aka harley

  • bart

    …most people will never know how hard – almost impossible it is to start, build and grow a business from scratch and make it last for over 30 years. There’s no doubt that doing so requires guts, sacrifice and a bit of luck . A unique person with drive, motivation and talent.

    Try it sometime and see how unbelievably hard it is to last even one year…

    Look around and notice even in the show’s beginning how fully equipped the OCC shop was with tools, special machinery, expensive parts and raw materials…the very things that are the core of most any business’ success. And the greatest expense by far.

    Acquiring things like that take a lifetime to accumulate. Look around your personal garage and see if you have even ONE of the industrial tools like those seen in Sr’s shops. Probably not huh? Same here. Why? because most of us just don’t have the balls to risk everything it takes to start out in business nor the money to even dream of trying.

    Think about it…if you DID have all the tools and parts already in place for you to grab any time you need something, you (or even I) could come away with a building a pretty respectable custom made motorcycle.

    To me the show was ALWAYS about Paul Sr and his generosity in bringing his family into an already established empire and letting them share in the use of the facilities he created.

    Sure Jr has motorcycle building talent BUT, where do you think he got much of the background for that? By working in a welding shop that had tools and materials and customers and projects and drawings. A shop with forklifts, cranes, loading docks, welding machines, cutting torches, tool boxes, work tables…the list goes on and on. Oh yeah, and don’t forget, all that was provided by Sr long before Jr helped ‘build the business’.

    To me the show’s entertainment is in admiring how much wealth Sr has generated for so many; how respected he is by other very successful businessmen that appreciate how Sr’s lifetime of experience qualifies him to enjoy technical celebrity status; in seeing how many people Sr employs – do any of you have even one employee? Me neither.

    Jr and Mikey are insignificant, envious, conceited, embarrassingly immature men who had everything given to them but were too arrogant to even recognize the chance of a lifetime to participate within a jewel of an opportunity.

    Of course that’s personally sad, but those two are laughable while Sr and his self built empire is an impressive demonstration of a guy with a business who lives the American Dream…Look in HIS garage folks?

  • Tim Upton

    Paul Sr built the business, Jr and Mikey deserve nothing, because nothing is what they put in the business. OCC is building awesome bikes without Jr. I dont think either one could make it on their own. niether one knows what work is, two spoiled rich kids. Mikey has no talent whatsoever, the only thing funny about him is the fact that he thinks he’s funny and considers himself an artist. without their father, niether Paul or Mikey would have anything. Paul Sr has far more talented fabricators than he had with his son.

  • TommyKnockerz

    I’m sorry, I feel bad about the problems between senior and junior but I believe that they are more alike than either of them will ever admit. I do believe that senior seems happy whenever he talks about his son failing. I don’t care if he IS building a business to compete against senior, he should still want his son to succeed. Personally, I think it’s about time for senior to retire anyway. He talks about junior and his “work ethic” but the only thing he ever said was negative about him coming late, never anything about the fact that he usually stayed later than anyone else. He’d come in 15 minutes late but be there 3 hours later. Is he a great worker?? Maybe not, but I see that OCC has gone through A LOT of employees. There’s only one constant…..SENIOR!!! Who was the real problem?? I know that if my employer screamed at me like that I would knock him on his azz. I just hope the family ends up together because senior seems to be looking a little rough lately. I think he’s having health issues which could be the whole ‘scenario’ with junior and senior….good TV.

  • Harley Ryder

    I Agree with Tim Upton’s comment
    I Just seen the new episode and it seems
    like paul jr is trying to work hard now
    but He didn’t try when He worked for Dad
    All the Old guy wants its respect. He’s
    trying to teach his lazy assed kids You
    Can’t have something for nothing. And
    I can’t believe Vinny Works for JR. He was
    the one left alone all day when Paul jr went
    on his little coke runs.

  • p


  • JAK

    I could not agree anymore with Harley Rider. Jr. is a spoiled little brat. I hoe he sinks faster than a boat anchor.

  • Seems a little odd that Sr called Mikey with a peace offering after winning the legal judgement..hopefully it was a sincere peace offering. Could also be that he wanted Mikey to know he would be the sole owner and was trying to get him back into the O.C.C fold with other former O.C.C people coming back eventually, leaving Jr alone…one more dig at Jr that Sr could then twist his mustache around like an evil genius would with a fiendish laugh…….

    Yea, I know lots of speculation but it’s a thought.

  • colin

    @steve,well thanks for letting us know the outcome.no news here is south africa as to the court case.
    could you elaborate a bit more on this.
    surprised to hear that Jr. lost.

  • ray

    I am closer to Sr age then Jr. I can not believe what a a$$hole Sr has become. I watched the show last night wanting to see more of Mikey and Jr then Sr. Sr is becoming senile, maybe his wife is filling his head with sh*t, he is not happy and looks pretty tatered. Maybe it is just to keep a show going with slipping ratings. I am confused this year, noone can be that much of a a$$hole.

  • Paul Hoad

    Im pissed off…. Im from Dallas Texas.Born and raised.And have worked in a small shop 20 min outside of dallas with my father Phillip Hoad.working on cars.My father is just like paul sr,he feels like he has to show his sons that he is always bigger and badder.but at the end of the day paul jr and Mikey are you sons.I think this fame and money is getting the best of your family.It needs to stop. people do care what happens to your family.I hope sr can get passed whatever may be going on with the cameras and call his sons and tell them that he loves them and he is sorry.but then that would make him feel weak. BUT really that would be the bigger man… your kids need you sr.I hope you work things out. your fan paul Hoad

  • Harley owner Dave

    If my Dad were still alive I would be the happiest person in town. I cherish the thought of what he instilled in me. A respect for what he was and what he had to overcome to get to the pinnicle of life. Paul Jr. is and will continue to be an arrogant, thoroughly spoiled and irretrievably disrespectful P—k. His “design” talent is limited to input from solicitors of the custom bikes, and trial and error input from the more important members of the build team. his “fabrication” abilities are useful to the success of the theme bikes, but without the initial success of the business his father started and brought him into, he would be sucking canal water. If Jr. were to waltz into ANY other business, late, with his designer sunglasses and ever present drink cup in hand he would be a prime candidate for the unemployment line. I have read most of the postings, and many have the idea that Jr. is just a clever bolter on of the miriad custom parts that are now out there. I firmly believe that. Give credit to the employees that get there on time, to Nubby for his paint and graphics, to Vinnie who put up with crap, and take credit away from the ones who suck off the teat of success with out respect for how the milk and honey came their way. Boo and hiss to the producers who fixated on the clashes between Sr. and Jr.for their own corporate greed. Better editing would have spared the viewers the destruction of the family unit, and just MAY have spared that downward spiral. Boo to Mikey for his slovenly appearence and slacker ways. He is old enough to be more than the clown he is on the show. If it’s alcohol, I feel sorry, but has no one on the team ever heard of AA? I taught mechanics for many many years at a local trade show, and NEVER allowed misuse of some of the dangerous machines as portrayed on the show. For example on dozens of occasions I have seen ALL of the regular (parts-bolter-oners) MIG weld while NOT wearing proper eye protection. What a safety issue to send to the many kids out there who may want to get into the profession. I could go on, but I fear it is fruitless. Good bye Jr. and mikey, and good riddance. Learn some respect for your elders, your father, and for an honest DAYS work. Take the silver spoon out of your a-s and grow up. and lastly, that grill you “designed” is a pathetic joke, and your attempts to start your own business bolting on other manufacturers custom parts is the stuff those leech TV producers dream of. You all is being had loser. A real biker dosent need the s–t you shovel to love their sport.

  • Don Peters

    I have watched from the begining. Sr started the shop but Jr built the shop. At some point you have to let your kids be adults and stop being Dad(I tell you it’s not easy, I have 1 Daughter and 1 Son both in their 30’s). It would be hard to come to work every day if you know Dad will always find something to yell about(oh the stress). Sr, you want to do right? Start making 3 lines of bikes 4 models each. One is Mikey, one is Jr and one is Sr designs. The market is there and you wouldn’t have to yell at everyone to do it your way. PARENTS, , , , a bunch of has beens.

  • Hahn Shandy

    Harley owner Dave, get your head out of your arse.

    “If my dad were still alive”? what has that got to do with this?

    So everyone is this world that has a problem with their father should think of Harley owner Dave? Cos Harley owner Dave wishes his dad was still alive so he could appreciate everything. So if some guys dad murders their mother they should still love their dad?

    It’s fair enough having an opinion (don’t we all?) but bawling about your father don’t cut no ice.

    Sr started the business, but he couldn’t design a fart if he ate a truck load of beans and onions…

    sr laughing and shouting at his sons, and refusing to speak to Danny… c’mon?
    sr falls out with three sons makes sr the victim? a pattern forming??? HELLO!

    sr is a bully with a head like stewie griffin…
    Any parent can fight with their sons/daughters but dissing them on T.V. and having a case of Schadenfreude is damn wrong. Who is the parent????

    GET A GRIP!!!

  • Hahn Shandy

    Don Peters,

    A man who knows!

    Thank you Don, Rock on M8…

    \mm/ \mm/

  • rripper

    i just wonder if all this sueing business is real. It seems to me that the Discovery channel may be doing this for ratings.

  • p

    to ripper

  • Mark S

    This whole thing is really starting to get boring.

  • Okay I am just wondering from a bosses point of view how many of you pro Jr. guys would have let your employees come and go as they please and just generally do what they like?Even if you did gift them a little bit of “your” company for $O.00. I mean it seams as if he tried fairly hard to keep him happy, he gave them ridiculous salaries, and even gave up part of his well earned buisness. That to me seems like a position I would give my left nut to have.
    But seriously what would you do to your employee/son if he never respected you,your company,or your rules?

  • And don’t say give him another chance please. He has gotten tons of those.

  • ray

    It was not a employee it was his son. It was not a employee, he was a partner with 20% of the company. He didnt seem to bitch when Sr would say I want this done tonight and they worked late. I have lost alot of respect for Sr this year, he whines like a little bitch. I dont know who his new wife is but I think she stolen his balls. I dont see chopper going another year, and judging from board and ratings ………………. Cant wait to see episode where he rolls past Sr shop with the gieco bike. Now THAT is a piece of art, not that tired sh*t occ is putting out now.

  • Card

    Take away everything …. no realty take away all the material and money what’s left is what is really important. A good pats of who we are come from the interaction with other (Family, Fiends, Enemy). With that in mind who in this case can realty blame the other ! We all became to where we are in life because of the others around us and will continue to do so for the rest of our life.

    But we are the one choosing how to interact …. dude ! choose carefully.

  • Hahn Shandy

    Maxx! what planet are you on?

    Sr gave his son a chance and with that chance jr launced occ.

    sr is living in the past. old school this old school that…

    Sr gifted? jr a piece of the company? before jr’s designs or after????

    Sr then getting the company valued at zero dollars? was funny when jr offered on radio to buy sr’s share 80% for zero… sr again, a muppet…

    Maxx, when you say, “And don’t say give him another chance please. He has gotten tons of those.” I assume you mean Sr??? LOL. BTW, he doesn’t deserve one.

    Maxx! dude! you are craving occ lifestyle “I would give my left nut” crap dude! if you were listening to sr and if he was your dad you would not say that…

    sr is a good businessman no doubt, but he didn’t design anything that made occ.

    He did however, help create T.V’s. top loudmouth, big headed,egotistical, alcohol craving bully boy…

  • Rufas

    More like orange county floppers I’d piss on their bikes, thats all they are good for. Truth be known JR is probably GAY and uses drugs. What a looser. Soon he will run back to daddy. Mikey is not even in this world he is so screwed up. Who cares I dont watch them

  • Hahn Shandy

    rufas you’d be funny if you were honest…

    for someone who doesn’t watch them??? you know a lot…

    rufas, stop drinking paint thinners… LOL

  • Harley owner Dave

    Hahn Shandy has his opinion, but obviously can’t read and comprehend (write back Hahn and I’ll help you with the big words) or he would see that I was saying that JUNIOR should be honoring his father as I do, and not disrespecting him. There WILL come a day when Sr. is gone and JUNIOR will come to realise what ‘ole dad did for him. My respect for what my dad did for me was what I wanted to convey. If Shandy has or had a father (that he was aware of) he might feel the same way. The main point is JUNIOR is just that…JUNIOR With senority comes respect for your elders, and in particular your father. Have a nice day Shandy. Hey I just thought, a “shandy” is where you add ginger ale to a beer…a British ladies drink! Look it up. The discovery channel just keeps raking in the $$$ at the misery of others! American corporate greed at its best.

  • they suck

    first of all jr. went to fab school. if he were intelligent he would have trade marked the occ logo and taken it away from sr. secondly, none of us know if they were given a big advance before the show aired to buy all that equipment. they didnt shoot it and air it right away. anyone who has ever worked for family knows that you get little bonuses about being on time, etc but you also get more crap outside work than others. cody should sue senior(he is) for millions and settle for less. sr is on camera saying, “this is your bike”, but took it away from him. none of us have ever or will ever read anyone’s contracts visa vie the network or occ. all i can tell you is that them bikes are gay. i appreciate welding and paint which is mainly why i watch the show. mikey brought alot of fans to the shop regardless if he makes a product or not. sr. could have fired paulie along time ago but didn’t have the balls. sr. built a steel company not a bike company. and he had partners in both. he’s a megalomanic who can’t do anything w/o someone looking over his shoulder. if he came to my place of business w/o those gay shades and cut off shirts i’d tell him to leave. jr. might be “lazy” but at least he’s not a horrible person.

  • they suck

    oh and you have to earn respect. you don’t get it by being a drug addict, alcoholic neglectful father for more than half of your childs life.

  • Harley owner Dave

    to “suck”: Ya all got part of it right. Jr went to trade school. The “fab” is his favorite word. Probably right about the advance. When you “work” (and on behalf of Jr. I use the term loosely) you have a vested interest in seeing that all aspects of the business are geared to success. Heavy emphasis on ALL. sloughing off time, big houses, expensive “toys”, and a p–s poor work ethic are not what Jr. owes the business (take Sr. out of the picture). Sr. may be a megalomaniac, but Jr. is a card carrying, egotistical, spoiled (by his own AND his fathers hand brat. He is in love with the camera, and plays to it. He says and does just exactly what he has to say to polish his knob (Jr. vs Sr.) Sr comes across as real, even if somewhat neanderthal. (Oh all right, QUITE Neanderthal) Jr has a lot of talent, I’ll give on that, but if not sheltered by a father that put up with his s–t for so long he would have been canned at the second day of showing up late, or taking a two hour “break” with his hotsie for lunch. Cody was supposed to go to school in Florida and come back to OCC. When did it ever say on the show that the bike for him was irrevocably his, and IF it was, he had to have title to license it, so how does Sr. figure in on taking it away. As far as the bikes being gay, I will bow to your expertise. And if I come to your place of business with a muscle shirt and shades and you tell me to leave, I’d head to first the local paper, then the TV station, and the American Civil Liberties office, and finally our attorneys office to file for a piece of your “pie” which I suspect is mostly a lot of stale crumbs anyway. Rock on sweetie

  • DJ

    SWE 8/25/10

    You know you are very insulting calling us stupid Americans. We are all aware this is just scripted, what we are really doing here is trying to say Hello producers this shit is stupid we are about to stop watching because we’re sick of the fighting.

    All of us know we are being taken for a ride here with this reality show and it’s just not funny anymore. As for your prejudice against us you really can’t judge anyone by comments on something like this because it’s not real why do you think we looked for a place to comment about this stuff in the first place. Grow up and stop stereotyping everyone and base your opinions on facts.

  • Hahn Shandy

    Harley owner dave! you really are a top class plonker (idiot)

    Honour thy father? what? Is this religious. Honour my bollox! This is 2010…

    You should only honour (not a word i would use) but someone you respect…

    Big deal that you loved your father, you can’t tell others to respect their father just because you did…

    Yes! their will be a day when Sr is gone and Sr will be sorry that he didn’t get his big ego filled alcolohic head out of his ass before he hit the bucket…

    If Shandy has or had a father he was aware of???? what???

    Junior is junior??? Piss off! everybody is a number… Nobody is better than the rest.

    Anyone can be a father, few can be a dad, AND Sr is not a dad, he is a dictator…

    Harley owner dave: you showed your ignorance when you said:
    ” Hey I just thought, a “shandy” is where you add ginger ale to a beer…a British ladies drink! Look it up. The discovery channel just keeps raking in the $$$ at the misery of others! American corporate greed at its best.”

    #You are retarded!!! A shandy is an alcolohic drink with a mineral (lemonade… etc) top.
    also known as a larger top…

    But to really show your stupid ignorance. Hahn Shandy is a play on Hand Shandy which is a wank… A bird pulling your member (you know what member means in this sentence?)
    She gave me a hand shandy… C’mon! does everyone have a serious name??? Lighten up…

    You sound like an old sad parent that wishes he did better…

    Remember, Sr dissed his kids on TV. That is a no. no.

    Never disrespect family…End of….

  • they suck

    seriously, i would love to see what contracts sr. has been in charge of cementing. i’d much rather have a west coast choppers bike any day of the week. and, i can refuse service to anyone i want for any reason. i wouldn’t send a normal person away, just sr. he wore that crap to a mosque in dubai. give me a break. i mean honestly, what is so cool about a “theme” bike? it’s cool for the company, but it doesn’t bring in any revenue to account for it’s cost. also, what bike put them on the map? the 1st web bike did. as for a chopper,..choppers are meant to lose weight and be just function, like a bobber, but with a long rigid frame. how does adding mig guns to the struts and welding helmets for the headlight achieve this? i can almost guarantee that the producers included in jr’s contract that he had to show up late in order to get a rise out of his dad. and now that he’s gone sr. does is find other things to whine about. as for big houses and toys, sr. built a huge house on alot of land, has an amg mercedes and other toys i don’t know about. i wouldn’t let sr. or jr. build or design me a bike. sr. is a pos. why else would all 3 of his children not speak to him? this is just speculation, but i can see him being on drugs and beating his children so easily. he needs therapy. i hope he loses all his money. and as for the law suit, he wants to buy his 20% for $0.00. since jr. won’t sell something for nothing senior decides he needs 1,500,000.00 from jr. along with the 20%. would you value 1/5 of the company at 500,000? doubt it. he just needs money to pay for his building since orders aren’t coming in anymore.

  • they suck

    by the way harley, if you need help with big words we can start with the word realize. it’s a z, not an s. you sound like someone who would go on the god hates fags tour. piss off.

  • they suck

    its on tlc now by the way

  • You know I’ll be the first to say I don’t think either really builds bike, they decorate them but with that said I like the bikes jr worked on alot better than that stupid mig welder pos but I am talking in a buisness point of view only. At some point in time your son has to be treated like an employee if you want him to have a good work ethic. Everyone keeps sayin “he’s his son this and that” True but he was an overly paid employee while clocked in to sr’s company.
    When it all come down to it even if jr did “super” work (I don’t think so) he would have never have had that option if sr didn’t have that buisness. Do you think someone else that hired him would have allowed his work ethic? No he would be fired. You guys also think it was his bikes that boosted the company, so if he didn’t have his dad and got a job working at a shop somewhere do you think the owner of that shop would of gave him any credit or the sane pay or part of his company??? Nope a regular buisness owner takes your work that boosted his company and doesn’t give you anything except a little raise if your lucky, and most employees are glad they did there job well and are stoked for a raise.

  • Fact of the matter is Sr provided him everthing that made him anyone.
    If it was not for Sr would anyone here even know who in the world is Jr???
    (and to those who switch that question around) maybe, but either way Sr would still have both companies and would still be riding the same bikes he is now

    And yea Mikey is funny to laugh at but if it was not for his father he would be asking for change on the corner somewhere. I understand (not agree) your guys arguments for Jr but I don’t have a clue how anyone can think Mikey is not just a piece of shlt.

  • colin

    the bottom line is that it was the TV show that made them what they are.if the TV show had not come along when they did, they would still be making shit iron horses in some dungeon below sr’s house.
    these guys wont run out of money, not when sr, is getting paid 70k an episode.
    they all got loads of money.
    what they havent got is love for each other.

  • I am not sure how common it is, but it does happen. Even adults are able to completely block traumatic events. In many cases, until that child or adult is put into a similar circumstance, they will never remember. Repressed memories are also able to surface with hypnosis, although there is some argument that the memories are created or placed with an untrained hypnotist.

  • they suck

    70k an episode? i don’t know where you get your facts from, but if that is the case i’d quit. that’s chump change. freakin kate plus 8 gets 250,000 per, and her kids get paid too. did ya’ll know that senior sold the iron works to paulie, and paulie to dan, and then they filed bankruptcy to screw their creditors out of 1.3million. they have been very savvy(that means slick for you people) in setting up llc’s and what not in order to insulate themselves.

  • colin

    well, i read that sr. was getting 700k an episode,cant remember if it was this site or another one similar to this where people can unwind, i thought, 700k and all the squillions for the bikes etc, then sr must be worth, after some 100 episodes a few hundred million.
    well, i dont know, but unless you snorting, its difficult to spend that kind of change.
    and if what you say about selling the iron works to screw people out of 1.3 million then legally they may be clever but morally they are wrong. to do that when you have millions more in your bank accout,they deserve what they getting.. smells of crookery. greed and lust for money is in their hearts. well they got what they want,money, and everything else in their lives is a mess.
    no balance what so ever.
    and what happened in the court case??

  • 2wheeled rider

    What a ride!
    Sr started back when choppers were truly chopped bikes. The family had a little money – Sr built bikes. Good success. His family came along and got involved. Jr got involved and was more interested in expanding into new style bikes. Not bad, and it led to some challenges with Sr. Whatever talent for building bikes jr has, was edited from the show. He was inept and a poor mechanic. His salvation was Vinnie and the talented fabricators that went through the shop. Jr has “vision” but if he could change a tire by himself he rarely showed the ability.
    Sr had a business to run, not just Jr’s specialty bikes. We weren’t privy to the business aspects – but it is Sr who pays the bills. Jr showed as a spoiled rich kid who did what he wanted when he wanted and expected everyone to stand in awe of him – while he harassed them and did little beyond the inception of an idea.
    Poor Mikey seemed to come along as comic relief. the bumbling idiot who got tired before he could empty the trash cans.
    The show and the specialty bikes no doubt forced the growth in the shop. The drama often seemed to be made for tv. Who knows what happened when the cameras shut off.
    How many times did the lackadaisical attitude for time constraints force the late hours? Few business owners would allow anyone to scoff at being at work on time. It isn’t just your job, but everyone that depends on you doing your job so they can do theirs. It seems like the tv drama grew until they couldn’t tell when they were acting or being serious.
    Jr wanted a piece of the pie so he would be motivated to be at work and work while there. Sr gave in. In no time jr was his self again. late and lazy. Sr offered to buy Jr out. Jr made unreasonable demands and every time Sr tried, now this, now that. So Sr sues.
    Sad. Jr the spoiled crybaby is the victim. Of his own misdeeds and attitude.
    The whole family and business suffers.
    In business no work means no pay. Jr has no work ethic.period
    How sad so much drama seemed to draw the crowds.
    As for the split – Jr will do great – IF he can put together a dream team that can do the work he dreams up like his dad provided.
    As for Sr – Pohl can design any bike jr could dream up. He has for a long time. The fabricators / cnc machine operators can build anything Pohl can enter in the computer. Rick can bolt anything that comes out of the machine to the frame.
    The bikes should keep coming – as good, or better than ever~

  • mosin

    i think these guys should make a new start from now

    they know these things that they are doing affecting them only

  • Scott

    I feel that Paul Sr. should find out how much OCC is worth and give Paul Jr. his 20% and be done with all this crap. If it was’nt for all of Paul Jr.s designs on these bike the company may of never grew as big and as quick as it did. So I believe Paul Sr. needs to give in and make peace with the family and just move on. Just hope everything works out for the best if not there are other shows to watch that do bike builds.

  • they suck

    they are being sued for screwing the vendors and creditors for 1.3 and it was sr. who instigated this by selling to jr who in turn sold to dan and transferred all the equipment at below cost to not let the bankruptcy folks get any money. as for the non-compete clause, it became null as decided by both parties when they renegotiated their tlc contracts. i’m looking forward to tomorrows episode. the plain and simple fact is that sr. wants the 20% for 0 dollars and jr. knows it’s worth just a little more than 0. he should sue occ for emotional distress and a scary work environment. he really shouldn’t, but when your dad acts like a baby sometimes you have to be one too.

  • Bill Shortridge

    WOW. I have never heard anyone toot their own horn as much as SR. What a jerk. Paul Sr. should be ashamned of his self and his wife should never stand for such a betrayel of family. Paul Sr. may be a large man, but his heart and responsiblity is as small as they come. I mute the tv when he talks during the show. He makes me sick.

  • Bill Shortridge

    Paul Jr. you have a great attitude for what your going through. Keep up the hard work.

  • roughrider

    I think if it was not for JR that business would have made it very far at all…Yes SR stated it ..But Jr perfected it with his talent and put them on the map

  • they suck

    yes it’s tv and it’s for ratings, etc; however watching tonight and seeing how paulie and mike treat other as opposed to how sr. treats EVERYONE really shows you who you’d rather have a conversation with.

  • colin

    @they suck………so we here have not received the latest shows of this family.so tell us what happened on the latest show.we want to know.

  • ray

    Ok, last night, interesting. The preacher coming in, looked fake. The bikes coming out of OCC look like hell. Look at the latest OCC bikes, and look at Paul Jr Designs Gieco bike. Also Rick left………… Now, Sr did call his sons, and stays on top of what his sons are doing. Three days, so what. Sr looks beat. Proably has some hot young wife. New house, dogs are gone. Turning out cookie cutter bikes, everythings off a shelf now. If Sr reads this I have some advice, then I’m out of here, show now sucks.
    1. They are not competitors they are your sons.
    2. Drop the suit, they will own everything soon enough. If you leave it to your new wife you are a dumb ass.
    3. Your right, everyday is a gift, but you are one unhappy person.
    4. Tell the new wife to shut the hell up. I’m on my third marriage, I know what is up. Enough said.
    5. Nothing more important then your sons. Money, business, new ass, nothing.
    6. Capt Phil had a chance to make amends with his sons, not everyone is that lucky.

  • braeden

    sr dude srsyl grow up your a 60 year old guy who needs to apologize and just get over it

  • Gill

    My husband and I always watch the OCC on TV …we’re extremely disappointed to read that Paul SR and his sons are no longer working together at OCC , it’s been great to see a father and sons getting on so well ( even when they fall out, we can see that they really love each other!! )… we just love watching them create the choppers ,it’s very interesting to watch how they put it all together, all the planning etc – they’re brilliant !, we totally enjoy all their banter and joking around too!…there’s far too much serious stuff happening in the news and it gives some amusement , lifts the heart, especially all the charity events they help out with which is commendable.

  • Rod

    I’ts too bad they don’t remember what made them successful in the first place. I would suggest that the Pauls swallow their egos and work together again by merging the two entities at different locations under the banner ” OCC featuring Jr designs” and go back to building the best rolling works of art on the planet. Watching the train-wreck the show has become since the split..with the Tuetels tearing each other down and ranting like little school-kids has taken the interest most of us viewers had about watching the creation of wicked works of art , and thrown it away to more interesting fare………like the cake boss !!!! C’MON GUYS PULL YER HEADS OUT !!!

  • Robert l

    I cannot stand to watch the show any longer.There is a lot of blame being thrown around.OCC is rapidly loosing its mojo.Paul SR should start wearing sleeved shirts and JR should go back to his old hair style.That is the least of their problems.Good luck guys.

  • Sk8man

    In short, reality shows blow and people have way too much time on their hands to be worrying about this crap. The real bottom line here is that too many folks seem to be all titilated by dysfunctional family dynamics rather than actually DOING positive constructive things with their own lives. This applies to the main participants in the OCC program, the Discovery Channel staff and the OC “fanclub wannabies” alike. There is a lot of real stuff going on in the world like the war in Afganistan, floods, poverty, and our own dysfunctional government that neeeds serious attention. I suspect that many of the aforementioned people will be pulling the lever (if they vote at all) for the same idiots who are currently in power because they have spent all their time watching these moronic reality shows instead of paying attention to the real issues facing us today.

  • ray

    Ok, Mr Sk8man.. Lets see, positive things with my life? Like employing six people who dont have to go on unemployment. Keeping six families afloat. Oh no bikes here. When was the last time you sent a care package to a service member in Afganastan, helped fill sand bags in the midwest, donated food to a food shelter or did something besides trolling blog boards spewing self righteous bs. People have a right to pull the lever for whoever they want. What are the “real issues”. Maybe, the “real issue” is how a family of six can afford health insurance after the father is laid off and making 200 a week on unemployment. Im sorry, Glen Beck, who make 30 million a year says universal health issuarance is wrong. Touts the military but never had the balls to wear a uniform. Glenn is the white Jesse Jackson, getting rich off scare tactics. Oh. by the way, I havent voted for a democrat in 20 years.

  • sk8man


    Guess you missed my point to a degree. I’m not a Glen Beck “wannabe” just someone who is tired of the innane BS connected with this reality show crap. I salute you for being a responsible employer and obviously you weren’t the person my comments were intended to reach. I am a Vietnam era vet so Glen Beck is not MY hero. I had just finished reading a summary of the new tax proposals and laws which basically screw small business as well as the workers especially in the area of health insurance(thanks to this delusional administration) when I posted my note. I’m fed up with the way ppeople are focused open the unimportant minor stuff like the OCC things posted here while we have serious stuff which they ignore and are apathetic about. My commentary was intended to get people’a attention here to and at least THINK about some real issues.


  • irksome

    What I find pitiful is that this is the longest thread I’ve ever seen on this site and it’s a story about a reality show.
    That is effin’ SAD.

  • Robert l

    Thanks to the elitist,sociopathic group that controls just about everything in America,I take a temporary res bid from my position in the so called “hand basket to hell”,to relax and and gain control of my situation by participating in this forum.To suggest that people involved in an OCC discussion do not care about important world issues is absurd.Lighten up folks!

  • they suck

    i think paul sr. idolizes hulk hogan. look at their style.

  • ray

    I think he is just an idiot. Come on, what a ass. His popularity has hit the crapper, we all see the real Sr. As for Jr, he has a new company,wife, going strong. Mikey with the personal assistant, they must pay him too much.

  • sandy cross

    paul sr i have always watched your show but you are acting ugly with jr. you should never want your children to fail and when i watch occ you do nothing but scream. let go of your pride and suck it up help paul jr. he deserves your suppot.and if you don’t your not the father i thought you was

  • Gary

    I can’t believe the jealousy and Hatred Paul Senior Carries.

    I guess screaming at your kids all the time doesn’t work.

    Get help Senior!

  • Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. and Mikey were the show

    Yeah, Paul Sr. started the biz. Pauly Jr. added to it, and Mikey kept us laughing. It’s sad that despite all their success, they still can’t stay together as a family.

    I have one simple fucking question to pose:
    How much money and/or fame does one person need to be satisfied?

    They all had it better together, and they were doing fine. Someone’s ego got in the way- clearly. I don’t know the intimate details of this family, and what goes on when the cameras are off, but I do know this..

    It’s clear to me that most people prefer to work with Junior. All the key players followed him to his new biz, and the ones that stayed all clearly miss him. Sr. is divorced, Jr. has the same gf.. Sr. wants $1.5 mill for Jr.’s $500k worth of stock..

    Wonder what that says about Sr. ^ ^

  • It appeared to me that alot of SR rampages were a result of ROID Rage, have you noticed how much smaller he looks now.
    I know OCC builds bikes for the general consumer. I would like to see that part of the operation once, not just the specialty bikes

  • Gary

    Sr. cannot stand the boys succeeding, That possibly why when the boys out do dad, Sr. puts them down.

  • connatiah

    I went through the same thing with my father. The new drunken wife that wanted it all. What disturbs me the most is that Sr. was cursing Jr. and the rest of them, which he did not have the right to do. Talk about cruelty, you see every time that once drunken, dope head cursed his children they got flash backs from the abuse he most likely did to his ex-wife in front of Mikey and Junior these are the things that people that have never suffered this type of abuse can not feel. It goes to the very core of your soul. Personally, I think that Jr. is a great guy as well as Mikey and Vinny. I don’t think that OCC will have to worry about having great guys working for them anymore. I feel sorry that Sr. greed has out shone his family. Jr., Mikey, and Vinny are well spoken. I only hope that Jr. and his gang win. Jr. and Mikey should counter-abuse. To win that suite all they would have to do is re-show the series. One last time you punk Sr. you can not cover up the abuse of your family by calling them idiots, when you are the only abuser. I personally would of kicked you ass the first time you cursed me. How dare you self centered prick curse your children.

  • bob

    fuck of mike we love paul jr ur just jealous grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr u twat

  • Kevin Lunsford

    WTF…………..Greed…Ego”s….money……. fame……fueds……no thanks,I’ll take family,god,country first and always!!!!!!!can I get an Amen?

  • Bob

    what a bunch of hacks,never seen anybody that does not know how to use equiptment.total bike butchers.hope the go out of bus.

  • Jack

    It’s a tv show. Everything is fake, entertaining yes, but fake.

  • I’ve watched the newer shows a few times and I just shake my head, Paul Sr. is a legend in his own mind…just tooo full of himself… in the end he’s just gonna be another sad story. I can find no other words to describe what I feel about him at this point except ” He’s a total asshole”

  • fabe

    Hey Paul Senior what the hell is an idear? You scream and yell all the time about all your great idears.
    How in the hell can you claim fame for Paul Jr’s ideas when you can’t even say the word you ego maniac, If it wasn’t for all of the theme bikes and the Discovery Channel getting intersested in the quality of all the ?Corporations requesting Theme bikes you wouldn’t have a 1/4 of what you have.
    I’ve never seen a parent mis treat and disrespect a sons achivement more.
    You set a bad example for fathers all around the world.
    Maybe you should get a script for Xanax for your bypolar personality.
    If you were my Dad I would have kick your ass by now I can’t believe it tok this long for you to finally run your son out.
    He has shown tremndous patience putting up with your verbal abuse. And trying oto take all the credit for everything he has done he’s an artist, your just a stell woker and an asshole. Thank God you weren’t around when he was younger you would have really screwed him up. And as for Mickey no wonder he has a substance abuse problem with a Father like you and the example you must have set in his younger years.
    Good luck building your old school same old samold bikes.

  • Jim

    Paul Sr. I have not heard your ex wife , your daughter, or your son Dan say a negitive thing about you or Paul Jr. It must hurt all three deeply to see the public battle you and Paulie are having. End the show and make amends. Family is all that matters in the end.

  • jim heeft helemaal gelijk,er komt een dag dat je het niet meer kunt goed maken.wens micky sterkte en ik hoop iets terug te horen.

  • John

    I have been watching the show since it started. If Paul Sr. claims he has been in recovery for over 30 years then he is working a different 12 step program then the rest of us.
    Paul Sr. is the definition of what we call in AA a “Dry Drunk”. I have been sober for over 18 years and my disease has hurt myself and the people that love me the most.
    What we learn in recovery is that we are responsible for our past and live in the now.
    One Day at a Time.
    What we have in recovery is a “Thinking Disease not a Drinking Disease”. Paul Sr. has a EGO Problem. AA is a spiritual program not a religious program.
    There is a GOD and it sure as hell is not Paul Sr. EGO stands for Easing God Out and GOD stands for Good Orderly Direction.
    I have a feeling that Paul Sr. does not have a sponsor that will suggest to him how to make his life and the people in his life better people.
    Paul Sr. clean up your side of the street and let GOD take care of the rest.
    Mikey sure could use a person in recovery to guide him through what is ahead of him in the future. What better person then his DAD.

  • big d 65

    you people crack me up this is all staged, if you think they hate each other you are cray, the show was going to end and they came up with this show it’s a win win. you still have the money from the show now making money in two shops it’s all about the money and they are all making a lot of it I bet they are sitting around laughing that people actually fell for their and tlc’s scam it will all come out in the end they are richer and probably happier than most families and they are pulling the wool over everyones eyes

  • Kevin South Florida

    After watching this show and loving it, I see How Paul Sr. is getting worse. Paul Jr. has really good ideas for the bikes. Now reading this article its makes me upset to see how Paul Sr. is reacting, and letting fame get in the way. I dont have time to watch the new serious. Its sad that mikey is feeling the affects of all this. I will keep watching the show cause I love bikes, this past year I have fallen in love with bikes so much that my wife tells me to shut up about them, lol I think shes just jealous. Teutuls please get your act together and stop upsetting your fans.

  • ME

    look anyone who know this family knows that sr had the irons works company and SCREWED many people over….he was in an establishement and a gentlman who sr crewed over knocke sr on his A&*…..then this bike company came about and now he found a way to screw his family again….sr. was a druggy and had nothing to do with his kids until they were old enough and lost his wife over it….sr is the pompous a*& and jr is somewhat just like him…..the son that owns the iron works company wanted nothing to do with his family either…..just recently( about 2 yrs ago) did he really want anything to do with sr…..and now is sour again…..what a pathetic father sr was and a looser….about time mikey and jr are on their own….by the way vinny was one of the best and look what he did left occ couple yrs ago….and rick i am surprised he stayed but in this economy i don’t blame him….

  • I have been watching the show from the start. They built the greatest choppers. I think that the three of them should have different area for the company to control. JR build thebikes, SR stay in the office and run the business end and mikey help in all the other ways. they should hire vinnie back as the shopmanager. The company is to important to just let it come crashing down

  • mac

    I think Paul senior needs to look at himself. He is a failure as a parent. Where was he when his kids were growing up and needed a dad. Another deadbeat DAD!!! Paul Jr. had all the good ideas for the bikes that Senior took credit for All he does is yell and tell people off. His son did the designs. He took the credit. When unveiling bikes he acted like he did the work. In reality he did not do anything except yell and cause trouble. He needs to grow up and look at himself in the mirror. He is lucky to have two sons that even wanted to talk to him after his drunken and drugged life.

  • jim

    cant you all see that this fake. you cant run SHOW forever.
    you will see RETURN OF OCC show soon.this is how they keep things going and make big money.

  • tlc man

    Where did the figure of 70 k. an episode come from for SR. ? It is way more than that !!! Also with respect to the family split; JR. became very upset with what SR. said and did to Mikey at a function. It upset the whole family. ( I am sorry I just cant say any more on it than that. Thoes who were there no what I am talking about.)

    Other than that the kids are just trying to strike out on their own as they are not in line with the products at occ. Same reason Vinnie left some time ago. He was blamed in a production error and a customer left a bike in his driveway in neutreal at full throttle — did not go over well with Vinny’s wife. When he told SR. about it he just laughed. That was the start of the end for him at OCC.

    Mike is for sure trying to get past what his Dad did to him. I doubt that will happen. I can’t speak to Danny at all . I have no idea what he is doing. Last I heard he was in on a web site marketing company. The only true anger that SR. holds is JR. won’t carry on with OCC. All the guys from both shops still get together and are friends. to this day.

    One last thing is both Mike and JR. get along very well with SR. step kids. It really is just a strange family and dont we all know of thoes. The TV show just blows it all up for ratings and the guys have learned how to build it all up. They all have agents and they are all coached to get the most of it. Don’t forget there is huge money involved in this series and none of them will have to worry about working ever again and it is really hard to feel sorry for any of them.

  • I don’t know if any would be buyers of O.C.C. bikes look at these blogs but if they do, I suggest they check out last night’s show (9-16-10) if you haven’t seen it and can get a copy. Just look at Sr and listen and decide if this is the kind of idiot you want to spend your money on. If he isn’t an embarrassment to his family and employss, I don’t know who is. What clinched it for me was when the kids who visited his shop asked him if he got along with his sons. Then the idiot Sr went into his usual crap. Sr, why not tell the kid that subject is off limits. Did you score any points with that group, like they give a rat’s ass about how you feel about Jr.
    Then the camers go to Jr’s shop and you see peopel who are passionate about putting out a godo product. Like I said once, let Sr rant and rave and this is the best advertising Jr can ever hope for.
    Oh and as for you Jason, you’re being used, you’re a fill-in.

  • P.S. sorry for the bad spelling. I’ll put on my glasses next time…..

  • they suck

    i did think it was bad that jr was saying, “you’ll see my bikes” to the trade school kids. he did say it was a group effort, but toook 95% of the credit. designers in general do get more credit than manufacturers so maybe it’s in line with how it is supposed to be.

  • they suck

    i guess any idiot can follow instructions and put something together. its the guy who writes the instructions and comes up with the concept (jr) whos the smart one. jr is the architect, sr is the carpenter.

  • Tony N

    JR. good luck, SR. keep doing what your doing, eccept for treating your sons like trash you should be ashamed of yourself. Your family be the bigger man. It’s to bad all you want to do is put your son down. It’s to bad you have let a tv show come between you and your sons. Maybe people should start calling you Mr. Hollywood instead of Paul sr. All you have done since the show has come back on is trash talk jr. when jr. was there you never built anything all you did was scream thats why people left not because they wanted to stay in bed till noon. It’s always someone else’s fault not yours. And jason all he is ,is your yes man he’s a suckass. he’s very good at what he does but he’s not your son and all he does is talk bad about jr. to impress you. And when jr. was around he was always talking smack about you. A good friend huh !! You’ll wish you made amends when your laying on your death bed wanting your sons by your side.

  • Atlantic Paul

    I have watched American Chopper since it’s inception and I have never had any respect for Sr. From the very beginning his attitude has been one of intimidation and bullying. While it is true that he built a successful steel business his motorcycle endeavour was in it’s fledgling stages when Jr started designing the bikes they sold. Had Jr not contributed a great deal of time and creative talent they would not have become the sales force they are now. I am not a great fan on most of their creations but watching the creative process unfold was interesting. What was not as interesting was watching and listening to Sr as he flew off the handle over inconsequential BS (cups on counters?? Give me a break) on an almost weekly basis.
    In the real world Jr would not have lasted as long as he did with his father, but that is one of the perks of working for family: the relaxation of some of the rules. On the other hand Jr DID contribute to most of the shops success with innovative creations that sold for big bucks which put the OCC name on the map, something that Sr’s limited imagination would not have allowed.
    It is disheartening to watch the latest versions of the show and listen to Sr continually badmouth Jr at whatever chance he is able. Sr continually claims to be the driving force behind the company but, without Rick and the rest of the team, he would be back in his basement sucking down beer and ‘designing’ his old school disasters.
    I doubt that Sr’s ego will ever allow him to reconcile with any of his children, which is unfortunate for all of the grandkids because no one deserves to live without grandparents to spoil them.
    We are celebrating Delmarva Bike Week here on the Eastern Shore and I am continually amazed by some of the rolling artworks that I see everyday.

  • Robert l

    Atlantic John hit the nail right on the head.

  • Mory

    The whole show should be cancelled. Sr. is a jerk, Jr. should show up for work on time. Mikey is worthless. A really screwed up family.

  • Mory

    cancell the whole show. The whole family is messed up. All they do is fight.

  • Really hope they can work things out…But renaming the show to Jr. VS. Sr doesn’t help matters any.

  • George P

    An assembly line of complete morons, why would anyone or company associate their name with these losers? Cancel the show and let them go back to their trailer park where they belong!

  • Stupid show

    It’s really amazing how there are so many comments for a bunch of idiots on a tv show. If any of you think that what goes on in this show is real I’ve got a bridge I could sell you. It’s all made up for ratings. Sure they may not get along so well but they’re cashing the checks and laughing all the way to the bank. Yeah Paul sr. Is a bit abrassive in his demeanor but look at what he has to deal with. Jr is a whining little bitch who cries when he doesn’t get his way. It seems like his girlfreind or whatever is running him like a puppet. A dumb blonde with a title of director of operations at his new design co. Did you catch the show where he hotrodded the Coleman grill. she was sitting there watching him like Sr used to. probably because if she didn’t he wouldn’t get anything done. It just proves they can make a show out of anything. I haven’t really watched the show in a few years but I’m not suprised it turned put like this. It’s genius from a tv ratings perspective. Drama = ratings = big $! Now they can get a minimum of 3 more seasons out of it now.

  • chris chamberlain

    Maybe i have missed something coming from the otherside of the world U.K but who would buy a bike from this bunch of misfits the old man is so full of his own importance amazing pathetic and all this time they are assembling very expensive bikes with alot of hammers and the welding now that is a joke All the old man talks about now is Paul jr slags him off every chance but this is what they call T.V most people would call it pathetic ramblings of a fool who is loseing the fight

  • david moody

    i cant believe u asses think paul jr or vinnie had anything to do with paul sr making it big…..jr laid out half the time andwas late most the time from lunch….thats why his lil asss isnt with dad any longer…..mikey on the other hand….well he’s just a follower of the looser jr….mickey also had it made at occ with his dad paying him way more than he will ever be worth or make on his own…..vinnie, you said you weren’t going anywhere so you quit occ….now your dumbasss is ack working with jr????also sr took very good care of you and all you can do is…..talk him down??? ur a dumbassss…ill be in town in a few days…..maybe you will tell me just how sr has pu you down??? in anyway what so ever??????naaaaa he just didnt offer you more money to stay…..or you wouldnt have left…..also tell cody….i say he’s a lil puss for quiting occ and going on with ur bussiness after sr helped his lil ass as long as he did…..david 256-759-4349

  • david moody

    JR…ur dad is the only dad u will ever have….u need to get ur azz over there and make up before you loooooose him forever….like in death….my dad is gone….and id give anything i coud to have him back even if for 1 minute…..ur dad rides a bike…..lotta nutz out there to run us down….how you gonna feel if something happens to him…..by the way….what happened to the….dress shop….you quit tha also????………….stumpgrinding2009@yahoo.com 256-759-4349 anytime

  • they suck

    wow david moody. venting much? someone please post his number somewhere. all “who made the business” talk aside…sr. is a dick compared to anyone else who’s ever been on the show. and he’s the one who constantly puts down jr.

  • whogives

    who gives a shit, this page was on this pc when i turned it on. just concentrate on keeping your own lives worth living for!

  • they suck

    occ’s fbi bike SUCKS. IMO, the anti-venom bike’s bars should of been hollow and made of the “webbing”

  • Annie

    The only reason this topic is something of interest to me is the other night when I watched the show, I noticed how much those young boys from the school looked up to Paul Sr. To me this was somewhat disturbing, as he has proven himself to be the worst role model for a father as there is in many of these young man’s lives. He has also shown them a business model that, even when your competition is your son, means that under handed, mean spirited, ethically wrong, and well just poor sportsmanship is the the name of the game. My preference for role models are those that represent better qualities such as those that Paulie as displayed in his response to his father’s behavior, and his even tempered and positive reinforcement of those he works with. I believe he will make a good father, perhaps the circle will be broken. Reality Shows need to understand that these individuals become a part of everyday peoples lives and can sometimes become role models for our children, and unfortunately Paul Sr. has become one such role model.

  • Mike

    Jason has sure turned into a real suck ass and Paul Sr. is to ignorant to see it. I’m sure Jaon would LOVE to be the son Sr. wants.

  • Atlantic Paul

    Has anyone ever worked for a boss like Sr? If he were to make his threats (“I’m gonna punch you in the face”, “I’m gonna shove a size 12 up yer ass”) to anyone who was NOT his family or ingratiated to him in some fashion he would be facing jail time. That kind of BS would never be allowed in the corporate world. Either he would face a lawsuit for harassment/assault or he would face a couple of pissed off employees in his parking lot, ready to show him where he can shove his size 12.
    Sr is a bully, Jr is spoiled and Mikey is a complete flake. The ones I feel sorry for are Vinny, Rick and Mike Amaratti. They are the working force (past and present) behind OCC. Jason P is an ass kissing wimp who couldn’t design a bathtub if he didn’t have an expensive computer to lead him.

  • I will say it again and again. If any would be buyers of OCC bikes are considering making the move, don’t do it. Why give your money to that asswipe Sr when you can have Paul Jr designs make you a bike they will put their heart and soul into. Want an assembly line bike, go to Sr and have him throw in umm every other word when he decribes what features went into it and of course they were all his idear.
    Hang in there Jr. Last week when you had your paster say a few words at the shop, regarding the death there, was a classy move. It shouldn’t be over looked.

  • colin

    ok, so ou guys in the USA are a bit ahead of us, who died in the shop.
    tell us a bit of info.
    and most importantly, is Jr getting business in building new bikes and how much work is OCC getting in.

  • Ok spolier alert !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t say you weren’t warned……..

    Colin , as Jr’s shop was being set up, a roofer fell thru a hole in the roof but not sure if he died at the shop actually or at the hospital. Some point later Paul Jr asked his pastor to say a few words to the employees gathered there

  • colin

    Spoiler alert!!!!!
    i will tell you what a spoiler is. Our digital satellite tv company in south africa replays everything about 20 times, i kid you not, and that spoils the show way too much.
    Hey steve, thanks not spoilt. makes me want to see the latest series soon.

  • Screamin’ Metal

    Reality shows, yup, True? Probably not….Sr.’s a A$$, think he needs to change his meds, Jr. is a good designer and builder, Vinnie is great, Need Cody in thee to do the fab’ing along side Vinnie.
    Wanna get real??? Put Jr & Sr in a circle Of Prospects from the Bandito’s MC Club, with all the tools and parts, and tell them they’ve got 2 weeks to turn out a KickA$$ bike or both of them gotta survive a A$$ beatin’ from 10 of them. For real.
    Then….you’d find out who the real biker and buider are……….

  • they suck

    assembling a bike is not that hard. aside from the wiring it’s plenty straight forward if you have a set of instructions a la wal-mart furniture. i’d have more fun buying a kit that included everything and putting it together myself.

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack

    He who must constantly make threats to use their size 12 on everyone is usually lacking in other areas :) He looks like he’s pumped up on roids and probably has a shrunken you know what because of it. Plus he acts like someone who’s juicing.

  • Randy Rodman

    Shame on TLC and Paul Sr. !!!! Sr. is proud of the fact that he has destroyed any relationship with all of his children. We all know Sr. is an egotistical jerk. He is far from representing a good example of a human being, man, or father. What kind of person would wish so much ill will upon their children. Is this what we want our children to see as a role model? As a father, I can’t imagine my son doing anything that would make me wish for, let alone orchestrate, his failure. Maybe when Sr. doesn’t have a show, Jr will hire him to clean up after the real mechanics, designers, etc. are done for the day.

    As for TLC….. why do you think it is necessary to have totally disfunctional families on TV, when there is nothing real about them. Now there is Kate plus 8, Secrets of a teenage pregnancy, sister wives (which promotes illegal activities, more than one wife)….. How about truly doing reality TV…… that means real people, situations, actions, without so much melodrama; however if that is how these people really live, I feel very sorry for them. Let’s get real, is this really the best U have 2 offer?

  • david moody

    didnt u see the last show you gus? jr dont get into work until 10am….vinnie CANT do anything til jr gets there…..and NOBODY will stay with jr very long…..i wonder why this is????….mabe sr isnt all that bad…..huh???

  • david moody


  • david moody

    also….ill bet sence jr didnt have any customers he built the geico bike for half price just to stay in business a few more weeks…..but he wont make it……unless dad bails his azzzzz out…..or….TLC……..also jr tryed to.( free rick ) bullshit….alls fair in love an war yall….sr didnt do anything…..jr hasnt tryd to do….himself….

  • david moody

    if u idiots had half a brain…..if JR was so great a builder…..he wouldnt have to call and order parts and say…………remember from OCC CHOPPERS??? his asssss is unknowns to other venders….also…JR would be a RICH SON OF A BITCH……if his assss was half as good……as you all think he is………MAYBE JR NEEDS TO PAY ME OFFFFF……SO ILL STOP TELLING THE TRUTH….on his assssssssss…….hes as fake……as mikey……….sorry sr……buts urs sons……they DONT desirve you……..see you at bike week

  • Screamin’ Metal

    Mr. Moody…seems we’ve struck a nerve? Maybe your some kin to the ‘Man’ in question. Oh, your not? Maybe your his girlfriend in disguise???

    Sr. I do belive has a disorder of somekind. He gets entirely too mad, to quick, over the smallest thing. Maybe he ought to go back to doing wrought Iron burgular bars again.

    From what I saw of his building skills on that 1st bike he build in his basement, was a total bolt together bike….it did have the frilly metalflake typa paint.

    I feel sorry for him, he thinks he’s much more than he is, and without Paulie, he wouldn’t have had a chance at building most of those bikes….

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack

    Hey Moody…….you sound a lot like Paul Sr. If you aren’t him, it kind of worries me that there are two of you running around in the world!!!!

  • Screamin’ Metal

    Sr. needs to have a shop the size of a 40’x 50′ building so he can hear himself echo off the sheet metal walls with a sign outside saying, ‘Orange County Slapshots’.

    Seriously, I’m a builder and I’ve hardly ever seen Sr. turn a wrench, much less fab something completely from scratch….

    Well, maybe since he’s ruined his life and the kids….not to mention the employees of OCC, maybe he can sit back in his recliner, be mad all he wants, for now he can be happy.

    Does Manic-Depressive come to anyones mind???? Maybe now he’ll have time to have the Dr. give him the correct meds for the condition he’s got….

  • ylw-pny

    I think alot of you forget that all of this is on tv and is entertainment. All of the yelling and drama is what keeps viewers coming back for more. At the end of the day who really cares what happens as we all just want to watch and see what kind of sh*t they will get into next, real or not. As for jr. vs sr., this is just a creation to milk the ratings until people finally get bored with it.

  • Screamin’ Metal

    Its a dawm shame….We need to remember Indian Larry, who was really a bike builder and great human being.

    Come on TLC…lets see some more Biker-Build-Off’s………

  • Who would work around Sr., all he dose is walk out in the shop with his muscle shirt and fuss about the shop and pick on Jr. Iwould not want to around all this every day. Vinnie is the backbone of the co.

  • david moody

    Screamin’ Metal ….Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack ……..if u guys could read..>>256..area code is alabama….not ny….i just tell it like it is…im NOT saying sr isnt wrong..its just yall havent been totaly honest with what u have seen on the show….if RICK had been late a 1/4 the time jr or mikey had been……his ass would of been long gone….i say sr carryed jr and mikey way to long…..sr should of fired there asses and hired new designers….then u guys woud seee…….jr isnt the only designer…n the world….as yall think he is…..its sr company…..not his employes….hes rich im sure….loves building bikes….but dont have to….jr on the other hand…is living off of occ name and dads money..mickeys….well in my book….hes a pieceof shit………no skills at all….mikey hada stayed…he would still have his home…..the showed pai for there homes…..not jr or mikey….there asses were not tere long enough to make a full pay check….so put that in ur pipe….an smoke it !!!!!!!!!!!

  • david moody

    wayne…….people are workin around sr…..i guess mabe u dont have tv in ur town……rick and alot of occ folks are still at occ..why dont all of u look at what u have wrot….and see…its sr company…..u do hat the boss says…..not what u want to do….rite????show on time????30 min..or hour for lunch????? not if ur jr or mikey?????hmmmz seens to me….u guys dont have a job urselfs….i can tell by ur coments….u show up late….take lon lunches…an have been fired from every job u guys have applyed for in ur lifes….cuss if anyone that only say BAD things about sr…..thereat home all day and nite…..living off of someone else……….i myself…i work for myself….tree service& stump grinding business..pays really well..i can come n late..take long lunches..not come to work at all a few days if i choose not to….cuss its MY business…..think about that…….look..sr is loud..screams way to much…BUT why did he scream at paul jr????cuss his ass was late, took to long for lunch, fucked off alott….hmmmz dont look like sr screaming now….he got rid of the assholes that were pissing him offf…..so would ur boss….if u had one!!!!!!!!hmmmz makes sence now???? do u ear sr screaming at rick????jason the idot??lol..or anyone now that jr an mikey are gone???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….case over…….so yall keep venting..and bitching..and keeping ur eyes closed about sr….also. i think jr is a good builder…..but hes still NOT the only builder at occ……jr tryed to hire rick….rick is a great tank builder among other parts of a bike….open ur eyes people…..and tel the whole truth………..sr also could just stay at home and let the shop build bike…..mabe he should sometimes….BUT its his shop…..and he can do how he feels…..and if anyone thinks im sr….or his girlfriend, or anyone sr is getting to post coments….ill meet u anywhere to prove whom i am….will u????? or u can call my number……its my cell# its in other comments ive meet sr and jr at bike week last 20 yrs….so have lotta others……..i also ride…..goldwings……notta harley….i like to ride long rides….unlike harley rders….they tow there bikes……u see my bike on a trailer….its stolen, or has a flat……..see ya in da funny papers

  • david moody

    o…..now let me have ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt….hit me wit ur best shots……….but the truth

  • david moody

    hmmmz….yea its me again…hey…its raining here…i cant work today….so im venting as u say….the only way jr will stay in business…i save is……if TLC gets sr to let paul jr,,,,build some of his bikes….its show business….jr wont ever have the clout sr has….nor will jr ever be as big as sr……i know ur NOT going to like this next commet……..but its very true…….u say indian larry was a great builder?????then why wasnt e safe…..if he had any sence…hed wore a helmet……….so would anybuilder………….or rider….i dontcare if its 106 outside…..i ride with a inclosed helmet……..sr and jr while ridig in fl….and other states are not showing saftey as they should be doing….thats that gripe i have against riders……….ok….now let me have it………..

  • david moody

    ill bet i make more money than paul jr does in two yrs just grinding stumps….i only work about 4 hrs a day..ecept at storms and theres NOT that many storms in 2 yrs..im NOT braging..its just i can do more in 4 hrs that jr can do in 10hrs…….as im sure….alott o u guys can to…….ok im going to watch some reruns of occ with jr an mikey inum….why dont u guys put where ur from on here…..u dont have to leave ur number or email as i do…..im just me……..say it…like i see it……..

  • david moody

    elkmont alabama……….from montgomery al…….tree service & stump grinding business…….im sure ive been in a town near u…..stormchasing………….i do stumps only away from home……trees when at home…..thisisnt a adddd…….just not scared to say where im from….but if u have stumps….ill go anywhere….money talks………..

  • david moody

    ok ok ok…..u want something bad about SR rite??ok here it is….i do think sr should of let jr build bikes without going into the show as much as he did….ok 1 about jr..he shows up late is why he scremed..sr should of gave lil break on sceaming in show an should of took jr and mikey elsewheres than in stop….i do hope jr an mikey an sr make up…..only on acount that u only have 1 dad….and they should be all together in one shop i would think…but jr and mikey…..will NEVER work as a team with showing up late….an laying out…..it will happen at jr shop…..its a matter of time….sr needs to let the team build bikes more and him an his new wife go riding or traveling or whatever…..but if he had done all this when jr an mikey was there……nothing would of gotten done…..and u all know this…………u seen the show….now be honest…………im not sure if its all true what we are seeing on tv…..TLC would of closed the show if sr was that bad……dont u think????sr mabe an asshole sometimes….but showing up, and short lunches, will in most cases……keep u in a job…….poofffffffffff

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack

    Moody you kind of live in that same fantasy world as Paul Sr.!! I’ve been a producer/editor/cameraman for 26 years. You think you make as much as Paul Jr.? Dude you need to get out in the world a bit more often. Just curious..throw out a figure…how much do you think Paul Jr. makes in a year (just off royalties?)

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack

    Moody just curious do you call your mom sis? Do you consider dressing up for a wedding wearing shoes for a change and a t-shirt that looks like a tux? You think a stock tip is advice on worming’ your hogs. Your state’s got a new law that says
    when a couple get divorced, they are still legally brother and sister. You’ve been married three times and still have the same in-laws. You got stopped by a state trooper. He asked you if you had an I.D. And you said, ‘Bout What? OK…just had to try out some red neck jokes…nothing personal :-)

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack

    Sorry that wasn’t very nice….here I found this for you as my way of saying I’m sorry:

    7. I Never Went To Bed With an Ugly Woman But I Woke Up With a Few.

    6. If The Phone Don’t Ring, You’ll Know It’s Me.

    5. Wouldn’t Take Her To A Dogfight ‘Cause She Might Win.

    4. I’m So Miserable Without You It’s Like You’re Still Here.

    3. She Took My Ring and Gave Me the Finger.

    2. She’s Lookin’ Better with Every Beer.

    And the Number One Country & Western song is…

    It’s Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night That Chewed My Ass All Day

  • sledge hammer

    Vinnie the backbone of OCC that a joke, hell he couldnt run his own bissinees leat alone OCC. he looks like a fat greaser boy from the 1960s. JR and his gang of losers need all the help they can get, should just go ahead and hire the loser cody to finish off the three ring circus. My god man they cant even build thier own tanks without bringing in a outsider. personall I think the muscle head in the office is tapping JRs old lady. now i might be wrong but it seems like he has plenty of time to be around her when the jokers are standin around admireing thier work, hers JR, boy i think that looks great vinnie , yea it looks cool is what vinnie will tell him. I wouldnt let mikey lazy ass wipe my ass for me if i was in a nurseing home he wouldnt be able to it right, this guy is the all time loser, i hope jrisnt paying him to stand around and draww all the time the network is probbally paying his dumb ass. the guys stupid, fat, ugly, and a complete freaking moron. they says beauty comes from the inside hell he dont have it on the out or in. i would say hes a little funny in the pants him and his so called assistiant. Vinnie lose about 50 pounds and start wearing your ball cap more you look much better with it on. Sr get off the pills you are so buggied eyed on the show it looks just wrong with those big dark bulgeing eyes. enough said anybody want to comment back on my thoughts go ahead ill return the comments back at ya. later sledge

  • Seems Evident that Pauley Boy JR. has no respect for his OLD MAN. Back in my day, You Lip off to your Parents or elders You will get the CRAP kicked out of you. No Questions ASKED . You will see Stars. And not A Movie star.

  • david moody

    Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack……..to start with…my mothers dead….an no…..she wasnt my sis…..an dont 4get…..we hav the clan in alabama…..comments like that may get u hanging ina tree in ur moms yard…..lol….no…im not in the clan….north alabama here…….almost a hillbilly….but u must work with JR taking piz….hmmmmzz….mabe we have a spy in our mist??…… (just off royalties?)….Jr wouldnt have any royalties if not for SR……a honest living ill beat JR pay 4 ta 1….like i say….storm chaser..huricanes, toa naterssssss,<<redneck slang just for you, strong winds…..i mite even beat him with his royalties!!!!!!!!you think he makes 2.5 million a year????…..i dont think so…..ive worked every toa nater this year, an 2 small huricane that died out……i drove here to oreagon to help a church….4 FREE about a 25,000 job….has jr built a bike for free????…i didnt think so…….so Paul Sr's Brain on Crack….see if u can piss all over this……….

  • david moody

    Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack………uneed to watch how you talk on here TLC will find out ur talking about ur old bos SR…..lol….i cant believe you went with JR….lol…..Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack…let me ask u sumum….if u hada laid out a 1/4 of what mikey an JR had…u tink we would be chattin about SR now??….no….we would be talkin about the nice bikes occ is puttin out….id fired them 2 asses the first week…….hey, i see we got some more folks here thats kinda on SR side….bout time u guys got outa bed….lol

  • david moody

    Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack……what u think JR makes off his DADS name????????..his kids had it make workin with him……now jr is livin off dad….he can TRY to stay in business lil longer….what happened to his….DRESS SHOP???? lol….huh Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack..do u know??….hey…i can do this all day long….an also..Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack..im not on SR side….i think hes in the wrong some also….but he wouldnt of been….if he’d fired jr an asshole mikey long time ago….an also…..u must work…or ur JR urself…..the way u keep coming back at me…..now whom are u?????….dont think vinnie could respond ……….
    see, i can do jokes also…………..

  • david moody

    Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack..i also own and is paid in full…..2 125 ft boom trucks, 3 bucket trucks,6 stump grinders, 3 chippers,4 bobcats,5 climbers full time, 12 helpers, 7 contracts left this year….does JR have 6 bikes to build YET???? let alone the 22 contracts ive done this yr so far..about 3 million in equipt….hmmmz….and im NOT living off my dads name nor did i steal his stock……he wasa cop..notta storm chaser………everything i got….i bought myself……i do alotta free work also……….hey, im also on time everytime i work….always on the job..but i do buy lunc for my crew while working….im not braging….but im also NOT a redneck….they let trees rot and just fall on there houses an dont care about stumps….so i almost never work in…ALABAMA!!!!!!!! lol

  • Paul Sr, you suck. If it weren’t for Paul jr and Vinne, you would not be where you are today. You are a worthless piece of shit, not even Mike likes you. Let Jr run his own buiseness, and you run your own. Remember you are getting old and soon you will need someone to change your diaper, so you better respect your sons.

  • Phillip W

    Hey Dave Moody that 256 number is an Alabama number. You are probably a Roll Tide fan and love Nascar. I have owned many businesses and Sr.’s attitude and the way he treats people is truly inexcusable. One of the many business I was invovled in was fitness centers and I have watched the show from its incetion to now. If you want to idolize an exsteriod head go ahead. And I can say that after watching his awesome size go to crap. When I was in the gym I was all natural and due to a car wreck breaking my back in 3 places over 10 years ago, I still have not had the extreme musclewasting we see when someone gets huge using steriods and then they quit working out. But enough about that loudmouth. Jr. built OCC, who knew there would be a niche in theme bikes but he found it. Period. I am sure if Jr. would have known from the beginning, he would have gotten half the company and in writting.

  • david moody

    Phillip W ….well phillip…this is going to shock u …ive never atched a game of football in my life…..nor am i a nascar fan….when i was young….my dad always came in and turned the channel and i didnt get to watch what i was wating…..said…pick sumum u like….so i did…..nothing he liked…..drag racing…top fuel mostly..i raced match races and only about 2 top fuel finals a yr…..only as a spoiler…..yes we cheat in drag racing to….lol….i havent raced in few yrs tho….dont even have a rail rite now….to busy storm chasing……..but i guess if i had to choose …..id be alabama fan…..sence i live in ala.. not in alburn…lol….i did watch most of 1 game once….me rootin for ala, her for alburn, ala won….guess how that turned out?>>>>pow rite in the head with a beer bottle….lol…………….and about occ……yes sr should let jr TRYN build a bike on his own…..only thing is….it wont be on his own….jr cant talk to anyone….without sayn….oh, remember me from OCC?…..he’s a nobody

  • david moody

    Buddy ….what world do u live in????….vinnie only did wiring mostly….lil welding when jr or sr or sumone else told him what to do….and mikey….he lost everything listing to jr….his house….and why???? sr only got on his ass when he laid out……………..dont yall see sr never screams at anyone NOW tat the 2 laying out and being late are gone now????…..come on, be honest….like i said….im not saying sr in always rite………..phillip….if u laid out….wouldnt u be fired????….buddy????? hmmmm….if i laid out…..id fire myself…lol…..if sr had of fired jr nd mikey at first….he’d still be building bikes….just with a different builder then jr….like he is now………dont u guys see everybody likes sr and are still getting him to build there bikes?????????………..yes….they are….and always willll…..why are u guys so blind??????????…………………this fight we are all having is about SR screaming about JR an MIKEY layin out!!!!!!!!!!!!period………..so would u….if u were a business owner………..so would i………………SR carryed them way to long……..now there gone…..he’s happyer person now….so is everybody else working at OCC…..no more screaming or hollering from being late……..ALSO….jr only came up with the name OCC….SR was aready building bikes…..just a different names all…………………if jr opened a shop of his own and never said anything about SR….he’d never get a bike to build….nobody would know who he was….plus all sr sponcers game jr all that equipt in his shop…..jr went after sr. first………..or are yall blind……..jr only worked at occ….just like vinnie and everyone else….sr gave or sold….dont know witch….shares in the company..now jr is using that to start a business….sr should of put something in the contract if ur not here…..no deal…..jr would have a job…..at burger king now…..lol………

  • david moody

    BUDDY…..u keep saying…paul sr u suck….hmmmmmz why not JR….and mikey u suck…..jr living off dad….mikey…welll mikey cant live offf anyone now he’s not taking avantage of dad anymore….has anyone ever seen mikey put in a days work at occ???? let alone a jr’s shop…………nooooooooooo……….we all know mikey has no brains…if he did….he’ take his sorry fatassss back to dad and beg him to hire him……………mikey….u gettin this???????????…..and when jr felles….he will be back at occ………..

  • david moody

    ok….enough about jr an mikey…….VINNIE on the other hand…..what did sr ever do to him……dont yall remember vinnie ALWAYS sayin…..jr laid out also….never was there helping….when sr asked him …WHERES jr….vinnie AWAYS bad mouthed jr….aways…….now vinnie is at jr shop….bad mouthing sr…..go figure..whata piece of shit vinnie is….mikey even said jr wasnt doing his dad rite!!!!!………seems like vinnie and mikey are the pieces of shit now……………….sorry guys…i tell it like i see it…..and if any of yall would tell the real truth……you’d say the same thing…..

  • david moody

    me again……you watch ….jr will nly be building bikes….that have already bee build…weather he helped buildum…..or sumone else from occ…..spider web bike?????that looks like shit………the first one….looked better………..why make more?????????the geico bike….didnt loo to bad….but didnt look ikea geico to me…..lol

  • david moody

    ok..this is about me…mostly….lol…..my wife and i dont watch the same shows….she dont care about this kinda crap….but i love her just the same….i think sum times she has doughts about us…but i never cheat, nor do i chat oline anymore….i think this is lil different, we do things together as jr an sr an mikey use to do…..we enjoy eachothers company as they use to….of course sr probaly dont call his sons…..babydoll….lol….shes the love of mylife….as his sons were at one time….dont shit on the ones u love….and u mite keep ur jobs….now i travel sum….and my wife dont like that…sr sons laid out…..he didnt like that either……….if i cheated….id be gone…..when jr an mikey kept laying out…..they were let go….hmmmmz….seems like marrage and jobs have sumum in common…im inlove with my wife……jr is inlove with himelf……….mikey….not really sure why he quit…..dont think he was fired…..just followed the wrong person……..id do anything i could for my wife….what have they done for there dad????….all they did was….shit on him…..like i said…sr is also in the wrong….let jr tryn build bikes….but do i on ur on……not with dads sponsers……..jr….mabe u should tell mikey to go back to occ…..you know….before his dumasss looses everything……….

  • david moody

    stick a fork in me….im done>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>poofffffffffffff

  • colin

    thank f*ck david moody has gone.
    his spelling is shite and his grammer is crap and he has loads of full stops.
    makes reading really difficult.
    maybe he has some neurons gone in his brain from ‘roids.
    his brain is cracked.
    i think his final poofffffffffff as he put it is from all the weed he smokes.
    his mind is fried.
    david, you might be a nice guy,but please dont comment anymore unless your english improves.ask an english school “teacha” to help you translate to english please.


  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack

    I think moody has some “issues” comparable to Sr. and he’s trying to justify his own life by trying to convince us that Sr’s way of treating people is somehow normal. Moody I think you might consider some major counseling and yea what colin said….dude please, PLEASE consider taking 4th grade English again so that we can at least read whatever the %$%# you are trying to type!! But then again since you worship Sr. you probably think the rest of us can’t spell (read the definition of passive-aggressive)…lol. Just curious….did one of those trees you grind up ever kick back and smack you really hard in the head?

  • I’ve been watching the show since day one and I all Paul Senior wanted was to have his day in the sun , so to speak…but unfortunately the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as it were!
    I agree with a previous poster that Pauly was infact the mechanical and artistic engine that drove the machine called Orange County Choppers. As I watched the dramas , I always wished Pauly had just talked to his Father off camera when Sr. came in to check up, keep tabs …call it what you will. I think that it still would have kept it interesting with just an aire of mystery as to…”what happened in private that made the difference and resolve the issue?”
    If only somebody would have had the balls to talk in private to those two so they could keep an emotionally even keel with each other… yet “acting” on camera in the rough but controlled demeanor… that was their signature personalities. I think it would have changed the outcome significantly…at least , I believe it would not have devolved into a serious family estrangement as it appears to have become. Wouldn’t it be a nice kicker if they did resolve the underlying issues between them and formed a stronger bond and reemerged as the company they could be . We can always hope !

  • oneball

    paul jr. is a total hack,good thing he has a lot of hammers in the shop.If customers only knew what he has done to some of these bikes because of his mistakes.hope the new shop folds, cheesy over priced crap

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack

    Well tell us what has he done? You seem to have inside information.

  • they suck

    moody, please learn correct spelling and punctuation before your next post.

  • p


  • Bradda, Like I said previously Paul JR. needs to look up the word Respect. Also when I watch the program Mikey is always F—— up and acting like a big kid. He’s another one that needs cracks from his old man. ALOHA MOKE MAN.

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack

    Jr. and Mikey both acted like fools at time on the old series. Now you can tell they are both sincerely trying to act like adults. When you are constantly treated like the dirt on the bottom of Sr. idiot’s size 12’s how would you expect them to act. At least Mikey acknowledged he is a drunk and is getting help. Jr. is going out of his way to treat all of his employees like they are his equals (especially Vinnie). Sr. has done nothing since the split besides stir the pot and try to ruin his own kids lives. It’s not only Jr. and Mikey who now want nothing to do with him it’s all of his kids….there must be a reason for that!!

  • y2ktlr

    American Chopper…Is that show still on the air??? It has WAAAAAY outlived its useful lifespan. The nicest thing I can say is it’s no worse than those stupid gang member “stunta” series that seem to be so prolific. What ever happened to “Gregs Garage?”

  • Don’t let the door knob hit ya

    The more the Teutels fought, the more often I tuned out.

    It had to end in a train wreck. “American Chopper.” Good riddance.

  • david moody

    tlc man says:
    09/16/2010 at 11:21 PM Where did the figure of 70 k. an episode come from for SR. ? It is way more than that !!! Also with respect to the family split; JR. became very upset with what SR. said and did to Mikey at a function. It upset the whole family. ( I am sorry I just cant say any more on it than that. Thoes who were there no what I am talking about.)

    Other than that the kids are just trying to strike out on their own as they are not in line with the products at occ. Same reason Vinnie left some time ago. He was blamed in a production error and a customer left a bike in his driveway in neutreal at full throttle — did not go over well with Vinny’s wife. When he told SR. about it he just laughed. That was the start of the end for him at OCC.

    Mike is for sure trying to get past what his Dad did to him. I doubt that will happen. I can’t speak to Danny at all . I have no idea what he is doing. Last I heard he was in on a web site marketing company. The only true anger that SR. holds is JR. won’t carry on with OCC. All the guys from both shops still get together and are friends. to this day.

    One last thing is both Mike and JR. get along very well with SR. step kids. It really is just a strange family and dont we all know of thoes. The TV show just blows it all up for ratings and the guys have learned how to build it all up. They all have agents and they are all coached to get the most of it. Don’t forget there is huge money involved in this series and none of them will have to worry about working ever again and it is really hard to feel sorry for any of them.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>dont forget boys n girls……u all seem to think im either SR. or know him……..hmmmmz……mabe i do…………and it’s computer slang……not mis spelling…dumasses…..u think this shit is real….lmaooooooooooooo

  • david moody

    maybe u guys need to re-read all post…..hmmmz….maybe u mite just figure out….how i know SR……hahaha….tree work????….stump grinding???? SR built a new house???? hmmmz….jr, sr, mikey, at SR home about every weekend…..hmmmz…..show business ya think???????duhhh…..yes all the way from bama to NY….money talks….a job is a job….i just came back from newburg month or so ago….sr,jr,mikey looked all hapy at SR home to me………also wound up with a new harley from occ…..but i dont ride harleys…..so i gave i to my brother….lol

  • Screamin’ Metal

    Moody, does the phrase, ‘Go get a life!’ sound familiar to ya? If so….maybe you need to. Its TV, its all staged. The only actors that I hate are actors that really truely suck at acting, but they’re too dumb to realize it….OCC has reached that point.
    Being a master welder and fabricator myself and also being a small business owner….I watched all the way from the beginning. When they moved into the new ‘headquarters’, I stopped. The whole thing had died on the vine. Its dead, it just don’t know it yet. Being a female builder….I had hopes for much more….thought things might work for the show. Just lost another viewer….period.

    Now, I’ll never ever watch the show agian, its been ruined for me, and if they wanna do something good….bring back the Biker Build-Off series. Or Lets see how a real builder did it……Indian Larry.

    I’m outta here……..

  • Atlantic Paul

    Has anyone ever purchased a stock OCC bike? It would be interesting to know what sort of ‘quality’ the shop turns out. And what about the FANtasy bikes that were built? It would be interesting to see how well those are holding up after all of this time.
    As far as comparing OCC/PaulJrDesigns against anything produced in the BBO series? No contest there. The BBO cycles were made to be ridden while 90% of the OCC crap was just for display. That’s why so many are on exhibit in their world headquarters. Hell, most of them don’t have instruments and a bunch aren’t equipped with front brakes.
    One last word to david moody- Being an inarticulate hick may work in your little piece of America but to the rest of us your rantings are just annoying. We’re all impressed that you grind stumps for a living but there are some among the others here who don’t have to wallow in mud everyday in order to keep ourselves housed and driving new cars.
    We also, by the way, know how to use spell check.
    Try it sometime.

  • RSki

    ….season finale tonight already. Gee, I would have liked to see what else comes out of Jr’s head. Anti-Venom shows the difference between a “real” design, & the same stock thing w/ whatever companies “trinkets/logos” made & attached.

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    High Five Atlantic Paul…..I’m surprised Moody can find the on/off button on his grinder. Maybe we should all pitch in and help Moody get his GED…you know sort of like a “Save a Hick Day”. Oh wait….never mind….he might figure out how to reproduce.

  • CPK

    How much of the acrimony is “staged,” well, I can’t say. . .don’t know.. .but having had an ignorant, abusive dad myself, I can see that SR. finds it IMPOSSIBLE to enjoy even a success, such as the alleged bike speed record, without finding time to take a jab at his sons. It’s sad and pathetic that an ignorant ex-biker POS like SR. suffers from such an immeasurable lack of self-esteem, coupled with the hard knowledge that JR. actually built all of OCC’s bikes in spite of, and certainly not because of, SR’s constant verbal abuse that SR. can’t exercise the tiniest bit of grace and or class (which NO amount of money will ever bring any to SR.) while being made aware that he just set a new drag bike speed record. He STILL had to take a moment to send another dig into his own children. A person with class might bask in the achievement, or maybe even wish his kids the same someday, but no. That abusive POS can’t EVER say ANYTHING about ANYTHING, without doing a dig on his sons. He even said so, ver batum after riding a newly completed bike past Paul’s shop just before the roofer died at Paul’s place. The A-Hole said, “you know I have to give a little dig whenever I can.”

    SR is so pathetic. Sadly, when he is on his deathbed, I know that his sons will come and see him off. . .but he really does not deserve it! SR. and my old man can/should both rot in the lonely hell they have created fro themselves. . .or they should if the universe is just. Hear me SR/Dad???

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    CPK I agree with most of what you say but…….I think his sons and daughter should be applauded for taking the higher road and at least trying to still save the relationship. It’s a horrible feeling to lose a parent and know you will never get a chance to tell them you love them one more time no matter how big of a POS they were. I’ve been there.

  • CPK

    Well. . .that’s kind of what I said. The kids are far more mature and have infinitely more class and grace that the old may ever will. I will never say another word to my dad. . .his choice, like SR. . .not mine. But if he does die alone. . .like with my dad, it will be HIS choice. That is how it is with such people. I am sure that SR. was beaten like a red-headed step child as a kid. So was mine. I made a choice: it ends with me. I never abused my daughter. . .in any way. SR. decided, unfortunately to carry on the “family tradition.” God bless JR for not making that sad choice. I can see that although he harbors the same rage, that he probably won’t abuse his wife or kids. . .or at least I hope he wont. I have faith in JR that he will not take the path that SR and my dad did. You go, JR!!!!

  • John

    Its sad when children act more mature than their parents.

  • It was terrific to see Junior receive such positive attention at Sturgis. The crowd was appreciative of not only his crew but the two bikes as well. They came thru and I hope buyers thinking about using PJDs take notice and guide theit attention to JR……A question. I’m curious what folks think. I’m sure Sr. doesn’t read these and other posts. Do you all think his people read thewse posts and maybe are getting a clue what outside people think of Sr?

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    Sadly I don’t think that passive/aggressive jerks like Sr. ever acknowledge their shortcomings. I think his “people” hopefully are beginning to realize what a pr**k he is (well except his lap dog Jason).

  • baldbaby

    @Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    Love it dude, especially Jason “BrownNose” Pohl.

    Yep! he sells himself like the Pohl Dancer that he is…

  • Saul Frost

    Is this real?

    Sr/Jr/Mike all at the same time?

    I know the editing boys are running wild, BUT, is this Thing Really, Real…Hmmmm.Real eh?

  • Love the show.

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    I think the show was good in the beginning but how many ways can you build a bike with spider webs while arguing with Mephistopheles every day? Maybe now that Jr. and Vinnie have flown over and out of the Cuckoos Nest their creativity will come out. That Geico bike was pretty cool….

  • MT

    Its interesting to read the different opinions of the way individuals like ourselves see things. What I find interesting is how some people see it being Sr. fault, and some see it as being Jr. fault. Who’s statement is the correct one? Who’s wrong, and who’s right? I feel that as human beings, we should understand that we only have a limited time to raise our children. Our goal should be to raise them the right way. right? What is the right way?
    Is the right way yours, or is it mine?
    The right way is the way you see it being right. I feel that relationships are the same way. Its always a constant struggle about who’s wrong and who’s right. Many marriages and relationships end up not working once “true colors” come out. True Colors are when you start being yourself in a relationship. This is what gonna break you or make you. The other person is either gonna agree with the way you feel, or disagree. If the other person continues to disagree, what happens? You split up and look for someone that sees things the way you do more often. People are quick to judge others, but when people here about others judging them, they are quick to get upset. Money money money money…… Is all most people talk about wanting. I think that its a natural dream of most. Dang, If I was to win the lotto, I would take care of all my family and friends, no one would have to work anymore. I have had these dreams as well. Some of us feel that money wouldnt change us, but on most of these reality shows, it changes the people that are on them. Why? Greed? Who knows, I haven’t been there yet. The way I feel about this complication with this family is that we raise our children the way we feel is right? Our children are us in the end. They end up believing the way we raise them to believe, respect others if we raise them too, they have manners if we raise them to have manners and they treat people the way they want to be treated if we raise them to be that way. Is that the right way? I dont know, but I feel that it is. Some people will say no, and some will agree, but in the end, the right way is the way you feel is right. It dont matter what anyone else says. Paul Sr. should have raised his children differently if he wanted a better relationship with them. We only know what we see on the show, this bastard has been raising and treating his kids like shit since they were youngsters. Of course there gonna have problems, dont we all? Oh, by the way Paul Sr., are you gonna still do the fantasy bike winner? I dont understand how you can show so much emotion, blood, sweat and tears for people whom you never met, but cant show your sons SHIT! WTF? Grow up already man!

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    I agree with most of that MT but I’m not sure you watched the show in the early days. I think what we are seeing right now are his kids rebelling against the ass and saying there’s no way we are going to be like you dad. Both Jr. and Mikey and even employees like Vinnie acted like immature fools at times at the old shop because when they did it was the only time Sr. could relate to them (if you want to relate to a 3 year old you need to communicate at their level at times). Now it’s kind of cool to watch…at times Jr. still starts to treat Vinnie like shit and then you can see him catch himself and go out of his way to apologize to Vinnie or treat him as an equal. As for Jr. and Mikey…you can tell Jr. knows Mikey has little to contribute but he is finally treating him like a brother by including him whenever he can and trying to help him get his life together (all the things their father should have done with Mikey). I think Jr. has one hell of a counselor who’s doing a great job with him. Sr. did a lot of damage to his kids….it’s going to take a lot of work to keep those kids from passing along Sr’s poison to their own kids. That show has become a microcosm of a highly dysfunctional family (excluding Sr.) trying to change the future. A lot of people are pulling for you Paulie, Mikey and the rest of the kids.

  • claude

    cant you people see its all show. its funny you cant even emil these two directly. and why would tlc put all this drama as far as the lawsuit goes.if youre coke you dont promote pepsi. so why would tlc do the same with paul jr designs and occ.i am sure that its all in the dollar thats all. greed greed greed and more greed.is paul jrs wife real or an actress. i am sure paul jr and sr are counting the money together

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says


    Although I wouldn’t put it past a couple production companies to fabricate this….I am a producer in the industry and it’s a pretty small world… word would get out that it’s fake by the time you passed 2nd grade English (oh wait bad comparison, the way you write that could be a few years). It’s very true I’m afraid. Also do you think they would actually sue each other just to increase their ratings (yes law suits are public record and that’s what they call illegal). And now my girlfriend is asking me why I’m responding to someone who actually would write such ignorant shit and I must agree so later….

  • B.M.Greene

    all of you are pathetic just because you see people on tv you think you know them and have reason to judge them. you people make the world a very messed up place to live. why not just wish them the best of luck to repair the damage that has been done and hope they all take responsability for the role they each contributed. why does it have to be any ones fault??? this is a family going thru things that normal families go thru day in day out just in different sercumstances. good luck guys hope you get the family back together!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    I’ve never really blogged before (thought it was a waste of time). I was right! It has been educational though. First of all B.M. if you think that Sr. is an example of how a normal father acts…you evidently grew up in a very dysfunctional family…the guy is a nut case. And finally…I’m just curious, how many of you passed any kind of writing class?? Shit guys, just because you have a computer and an internet connection doesn’t mean you have to expose the rest of us to your piss poor attempts at writing!!! (sercumstances) I mean what the hell is that????? No wonder this country elects idiots like Bush and Palin….compared to some of you ….I would imagine you think they are geniuses! This country is so very f@cked!! Inbreeding has contributed to the fall of many civilizations….I see why!

  • colin

    @ Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack. i whole heartedly agree on some of the atrocious spelling and grammar as in “sercumstances”Haven’t any of you heard of spell check. I can’t understand how some of you passed high school and how some of you have jobs or computers for that matter.
    best you go back to sweeping the floors or what ever manual labour work you do.
    I heard via the grape vine that OCC is looking for a floor sweeper, but the job description mentions that you have to been a suck up and laugh when Paul Sr. cracks a joke even if its not funny, and you have to agree with him when ever he says that his sons are fools and no good for nothings.

  • Crisco Britches

    IMHO, Paul Sr. is much like Nero when Rome burned. I grew up in a family owned retail lumber business not far from Montgomery, NY – OCC stomping grounds. In the last 20 years, my brother, my cousin and myself have choosen to go another path than running the family business due to one uncle’s insane behavior – much like Paul Sr. Six years ago, that uncle sold the family business and a 4 generation legacy no longer exists.

    Speaking as a father, I can’t fathom why Paul Sr. doesn’t want to see Jr. succeed let alone throw ALL of his kids out of his business; Jr. Mikey, and Daniel (ran the OC Iron Works). OCC wasn’t created solely by Sr. and if it wasn’t for the show, he’d still be small news. Besides, OCC ISN’T a “custom” bike shop. They purchase frames, tanks, fenders, etc and assemble them to this day. Yes, a few tanks are created, but the majority of their stock is off the shelf. Additionally, Sr. designs are “old school” and there is only a limited market for that. What would I like to see? Jr. to suceed and Sr. to watch his friends and business go away.

  • Daniel Silva

    This message is for the entire family, isn’t about time you look at whats important. Family,,,,,, and only Family; Sr. really the saddest part of life is losing your sons. Put away your pride and step up to the plate, as I know you can.
    Junior, Danny & Mikey, whats going on here is it the pressure of fame. I know the old man can be a pain but he still is your Dad. I know you guys are talented and in your own way are men of knowledge and power but guys he is your Dad.

    From my family to your family. Thank you for making my relationship with my kids good again. I hope you guys resolve your disputes.

    Take care and God bless you


  • JacksyCarrot

    @Daniel Silva

    Dude, I believe you speak from the heart, but this story has a long, dark, maybe unpredictable road?

    The all have their faults but under no circumstances should you diss your family.

    Sr keeps knocking his family and that is unforgivable…

    Sr is an old school steelworker, a bike builder he ain’t…

    BTW, OCC are great bike assemblers (is that a word? he he)

    Sr is black jr is white, sr is up, jr is down…

    We all can’t agree…

    ROCK ON!

  • getagrip

    That will do it for reality tv. You all remember real people didnt last and neither wiil this trend. No more posting get a life!

  • michael

    paul jr you are dis respectful a loser and a bitch

  • Zhivaan

    I’m a Malaysian ,in Malaysia OCC series is one of Discovery Channels a lot of us wait to watch, from the beginning till now , most are repeats. I have worked with my Dad before, really not easy, but my Dad does not do anything what Paul Sr. does.

    Paul Sr.
    from what i have seen , if an idea comes from your sons or your staff , you claim it was your idea first, you hackle your staff and sons, crazy man. yes you have build it up a famous company, yes you do good design bikes , but after Paul Jr left , well sir , your bikes are just … well have no …….i can find the right words. you knew Mikey had a problem with alcohol , what did you do , nothing , you are his father or are you.now he is on his own away from you .

    Paul Jr, your bike designs are damm good, but your work ethics, datelines & workshop cleanness ,needs major work, over the years working in OCC and fighting with your dad on these , you don’t seem to learn , he hackles you on the same thing over & over , why man …….but my salute to you of trying to take care of Mikey & his future.

    what ever happen to Ricky, Vince & Cody :- cool dudes , who couldn’t take Paul Sr & Jr fights , who could anyway

    The rest of the remaining OCC staff , you are good but many of you have something missing in taste of design, metal work & judgment.

    family who work together , to close proximity often fight but not like this family, mental bro .. maybe the other comments are true about Paul Sr, back off sir from your sons, treat your sons like sons & not enemies.

    Micky , all i can say is ,stay off alcohol bro , dude do something and stay on it , maybe you should do the charity work full time, with kids, you seem to like that. & bro , please please shave & keep short hair, dude , women love clean shaven , short hair men in shorts, no matter what the body size.

    i would like to see a theme bike for Diabetic people ( I am a type 1 diabetic) , and built & designed by Paul Sr & Jr ( these two watched by guards, they fight ,they are pushed out the workshop for a time out, also in the build & design is Ricky,Vince & Cody & the rest of current team. but condition is design must be the most radical design , with the latest technology in equipment and machine plus its got to run on a hybrid engine( fuel & electricity ), i want Micky to play a major part in design & build ( even if you have to force him to concentrate on it ) , then its sold on international auction house and monies donated to a major Diabetic research center.

    this would be a scene to watch , but i wonder………..

  • colinA

    No one from OCC reads these columns and they would not care about them even if they knew they existed.
    I wrote to them years ago, and got no reply. Wrote to Vinnie when he started his own shop and got a reply.Did they ever make any money?
    I wanted OCC to make a Latino bike. I wanted to see a hopping hydraulic bike that bounced around when you pressed buttons.
    Also, OCC don’t really make real “Choppers” . they use a standard frame and the add on a bunch of ideas from a theme.
    I think they would crap themselves if each new custom bike had to have a frame built from scratch.
    well that’s my 8 cents worth. that’s 2 cents plus tax

  • Tony

    I liked Chopper but that Mikey is a Lazy Leach and adds nothing at all to the Program.I noticed JR wasn’t to upset when Lard-Ass quit. All Mikey had to do was maybe take out the trash,etc. and JR would have paid him good but oh no Lazy Lard-Ass Mikey had to run around and leave a big mess everywhere he went and get offended when JR. made him clean his paint mess out of the driveway.You know how many people are out of work in NY right now and would beg for that job Mikey just quit? I think there doing another season of VS but i won’t be watching it if lazy ass is on it.

  • david moody

    damit, u guys are reeeeeee-tarted…..there together very weekend……….i just came from there home………its TLC remember……….

  • mickail

    Paul Jr. might be the Innovator at the old OCC, but will he succeed in his new shop without Customers?

    TLC is still showing the old episodes with Paul Jr. in it. Is he geting paid for this. Does he get any income form other sources? What will happen to Mickey?

  • We are disappointed in hearing about the lawsuit. We think that Paul Sr. does nothing but play to the camera, bully Jr. and staff and while acting as a distraction contributes nothing to the design process or production. Paul Sr. step out of design and production, let Paul Jr. run that and he should become the PR man, on the road ambassador and sales guru. Paul Jr. is very creative and has a great work ethic. We want to see more of Vinnie………….because he’s the best and we wish the best to Mikey and hope he finds his place in life. Paul Sr. didn’t do a thing for his youngest son except open the door to help his sons to be achololic. If the message isn’t clear yet….we want to see Paul Jr. and Vinnie to become a success and Jr. don’t repeat the same things to your employees that happened to you. Our prayers are with you all. Morris and Nancy

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    Moody you are pathological liar. You need to get some help.

  • Zhivaan

    maybe what Moody saying is true, OCC is a bloody soap Opera , on TV all this characters , but in real life different ……… nahhh , me thinks is real ,

    all characters of OCC should meet the Bikers of USA , and get their sense’s known back into them,

    colina , maybe right too , nobody from OCC is reading these comments, we just venting our frustrations

  • René

    I’m from the Netherlands and i agree with Paul sr that junior is always late but without jr he wouldn’t have anything to sell.
    Because if it comes to building bikes jr is the man and his bikes are from uot of space.

    Goodbye from the Netherlands

    P.S Lay down your differences and do what you do best and that is BUILDING FUCKING NICE BIKES.


  • Allison

    All of this arguing, I wonder how the Mom of Jr and Mikey and Danny and the sister feel? Danny the other brother hasn’t been talking to Sr for a long time. They have their own issues. Sr is an alcoholic and always will be. He chops down his kids every chance he gets and that is pathetic. Jr and Mikey have both now dealt with addiction issues and I wonder where they learned that from. I understand that they are adults and can think on their own but Sr has always said that he wanted his sons to follow in his footsteps and I guess in a way they have. Mikey is one really funny guy but he has issues. Jr is one hell of a designer but not sure choppers should be his thing. Sr needs to lay off the drink and drug then maybe he will see what he has done to his family. I also think that Sr is a jerk. What kind of father sues their own son without some sort of negotiation or mediation? Maybe they did that and Sr attitude wouldn’t change. What an absolutely horrible thin for a father to do. And the new wife Beth why isn’t she trying to fix this. Seems like she wants the money and business to herself and her sons. She needs to step forward and make a statement because right now she seems like a gold digging hussy! God bless you Jr and Mikey and Danny and the sister. And to Sr God bless you too. One day Sr you will realize what you have lost because of your attitude. And when that day comes, when you meet your maker, I would like to hear your explanation.

  • JIM

    as i said before.notice that NOW vinnie IS teaming up with paul jr.
    next will be RETURN OF OCC .
    folks this is all too make money and continue the program.
    ratings were falling some and this is NEW way of continuing the show.

    its all a MOVIE with actors ………….

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    Jim…I’ll make you a bet. Do you like rock music? If you do I’ll send you a couple DVD’s we produced if it turns out to be fake. I’ll let you decide what I get from you if it’s real :) And no I won’t take your wife…I already have a girlfriend!

  • To: Paul Sr.
    Thankyou, you have been an inspiration to me, I can tell that most people just don’t get what your really trying to accomplish with your son’s, I can see how important it is to you, wanting to teach them the ways of success. I have benifitted from your lessons. Keeping a clean organized shop pays off big time when your dealing with a deadline, It keeps little things from coming up missing.
    I know that you love and care very much for your family, Paul Jr. going out on his own, leaving his comfort zone, wanting to show his father that he is ready to prove that he can do it. You have to be proud of him, I think that you should stop listening to the producers of your show, that sounds dumb I know, but hear me out. O.K. I think that not helping your son Pauly with his shop is a good thing, but at the same time I think that you should be more supportive. I have a gut feeling that somebody close to you both is giving you both bad advice as far as manufacturing conflict for drama’s sake. All I’m saying is , I miss the old Paul Sr. The loving caring father, No matter how upset you got with your boys you always found away to forgive them in the end.
    Sincerely, Greg

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    OK busy pounding my head against a brick wall from now on…..later. Sheesh…amazing how some people just don’t get it.

  • david moody

    Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says says…………i can prove i was there clearing sr. lot and tree and stump work…..can you PROVE your NOT mikey,paul jr, or one of his crew…..i didnt think so….lmao………..most of you guys i believe are jrs crew…….hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaha……its tv….its all fake…..if jr hadnt ever worked at occ…..they still would of built bikes…just with a different designer…………..period…….jr isnt GOD….just one of many designers……he’s not the only one in the world….looks to me when i was there last….there doing ok building bikes…….without jr, or mikey……………Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says says….at least i sa the bad in sr……you have NEVER said anything BAD about jr…….jr is a piece of shit in my book…..if he had een on time and not late for work……he’d be at occ now…..building bike, and not disrupting his family……so isn’t really jr…..and NOT sr’s fault totally that jr is’t at occ?????lets hear your comits now….asshole……..later

  • david moody

    ok ill say it here…..sr ….yes he’s an asssshole sometimes…but jr is mostly the blame….jr still dont show up on time at his own shop……go figure………….

  • david moody

    it’s funny how sr isn’t screaming anymore……at no one!!!!!!!!…..the 2 problems that were there…..are goneeeeeeeee…watch the show….does sr sream at rick….no….ricks on time………others there…no….there on time…ya think maybe its was the…..being late and loffing an late from lunch bunch…..i think so……SR….get on with your life……an tell your sons at sunday lunch hello for me…..

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    I would reply….but I have no idea what you just said Moody. Except you contradicted yourself about 3 times…Jr. and Sr. have Sunday dinner together but Jr. is a jerk who’s disrupting his family. Dude you really make no sense at all!! Don’t drink and blog!!! You might end up married to a Russian chick who just wants you for your stumps.

  • Doggers

    You guys know this show has a script, right? Just sayin.

  • CPK

    Actually. . .SR DID insult Rick recently (said he was stupid, or something similar). You could see the look in Rick’s eyes: namely: THIS WON’T GONE FOR LONG AS***LE!!! SR has been trying to be something other than himself, but that is like a leopard deciding one morning not to have spots! SR has been trying to act as if his PAID EMPLOYEES (who can’t say much) are his buds and even family, but it just shows SR’s A-hole side even more. He is SOOOOOO sad!

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    Doggers….actually reality shows are shot in reverse order. They have several camera ops shooting and then the producer/directors look at the raw footage and develop a script around the “useable” footage. They can manipulate that footage at times to “enhance” certain things but for the most part what you see is what happened. Plus you can’t create a law suit etc just for the sake of a television program that would be highly illegal and they would all end up in jail. Sadly they are just one very dysfunctional family (which is precisely what the producers were looking for).

  • david moody

    Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack ……………im saying…..the last sunday i was in NY…SR., JR., and Mikey were all at SR’S home eating sunday lunch…..a few weeks back………its all show….i say what i like…..nobody tells me whatNOT to tell…………and no one has asked me NOT to……YET!!!!!!!!

  • Sage


    1) Learn how to write coherent sentences before a) embarassing yourself publicly, and b) causing all who attempt to read your drivel to lose brain cells in the process.

    2) Of course Sr doesn’t yell at Rick. He can’t afford to lose any more good workers to Jr’s shop!

  • Sage

    Nah, I don’t think this feud was cooked up by the network to increase ratings. It’s more likely that it’s a grand scheme concocted by Senior’s lawyers to circumvent outstanding lawsuits against OCC:

    1) “Force” Junior off the show and into his own separate business.

    2) In time, transfer OCC personnel and assets to Jr’s company.

    3) OCC files for bankruptcy.

    4) Paul Junior Designs assumes all in-progress new OCC projects.

    5) Paul Sr comes to work at PJD as a “PR person”, amidst much public fanfare and “family togetherness” reconciliation hubbub.

    6) OCC creditors and plaintiffs are left holding the bag.

    Hey, it worked for Orange County Iron Works!

  • colinA

    @Sage,a few of us here have tried to get moody to write coherently. its impossible. i think his brain is fried on crack. And as for him meeting the teutels, well the closest he ever got to them was on his telly. I will bet you he probably went up to the telly and tried to shake their hands on the screen.
    I liked your comments re doing in creditors and moving the business to PJD.
    Seems like SR is paid 700k per episode. JR cant be much less than that, and mikey probably gets about 50k an episode. Act like a fool, get paid like a fool. Its all comparative. So even with all the money that SR gets paid, they still want to shaft creditors and make their name shit. I think he is not a nice person.
    Crooked actually. It maybe legally ok to do what he did, but its morally wrong.

  • bikey

    sr is simply a jack ass.

  • wysiwyg

    It is apparent the ole man is a serious narcissist. I am surprised he doesn’t have a mirror in his office. One one show he claimed to be going to the gym for the third time, that day. When I was in my steroid, iron pumping days, all I could manage was one work out a day.

    After listening to Paul Sr. talk about his life, it is easy to understand his mentality. He admits to his addictions. He also admits he was also an absent father. The worse type, a father who was at home, but did not have time for kids. The bantering between Jr and Sr is obviously a result of their home life. If you raised your sons to respect others, especially their parents, you can see it when they get older. If I had ever back talked my ole man the way Jr does Sr, I would be in a comma. If Sr. wants Jr. to change, the change must begin with the ole man.

    Regardless of what we see during the show, we know very little about the time away from the cameras. Yeah, someone is going to say, “yeah, I know them, I did this, or I did that for them,” the truth is all of us have a personality at work and a personality at home. Look at the number of rich and famous people have committed suicide or died from drug overdoses.

    Sr believes he is a celebrity, he is definitely not a bike designer. Of all the serious body builders, I’ve lifted with, they normally do not parade around in wife beater t-shirts. It appears Sr is so stuck up on his little pencil thin arms, he want everyone to oh and ah him. I encourage him to get off the roids and start working on him mind.

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    Great Post!

  • Graham

    I am from Australia and we are a bit behind you yanks with the shows. However, Senior is a lazy lay-about and if it wasn’t for Junior he would not be living the life he enjoys now. His “Old School” bikes look like they came straight out of the 1920’s. He is always complaining about Junior, however, he and his drunken son Mikey do absolutly nothing to help Junior and the others in the workshop. I too have my son working in my business but that doesn’t stop me from getting my hands dirty and sharing in the profits. Now Senior is sueing Junior for $1M in damages. What sort of father is he? Its all about money for Senior, he even took back the bike he supposably built for his apprentice.

    Go for it Junior and I am glad you are taking Vinnie back on board. But please don’t take any of the other plebs that bludge off OCC like that idiot Poule, the engineer thats always sucking up Senior’s arse and that bludging office manager.

    You will do well because it’s Paul Junior Designs that create the bikes we want to see, not that cheap crap that Senior builds.

    And once last thing, Senior you should be sueing Mikey for being absolutly useless and taking his pay under false pretences.

    Go Junior, kick arse and good luck.

  • Emory

    Paul sr, I use to believe in you. My wife use to tell me i had alot in common with you.Now im glad she saw the light and told me im a better person because i care about my son’s and would never turn my back on my son’s and would never sue my son’s. I hope God has a place for you because i have no use for you now. I hope you see the light before it’s too late. I lost my father early 52 years old and i was only 21. it was too late to make up. Emory

  • Leslie

    Am I the only one that thinks Senior needs to grow up. What’s with the drive by. Last time I heard of anyone doing that they were stalkers or a broken hearted teenagers driving by their 15 year old ex girl/boy friends’ house to see if they were home. Jr is acting more like the adult in this than “Senior”?

  • john m

    Senior needs to be a true father! To grow up be proud of his kids in whatever they do. Insted of making cracks at his kids support them. Dont pay no attention to his payed [YES MEN] or take his boy to court. Really does he forget how much his son has made him! One more thing i remember him saying that he does what he does for his kids What money and fame does to some weak people.

  • Josh


  • Victor

    I have never really liked motorcycles or red-necks, but somehow I got caught up in the show, and have been watching it for more than a year now, including past reruns. The guys always argued, but then they would turn it around, make up through fun out of the shop. An avid student of psychology and spirituality, as well as history, I found myself analysing the primary players on the stage.

    Paul Senior and Paul Jr. are very much alike, which is part of their conflict. Yet over time, I have seen the ancient archetypical conflict between fathers and sons: the old lion feeling threatened by the young lion, the alpha male (Paul Sr) growing increasingly hostile toward his perceived rival. In Paul Jr. there seemed a desperate desire to be loved and accepted, approved of by his father, even as (like his father) he is naturally rebellious toward authority and strives to come into himself as a builder and designer.

    Like a king who becomes paranoid of his sons (heirs), he has driven any threat to his throne out of the kingdom (in another age he probably would’ve killed them). Moreover, Paul Sr. has been going out of his way to destroy his son Paul Jr., and any hope he may have of founding his own proverbial kingdom.

    I watched as Paul Sr. initially seemed to seek out any petty little thing to complain about, while spending most of his time sitting in the office bitching about his son. It is abusive and even wicked, that Paul Sr.’s ego has grown so huge as to seek to destroy his own son. Instead of rooting for his Paul Jr., he sits in his office and defames his son on camera. I rarely see Paul Jr. returning the venom, but rather he seems rather depressed and lost without his father.

    The success of OCC is owed to the Show. In season one, they were a small business, and have now grown into a monstrosity, with all the drama and cut-throat practices (muscling out competition) that comes with such rapid growth. With money and fame, came greater and greater vanity, which has inevitably brought the family down. The best thing that can happen for the family, is for the show to end, and their business to diminish as it inevitably will with the end of the show.

    For Jr. to survive and prosper on his own, he must set sail, get away from Orange County, and put a couple thousand miles between himself and his narcissistic tyrannical father. He is artistic and builds beautiful bikes, but is not suited to a production line way of doing things. He must also pick a better name than “Paul Junior Designs,” in that the “Jr.” part demeans him. Rather, keep it small, start with a little shop, building custom bikes to order, and just live his life. Why keep subjecting himself to the abuse? Just sell everything and start over.

    In final note, Rick and Vinny are the classiest people on the show… Nice guys who could really run their own shop, without the need of Jr. or Senior.

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    After reading that post I felt like I should pay you $150.00 and make an appointment for next week!! :-)

  • I once tried to call Paul sr for a phone interview for college.I got his voicemail,he never returned my call.I tried to email him,then got an automated response.How sad is that,he won’t even talk to those he inspired to build bikes.Just like his son,I don’t blame him from walking out on him.I don’t blame Vennie for walking out as he was never appreciated him either.I since then have designed 13 killer bikes that I will build and unleash on Paul sr.I am designing more all the time.Paul senior is nothing more than an arragant prick. He again inspired me to build bikes just to kick his ass and send him home to cry for Paul Jr to come back. Just to Jr. say,kiss my ass you fool. After all,it was Jr’s designs that put him on the map.


    P.S. I think its sad that he is so into fighting with one son that he is over looking Mikeys problems.
    Keep your head up Mikey, we all Love you man!!!!

  • David

    They turned a great show into a contrived soap opera.Sr.is an ass.

  • Atlantic Paul

    I have been watching the reruns of the earlier shows and one thing is glaringly apparent. From almost the very first show Sr was jealous of Jr’s abilities and wasted no time in trying to control his son. If you watch the reruns you will see what I mean. Sr will set up a contract, usually with an almost impossible deadline, then bring Jr and the rest of the team in to design and build a ‘custom’ bike. When something takes a sideways turn (parts issues, vendor problems, etc)Sr immediately jumps on Jr about how HE fucked up and now they won’t be able to meet the deadline.
    Yet, and this is in every build, you NEVER see Sr out in the shop working alongside his son trying to get the bike finished. Most of the time he is either in his office making disparaging remarks about his son(s) or he is off to the gym or lunch.
    Then, aqnd again this is in most of the shows, once the bike has been completed and is ready for delivery, Sr insists on riding it onto the stage or whatever venue is used for presentation, so he can take the lions share of the credit for the build. There is also a portion of the show where Sr will admit on camera that the current build is “‘one of OCC’s best and never would have happened without Paulie’s hard work”.
    Paulie being, of course, the slacker son who can’t build shit without his father yelling at him and contributing nonesensical ‘idears’, right?
    I never really paid much attention to how much Sr put down Jr until this past season when they split forces and then it became a weekly thing to hear Sr dissing his son(s). Now, watching the reruns I realize that this has been an ongoing issue and should have been dealt with years ago. Had Jr split from his father in season 2 or 3 he would be a force of his own and Daddy would be just another washed up hack sucking down steroids and bragging about what he used to be.
    I would like to see Rick and Mike A. leave OCC and work for JR. That team would truly kick some ass.
    Jason Pohl can stay on as Sr’s lapdog.

  • colinA

    i am sure that jason is pushing his pole into a senior partner of occ.

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    In some ways Jason is the worst of the entire bunch. Never have I seen someone so obviously kiss ass to try to get a partnership position! He talks about everyone behind their backs (except Sr. of course). I really want to see that slimy, vile poor excuse for a human being get his in the end. Hey…maybe Sr. will adopt him…that would truly be karmic justice!

  • Zack

    Wow people. Badmouthing Jr.? Thats stupid. I like Jr. because he seems to remind me a little of myself, always pissing off my dad at the wrong times and getting into explosive arguments with him. I think Paul Sr. is the one to call a dumbass and a dead beat. Yes, he started OCC, Yes he is a good old school chopper builder, but the fact remains that this man has no moral values. Family is the most important thing any, one person can have. Sr. obviously has had his head up his ass too long killing braincells with his methane gas because he’s too self absorbed to realize that he’s going to die alone. I have to say I do feel a little bad for Sr. because he has a son who has done nothing productive with his life and one who seems to send his blood pressure through the roof but, there is no need for him to be badmouthing Jr. and trying to be a sneaky little bitch about Jr. having his own new bike shop. He’s playing childish little games now and making himself look bad infront of the entire nation. If Sr. has a problem with Jr. having his own bike shop he needs to quit sneaking about and interfearing with business, and drop his balls and take Jr. on. That’s what i’ve been wanting to see for a long time is some good old fisticuff action. They need to settle their little dispute and then leave eachother the hell alone. Sr. also needs to Wake up and smell the dog shit! Jr. is going to run OCC into the ground and thats a fact. Anyone can see this if they watch Jr. work his magic. That kid was born to design new age choppers. Don’t get me wrong I love old school choppers but these new age choppers are what companies want to be recognized with. Take for instance the CAT bike. That thing was one sick looking bike and who designed it? Pauly did. Sr. sat on his fat lazy ass behind that damn window and watched the production of yet another bike. 4 months later Sr. makes a plain jane old school bike with no accents what so ever. I say down with Senior, Junior is comming up! (By the way, this is comming from the mind of a 17 year old, if I can see whats going to happen with OCC in the future by god every able minded person should be able to also.)

  • OCCHater

    nice bikes? WTF plant are some of you from? there bikes SUCK!……almost every single bike ive ever seen them build is so far away from what a real “chopper” they shouldnt be allowed to even call them choppers. maybe monstrosities.

    this is a chopper

  • CPK

    I very much agree with Victor above:

    “Paul Jr. Designs” is a hell-of-a-lot less than Jr. cou;d have come up with as far as a name goes. And. . .as a psychologist, as well as a lawyer, I can say that since Victor’s comment, I suddenly had a huge epiphany as far as the business name goes. WHY would he choose a name that actually bonds/binds himself with the POS dad? No rational reason, unless he subconsciously WANTS to be tied to dad. Remember (and as the child of an abuser myself), that the abused child is always drawn to the abuser (I used to run to, and hug, my POS dad after he fractured my six-year-old bones!). Now, I think that virtually ANY name, so long as it broke the tie to his abuser dad, would have been MUCH better. Also, re: Rick & Vinnie. . .I also think they could make a great bike-building firm themselves. However, being a life-long businessman myself, as well as the above, I must admit that not everyone is cut out to be a honcho/entrepreneur. Some people are just cut out to be employees. I think that is Rick and Vinnie. God bless them, but they are not, nor do they want to be, a boss, with all the 24/7 work and BS that comes with it. I must admit that unless you are born for the entrepreneur thing, that Miller time at 5 p.m looks real good. That’s OK too.

  • Garry

    Gee Paul sr looks very worried about paulys new shop and always bagging him instead of showing his son some support and maybe they could work all together out of the 2 shops 1 shop where sn sits on his ass and runs them down and paulys new shop where Jr and vinnie could work in piece without the old boy cracking the whip. Sn needs to relax as he is too old now to be selling everyone out over his own greed to get more money for his new wife to do nothing and besides that he does not have paulys sex appeal to compete and I feel his jr. shop will be a hit and then occ will give jr what he deserved rather than saying the company is worth nothing so that they can screw jr over , just pure greed , hate and jealousy and the old boy should learn a lesson and go broke!

  • I never thought I’d have to do this , but here goes..WAKE UP AMERICA !! It’s tv..it’s all about ratings..
    Have you ever heard of a script. This stupid program has been scripted right from the start. Some of you viewers are so caught up into it that you’re arguing about it. Great, thats what the producers want, thats what they love, thats how they get you to tune in every week, to see what is going to happen next. Oh don’t get me wrong the people are real,( not actors ) thats the reality of it all and sadly the only reality to the whole show. When the ratings start to fall, and the advertisers go elsewhere, its time for the producers to give it another spin, hence ” Jr. vs Sr. “. Now do you get it? If you really stop and think about it what company in their right mind would want a person(psychopath) that Sr. has been made to be, build a bike for them. Not me. Sr. is doing what the script says to do or else lose that big fat pay check he gets. They give most of their bikes away to charities, its a tax write off for the companies that produce the show. Every thing is paid for by the tv company.
    I could go on and on how this is just a “show” but it gets me fired up when some people start to take it seriously. Hell even the show “who wants to marry a millionaire” it was admitted that these gorgeous
    beautiful girls where really actors. Again its just a show. Its not real. Its not reality. Just because thay say it is does’nt make it so. So stop arguing, see it for what it is, TV…

  • colinA

    @ Amarak, i dont think in any way that you could ask a person to act in such a way as to end up dissing your kids and talking shite about them.
    yes, i will say that there is some acting, as in
    Sr. sit in your office and look out the window. when Jr comes in late throw a brick through the window and lose your cool……….

    If i thought like you , i would be saying, mikey, go get drunk and keep drinking so we can send you to rehab. its good for the cameras and profit.
    Hey Jr, why dont you work late till past midnight, and then come in to work late, and when your dad loses his cool, have a dump on his desk and then walk out, and not come back to OCC, so we can get your dad to sue you, which is illegal, and then get your own shop…
    hey Sr, theres a bimbo you can marry,
    hey bimbo, pls see if you can rip off Sr……
    yes some is acting and some isnt.
    take your head out the sand

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    Exactly colin. And Amarak, some of us aren’t red necks who honestly think that professional wrestling is true and the Road Runner and Coyote really exist! That’s the friggin tragedy…the relationship between Jr. and Sr. became what it is because some jerk off producers made it into this entirely unrealistic conflict! Sr. is playing right in to it to make those same pay checks that he made when he and Jr. were in the same shop (he’s an evil jerk who would do anything for the money), and Jr. now is caught up in the machine called TV and knows the only way he can bring home the same pay check is by going along with the script. That show has ruined a family, it blew up an already horrible relationship between a father and son for ratings and turned Mikey into a raging alcoholic and probably addict. Jr. is doing what he feels he needs to do to pay the bills but Sr. gets to continue stretching out his 15 minutes of fame by acting like a prick to his kids. Yes we know it’s scripted, but the dynamics between the actors (the family) is quite real and is ruining lives just for the sake of ratings. How truly sad this society has become to get our kicks out of watching producers document the destruction of a family on TV for the sake of ratings!!! You have to understand though that they are all under contract. Sr. doesn’t give a rats a** about his family and would ruin their relationship whether there were cameras or not, but Jr. and Mikey are doing what they have to in order to keep from getting sued. You can see the genuine pain on Jr. and Mikey’s faces. Imagine having the destruction of your family played out on international TV!!! Yes it’s scripted but for Jr. and Mikey the emotions are quite real. The true pricks in all of this are Sr. and the production company fueling the fire….it’s truly disgusting!!

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    I wish everyone would boycott the damn show so that they would cancel it and let Jr., Mikey, Vinnie, Rick and anyone else caught up in this tragedy get back to trying to live some kind of realistic life!! But no, we need our weekly fix and they all need their paychecks in this crumbling economy. Once again, what a sad, sad society we have become!! Sorry Jr. and Mikey, in the end it’s us (the viewers) who have ruined your lives!!

  • Taz

    Its sad but true.Our society seems to feed off of drama.The production company has takien a decent reality show and turned into family drama.Just like people born with a silver spoon full of money in their mouth,Many times people sometimes start with nothing and still get the big head when they do make it.They forget where they come from so to speak.You would think they would be thankfull for their accomplishments. The american people have lost their family values over all the years.Why can’t we go back to our values and stop being so concerned with the ” Big Prize”

  • Zhivaan

    i do agree with most of about this show / company / family / relationships ruin by a TV SHOW-reality,

    OCC staff ( new ) :- no new idea’s for bikes except for rick & jim (on the C&C machine )
    Sr :- showman now , funny no more crazy datelines
    rick :- wow , the guy is good with metal

    mikey :- a complete 180 change ( very good very good ), going forward in life , no more the joker & slacker.
    Jr :- planning planning forward , wow , lets see the future. the best thing i see he is calling all ex OCC good idea, he needs those people of this side side of the business,( all the nitty gritty stuff)

    bad side of the family , its been a year Sr never spoke to all his sons , wow ,

    i have work with my dad for 10 years , Project Management for power stations , 6 stations later , we fight , we scream but never,never what Sr is doing. me & my dad are best mates.

    i just saw the the new 1st Sr vs Jr . people , the bike was designed by the company who wants it , whats with that.the best part or worst part except for the Tank , rest all look stock,from the shevels , wow , going down going down.

  • kreins jean-claude

    THE SHOW MUST BE CONTINUS…………………………………………………………………PEACE.

  • uk fan

    I was very impressed with the Black Widow bike.

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    Was it David Crosby of CSN&Y who said “Sheer Profundity” ……….NOT!!

  • Retards show

    This show is for misfits and retards.

  • paul SRS a big fool . there your kids stupid. whats wrong with your head, MONEY . YOU GOT ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD. your kids not money make you a rich MAN . in my eyes an gods to be thanked. I lost one of my boys in 2007 . and your a fool not a father . dump your YES MEN around you an get your family together, business means nothing . family is what we are born for not money an power. be a father not a fool . your not getting any younger . I have two sons now and I NEVER FORGET TO TELL THEM THAT I LOVE THEM EVERY DAY. pleas wake up senior . LIFE IS 2222 SHORT . WHAT GOOD IS MONEY BUS ETC WITHOUT FAMILY. TELL THEM YOU LOVE THEM . BEFORE ITS TO LATE . IM 60 years old an i know of what i speak . just a thought tim

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    Retards and which one are you, because you either watch it to have reached that conclusion or you have never watched it which means to make a judgement like that about something you’ve never seen makes you definitely one or both?

  • Hey Mr. Tuttle … im sorry but , they are your KIDS NO MATTER WHAT !!!!!!!! They STUCK WITH YOU WHEN YOU WE’RE A DRUNK WORKING OUT OF YOUR GARAGE …. I always liked watching the desinging of the bikes … the togetherness when ya’ll started the bike after the finishe product … just sad to see being on T.V. Destroyed YOUR FAMILY … and yea i’ve seen the shows where you seemed to just wanta be up someone’s ass to give the producers what they told you the public wanted to see…. JUST SAYING … MAY GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY AND BRING YA’LL BACK TO WHO YOU WHERE WITH NO FUCKING T.V. SHOW … THE FAMILY IS THE ONLY THING THAT IS IMPORTANT IN THIS WORLD … : )

  • Zhivaan

    comparing the other bike shows :- Discovery Bike Build off, where deadlines are from 1 week to 1 month, no shouting , no bad mouthing, but with American Chopper wow Paul Sr ………… up big time, guys , yes you , this is an OCC comment page, and who ever is not reading our comments or not care,

    American Chopper is not only USA series but its gone worldwide, its embarrassing to watch an American Family feuding like this e.g Dallas series.

    then when i watch Discovery Bike Build off, no feuding , no bad mouthing , no ball carrying staff and with tight deadlines too, and they build from scratch , the designs wow , the bikes wow , i began to wonder about Sr & New OCC,

    Paul Jr & team , heading the same way so far as other bike builders,

    well , my last comment to ponder , not wasting my time, when nobody reacting to our comments.

  • Jim Balsley

    Paul Sr. needs to talk to his Sponsor and is dire need of a Meeting. It’s all on the first 165 pages of the Big Book. A little ego situation, Paul ? Huh ?

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    I finally figured it out. Bike building and grammatical structure and spelling do not go hand in hand. I kept trying to figure out why the hell I couldn’t understand what I was reading on here….ding…ding…it finally hit me. Most people who watch shows about bike building are lucky if they graduated from grade school let alone high school!! I think I’m a a dolphin swimming in a tank of carp (trying to use a metaphor you all might understand…lol.) So I’m calling it a done deal y’all…I can’t turn off one side of my brain (yes dolphins can do that) to try to figure out these posts anymore. So bye…or bi…or buy…or however else you all might spell it (or attempt to)….later…and remember “spell check” is your friend!!


    Good luck to them all!

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    Thank God!!! Maybe Jr., Vinnie, Mikey and the rest can get things going without cameras in their faces!! And Sr……he can just go to hell…I hope he goes bankrupt and his balls shrink up from all the steroids!!

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    Mark it OVER is Over his head when it comes to Information!! Read the dates on the posts dude. It was cancelled last February but then it was renewed as the new series Sr. vs. Jr. So much for sharing “breaking news” with us Mark. Hey have you heard that we just sent men to the moon?? Some more breaking news you can share :-)

  • colinA

    you mean men have been to the moon??
    when did this happen??

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    colinA….well it was really all faked on a sound stage but shhhh we don’t want anyone to think everything on TV isn’t totally real :-)

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    I hope my back heals pretty soon….I just noticed how many posts I’ve made on here…I really need to get a life!!

  • Reg Thorston

    Sr. should come to CA with his steroid pumping buddy Ahhhnold. Not too tough to see why he acts they way he does. Spend more time with your family instead of “roiding” and pumping up, at his age how much is too much. GL to Paul Jr. he’ll be ok.

  • The Truth

    It seems this show and its drama is re-packaged version of Boyd Coddingtons American Hot Rod. Paul Sr. and Boyd are one and the same, two good for nothings who take other peoples credit and assign blame to others for their mistakes. Hats off to Paulie for starting his own business. Every bike that Paulie makes is one less dollar in Sr’s pocket. I never once saw Sr. do something mechanical on a bike. He spent every minute on the show saying one of 3 things: 1) “We got to get this bike done” , 2) “You want me to shove my size 12 up your ass”, and lastly when asked what he was that he does around there, he would respond 3) “What do you think I’m doing, playing with myself?”. Hopefully Paul Sr. will read this and get some insight and not end up like Boyd, dead and no one coming to his funeral and remembered as a schmuck. Case closed.

  • lutherG

    I really can’t believe you guys care about this stuff. As a motorcyclist, the chopper craze has never quite made sense to me. I have owned classic british machines for the better part of 25 years, and now ride modern machines. I don’t get it. The chopper is designed to look at and ride to and from the tavern where you compare your mass produced chrome bolt on bits to your buddies bikes. every bike looks the same, with telescopic forks which are too raked to ever function properly, handlebars too far away to control the machine, and a riding position guaranteed to destroy your lower back on any kind of bumps. Nothing produced is anything like the classic bobbed american bikes from years ago.

    As far as human beings go, why are there so many shows about these kinds of jerks?

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    luther….this country elected GW Bush and even after 8 years of that they want to put a bunch of psychotic “Tea Baggers” in office and you you can’t believe what????



  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    Say what???? What the f**k kind of language was that Michael? I don’t have a clue what you just wrote dude!

  • sal pluchino

    sr.is insane.the worst tv parent in all television history.three sons dont talk to him.what does that tell you.if it were not for junior your old school ideas are just basic.do nothing egotist.check out his wedding.nice look.get off your sons coatails.mikey is a complete waiste bin

  • Dan Walters

    Whats with the slagging of Mikey all the time??
    The guy has a heart of gold.

    In the shows I’ve seen,his father belittles him,makes fun of him,and verbally abuses him.
    Some people this runs off their backs,or they don’t show it,or it makes them want to prove the old dick wrong.
    In Mikey’s case I’m afraid he took it badly.

    When you’re a little kid,you do things to seek approval from your parents-if they don’t do that,nothing is worth doing.And unfortuneately ideals get burnt into your psyche at a young age
    and are very hard to over ride.
    Is that his fault?? NO..it’s his drug addict dad who didn’t help his son.

    That’s a dad’s job-to lift them up-not put them down.

    Instead of pointing and laughing at him,extend your hand and help him up and get him feeling good about himself.

    At least Jr gives him a chance.

  • lutherG

    Paul sr’s brain on crack: well you got me there. when there are multiple shows on television about people who’s only skill seems to be fertilizing human eggs, i shouldn’t be surprised.
    you see folks, the estate taxes GWB and his cohorts eliminated are going to end up by making paul Sr’s heirs rich people. How many jobs will they produce outside of a steroid shop or strip club?
    I’m just sayin.

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    lutherG…..well said!! Go figure…an intellectual on this forum…I wasn’t expecting that…usually I can’t even figure out what someone wrote!

  • JDS

    So the Sr. vs JR lawsuit is George Bush’s fault? LOL.

    All kidding aside, while Jr never had the best work ethic ever, he would stay late into the night to finish some of the bikes to make some ridiculous manufactured deadline. Overall, had he not been the boss’ son, he’d have been fired long ago, but for the old man to say that neither Jr or Mikey had anything to do with the business growing the way it did is ludicrous. The business would still be in Sr’s basement had the TV show never come along, and both Jr and Mikey were significant parts of it.

    I find it particularly disturbing to watch the almost gleeful way Sr talks about the shortcomings and failures of his sons. Regardless of whatever went on in the past, that kind of behavior is pretty low. It’s also kind of amusing to hear him talk about how Jr never built a tank, never wired a bike, etc, then in the same episode Sr tries to bolt on some off-the-shelf fender and can’t do it, so he makes one of the other guys fix it and heads into the office to put his feet up.

    The bottom line is that OCC hasn’t been about building bikes/choppers for a long time. It’s about selling t-shirts and hats. I mean, have you ever been to that store? There is nothing these guys won’t put their face on. Oh, and buy the way, the two guys who supposedly had nothing to do with building the business Jr and Mikey…well, you can still buy shit at that store with their faces on it…so maybe they did help after all…

  • JDS

    ..oops… that should have read “by” the way…

  • Concerned Parent

    Paul snr has been on Paul jnrs back ever since the show started. I understand ratings sell, but this has to be America’s Worst Father.

    Personally they should pull the show from OCC, then see were he would be in a year. Holding a sign that sais.

    “Will Build A Bike For Food”

    Pauly Snr needs to man up and be a dad, but i guess its to late for that.

  • I let my wifes brother join into my business (who acts just like Sr.) & over the years between him & his crooked acountant, had everything put in his name & I left the co. with just the shirt on my back.Just a reminder to never ever get into business with family!!!!!!! I really hope Sr. loses the case & plows right on his face.This guy is a friggin’ joke.

  • mike

    I think the old man is a totalA— he dosent do a dam thing all he does is yell and it was all pointed at paul,which if you were have treded me that way I would have put a bullet in your head,and now you don’t have paul to use as you wipping stick your going to have so many leaving you beceause they won,t put up with it. Paul made that company with his disines in fact I have made a cupple calls and I now one company thats backing out on you and going to paul new plase,and as far as nobody no paul nobody nos you,you can tell by the buisnees that you would go to they never even look at you they new whoe was building the bikes,I guarantee you will be dam near out of buesness in five years.and I will do every thing in my powers to do that ,all you are is a load mouth old man,and what did happen to your first wife ,did you beat the shit out of her when you were a drunk? I think thats your biggest problem maby you need the drink.I see TLC dropped you beceause they don’t want you they want paul,with your half ass team rick the only one that will last




  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    Craig….here’s a tip…accomplish even one tenth of what Paul Jr. has in his short lifetime and then waste our time with your ridiculous posts!!

  • randy

    Well I use to be fan but now I think paul sr. is an ass hole and as u may notice I wrote his name in the lower case because the lack of respect for this man.I think he let the money go to his head but what is worst is now he married this new woman and I think she is the one who wears the pants now paul sr. is just a big pussy,and I only wish I had his e-mail so I could tell him or like we do it in the south tell him to his face to face!I truly believe that paul sr. wife is what wrong with the family by that I mean I think that is why paul sr will not try to make up with his kids.I am 55 years old and got 3 kids and I will stand beside my kids and praise them for what they do no matter how little it is,(THIS IS CALLED BEING A GOOD FATHER).I truly feel sorry for all of pauls sr. kids and I wish PAUL JR. AND VINNIE ALL THE LUCK IN THE WORLD AND HOPE THEY MAKE THIER COMPANY.

  • ha ha

    I am so sick of reading this shit! I can tell you are all a bunch of fat uneducated men! To hell with that nasty roid abusing hulk Hogan wannabe. Wear a tee shirt already. You are stupid if you like him.

  • big dog

    HELLO PEOPLE ,,, what you see is what the producers show you,, they shoot 120+ hours of video a week , 3-4 cameras at a time {thats how you get 120+ hrs of video} it takes 2+ weeks to wittle it down to 40 min. of video for the show, so before you comment about what a person does on the show remember you only see a small part of what goes on in a week’s worth of shooting

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    Gee big dog are they shooting on S x S cards, what kind of cameras do you think they are using RED One’s? Just because you happened to pull cable for someone it doesn’t make you a “big dog” as a producer. I know the camera ops who shoot Sr’s ISO shots and he even treats them like shit. He is what he appears to be and if you had ever taken a psychology class you would realize it takes about 30 seconds to identify a narcissistic personality disorder (that is unless you suffer from the disorder yourself). :-)

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    Oh by the way…..how many fathers do you know who have alienated every one of their children and even sue their own kid? I guess he just did that to make good TV huh?

  • Jason

    Working with family is really hard to do! I really Love Jr’s designs and think he will blow “OCC” away!!! I also think that maybe the father started the company however that place would have never made it with out his son and with out the Tv series…… GOOD LUCK TO YOU Pauly JR

  • david moody

    i can’t believe u butt monkeys still think that if it wasn’t for JR…occ wouldnt had made it……….ya’ll are nutz….jr isn’t the only bike builder in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! theres alot more where he came from….jr would still be building bikes….if his sorryasss hadn’t layed out, or been late….thats using daddy if u ask me……………………why would anyone want jr to build them a bike….they see the show and why he’s not at OCC now…nor mickey…..and his lazzzyazzzz needed to be fired long time ago…..but SR didn’t fire mikey…..his dummmmassss left to be with his dummasssss brother…..will ill go now…..paul sr on crack dont like the way i spell….lol…..i think he must be…JR……….

  • david moody

    im real….my piz on face book….big yellow trailer says stump grinding and tree service….david moody…………….

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    Damn Moody…..I don’t even know how to respond to that. I guess you don’t need to have an IQ higher than 50 to run a grinder. Suddenly I’m worried as hell for you.

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    Tonight’s show made me sick! I will never watch anything involving the Black Widow bitch again. She gave no credit to Jr. for the design of the black widow bikes even though he designed all of them prior to leaving his dad’s shop. His dad also never gave Jr. any credit for designing the original bikes. Then when they tried to build their own spider bike they couldn’t even put the fenders on right. Also Sr. is too chicken shit to even reach out to Mickey after he got out of rehab and expects everyone in the shop to reach out to his kids for him. Senior is disgusting…..the worst example of a father I’ve ever seen.

  • chris

    i would like to thank all of you for your honesty &your show.(sr,jr,mickey and all). i am 49 and have two sons 25&26. i come from a small town in ny. from a long line of add. mainly alcohol.i have been in treatment twice one son once theother one twice still in treatment.i watch your show daily.i still suffer with my addic. as well as youngest son .it makes me feel good to see that good and bad things happen in everyones life but there is still hope. you do so much for other people it kind of brings some sanity to the world as we know it.sr. congradulations on 25 +yrs. its way harder to stop than to continue .i look forward to watching your show and hope you get back together with your sons .i just hope some day i can do the same

  • LutherG

    Who buys that junk they produce? It’s cookie cutter junk. I have yet to see a machinist or fabricator on this show. By this time they should have at least one trademark custom component. Great logo, though.
    And chris, posting here isn’t one of the twelve steps.

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    What are you talking about Luther? I saw a pair of Paul Jr. Sunglasses the other day at the SunGlass Hut!! :-)

  • colinA

    well if i wore sunglasses i would maybe buy a pair of Jr. designed sunglasses, BUT not if they were designed by Sr, coz then they would heavy, army green, and most likely badly made,have a compartment for ‘roids, and would probably sit so far out on the nose coz of the long rake and fall apart soon as they went in the sun and did some hard work

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    You know…with all of the so-called hidden interviews etc. I’m beginning to wonder myself if they didn’t set this whole thing up for ratings. If they did, it’s the best P.R. job since Blair Witch. I mean if they really hated each other so much why would they agree to still do a show together and how would they they know precisely when Sr. would come riding by Jr’s new shop etc. It just is beginning to seem too set up.

  • p

    reply to Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack
    also when they went to court did you see any media or fans

  • Mark Sanders

    This whole thing between Paul Sr. and Jr. is Bull-Shit. Sr. GROW The F**K-UP. If we could buy you for what you know and sell you for what you think you know we could all retire. Will never watch any OCC shows again. Do your own thing Paul Jr. you’ll be better off.

  • Richard

    Paul Sr. has traded the liquor for something even more powerful, vanity. It destroys ones-self, and everything around them.

    The other poster is right, these OCC ding-dongs aren’t bike builders or designers, their assemblers. OCC hasn’t made one bike that has the WOW! factor since Junior left, and I don’t blame him for that decision either. Juniors “Anti Venom” bike was off-the-hook in my opinion. Give it time, Junior will have a full-fledged production line of his own choppers eventually.

    Good luck Junior.

  • Al N

    Just another way for the network to cash in and cash up! The whole thing is phony and TV has another ploy in effect to influence its unknowing viewers. Only the Teutuls know their family affairs.
    Hopefully all the BS has left them with lots of $$$.

  • millwright

    I spent about ten years working for my dad, he told me upfront i had to work real hard to dis pell any favoratism.I am great full for this it has made me a productive worker and a better person because i was appreciative of the opportunity .
    I see what Paul Sr is talking about but his son does not, so he stares in the air but never takes on the issue.I guess he wants Sr to leave and give him the business on a platter.

  • shawn

    I see this as the total down fall of the brand name OCC. The brand isn’t just Sr…..its all the boys.
    For SR to go so far over board on this is just to discredit his character. A father and son relationship is to much to waist.
    I pray for the success of the whole team as one.

  • Gil Leopold

    You both should be ashamed of yourselves. All this success, fame, fortune, notoriety, and you just don’t know what to do with it all. Instead, you chose to show your asses on cable TV. All the people that you have touched with your generosity, and those that looked to you for inspiration to accomplish their own life goals see this. A father and son who can’t get past there own insecurities and put there own ego’s in front of the common goal. Building motorcycles is something that is supposed to be FUN. There are a millions of people in this country and across the world that would love to be in your shoes. Do you enjoy the drama of arguing over petty insecurities? You both need to take a step back, and figure out where you came from, and where you want to be when its all said and done. I am truly disappointed in both of you. For what ever that is worth.

  • Clayton

    Who ever says that they suck building choppers you guys don’t know what the he’ll your talking about I wanna see one of you build one you couldn’t come up with an idea good enough you couldn’t get one bend in the metal right. Jr is doin the right thing keep buildings quads.

  • Michael

    let’s not forget that we saw many times Sr give a chopper to someone and yet when they have left he has taken it back and not really given it to them that takes a lot of balls to do in my book, try to make yourself look like a nice guy by doing that

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    Sr’s a prick but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is all an attempt to boost ratings. If you saw the episode where Mikey interviewed the producer you saw what ruthless asses the people pulling the puppet strings are. I’ve worked in the TV industry for many years and sadly I know that they will do anything if they think a show is going to be cancelled. This could very well be one of those cases. The alternative is that Sr. is the biggest megalomaniac in the history of television.

  • Really!!!

    Snr you so deserve to die alone, grow up you old ugly fool

  • Susan

    Life is to short. Some one could die tomorrow and then what would all of you think? Gee maybe I could of handled it a different way????

    Its never to late to say I am sorry and I was wrong.

    All 3 are talented and very spectial people. I feel bad for Mike. He has a heart of gold and I know he is worried for all of them.

    I am sure the rest of the family is hurting from this also.

    Is it really worth it???

    I miss all of you being together.

  • I think that all this shit between sr and jr is stupid and that one of them just needs to swallow there pride and just talk and resolve what happened. I mean all this crap is stupid and they should just end it now or join occ and paul jr desings together. but jr will be his own boss and sr will just get off his back. I just hope that they can resolve things because occ is the best show ever.

  • Ron Ortega

    I watch this show and read many of the comments that people have posted, it seems to me that a lot of the people have no concept of what it took to bring OCC to the point that it had a show of it’s own and had the resources to pay the family children to learn a trade on the job. First of all Jr. didn’t do anything he wasn’t highly over paid for and never treated his father and benefactor with any respect, anywhere else he would have been fired without another word. Never mind that Jr’s boss is his father; he argues toe to toe with Sr. and just as loud and often has to have the last word, disrespect is the main factor here. Usually these confrontations originate with Sr. coming out to inquire about production and what to expect in accomplishment, usually the conversation starts at normal level and then the frustration factor kicks in for Sr. when Jr. ignores Sr’s request for information and tells his employer (that has taught him a trade and provides his luxury living) that he (Jr) is the company and doesn’t need to provide answers or estimates of accomplishment. Any money or assets that either one of the Teutul children have, has come from an overly generous father who has paid both of his children working for OCC to be either the class clown/court jester or a mediocre designer who is a joke as a fabricator and an even worse mechanic. If it wasn’t for Rick, Vinnie and many others employed by OCC, Jr’s designs wouldn’t even have taken shape or completion. Paul Sr is correct when he states that Jr couldn’t build a bike if his life depended on it. Paul Sr attempted to reach out to Mikey to start dialogue again and what did the talentless artist do, he turned his father down and put contingency factors that contact was not possible until Sr had met his requirements. I believe that Sr felt that restablishing contact and relations with Mikey would eventually lead to dilogue and a relationship with Jr again. Jr was given 20% of a company he did not deserve and shortly afterward the prima donna showed his true colors and then tried to squeeze his father for more money than his shares were worth. The company is heavily into debt for the new building and all the equipment and stock inventory plus any unsold choppers that sit in the retail shop, most of the company assets are tied up. Don’t forget that Sr had an ironworks company where Jr was just a grunt with no experience and Jr. begged to come work in the chopper business, Sr sold that business to his son Dan and also hired that company to fabricate and build the new building, a lot of the money for OCC to intially expand at the beginnning probably came from that sale and allowed Sr to employ his offspring and provide them with a trade and a living. Jr couldn’t even come up with anything new with “Paul Jr Design”, he used his fathers contacts and reputation to gain material and equipment worth more money than he will ever have and any business he does get is basically being springboarded to him from his exposure on the show and working for OCC. I think that Paul Sr should let his two prince’s stew in their own crap they have created for themselves and see how far their resources will get them before they are broke, of course that will be blamed on Sr too, aren’t all of their failures blamed on him and of course any success they may have is all their own doing, yeah right!

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    Are you watching the same show as the rest of us?? In the show I watch…Sr. came out and started yelling about how disorganized the tool trays were and then started criticizing Jr. or Vinnie about what a piss poor job they were doing and how far behind they are and then when they did meet the deadline and had the unveiling he took all the credit. The guy is a freak on roids and I guarantee you he will blow an artery in his head in the near future because of it. Also, have you ever watched the episodes where Sr. talks about his kids behind their backs and makes statements like “My kids are worthless and I wish they were more like you” to that piece of trash Jason, etc. Why did Vinnie and the guy who powder coats the bikes go to work for Jr.? I think you are either totally without a clue or you are Sr. or a close friend of Sr’s to write that kind of misinformation. Sr. is a psycho on roids who is the worst father I’ve ever seen period!!

  • LutherG

    I think the question of whether he is a decent father is one that a “reality” show will never be able to answer. As far as custom bikes go, until he died in that bonehead standing routine, Indian Larry made some neat usable machines.
    The fact he would help his competition in build offs told me all I needed to know about his character. Can you picture any of the tuetels doing that? Nope.

    I still hate choppers. And reality shows. I’m hoping the Palin Alaska show finishes that crazy bunch as well.
    There is no better example for the phrase, “familiarity breeds contempt” more than the reality show.

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    Luther you are right! Why I even get wrapped up in this crap is an indication that I need to get a life. Reality shows suck! Who the hell cares…..it’s all drama created for the masses and who knows or cares what’s real or not. I hope the Palin show finishes not only that crazy bunch but any future one’s as well….but it won’t….America love’s their television whack jobs!

  • Ron Ortega

    Many of the responders seem to be adolescent and have no clue. Their personal attacks on anyone that disagrees with them and their venomous attacks on Paul Sr it seems apparent that they identify with Jr and Mikey and they take this quite personal ( get a life would you please). Most likely they too are ungrateful offspring that have one quest in mind “What’s in it for me”, pretty juvenile to say the least. Where do you think the two princes came up with the money for their houses, their cars, their motorcycles, the fact that until the shit hit the fan they made their own schedules like they owned the business? They sure didn’t work for it, not like everyone else in the world. Oh, Boo Hoo the poor misunderstood and under worked syblings. Yeah, their father yells, what we don’t see is the edited scenes where the old man has asked and asked in other tones to have the shop neat and orderly, to have some kind of schedule or base plan for completion of a theme bike, the yells come when prima dona Jr admits he doesn’t have a clue because (at this point he tells his father that Sr is not talented like him and has no idea what it takes) that’s spin for flying by the seat of your pants and inspirations change daily because their is no plan because there is no real talent.

  • Normal dude

    I’m just a normal dude here. Sr. built a steel business, Jr. stepped in and really made his dad famous if it had not been for the black widow bike i doubt OCC would be where it was. OCC logo was made by Jr. But in the end they both had faults. Hell i can barely pay my cable bill but i wouldn’t file a lawsuit with my son. Who gives a shit what happens with the money they have enough of it. Sr. stop acting like you can build a custom bike dude. Old school or not your style is outdated. Jr. you’re not the end all be all of custom choppers either there are literally thousands of other ppl that can outfabricate you and all you have to do is look at custom builders around the nation to see that.

    Guys the only thing that made you what you are right now is the show, you fighting, and being disfunctional. Keep going the way you are you’ll squeeze a little more out of the Discovery Channel before your rendered insignificant to the public and they find another disfunctinal family to film.

  • Sandra Tressler

    This is aimed at Paul Senior,
    Shame on you . I used to watch your show OCC. Now I only watch it For seeing Paul Jr. As a parent there should be no reason to turn your back and not go to your son’s wedding . Your a disgrace to all parents. You used your son and threw him away. The only thing you seem to do well is show the nation what a very disrespectful human being self centered and greedy. You claim to support our troops . Tell me Paul Senior how can you support our troops when you can’t support your children or any of the women you married especially your childrens mother. I pray for your son He will succeed and you will fell you already have in everything you’ve ever touched. You really make me sick.

    Sincerely Totally Let Down
    Sandra L. Tressler
    Huffman Texas

  • Tre Lock

    Paul Sr. said to Jr. “I will destroy you, i will take every dime i have, every resource i have, and i will destroy you.” Sr. knew that Jr. made him what he is. Now look at the show. You have Rick building half assed bikes with that idiot with the bald head. These guys coupled with Jim Quinn and Jason Pooles idiotic ideas about how to dress up a bike have started to run O.C.C. into the ground.

    Senior do whatever it takes to resolve this issue with Junior. Do it for everyone that made you what you are today…… and that was not Junior, you, mikey, Jason Poole, Jim Quinn, or any other person at O.C.C. do it for the fans that want to see you continue to rise. IF you give Jr. enough time with PJD he will not come back to OCC and that will be the end of OCC. Everyone that i talk to says that OCC is shit now. You can’t let Jason put together these idiot designs for you man. JR kept Jason out of the clouds! Help yourself. Look at it like this… JR with OCC is going to equal growth. OCC without JR is 1 maybe 2 more seasons before they cut you and you go back to the basement where you started building bikes. You need your kids, they need you, and the fans deserve it.


  • Richard

    I think Sr. owes all his sucess to Jr. for all his ideas! He treats Jr so bad no son wants his father to treat him like that.All Jr. wanted was for his father to listen to him.And to treat him with with respect.I have always loved watching the tv show.

  • Adam Baggett

    OK so I have read most of these and watched the shows. The real issue here is that Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. are more alike than not. They are both pig-headed and they both fell that they are in the right and the other is wrong. The truth is that they are both in the wrong.

    Paul Sr. you DO NOT take your children to the courts wanting money, you simply WOULD NOT be where you are today if it were not for you son Paul. We all know you love him and the best way you can show it is to drop this legal case. You should have gone to the wedding, this is your son, and he is you! And by turning you back on him you are turning you back on yourself!

    Paul Jr. this is your dad, the only one you are going to get, do not lose this because when he is gone you will NEVER be able to say sorry for all the fights. He has hurt you yes but you also hurt him. You can see it in his eyes that EVERY argument that you had hurt him and he lost a little of himself each time. He is NEVER going to change but that is what makes him who he is and that part of him is also part of you.

    Mike, don’t take sides dude. Your dad loves you and so does your brother, there is no reason you cannot talk face to face with your father, not shout or get upset but show him that he is still your dad. O and lay off the booze dude you are better than that.

  • Stephanie

    Just watched an episode that kind-of explained everything. For one, Paul Sr. started a steel business. Steel Fabrication. Paul Jr BOUGHT into the company (20%) with the idea to start building motorcycles. He didn’t just walk into a pre-existing Choppper Building Shop. He helped build Orange County Choppers. He never got the respect for what he did bring, and Sr always took the credit. Mike didn’t take sides until his dad served Paul Jr with papers of a lawsuit. Mike said there are just rules you don’t break.

  • i watched every episode and i am a female too i love motorcycles too i feel they should make up and try to be a family again u only have 1 mother and 1 father i lost my mother and i miss her everyday i would give my right arm to be with my mother 1 last time i also lost my 20 yr old nephew who killed himself and i also lost my baby i was 81/2 mo family is precious and u cant take back things u say or do….

  • radar 669

    what a dick sr is he really has no clue all there bikes are junk any ways. i would like to get there painters num though.get off the roids sr and grow up you LOOSER!!!!!!!

  • radar 669

    someone needs to shoot sr put him out of his missery

  • Chillout

    The saddest thing I’ve ever seen a dad do is kill his son in effigy. I got goosebumps from the hatred that showed toward his son. And to think it’s all in good fun and would get a laugh? OMG! I can’t imagine a father wanting to totally destroy his son. Sr. is completely off track, whether it’s from ego, steroids or whatever, he needs some serious help. How many wives, children, family members can you dump before reality sets in and you discover that you’re the problem?

  • Ron Ortega

    First to Stephanie, Paul Jr. did not buy into anything, he was given a portion of the OCC business (20%) as a working partnership. The steel business was started by Sr and bought from Sr by his son Daniel and that was the money used to fund OCC’s first and real expansion. Did Jr have anything to do with the value of the steel company, hell no, he was a grunt, a laborer, learning a trade at his fathers expense? Did Jr. have anything to do with OCC becoming a business or growing to the point it was when he begged to help build bikes instead of working in the steel shop, another hell no? Working Partnerships or ownerships are a common paractice with corporations, LCC’s and family businesses, your ownership or partnership has value only as long as you are a working and contributing member. Sr gave (key word is gave) the 20% working partnership to Jr thinking he would lose the prima dona attitude and become a serious employee if he was part owner, that did not happen as a matter of fact his attendance and conformance to the company rules became worse. I am tired of reading that Jr was the only contributing factor for OCC and that Sr was a deterent, where do these people think that money came from to fund these theme bikes that were not money makers at all, they often cost more to build than the time time and expense that went into them. Jr doesn’t have a even a nodding aquaintance with schedules or work ethic but I guarantee he will if he wants to make his business a success and guess what he will become? His father in the office wanting answers and production out of his people the same way Sr. wanted from him. Sr has given back to the community many many times, let’s see if Jr is as good a citizen as the old man.
    To 669, you need to grow up and your comment about shooting is sick sick sick, you need a life and a dose of reality.
    To Chillout, evidently nobody has heard or paid attention to the insults and derogatory comments that came from both son’s mouths constantly telling Sr to leave the productive members alone and go back and hide in his office, if Jr had actually been productive the old man wouldn’t have come undone as often as he did. How many insults can one person (not to menton the owner) take from an employee and especially his son who would still be a grunt in the steel shop if the old man didn’t give the little prince his chance to work with bikes. Jr owes the old man not the other way around, by the way has anybody noticed the “Paul Junior Designs” is a crown, what does that tell you about Jr’s ego. And by the way, when Jr was launching himself and his new company he didn’t miss an opportunity to wash their dirty linen (Sr vs Jr) in public, on the radio and mostly in the show, Jr wanted a launch, well the old man launched his effigy off a ramp to signify Jr’s launch at OCC’s expense and reputation that was not earned by the prima dona (Jr) but by maintaining delivery schedules and quality that OCC was known for, by the way while Jr was turning out theme bike about one a month OCC was building and selling between 25 and 30 bikes a month, that’s where the money came from to fund Jr’s ego and lackadaisical work ethic. Maybe more of you should try running your own businesses instead of Monday morning quarterbacking and spewing adolescent comments, let’s see if you put up with crap like the old man did for ten years.

  • JAK

    AMEN to Ron Ortega!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could not have said it any better myself. Finally someone on here with some intelligant comments.

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    Ron and JAK you can support Sr. as much as you want (and he can use all of the support he can get) but you can’t change what all of us are watching on our televisions. He is a bitter old man who took far too many steroids who is now losing it and in the process chasing all of his kids away. By the end of this season he will more than likely hit bottom and beg the forgiveness of all yes ALL of his children and they just might not be there for him anymore at that point. If you don’t think that launching an effigy of Junior is sick, sick, sick then you are sick, sick, sick. I would be surprised if either of you even watched the shows and I wouldn’t be surprised if you are both personally involved with Senior.

  • JAK

    It sounds like you are on crack!!!!!!! Maybe you should watch the show yourself. Junior never would have made it without daddy from the start. If my father would have givin me the opportunity that he gave Junior, I would have kissed his ass!

  • JAK

    It sounds like you are on crack!!!!!!! Maybe you should watch the show yourself.

  • Ron Ortega

    Well it is obvious that some of you have a mind set and you are totally entrenched in your misguided sympathy for the self crowned prince (Jr). Let’s see now if launching the kids effigy off a ramp is sick then how sick was it for Mikey to commision a battering ram with company funds and then run it through a door with a full size picture of Sr blocking the path, huh huh? The old man laughed and thought it was a hoot, that was in the same light the old man launched Jr’s effigy. If many of you one sided, closed minds can’t see the corelation and the sameness of the act’s of comedy then you are probably too blind to see both sides of the story anyway.
    I have read comments that Sr never gave credit to Jr for his designs, that’s a load of crap, almost every show has Sr congratulating Jr for a good looking theme bike and how well something turned out. Does Boeing or Lockeed or Microsoft parade their designers or architects or engineers every time that a new product is launched, hell no, you see the owners or upper management, why is that so different for Sr to take the first ride and to be at the unveilings? It is after all his company and he is the backbone of the company. As for the old man taking steriods, or smoking crack, do you have insider knowledge or just wild speculation by a Jr fan. As for the old man being bitter, why shouldn’t he be bitter, he built that company with the thought in mind of he and Jr running it together, all he wanted was for Jr to man up and act like a man instead of a whining selfcentered brat who has had everything handed to him but yet he continued trying to make his own rules. As for the comment that I know Sr or that I am personally involved, that was the lamest comment yet, I live exactly 5,000 miles west from where the show takes place and I do not know anyone from the show but one thing Iwill admit to is having empathy for Sr and an adult attitude about the issues which is more than I can say for a bunch of you closed minded “what’s in it for me generations”. As for the show or the business being a bust by the end of the next season, only if Sr wants it so because it is his call and nobody would watch a show about Eek and Meek the crybaby brothers at least not for long, and obviously many have only to look in the mirror.

  • Steve Y

    I think Paul Sr needs to swallow his pride and make ammends with his sons. No amount of money is worth what he has done to his family. He will regret it someday if he doesn’t already.

  • david moody

    i cant believe that paul sr on crack still cant see that at the big blow up when jr got fired..that sr was telling him how jr was always late, never to work on time..i think that maybe that paul sr on crack is….either vinnie, or mikey, or some other looooooser like them..ron just layed it out for yall to see that sr was trying to have a talk with mikey but his lame ass didnt show up….what a piece of shit he is now..mikey, if you like ill drive up and say that to your face you FATASS looser, your dad just tryed to reach out to you, and jr keeps saying dad dont try….hmmmmz….maybe jr needs to watch the show himself!!!!!!!!..i think most of you on here are vinnis or mikey or jr…..yes sr did some wrong…..but you guys an gals never say what jr has dome……look at what you have written yourself……………i think anyone that DONT give a commit on both sides is…..a piece of shit….or just plain stupid………256-759-4349………..theres my redneck number….alabama

  • jaci

    ron ur an idiot..sr is and always was the problem..give shmiv…if it wasn’t for jr, sr wouldn’t even be there and dont forget to mention how sr.s drug and alcohol abuse and being abusive in general drove jr and mikey to drugs and or alcohol..whatta guy, whatta dad…hero? nope, total zero..keep up the great work jr, mikey, vinnie and jr design team, i love what u do and ignore whatever idiot ron says

  • Ron Ortega

    To jaci,
    You need a refresher course in english 101, you are not texting here but just like your princely hero’s your lazy ass probably forgot how to spell (if you ever knew how to). Paul Sr has been clean and sober for 25 years but if he did pick the bottle back up I wouldn’t blame him for having put up with the flightly retard and the prima dona for all those years. Mikey has crap on his face now, the whiney fat assed crybaby didn’t have the balls to call his father to say he changed his mind about meeting with him, he’s a coward of the first order and if he had any balls to begin with there long gone now. I don’t know what drugs you are on babe but you need to back off, you have a few screws loose and I think a few fell out. By the way dufus the only person who is PJD is Jr, he hasn’t made anybody but his new wife a co-owner, Mikey doesn’t work there and Vinnie is just an employee with no vested interest. You need to get a little education, you’re talking crap like you know what you’re talking about and the fact is you don’t have a clue.

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says


    You just revealed that you relate to Sr. because you are of the same generation or possibly even older. You also revealed by your inability to write a response in a blog without resorting to a red faced tantrum that you are also immature and can’t deal with reality just like your hero Senior. People like you really make me sick, sick , sick because you have preconceived ideas and you refuse to change your opinion even when the truth is right in front of you. So at this point I’m going to quit arguing with your passive aggressive ass and just wait to see what you have to say when Senior finally hits bottom and admits everything himself. Oh wait you are probably one of those people who will try to put Palin in office even after she revealed that she has no grasp on reality. Once again even when reality hits you firmly between the eyes I doubt if you will recognize what it is. And MOODY again, if that is truly your phone number you are truly a fool!! This is the INTERNET and every psycho in the world has access to it!! By giving them your phone number you might as well give them your address and the best time to cum a visitin your red neck ass. There are really some stupid ass people on here and you take the cake!!

  • RSki

    I’ve been reading these posts for about 6 months now, amazing how people rationalize Sr’s behavior. The biggest thing that sticks out was the “launch” of the old bike w/ the Jr mannequin on it. I watched that & looked to see who wasn’t “in the middle of it.” Rick looked like he was a reluctant observer, you could sense his disdain for the whole dog & pony show. Every chance he gets, Sr bashes Jr. I agree pretty much w/ “Paul Sr’s Brain on…” Most OCC stuff is the same basic bike w/ “trinkets” attached for what ever company/theme the build is for. And ask anyone in the northeast, their stuff goes out the door w/ no warranty and is basically just eye candy. …and I’m talking production stuff.

    Mikey…… he’s had issues since day one. The producers wanted him in for comedic effect. The guy has zero work ethic, no focus, no ambition. He did his part as PR effect representing OCC. Did he earn his keep? ….not really, but when they went on the road, people always wanted to see/talk to Mikey. It was worth something. I think he’s in more deep depression now after he was put out of OCC then his brother.

    You can’t disregard the fact that NONE of Sr’s children have anything to do w/ him, not even the nurse daughter. I think Jr would like to mend things, but how can you as long as your father is suing you??

    Jason is a 1st class lap-dog, plain & simple.


  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says


    So evidently you are willing to kiss ass to get where you are going. I guess…that is one way to get what you want in life. Personally I’ll stick with what worked for me, talent. I’ve never seen someone admit to being a kiss ass…I’m speechless!

  • LutherG

    Dude, if you are going to beat down someone over their english usage, you should really crack open the Strunk and White “Elements of Style” and look up the following: Comma splices; difference between “there”, “their”, and “they’re”; periodic sentences; use of commas; and run on sentences.

    As to the show. Paul Sr. may be sober, but he sure comes across as a “dry drunk” with some real personality disorders. The kids also have some personality issues, but being raised by a drunken rageaholic tends to screw you up.

  • Ron Ortega

    To: Paul Sr on crack, you attack and spew derogatory names and innuedos also. I don’t really care if I make you sick,sick, sick. Your well being is not my concern. Paul Sr is not my hero but yes I can identify with him, I do not explode into “redfaced tantrums” but I would pay to see the color of your face and blood pressure while you were responding to my comment. I’m not sure how you brought politics into this forum but you have definitely exposed yourself and your unresolved issues.
    To: LutherG, first of all I’m not your “Dude” but I thank you for the english pointers. I agree that Sr has unresolved issues and has a problem with expressing himself in a manner that is not verbally violent. I do not agree with everything that Sr does and his constant comments about Jr are childish and immature. It is only after his outbursts that he retrospects and sees his errors and comments about them in candid comments and how he realizes his tact is not the best. Then again his children do not act in an adult manner either, their stand is that Sr must change but they see no problems with their attitude and behavior. Anyone accusing Sr of over reacting is obviously not paying attention to what is being said back to him or behind his back, Jr demonstrates no respect for his father or his former boss and argues toe to toe. Having successfully owned a steel fabrication and erection company and dealing with employees (including family). Had I experienced the insubordination and disrespect that has been demonstrated by Jr and his lackasdaisycal work ethic, he would have been down the road kicking rocks long before it ever came to the head that it did. I came up through the ranks and started out as a grunt just as Sr did and how Jr was supposed to. For ten years of experience in metal fabrication Jr is terribly lacking in the most basic skills and revels in his ability to make metal spiderwebs. He like his father will depend heavily on others (Vinne and Odie) to perform the majority of work and claim credit just like Sr does, but then he will be the owner just like Pop.
    There are many different opinions involving this dysfunctional family and company but the inability to see both sides of an issue labels a person as having rationalization problems. Oh and LutherG, the Gettysburg Address written and given by President Abrahm Lincoln has been analyzed for it’s english composition and punctuation, the result was that it was almost entirely incorrect. The fact that the document was incorrect in punctuation didn’t detract from it’s content. I didn’t beat somebody down for their english usage because texting abbreviations are not english, it is laziness, I did not beat her down for her punctuation. When I want to see real bike design and innovation I watch “Biker Build Off” where they usually start from scratch and most components are fabricated, the result, bikes that are truly designed and not a conglomeration of shelf ready components that are close to plug and play like OCC.

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    Ron “Dude”,

    I brought politics into the forum simply as an example of how some people (you for instance) will never change your mind on anything even when it’s obvious you are wrong. Also I think you fit the mold of a conservative fool who doesn’t give a damn about anybody but yourself. You will go to your grave spouting the same ignorant ideas that you have believed in your entire life simply because YOU are always right and the rest of us are always wrong (unless of course we agree with you). Your statement about having absolutely no concern about my well being says it all. I care about all of my fellow human beings (even you) because that is the only way this world will ever survive. But again you don’t give a damn about the world, only your little piece of it. I’ve worked with close to half of the current Fortune 500 companies and sadly most of the CEO’s and upper management are just like you and Senior. Tell me I’m wrong about you Ron.

  • david moody

    paul sr. on crack….i have a question for you..why is it you commit so badly on SR, an NOT on JR?..when the big blow up seen was shown and jr said in his on words….we been talking about this kinda crap for 10 yrs….meaning..ive been late, laid out of work, and doing just what he wants to do…..i myself have said sr was in the wrong as jr has been wrong…..but your one sided ass dont see the show as its shown on tv…..only what you want it t look like to yo…..and about my number on here….im on face book…david moody….and AT&T says facebook is the best place to advertz your bussi….so i do….its the david moody with yellow trailer with stump grinding on it….plus craigs list….david moody tree service and stump grinding….huntsville/decatur alabama area….im on the net….at&t..over 50,000 cards out there…..i hope someone calls me……but i think your a smartazz sob…..and you cant see whats in front of you……i also can spell as good as you…..but i see you DONT understand….computer slang……as you cant because your 1 sided…….as for RON…..he said something about jr and sr…..but not your stupid ass…..id bet if jr stopped short….your head would go rite up his assss….now put that in your pipe….and smoke it……azzhole

    ps….yes sr and jr and mikey are both wrong!!!!!!!!!why make commits…if yu dont see both sides!!!!

    ok….wut u got 4 me now?…….and i dont know who told u i didnt do work at SR home….there full of shit as u….mr paul sr on crack…..maybe ur on crack…………….

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    Huh? I have no idea what you just said Moody.

  • david moody

    here u go…..mr.. paul sr on crack ill bet you will love this….

    256-759-4349….334-625-9817….615-538-8454….i got bout 11 more….u want those also……plz call me…..its the way i make my money….

  • david moody

    dammm u cant even read

  • Ron Ortega

    To: Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack: I have come to a conclusion about you too, either you are gaming to provoke controversy or you are seriously delusional. All a person has to do is read your comments to know that what you said about your concern for your fellow man is tripe. You seem to have a real issue with authority and you should probably get some help for that, really, I’m concerned for you. Your self diagnosed opinion of me directly reflects back to exactly what you have displayed in your comments on others and it describes you to a tee. With the exception of the conservative diagnosis of me (sorry I’m a moderate, you’re wrong once again) you have outlined yourself. I will not respond to further comment from you because either you are playing a game or you really do have serious emotional issues and I don’t want to be the one to fan the flames of your unstable condition. Please feel free to comment on me if you wish, it just further proves my point about you.
    Rant, rave, sputter and spit, your opinion of me doesn’t mean shit, no really, it doesn’t!

  • Ron Ortega

    To David Moody: By your company’s resume you are a hard working independent business man with a lot on the ball. Keep up the good work, this country needs more independent small business people like you to get it back on it’s feet.

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    Ron I’m finished trading posts with you, I’m sure the rest of the people posting in here have no interest in our personal disagreements. I will watch with great interest your post after Paul Sr. hits bottom, I hear it’s going to be one hell of an episode. Moody learn to type please. If you are as successful as you claim to be you should be able to afford a Community College course online. Later

  • LutherG

    You aren’t Lincoln. The Gettysburg address is on of the greatest speeches of all time. It also happens to be grammatically as close to perfect for it’s day as anything published. There was no radio, television or other medium to capture the speech. They were designed with publication and distribution in mind. Printed copies were often supplied to the press. You have bad information on that.

    These shows live for conflict. I wouldn’t be surprised to see producers goading both the Pauls until they get something to film. Happy, normal, and conflict free doesn’t sell tv time. Choppers are a style statement. For a while people with disposable income just bought them to look cool and now want to sell. Now that bubble has burst and the market is flooded with “customs” which aren’t worth 50% of the price a year ago. Because they are “style” bikes they have like under 700 miles a year on them.
    The business is dying. Everyone will fight over the bones. Paul sr sees it. It’s probably why he needs the stock-so he can Sell the business and logo before it folds. He might be a horrible human being but he knows how to make money in business. Jr. and the other kids are probably so full of pain and anger that they don’t see clearly. It’s the end of the road.

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    Oh one more thing Ronnie. I happen to be the CEO of my company so I don’t think I have an issue with authority. I do have a problem with my colleagues who have their heads up their ass. Senior is a prime example.

  • Jim

    I really enjoyed the show until they got to the new shop. I think it was then that Paul Snr. got to focused on money and pushed Paul Jr. to the breaking point and in addition to that ignored Mikey who was in need of a mentor. If you watched the show as often as I have you have noticed that when Paul Snr. shook hands with people he never looked them in the eye and that tells me he is not a people person as Mikey and Paula Jr. are. And when your dealing with the public you need that personal ability to relate to others. In their case the viewers needed to feel good about them but once father turned on son the viewer appeal was missing. Now Paul Snr. tries to pretend like he really cares about his children but I see him as an opportunist who only cares about his business and thinks that this is the best way to try and convince the viewer like his is the good guy but it is to late and unreal; in my humble opinion.
    I hope Mikey gets his life together before he takes a final stubble off of lifes stage. I hope Paul and Vinnie make good because they are a great team and make for good viewing.
    Thanks guys I hope you stay on the air and senior gets the ax.

  • Ron Ortega

    LutherG: Never said I was Lincoln and there is nothing wrong with my information. The English language had the same rules for grammatical and punctuation as today. What I said was that irreguardless of any grammatical or punctuation errors it did not detract or diminish the context. Why is it that some people pick the most hen-house issues to respond to? The context of what I was saying was my opinion and I did not resort to personal attacks until I was attacked personally for my opinion. The whole purpose of this forum is to publish opinion without personal comments about other contributors.
    I agree with many of your comments but I don’t agree with your assessment that all the blame falls on Sr’s shoulders. I’ve been there and done that and know first hand about dealing with family employees as well as regular employees. What I have seen through the years of watching this show is that the company rules never changed for employees but Jr seemed to make his own rules. The context or subject always seemed to get lost in their arguement and Jr ignored the reason why the arguement started in the first place. Maybe the company and the show will lose their audience and customers, maybe not. I hope all the Teutul’s resolve their issues but I don’t see that happening. Personally I think the lawsuit by Sr was the idea of his attorney’s and it was to stop Jr from his attempt to raid the company coffers in order to set up his new company. As far as I’m concerned let Jr make it the same way OCC did, on the talent of others. If he prospers, good for him, if he fails, too bad. The United States is presently full of companies that were previously prosperous and went bust because of the recession, now many have or are in the process of being auctioned off. I don’t think there is enough business for two custom chopper builders in Orange County, diversification is the way to weather down turns and if you are stuck in the same old rut thats where you will stay until they pave over you.

  • PaulieWasTheRealArtist!

    Sr. should be ashamed of himself! Yeah Paulie was a slacker and was often late but at the end of the day he got the work done. Let’s face it folks, he was the artist behind the bikes!

    Sr., It might be time to find Jesus! : – )

  • Ron Ortega

    To: Paulie Was The Real Artist!
    He did not get the work done! Are we watching the same show? The theme bikes were promised on a certain date and often overdue due to Jr’s inability to be a real designer. That is not how you run a business. Jr may have some artistic abilities but he is inconsistent and often his coworkers had to pay the price by staying late, late into the night to achieve the completion dates. Perhaps you missed the episode where Vinnie quit. Why did he quit? Because he was tired of being given the lions share of the work while Jr was late, or would leave early or he couldn’t come up with an idea and he’d had enough of Jr’s lack of work ethic. Obviously they were still friends and Vinnie wanted to keep it that way and he was tired of being inbetween Sr and Jr’s arguements. Like Sr said, he hated to lose the talents of Vinnie but he wasn’t going to beg him to stay and that nobody was irreplaceable. If Jr pulls the same thing on Vinnie as he did when they worked for OCC, he will have to sweeten the pot by giving Vinnie some incentive to miss out on his daughters daily life by working late into the night. As for Mikey, I hope he is able to do something with his art that makes it commercially viable. There are many, many real artists that struggle to make a living and unless he can sell his art to his friends and family he will probably fail. Too bad but he has no work ethic and he is the laziest of the Teutul’s, his days of living large on his fathers money are probably over. As for coming to Jesus, he is probably the only one that can heal the problems this family has but they would have to all come to Jesus and I don’t see that happening.

  • Burt Moustache

    WHO WOULD BUY A BIKE FROM THESE ASSCLOWNS??? They have always rushed in the end, you can guarantee your bike has been kicked around the shop a few times which can only increase the quality and value. The worst part is you are supporting an ASSHOLE. Think about how many people this jackwagon makes miserable… Why would you ever want this guy to succeed? Vote with your wallet. There are plenty of local guys that are actually nice and maybe actually give a shit about other people. Everybody has to start somewhere, so why buy McDonalds bikes?

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says

    Great Post!! Finally someone else sees Sr. for what he is….a poor excuse for a father and even more, a poor excuse for a human being! He couldn’t build a decent bike if his wasted life depended on it and because of Senior the show has become the biggest joke on TV as well!!

  • irksome


  • Paul P

    Give Vinnie and Rick a show and leave the rest of them out of it . They were the brains anyway.

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack

    I agree with irksome…the show needs to be cancelled anyhow it has definitely run it’s course. Maybe if we quit fanning the flames it will go away and they can work on their problems in private . I’m done…bye.

  • Lorenzo

    I was on Paul Srs. side at first but as I watch some of the replays along with present shows I tend to think that Sr. being the adult father needs to get off his high horse and make amends. I love my daughter tremendously. At times i’ve been disappointed in her tremendously. She has been hurtful and selfish. Quite frankly I figured even though she is an adult, I am the father and it is up to me to swallow my pride and keep her in my life. Senior, it’s to bad your new wife does’nt seem to lead you in the right direction. I would’nt trade anything for the wonderful relationship I now have with my daughter. It’s worth more than anything else could possibly be . Senior take care of your responsibility. Remember how your parents made you feel? Remember how you grandmas friend made you feel? DO IT NOW! GOOD LUCK BRO and GOD BLESS!

  • Last night’s episode told me how much Sr. really wants to reconsile with his kids. After all this garbage talk about wanting to make things right with the family, he still couldn’t resist digs at Jr. when Jr was a day late with his unveiling. So what!!! Sr has never ever been late with an unveiling??? They show Sr. going to 2 guys in his shop and like a 1st grader chuckling about the late unveil and gloating. That’s right Sr, go to Jason and seek his wisdom and why not? He’s the vision of the son you always wished for….. Sure Mikey is the class clown but he’s not stupid. He’s seen all the antics for years and yes, including Jr’s weak work ethics. But balance Jr’s ways and Sr’s reactions and Sr.’s bullying ways in the shop with everyone and Mikey can see his father was way over the top. If Mikey going to the therapist helps just him, then keep going. I have no doubt if Sr got Mikey alone, he would try to turn him against Jr….Jr, if it took the firing to get you to go it alone, then good luck. You have your own people to look after now and that means your responsibility is that much greater….As far as the segment about Sr’s dog, I feel sorry for Sr. I’ve been there when you have to make that ultimate decision and it’s not easy at all. …be safe everyone and have a Merry Cristmas..

  • ….make that a Merry Christmas…..

  • Patricia

    You all dont no what your talking about, Just remember who taught Paul Jr how to build Chopper is was PAUL SR HIS FATHER an with out his father Paul Jr an Mikie WOULD BE LIVING INT THE GUTTER. An Lorenzo you say that you (think that Sr. being the adult father needs to get off his high horse and make amends) well if you have watch the show like you recond you would have see that PAUL SR has TRY TO MAKE AMENDS WITH BOTH JR AN MIKIE ONLY TO GET SLAPPED IN THE FACE BY BOTH BOY”S, These little spoit little brat show say thank you to there father not treatin him like dirt.



  • colinA

    Patricia, your English is shocking and so is your spelling and so is your grammar.
    ay cud hardly folo wat u were sayin.
    well, here is my 2 cents worth again. This time its a different 2 cent piece.
    I don’t think that Jr. owes Sr. anything. It was a family business. I think this is how things went.
    “hey paulie” says Sr,” i cant do this steel business anymore. I love making bikes. I am going to sell this business to your older brother, how can we rip him off?”
    Jr. says, “hey Dad, that great, can you register the business and do the paperwork, coz i dont know much about that sort of thing, and I will help you dad, coz making bikes is easier than working big bits of steel and its real boring”
    “ok, son, I will give you 20% if you can help me”
    “sure dad, where will we build them?
    “in the basement of my house!”
    short time goes by,and paulie meets some guy at some bike show.
    “hey dad,this dude loved the bike we made and they want to do a tv show on us?
    “wow paulie, do you think we will make it big?”
    yes dad, they will pay you 700k per episode and i will do the work, you just sit and run the show”
    “ok paulie, work hard, work late and always come in on time even though we have deadlines and you work till after midnight”
    “sure dad, i will make sure you get all the glory and please dont bite me shit if i come late ocasionally”
    ad nauseum
    some times even kids get fed of with their parents and its easier for a kid to walk away from their parent than the other way around.

  • Matty

    Y’all that think you know anything about their personal lives by watching 45 min per week is absolutely crazy.

    It’s scripted reality with a little infomercial/product placement thrown in to help pay the bills. If Jr didn’t have his own shop and if there wasn’t scripted drama between Jr and Sr, the show never would have been renewed. Don’t believe it’s scripted? How else would Sr know that they missed an unveil and what was said at the shop and when Jr was and wasn’t at the shop?

    It’s like WWE. We know it isn’t real, but, we watch it anyway.

  • LutherG

    I learned something very important from your post: our educational system needs a complete overhaul. Thank you.

  • Ron Ortega

    To: Patricia
    Don’t pay attention to LutherG, he seems to think he was awarded the title of grammar and punctuation monitor. He ripped me for chiding a commentor for using text and bad grammar/punctuation instead of english and now he has ripped you for your grammar and punctuation, he should make up his mind. Your opinion is just as important as anyones else’s including his and let the correction monitor kiss your backside.
    To: Matty
    Have you ever given consideration that what you call scripted and Sr’s source of information is coming from the filming crew as they travel back and forth from PJD to OCC? Do you not think that right now controversy is what’s keeping the show alive? I think the production company is trying to decide if this show is worth another season of episodes.
    To: colinA
    Part of your scenario about the history of the Teutul’s and the iron works company vs OCC and Paul Sr & Jr is a little out of sync with real time. Dan Teutul was given the job of main management for the iron works when Sr decided to build bikes, Dan jumped at the chance to buy the company from Sr. An iron business’s value is very subjective, no value can be given except for the equipment, property and registered name. The new ownership or management needs to bid new work to succeed, bad bids/no work. If Dan had a bad relationship with Sr then why did he agree to fabricate and erect the new building for OCC? At the time Jr was a grunt at the iron works, he didn’t want to work for his brother, he has always been arrogant and has always wanted to make his own rules, besides working in an iron works means real work and no slacking as Jr loves to do. Jr begged to come work for OCC, at the time he had no fabricating skills (he still doesn’t), he didn’t know how to build let alone design a bike or chopper, his only value was being a son. For those of you that are adamant about Jr and Mikey being the wronged parties and Sr being the bad guy, all I can say is a little maturity and a dose of reality would probably alter your opinion. The problems were caused by Sr that much is true, only because he allowed those boys to skate their whole lives and any pep talk always turned into a shouting affair, Jr dissed his father every opportunity he got, in his arrogance he wanted respect when he gave none in return. Mikey is/was the class clown and obviously has ADD because his attention span is only good for a very short time, he can’t understand why he is not paid anymore for being a total screwup. I know it must be my Dad’s fault that I’m such a lazy screwup with no work ethic and a penchant for the skull candy.
    I don’t care if any of you disagree with me, it is your right to have your opinion, just don’t attack me for mine, that is, unless degrading others helps you elevate your personal worth.

  • Doc

    Paul Sr. is just a money hungry, egotistical fool. Money is more important to him than his family. Paul Jr. is the one that designed the bikes and built them, while Paul Sr. just sat on his fat ass during most of the show.

  • Jerry Queue

    My two cents on this whole ordeal:

    -First, Sr owes as much to Jr as vice-versa. Without Jr, OCC would have been just another bike shop that you can find in any city in America. With only his designer talent and his lack of work ethic, Jr couldn’t cut it anywhere. Did any of you saw the bike designs since Jr left? They look like they were drawn by a 14 year-old. No realy flair, just tin can spam.

    -What really baffles me about the attitude of Sr, is that he is doing all he can to cause his son’s failure (like paying a guy to stop working on a promised bike’s tank (see last season, Sr talks to the builder’s wife, next thing you know he’s gone and leaves Jr hanging.) That’s really evil and that’s what’s preventing the reconciliation. Sr stop going broke to put your son out of business. Isn’t there enough business for all? And for X sake, grow up. I have seen kids more mature at my daughter Junior HS. Did you see Sr going through his shop gloating about Jr missing a deadline for a quad.

    By the way, great leaders surround themselves with great people, looking at how bright the kid who headed the quad build team at Jr’s shop, one can only think that Jr is a sure fire himself!

  • Ron Ortega

    To: colinA
    Clarification; Dan had not bought the iron works from Sr when Paul Jr asked to work for his father at OCC, the sale came after Jr’s migration to OCC. Anyway you look at it, all the money regardless whether it was the iron works or OCC has always come from Paul Sr. OCC’s vendors and material providers have always known that OCC’s reputation for dependability and coordination came from Paul Sr and they didn’t need to watch the show to verify that Sr was the motivator. Paul Jr was able to procure equipment for his new shop only because “American Chooper” needed to continue. That equipment is worth close to a million dollars or more, if the film producers cancel “American Chopper” that equipment will disappear faster than it appeared. That’s the main difference between “OCC” and “PJD”, OCC’s equipment is purchased and in debt for it, PJD’s is on lend. Anyone who thinks different please consider, Paul Teutul Jr. has no assets other than himself, he was just married, he has a new house that has a new mortgage and little equity, his shop is rented, “Paul Jr Design” has no equity or real ownership of his equipment, his only asset is his conection to OCC, where would he come up with the money for everything? The idea for him to build bikes had to have come from the film producers, his company has had only one customer for design and that was for a piece of camping equiment. Not real high dollar value and I’m sure the customer was brought by the film producers to seed the new company. When no new customers were beating down his door for design something had to be done and the idea was cooked, do what you know, build bikes. Where will I get the equipment, the shop, the employees? Don’t worry about that just sign the agreement to continue being part of “American Chopper” we’ll take care of the rest. Don’t doubt it, the show is worth more than both companies combined and the show will only be canceled when the viewership declines to the point it is unprofitable for the film company and the cable company declines to buy new episodes.

  • david moody

    RON….u cant win with these asses in this post……paul sr on crack thinks NOBODY needs to spell wrongly….i on the other hand….dont giva rats assss about wut his dumasss thinks….ur=your….if he ever sent a text he’d know its shorter….but ANYBODY that DONT say that all this crap is both sides fault……is as full of SHIT as paul sr. on crack is….i like sr true……but yes…he’s wrong in sumof this……but jr’s lazyass would of been fired after the first few days his sorryass worked for me……mikey……id run him off….the first hour…..ive know sr. from bike week…..seenum and rode around daytona with all of them…..but owell……im outa here……so let me hav it…..paul sr on crack….u cocksucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….

    ps….256-759-4349…………..u can call an cuss me out…..lol

  • david moody

    DOC…..SR. owns his company, he can sit on his assss alllday long……….jr only worked there…..when his asss showed up…….jr is sumwut a designer……but mostly anyone that works in a bike shop with as much equipm as sr has…..can build…..vinnie built most of the bikes….anyway….mikey said on the show lastnite…..dad never said he was proud of jr….mikeys fatassss needs to watch the show….sr always gave ALOT of credit to jr…..only thing is…..jr didnt giva shit that his asss showin up late, an layn out……was going to finalllllly get his asss…..run OFFFFFF…..ty sr…..

    id like to ask a question to the post…..who thinks sr. kept jr around WAY to long????….and do u think YOU should of been fired if u had did half of wut jr did?????……sr. would of fired most people that did that crap…..
    PAUL SR ON CRACK….a question 4 u….why have u NEVER said a word against jr????are u and him….the same……or maybe just GAY lovers?

  • Ron Ortega

    To: David Moody,
    I couldn’t agree with you more. I have read that Sr is a piss poor father, that he is money hungry, that he has a gigantic ego, that he owes everything to Jr, etc, etc. Well he ain’t perfect but I’ll tell what I think he is, he is a generous father that has provided for his talentless brats and has put up with more shit from them then they ever put up with from him. Does he have anger issues, sure he does, let’s see anybody else put up with a class clown and a prima dona, day in and day out for ten years. Pay them money their not worth and then have them shit all over you every chance they get and say it’s all your fault that you have done your babies wrong. The only thing he did wrong was to think that he could turn anyone of them around, he should kicked both of their asses right back to their mother and said, here you fucked’em up you deal with them.
    You and I both know as business men that Paul is worthless and Mikey is less than that, neither one is worth the money Sr has doled out to them over the years. Neither one could afford the houses they live in or the vehicles they drive if it wasn’t for the money the old man wasted on them.
    All I can say is this country must be full of whiney brats that have no real concept of reality and have a real need to grow up. They watch a few shows and think they know everything about this family and everyone in the family and most have no basis or history to gather that opinion. I’m sure I’ll hear from one of them about this comment to you, they need to get a life and quit being so chickenshit.

  • colinA

    To Ron, Jerry and David
    Ok I know my comments above were a bit of tongue in cheek. I live in South Africa and we don’t get all the episodes and in the order that you guys get them. So I wrote that as a very short version of things as they have been shown on TV.
    I too have my own business and have had senior posts in companies where I worked previously, so I do know about work ethic. Yes, Sr. did start up the iron works and yes he maybe took ‘roids and booze, but guess what, he stopped.
    He built up a business and anyone that has owned a long standing business knows just how much hard work it takes.
    Jr. and Mikey are just spoilt and they both have talent, the only problem is that their talent has been allowed to train and grow. By that I mean Mikey should have gone for acting classes he has good stage persona and very good acting ability. Jr. has design talent but where has he been taught to develop it.
    Sr. has got business talent, but now his ego has gotten in the way.
    Sr. did look after his kids while OCC was growing and they took the piss out of him. He should have bulleted Jr. near the beginning.
    It’s a 2 edged sword, if the TV show had never come along, they would be working their asses off to put food on the table, both Jr and Sr.
    Now the show is there, the real Jr has come home to roost. You can’t learn work ethic when things come easy. Easy come easy go. Only senior understands those things and being the boss, he is allowed some advantage and he calls the shots and Jr should have put his head down and worked.
    When the TV show ends, only and only then may Sr, Jr and Mikey make amends.

  • Ron Ortega

    To: colinA
    I’m not sure that the family rift will be repaired by the demise of the show or the company. Mikey and Paul never seem to worry about money and where their money is coming from, I’m thinking that their main source is the salary from doing the show. If the show is canceled what will they do for money then and who will they blame for their downturn in success? That’s right, the same person they have been sticking pins in for all of their problems. Paul Jr’s business is going nowhere fast and the three customers he has had are far and few between, certainly not generating enough income to keep him in the style and living comfort he has become used to and definitely not enough to keep his company afloat let alone pay employees to do nothing.
    Both boys have their own stipulations to reconnecting with their father. Paul Sr has required no stipulations other than accept me for who I am and I will accept you as you are also, he seems to be saying “I am not perfect but neither are you, let’s mend the fence and accept each as we are because we are family.”
    Would you accept stipulations and contingencies from your children that are all one sided in order that you can be a family again? I wouldn’t, certainly not when all the blame is being put on Sr and that the boys have no issues with their own behavior.
    Jr is livid that he can’t raid the OCC cash register with his demand that he be paid for his 20% ownership of the company that was given to him. The 20% ownership that had value only so long as he worked and helped produce, yet shortly after the gift of shares was given Paul Jr decided that he didn’t have to do anything anymore. Sr gave the shares to Jr hoping that they would produce the incentive that Jr always seemed to lack, instead the opposite was the result. As a father he always hoped that Jr would develop that enthusiasm on his own, it took alot of trust for Sr to give Jr those shares in his company and what happened? Paul Jr took advantage and thought himself the boss and his work ethic went from lackadaisyical to nonexistent and when the pot boiled over with Sr, he called Jr on the carpet, Jr didn’t like being shown his failures as an employee and as an owner. Jr figured he would show his boss/father his temper as he always does and this time it backfired and he was terminated, at least ten years too late but better late than never. To those who think that Jr was the success of OCC, we’ll I guess we’ll find out now. Jr’s minimal talents can be hired/fired on a daily basis with no familial binding ties and the company rules would be adhered to. Jr was a grunt employee that had a little artistic skill, very rudmentary knowledge of shop equipment, no metal fabricating skills, no bike building skills, no mechanical skills, no electrical wiring skills, no painting skills and his one and only value as an employee was being Paul Sr’s son, that’s it. Mikey is the same only less.
    Let’s get one thing straight, Paul Sr had a successful iron fabricating and construction/erection business going before “American Chopper” ever came along. Paul was a laborer working in that shop. If “American Chopper” had never come along Sr would still be a successful business owner and both boys, who knows. Paul Sr didn’t need anything but the freedom to build bikes and that came when Dan managed the ironworks for him, it was a fluke that the show even started. There are many shops more worthy of having their own show and if OCC is ever canceled I believe that Paul Sr will continue to build old-school bikes because that is what he enjoys doing. Forget the pressure of the show and arrogant children with self inflated ego’s. The Teutul boys remind me of films I have seen of baby birds in the nest demanding that their parents cough up everything because of their needs. Well remember those baby birds eventually have to successfully fly on their own without help from the parents or be eaten by the cat when they fall. Fate is the cat waiting and we’ll see who survives and who fails, Paul Sr can already fly on his own, he doesn’t fear the cat.

  • colinA

    To Ron.
    well said to the above.
    I think that we may have wrapped up what this is about.
    Unfortunately we don’t know all the facts here is RSA, but i can say a couple of things, Jr has shocking work ethic. Losing tempers on the set towards your benefactor/employer/dad whether for TV or not is shocking. if my son did it once, i would fire him, nip it in the bud and maybe if he came back with some humble pie in his mouth, i would reconsider. The old man has been good paying his sons fat salaries and maybe he knows he was not the greatest dad, but he tried to make up for it.
    there were 3 things on the show that shocked me.
    1)they went to some place and Jr didnt even know how a motor worked. I think one needs to know all apsects of business.
    2)Vinnie did all the wiring, Jr,could not even learn how to wire a bike
    3) One episode, i saw Jr owned a top of the range mercedes SL,
    well, seems to me that he rode the hog when it was high.
    lets see how he rides the hog in the mud and pay employees and maybe he ends up going to work for vinnie and cody at Vforce

  • Ron Ortega

    To: colinA
    Well said to you also. I’m glad that you brought up the subject of Jr’s car, it is only one of the assets that is a perfect example of both boys unexplained wealth. Mike and Paul Jr have many assets that far exceed the value of their contributions to OCC as employees over the years and obviously have been treated at least salary wise like part owners for many years. Did anyone see the episode where they destroyed Mikey’s car, the old man gave him a brand new replacement vehicle that was triple the original new value of the old car. Mikey was despondent that everyone including Vinnie (his buddy) found such great satisfaction in taking out some pentup stress on his vehicle and took it as an insult to him personally. I think Mikey has serious personal emotional issues that need to be addressed professionally by him alone and needs to stand alone in his issues, once he has his personal baggage stowed away he can then proceed to tackle other issues that exist. Everyone of the Paul Jr supporters say’s that Paul Sr has a huge ego and it got in the way of the business. Maybe he does have an inflated ego but it doesn’t even begin to compare to the self-important, self inflated ego that Jr is sporting. The next episode (re-run) that has a blow up argument between Sr and Jr, listen to exactly what Jr is saying and screen out what Sr is saying, then you will get an idea of what Jr’s real feelings are for hisself and that of his father. If he worked for me the length of his employment would have been the duration of the first argument, that’s it, don’t proceed any further, you’re fired. Paul Jr’s self image of himself, his inflated ego and his person seem to be three separate entities that have need to go single file through a door because they wouldn’t all fit through the doorway at the same time.

  • colinA

    To Ron
    Talking about reruns let me explain how it works here in South Africa. The company that shows the discovery channels here shows the OCC show. Well the first time I saw OCC was some eight years ago. The first episode I saw was the making of the bike for the firemen. I was hooked. Loved watching the show. Then I saw the first blow up and the hug get together at the end of the fire bike episode.
    The years roll by and our digital TV service is showing about the 80th rerun of the all the episodes jumping back and forth and there being no continuity. BUT, I did notice after I got sick of the reruns, that there were some 97 episodes. And this is before Jr vs. Sr. I read that Sr. gets 700k per episode so you can imagine just how much money was made. So I can’t wait to see the latest series and from what I hear Jr isn’t doing to good. The bottom line to every one who reads this , is that Sr.(however money was made)looked after his sons.
    I got more enjoyment out of watching the chopper series where choppers were made from different places and ridden to a show.
    Now that’s fabrication. OCC just used the same old frame each time. and forks. I reckon that this latest series will show who is who in the zoo.

  • LutherG


    I don’t know what your problem is other than jealousy. The old man tried to buy love and respect after what seems like a lifetime of mental abuse and neglect. That car was mikes, and just buying him a more expensive car doesnt make it better. Its a hell of a blow to find that they all have no respect for him as a human being.
    I’ve had a crappy car before, and I loved it. If someone destroyed it and just decided to buy off my rage, I’d be even angrier. Don’t you get it? Money at the time meant nothin to PSR. Now it means everything. In fact he doesnt want the kids to succeed. And, that is because he is a narcissist.

    Is there any surprise Paul Jr defines himself by his things? I mean the old
    Man is all about appearance. I noticed his arms started deflating like balloons once the north
    Jersey steroid and human growth hormone dr died in 07. Isn’t that when his conflicts with kids got worse?

    You are obviously friends with that sub human and cant see that the kids issues are traceable to this idiot and his parenting. Regarding my comments about grammar and usage, I only whacked you down because you had the temerity to criticize another person. Please
    Send me your source on that Lincoln address, I’ll use it next time I teach. Except there is no “expert” who examined it for grammar.

  • Ron Ortega

    To: colinA
    I live in the NW region of the US, we receive “American Chopper” on our satellite “Dish Network”, it’s pretty much the same here. We receive the show on the “Discovery Channel” also; I didn’t realize there was that kind of money in a reality show but it explains a lot, it is as I commented that the show probably has more cash value per season than OCC or PJD combined. I wonder if the payment is made to OCC as the main entity or to each person individually, I’m thinking that originally it went to OCC and from there got divided. If that is true then Jr is probably still getting his cut but he is probably asking for 20% plus a separate agreement for his new company. It would explain a lot of the fighting.
    We also get a show called “Biker Buildoff” which show’s custom bike builders from around the world, if this is the same show you were describing then I have to agree with you. I have seen more ingenuity, design and real fabrication in one episode of this show than an entire season of episodes from “American Chopper”. The builders are given a challenge and a dead line (that leaves Jr out forever), they design and build their bikes, they travel to a given destination point to meet their competition bike/and builder, they travel to the final rendevouz location which is usually a rally and an event, the fans then vote for the best bike and that builder receives a trophy award. This is a great show and infinitely more interesting than watching a dysfunctional family’s dirty laundry being exposed on a weekly basis.

  • Ron Ortega

    Dear LutherG, there you go again with your personal attacks and your amateur pyschoanalysis, do you have a license to practice because you sure seem to be free with your personal opinions of other commentors. If you are a teacher then that explains your estimation of your omnipotent-qualifications and what is wrong with the educational system in our country. Do your own research you pompous ass, it was in the news paper several years ago on the anniversary of the speech, it was carried by the major daily media. An English expert dissected the speech for correct grammatical punctuation and it failed. The actual disscection was shown and demonstrated for correct structure.
    I have never met any of the Teutul’s and a such I could not be a friend of Paul Sr’s but if I had then you are correct, I would be his friend. Of course nobody respects Mikey, somebody making a living being the company class clown instead of actually working, they might love him but respect him? He has no respect for himself how could anybody else respect him?
    I don’t know what YOUR problem is and I don’t really care, jealousy is not one of my problems but you seem to identify with it. I have had a satisfactory life to this point and I envy nobody, I am reaping the rewards of my company and hard work to get to this point. I’ll tell you what though, the next time I sit down with my friends at the lounge and light up our “Cohiba” we’ll share a chuckle over you. You should enjoy the thought that people are talking about you, I mean good or bad you’ll get the recognition, right?
    Paul Sr has admitted that he was not home raising the boys but working in his company late at night to meet production deadlines, (something you probably wouldn’t know anything about). What gives you the right to analize and make decisive comments about a man’s life? You pompous ASS.

  • Lyle

    I used to enjoy the show, OCC, now it’s all reruns filled with pathetic attempts to increase attention for the show. You fellows need to grow up and quit airing your dirty laundry.going back to what you are famous for, building awesome bikes (as it stands now, many of my friends and I cannot stomach the show). See ya

  • Andy

    Has this show finished??? About bloody time, just another boring reality show with complete arseholes as the so called stars.
    The bikes they put together were at best, tacky attemps at something different, even though most of them were the same bike with a different garish colour scheme not to mention most of them looked completly unroadworthy.
    Paul snr – arrogent, self important dickhead.
    Paul jr – arrogent, whiny, lazy, egotistical prick.
    Mickey – slightly retarded waste of space.
    Idea for a now occ show, just one episode, lock all three in an airtight room, turn on the gas pipe and see which one lives longest.
    It’s a pity Indian Larry died and not these 3 fucktards.

  • AJ

    I lost my dad in 2003 and even though I am now 47, I still wish I had a better relationship with my dad. It is irrevelant who is at fault at this point. The most important element is family. When money and fame are gone, family is the one element that has proven flexible to withstand the most violent storms. I can’t undo any of the wrongs with my dad, but I know he loved me and I loved him. Paul Sr., you provided Paul Jr. the opportunity to exercise his god given talents, and you were that driving force that molded him into the person he is today.
    Paul Jr., your dad is not perfect, and certainly he made many mistakes, but he did provide you the opportunity to learn most of what you know today.
    Both of you need to put aside your differences and be a strong united family. Business decisions should be separate from family decisions. OCC and Paul Jr Designs can be two separate companies, and the Teutul family can be one strong family. I remain a loyal fan of both, because I can relate to both Paul Sr. and Paul Jr.

  • LutherG

    I just finished up doing a little research, and my goodness what a family. The steel business was started by the old man, his son daniel managed it. Then the old man transferred all his stock in the company to his son paul. Then daniel started a new steel company in the same building with the same phone numbers. Then the company was sued by Turner Construction, lost, and then declared bankruptcy. Meanwhile all the assets of the company had been sold to the new steel company at prices designated by daniel.

    If there is some bitterness here, its because the old man is a crook and was using his kids to take the fall for fraud on a bankruptcy court. Read all about it here, and see the trustee’s lawsuit against Paul, Paul, and Daniel : http://www.recordonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070626/NEWS/706260312.

    This is my last comment about these criminals. I never want to hear about how ungrateful the kids are, or what the old man did for them. All he did was use them as pawns to avoid creditors and responsibility. What a scumbag. Mike is the only one who was not involved in the fraud, and he’s the one all of you want to harp about. He happened to be honest. Maybe that is why he was never involved in the old man’s business? And what about all the fabrication equipment in the Bike shop? Was it purchased at fair market rates from the Iron Works? Was the construction of the building done at fair market rates? Or, is the Chopper business yet another financial dodge?

  • captkirk

    for those of you that think OCC aint maken money,,, well you are fools. First off, what i say comes from the ‘inside’, so take it seriously or as a grain of salt cause i dont care one way or the other. As you know OCC currently, and has for sometime, manufactured their own line of ‘choppers’ Do you know how many they sell each month worldwide?? well guess,, 2? 5? 10?… Nope, try again… how about 30-40…. Yuppers you got it.. Now,, guess what they get fur them rascals.. 15k? 20k 30K….Nope, try again.. how about 50-75K Yuppers you got avg 60K per sale… so get your caculator out folks… multiply x 40.. WOW,, holly cow,,, man on the moon,, thats some serious cash.. Now add the doe the show pays, what do you think they get per show,,, hall mill?,,,, yea,,, your rocken,,, now add the production bikes,, what do you think,,,,, let’s do this fast and just say avg $120k per bike,, now your rocken,, get the picture folks,, is Paul Sr. really a looser,, pretty smart in my book, in fact being that he’s got a big ass,, he is one ‘smart ass’… now tell me,, put aside paulies talent …. you think paul jr could’ve pulled all of this off??? hell no,, you know why,,, Paul jr is a dump ass…. GET THE PICTURE FOLKS??? :)

  • JohnMedicOne

    Captkirk, you make it sound like all that money is all profit. I guess that in your little mind there’s no overhead cost, hu? The people who paint the bikes don’t get paid, te chromers don’t get paid, the engine is given to them for free, the employees work for free, and they have never seen a bill. Come on and be real, the question is not just about money. It’s about family more than money. I’m a paramedic and see people die on a common basis. It’s amazing how people care more about money and social status than anything else. Just to one day come to the realization of how insignificant money really is once a loved one dies. All the money in the world can not and will not make the past right nor bring your loved one back. The fact is that Paul Sr. deserved the creditor being the brains behind the business asspect of the business, but Paul Jr. deserves credit of his creative abilities. The bike that put OCC on the map was the Black Widow, Paul Sr. Said it himself once long time ago. I doubt that Sr could had designed anything remotely close to it. They actuall tried and they build some ugly junk and they painted it in an ugly green color. No where near as good as the original bike. You talked about their production line of bikes, in one of the episodes Jr. and Sr. went toe to toe to see whose design would become their next production bike, Paul Jr won the competition. People like his more than Sr.’s. Bottom line is that I don’t see Paul Jr and business material and I don’t see Paul Sr as a creator nor designer material. Both compliment each other. If they could only learn to let the other do what he does best, all of then would benefit.

  • Big T

    I watched this show on and off for sometime and enjoyed it. The design and construction of the bikes was very interesting, but I really think a lot of the fighting was for the cameras….my two cents!
    But what really concerned me when I watched the show tonight was that Paul Sr. does not look good at all, I think there’s something going on that their not telling us.

  • Ron Ortega

    I agree with you for the most part, Paul Sr and Jr did compliment each other with their individual strengths. I find it odd that Paul Jr in his endeavor to run his own business has morning meetings with his crew and outlines or requests input what to expect in output for the day. Wasn’t this the subject of most of the arguements between Sr and Jr? Sr always was concerned about meeting their promised deadlines and Jr said on more than one occasion that he had no concern for the deadline because he was creating and Sr was a waste of oxygen and wouldn’t understand because he didn’t have those skills or talent. Now the shoe is on the other foot and Jr being a hypocrite needs the same information as Sr was constantly asking for and being insulted and dissed for his efforts.
    Paul Sr doesn’t need those talents because he has many talented people on the payroll who are more than capable of providing design as good or better than Jr and without the prima dona attitude.
    To: Big T, I believe that Sr’s health was being compromised by the entire situation with the downturn in business and the issues that were growing in his relationships with all of his son’s. He lost a lot of weight and his musculature took a big hit during the year or so after Paul Jr forced the inevitable outcome with his tantrum. In the most recent episode installment last night I noticed that Sr’s arms looked better and fuller.
    By the way after the breakup OCC did design a spiderweb based design for a theme based bike and the spider web was actually attached to the tank and fenders, body filler was used to compliment the design and it looked a million times better and a more practical than Jr’s design of as an overlay. Jr’s design justs asks for rust and corrosion to form between the body parts and the web overlay, not to mention stress cracks at the intersections of attachment from constant vibration. As a Journeyman fabricator of some 38 years I have watched as Jr has heaped design error up error in his designs. The bikes he has designed could not be daily riders because they would start falling apart in short order. I have watched as a couple of theme bike inquiries from prospective customers for Paul Jr Design have stated that they decided to go with Jr because he was the better choice. My opinion is this, they are blowing smoke up Jr’s ass to pumpup his ever expanding ego and PJD is probably selling their work much cheaper than OCC and that is the real reason for the few companies that have chosen PDJ over OCC.

  • I am hoping that Mikey, Jr and Sr see this. I am so sadden that you guys especially Sr has taken this court action. It has divided this family in ways I wish they would not do. five years ago when my mom died we (all 10) of us in some way went a little crazy. thank goodness that this year we have decided to comeback together like our mother wanted and always instilled in us. this are the problems I have and hope you guys work this out.
    1. if Mikey asks senior to go to theraphy etc. then he should follow thru on he and Sr’s relationship and let Jr and Sr work out their own mess.

    2. Sr-stop being an indian giver. Pauly did a lot for the company. I know because I have been watching the show with my boyfriend for years . he deserves to keep his shares. you are going to give them to him when you die so to hell with this nonsense.
    3. Pauly- to hell with this. if he wants to act this way give him his stuff back trust me I know your fabucations and designs will give you millions. Love all three of you guys. Get your acts together!!!!! Smile.

  • tiredofbickering

    Paul Sr. did starte OCC but his son and his epic creations made the bike shop. Jr. helped that company grow and now the old man wants to take his stocks away. I see this crap everyday at my office where a family has been divided so it’s pretty pathetic to watch the show. And I’m pretty mad at Sr. for amputating his dogs leg and only to have him die shortly after. Sr. is a selfish man.

  • Bobo

    Ok folks,heres the deal,Between sr jr and mikey they couldnt build a minibike.Sr tapped into a hot craze with choppers and reality tv.Trust me when i tell you that occ was in the wright place at the wright time when cable tv came knocking.If they dont get those idiots back in one shop that show will be cancelled real quick.Watching occ without without the two wackoff kids there aint cutting it,and if the show goes so will the demand for the bikes.

  • Ron Ortega

    To tiredofbickering: I really don’t understand those of you that think that Paul Jr was due those shares for his contributions to OCC. He was paid handsomely and his prima dona attitude and slacker ways were put up with for years and if it hadn’t been for Jr having the tantrum he did he would probably still be working at OCC. Who else would put up with his crap? Does Boeing or Microsoft or any other company give away 20% of their company for doing what they are paid for? Think about it, Paul Jr was paid to be designer of theme bikes and was paid well for it, that was his job, he was given the shares because the old man always had planned for it to be a family business and Sr thought if he gave Jr a 20% share of the company he would change his act, didn’t happen, things only got worse. Why should the old man still give away 20% of his company, he could have hired a real designer for those bikes and been money ahead with the same popularity that he has today and not taken crap with a shovel for ten eyars.

  • LutherG

    Gee Ron, what’s the bug deal about the 20% stock Paul Jr got. The old man says the stock has a value of 0 and Paul Jr should just hand it over. Does it have a value of 0? If so, why fight? If not then the ol man is a liar and a con man.
    Want to know what Paul Jr did to deserve 20%? He took all the stock in the steel company
    from his dad, then sold all the assets to the steel company started by his brother Daniel at prices set by Daniel, then all employees and assets went to the new steel company, at below market prices, then the old man was a “consultant”. As a result the steel co owned by Paul Jr went under, Daniel had all the assets. And pops? Pops walked away with all his money and he figured liability would land on Paul Jr and daniel.
    The three of them were sued for bankruptcy fraud and Daniel
    Settled for 500k. Paul Jr, and sr are both still on the hook.

    So that’s what Paul Jr did to deserve 20%, he helped his scummy roided
    up father gyp creditors to the tune of 1.5 million. Classy. Now the old man is pulling the same number on his kid by playing games with the books to show OCC has no value. You folks that watch that show without taking the briefest google search into the family’s activities haven’t any idea how deep the lies, control, and manipulation goes with this family.

  • Lyle

    You give somebody something. GUESS WHAT, ” IT’S THEIRS “. …. and guess what YOU are the DUMB ASS that gave it to them………..therefore, you have no legal right to DEMAND it back. “GET OVER IT. GROW UP. and GET OVER IT!”

  • RICH





  • Ron Ortega

    Gee LutherG, I see you still have that bug up your ass and apparently no business experience. Your take on the issues prior to OCC is just that “your take”, you read certain chronological facts and then added your own take which is tainted to say the least. I noticed that you didn’t mention the fact that the appraiser that estimated the value of Jr’s 20% before and after the blow up was the same person. You seem to skip over those things that don’t fit in your scheme of things. Jr didn’t seem to have a problem with the original appraisal, the judge couldn’t find any issues with the newest appraisal, here again you are talking out of your ass. If there was any collusion between Sr and the appraiser the judge would have ordered a court appointed apparaiser to appraise again. With your tainted mind a little information is a dangerous thing. I think you are a cry baby, if your ass was a clue you couldn’t find it with both hands.

  • LutherG

    I’ll avoid the ad homimum attack Ron, and refer you to your post of December 7 to stephanie. Your portrayal of how the business was started, and how the ironworks transferred ownership is at odds with the filings of the chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee. How the business started has everything to do with the kids stock. I happen to know a few things about business, fraud, and business fraud. According to the filings Paul sr did not sell his ironworks to his son, Daniel. It was Paul sr who gave the stock to his son, paul, who then sold all the assets to Daniel leaving a shell behind. And it’s not old history, pal, only Daniel is off the hook because of a 500k settlement as of October of this year.

    I don’t know what you do for a living, except maybe lick boots, but I investigate criminal actions as my business. So what I see is a crook and con man engaging in yet another con job at his son’s detriment.

    It is clear to me, and I would hope anyone else that you are tied in with Paul sr in some capacity.

  • Ron Ortega

    To: LutherG, You know you are like a bad penny, you just won’t go away. A person doesn’t even have to refer to you and you are right there with your BS. Let see now, so far you have been a teacher, now you are an investigator of fraud. Being an insurance claims adjuster doesn’t make you an investigator, but that’s alright, what ever you want to imagine on your days out of confinement is OK with me. Why don’t you sign as Mikey Spillane, he is imaginary too! As to being tied to Sr, man you really have a vivid imagination, when you are in the body shops looking at wrecks you need to quit sniffing the paint. You’re really out there man, I mean really out there, earth to LutherG, come in for a landing and maybe naptime on your blanky. By the way you really have become a dreadful boor so in addition to being a pompous ass you have relegated yourself and have added to your resume.

  • LutherG

    ronny baby,
    I am a criminal defense lawyer with over 15 years experience, of running my own business. I teach, when asked. What you fail to do, is address any issue other than attack the person making the point. When I say I investigate, it means I represent people like the Tuetels on a regular basis.
    Your knowledge about this family appears to be from your imagination, and shifts as often as a dream. Please try not to attack the person, ron, and address the facts. Did the old man give all his stocks in the Ironworks to Paul jr? Did the ironworks go bankrupt at the same time that Daniel (the other son) was managing the Ironworks, and starting his own Ironworks with the same equipment? Did they all get sued for fraud? Was the Old man sued for being the real controlling figure? Did the Ironworks 1 go bankrupt and leave an empty shell, after having sold its assets to Ironworks 2?

    Try and control your childish outbursts, and address the issue. Paul Jr. earned his share of that business by putting his neck in the noose on the machinations involving Ironworks 1. Period. I can’t stand anyone in this entire family, but to say the son did nothing, and that the old man earned it all on his own simply ignores fact. Actually, this kind of stuff goes on all the time. I know of several family businesses which were started by spinning off the successful part of a publicly held company to a private company owned by the CEO and his family. In those cases someone could have been charged, but no one was watching it. In this case, it was the lawsuit and an aggressive Trustee who unearthed this fraud.

    By the way, the bike business was actually going on at the same time as the Ironworks 1 was folding. The Orange county Ironworks bankruptcy took place in 2005. Were they shafted by Turner construction? Probably. Turner is notorious in the construction industry for harsh practices and bankrupting suppliers and subcontractors. However, the only real issue in regard to OCC is did Paul jr do anything to warrant a 20% interest, and the answer is YES.

  • DaveM

    They will all tug at the money(lawyers) and soon their will be none, as the woman will fight for what’s there’s 1/2 don’t forget. Then What?

  • Ron Ortega

    To: LutherG,
    First of all I was responding to comments from someone else, you were not invited into the conversation but you stuck you’re two cents in anyway. By the way, I hope I never have an attorney like you that bases his complete knowledge on a Google search. Perhaps you should read some of your earlier comments to me and if you can be objective about yourself then you will see that you began the attacks and nasty comments. As in your constant inane comment that I somehow connected to Sr, because I speak positively about him.
    I am curious, since you claim to be a criminal attorney why your earlier writings are not indictitive of that level of intelligence, or the fact that your slanderous or libelous rants about Paul Teutel Sr are now published on a public forum. Your comments are based upon your obviously limited experience and not based upon personal experience in any of these cases and your comments do not indicate the level of intelligence a defense attorney would exhibit. Attack? Your comments about me are as baseless as the rest of your rantings.

  • Karl

    Many interesting things brought here. It would appear there are Sr fans and Jr fans. In reality I have seen examples where the father owns the business and will when he retires pass it onto his sons. Generally speaking they don’t work as you would expect them to because it is “dads” and he wont fire me. The thing I find strange is that there appeared to be no family contact between Sr and his sons.

    Sr was always the boss and will always be the boss. Jr works differently. In his new shop he gets there late but if needed he works late. So he puts in the same amount of effort but varies his times to suit himself. It is his business after all.

    As for the style of bikes I think Sr has one idea and Jr had another. Since they now have the computer kid (who for some reason I can’t stand) the designs are similar. So there will be no difference. The annoying thing in the show is that Sr is shown (could it part of the plot) always undermining Jr. If he cares for his son he would not meet or call the people he is going through. Also why do they always get back to him. He should be treated as another client and it should be private and confidential. No tattle tailing back to Sr. That is just ridiculous and the most annoying part.

    Just build bikes and keep going and let us watch them being built not the rest of the garbage. Jr actually (if you believe the internet) had to wait a year before he could build bikes. If Jr is hopeless why is Sr blocking him at every turn. I can think of two things they are 1. he can build good bikes and hence take profit from Sr or 2. its part of the scrip so we viewers keep on watching.

  • I think Sr and Jr make up life is too shot to fight jr stop being a rich bret


    Sr & Jr. Father and son, give in shake hands and get back to work with each other. Life is way to short!

  • Frank T Davis

    I’ve been watching American Chopper for what seems forever. I watched for 2 reasons: (1) to watch Paul, Jr. create “bikes ” with the other shop guys & (2) to watch Paul, Sr make a complete behind out of himself. Most men who had a set of “man-tools” wouldn’t have put up with Sr.’s mindless actions for a day. I wasn’t shocked to see that the guys who stayed with Sr. didn’t have the “man-tools” to walk away from Sr.

    I would love to see Sr. create and build a “bike” all by himself.
    Why would anyone jump on Sr.’s side of this fight. To fire his own son just proved Sr. wasn’t a father. I personally believe Sr. is dealing with Alzheimer’s or some other mental illness!

    Good luck Paul, Jr.

  • kenmac

    sr`s skills are weak he needs to take a chill pill.times have changed.he losing his mind over money and power he has no respect for his workers and is hard to get along with.

  • Tom S

    Its all for show folks. The rivalry exists purely for ratings and to stretch the 15 minutes of fame out for yet another agonizing season. These two boobs will fight for another season or two. THEN……..they’ll get back together in order to torture the rest of us with yet another season of this trash. Their bikes suck, the show sucks, they suck and Mikey likes bending over for the soap. GO VINNY!

  • joe L.

    Stopped watching a year or so ago, for all the general reasons stated in posts above.
    Sr. s ego most hard to watch when just looking to be entertained., and not for a reason to puke. But today catching up on some former programs during football commercial breaks . Will only state one strong personnel comment, and that from the last time I saw senior , until today, my biggest thought is concerning the look in Sr. s eyes. The look of sickness & death. Be it by a failing liver as someone mentioned back above, or by something else such as cancer. Whatever the case I would forward that he may very well want to get his head, spirit, & world in order while he still has time.
    He may, or may not be on drugs or alcohol . But the damage may have been already done. Whatever the case he appears to me as nothing more than a dry drunk, and now set to pay the piper royally for his past , as well as present, self – indulgences. Mental as well as physical. With the life he has left, no matter the length of days, he may want to find a program of recovery, not only from the chemicals, but mostly from himself & ways. May God Bless the lot of them in their future relations with each other. Time may very well be running out for the much called for amends and health of relations for all concerned. My last opinion being, that it is not so much of importance who does the reaching out, but when.

  • chung

    may be when Sr. die he can leave his money to his 3 legged dog

  • doug ayers

    paul sr. has so much ego and very little else the man is afraid to say thank you to his boys for making it for him, what an asshole fuck the show and may stupid people find a quiet place out of the public eye to die with dignity.

  • Jr . would not be anything if it werent for senior , None of them would be anywhere without Vinnie and Rick . They are the true bike builders , and the discovery channel made them all . I know a LOT better bike builders who do ALL the work themselves .

  • PS

    Senior cried hysterically on camera about his dog with cancer. Yet has no contact with his family and that seems ok with him. He wants his family to admit that he alone built OCC. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sorry senior. Seems you and Gus were made for each other!

  • david moody

    i can’t believe you fucktards still think JR. isn’t wrong in this crap….jr said it himself at the big blow out…..when SR said he’s tired of JR laying out and being late at lunch and just not giving a shit…..JR said….we been fighting about this for ten yrs…..meaning jr laying out, late at lunch….just not giving a shit….some of you say….id never fire my kids…..if my kids shit on me like these bastards did SR….id ran my kids off after the first few times they did it….ask yourself this….if you were like jr……would you still have a job???? hell no….so why should he….now mikey is lil different story……his fatasss never did any work he just made sr laugh..but mikey is a asshole in my book…..and id tell him or jr or sr to his face that he is….sr looks to me like he’s reaching out…….mikey is an asss….i hope when SR dies…..he leave all bikes and all money to his new wifes kids and her…..maybe to his daughter………………as alway…..anybody call me anytime and some have….lol….256-759-4349

  • david moody

    you know….id first put JR back in the steel shop….then if he kept up his crap….then id replace his assss…………………….YES i know SR…..ive meet him and alot others at bike week and sturges 30 times. so what…..i think SR is wrong in some of his doings…..but none of you people say JR has did anything……..your just one sided about this thing….

  • david moody

    read this good………paul sr ownes occ….not jr or mikey….sr can do anything he wants to in his company….he can hire whom ever he likes….fire who ever lays out and replace them….now jr did help get occ on the map……..but sr ownes occ….not jr or mikey….some of you say sj cant build a bike…..well your full of shit……not only can he build a bike…..he build the first bike….that bike and others got occ on the show…..not jr or mikey…..jr or mikey wouldnt be in the bike business if not for sr….but i know you fucktards are to stupid to see that…………..rick, vinnie, and others that have worked there now and in the past, were bike builders….not jr…….jr is ONLY a designer ONLY….he never wired a bike, painted one, he made a few pipes and bars….but dont really know shit about building a bike….
    until now after SR carried him for 10 yrs. letting him shit on sr. he’s trying to build bikes on his own….still NOT wiring, or painting……SR built his own bike, painted it, built bars,pipes,tank,wired,about everything himself….open your fuccking eyes people….also now….sr dont have to do any building at all….he hires it done….but gets to work on time and DONT have to….JR is still late!!!!!!!!!!….dont you think the folks out that are looking for bikes to be built look at jrs past ….i would…………..

  • david moody

    wut happened to ma buddy…..pau sr on crack….lol……i must of cussed him out to bad huh….oh well…..if u cant give both sides……dont get pissed when i cuss urassss out!!!!!!!!!!!!!….lol….did u see my mis spellin…..did that just for u….paul sr on crack….

  • david moody

    PS ….if my dog needed his leg removed….id shot his assss…..but i mite of cryed waking him to the woods….lol….SR is trying to reach out….but id give up….maself….spend time wit ma new wife an her kids…..fuck mikey an jr….hope yall hada great christmas….i did….

  • Ron Ortega

    To: David Moody, I think the reason Sr was so broken up about his dog is that the dog has shown him affection without strings attached. I also think that OCC could have built a much better means for the dog to get around, hell Jason could have designed something better than that stupid cart.
    Did you catch the episode recently where Mikey was at the therapist and sat there and lied to the therapist about his father? That fat assed jerk is delusional, he said that Sr never told Jr he was proud of him or the work he did, that is a lame assed lie. I have watched Sr come out and tell Jr what a good looking bike he has designed and after the unveiling say on film that Jr has done it again and maintained the company’s reputation. Then he said that Sr has strings attached to all Mikey’s efforts to re-establish a relationship, that is so much bullshit, Mikey is the one that is afraid that if he re-establishes a relationship with Sr, then Jr will then cut him out of his life which is true so he blames his father for everything. It is true that Sr is juvenile and immature in a lot of his actions and responses but then again, his children are on the same level or worse. I still feel that same as you, the old man built the business with his business savy and might have received some notirety from the theme bikes but the production bikes is what has made Sr rich, not the theme bikes that half the time were were built for charity.
    Did you happen to notice that now that Jr has to pay his own payroll that he is a lot more concerned about maintaining schedules and daily plans for accomplished production? Vinnie said on the last build that he had put in many a late night to accomplish the build but that he wasn’t thrilled with the long shifts. He said that things would get better, he must be delusional too! That is Jr’s MO and the longer he is in business the more he will leave all the work to others except the design, which will come in spurts just like always and then when pressed for deadline expect others to make up for his lack of real designing skills. The longer he is in business the more he will copy the designs of the bikes at OCC which he does not own the rights to.

  • Karl

    Just some things I have noticed about some of these reality shows. I like watching the fabrication side so I sometimes watched the shows. The one that is so similar had Boyd Cottington (I am not sure about the spelling). They were always running behind and the pressure and tension mounting etc. So I get the impression they have it for the show and it is part of a formula.

    Mikey seams to be the one that worries everyone. He spent time with his brother at the Ironworks and got fired from there so his dad took him and tried to find a place for him. So he had a job. I also know that Sr did try to get in contact with him and he asked Jr what to do and he basically it is his decision and he can’t make it for him. He did say he would like if his father was trying to make up with him. Mikey chose not to accept.

    Also Sr was the first to design and build a bike. Jr did help and he became interested in designing etc.

    As for how he runs his business he gets that from his dad. Even at OCC he may have gotten in late but he worked back so the deadline could be met. The car show I mentioned earlier they all stayed back one day to 4am and then came in at normally time. Its the show.

    One thing I find interesting is that Sr is still building bikes in the same style as he did when Jr was there. The ones he designed and built were old school choppers. He also said that is what he prefers to build. I always thought it was because of Paulie that he was building them.

    I also afraid to say that in the little I saw of the new show it seamed Paul Sr spent most of the time bagging Jr. Also I remember he said that if Paulie had built the bike that was on show he might go and see it. Implying he did not build it. Off course he did not and neither did Sr. Jr designed it and helped build it. Where have Sr just acting as team leader and helping out. The reason both are doing this is because they have built a team. Hopefully a good one that can make the product to meet there expectations. Isn’t that what you do once you have the funds?

  • Jesse

    I’ve watched the show for years and from what I’ve seen, Paul Sr. hasn’t done very much wrong. He built the company to where it is today. From day one…it was and is HIS drive that’s taking the company to greater and greater heights and not his son’s. They have had a free ride to get all the famcy cars and houses they have now. They owe it ALL to Paul Sr. Paul Jr. has one good idea…the web bike..but after 3 or 4 of these…BORING!! I’m thinking that was all he had and that’s all he can offer. I’ve seen so many other bike builders that far out distance Paul Jr. in their skills and design concepts. I happen to love old school bikes. My brother and I have been building them since 1967 so I do know something about bike building. My money is on Paul Sr and his company. Jason, Rick and the rest of the team rock. THEY are the ones that make OOC…Hang in there guys…you are number one in my book. Love you Paul Sr!!

  • R.Nixon

    I admire the old man. Such pacience with his son. One a no talent idiot, and the other a vane jackass with the worse work ethic I have ever seen. I built a company myself. Had my son acted as he did, and talked to me ort about me as gthat guy does, He would not have seen the next day in my Company.

    These boys would not have those nice houses and life without their father. What gratitude. GREEDY BASTARDS.
    The gull to suggest that your father goes to therapy. And that wonderful loving guy even went just to satisfy that Micky no talent guy.

    Fatherly love, and They have no idea but want only MONEY of the old man.
    One of the biggest mistake of that old man was to give that Jr. a part of his business in shares, FOR NOTHING with no conditions. That is how he wanted to get to the big bucks without doing much.
    I can only excuse that with fatherly love, of which BOTH don’t have a clue.

    I shall no longer watch that show . I am getting very upset with such arrogance and gull . GOD BLESS SR.

  • Theme bikes suck

    I watch the show for the entertainment value only.

    The bikes they ASSEMBLE are down right ugly.

    I own, ride, build and restore vintage motorcycles. Real motorcyles. I would be embarrased to be seen on one of those gawdy things.
    There are companies that build much better looking bikes, but that’s just my opinion.

    Many love the OCC bikes, to each his own I guess.

    As for the family problems, they are both to blame. Jr is lazy40% blame.
    The old mans ego is over the top 60% blame.

    The bike shop started in 99 the show started in 03 logic says Jr is partially to thank for its success.

  • Bob

    Couldn’t disagree more, even if I wanted to, with Nixon’s SHORTSIGHTED comments.

    Seniors company florished only because of TLC, and TLC wouldn’t be around if not for Jr’s design skills–period!

    As for Mickey, nice kid and provides humor to the show. Yes, I’m sure TLC pays Mickey too, so dont go thinking that Sr paid for everything.

    As for building a company, you surround yourself with talent, —not to difficult unless your ego (Sr.) is to large to notice talent.



    TUGFISH Have to agree with Jesse & R Nixon couldn’t have said it better The boys have been riding on the fathers coat tail .

  • Maverick

    You could not pay me to ride one of those bikes, I’ve watched bits and pieces of the show since it started and was never much interested beause the over the top yelling and make believe deadlines were laughable but it is entertaining. After all this time some truth is coming through probably from just being on camera so much. Taken as a hypothetical situation, Jr. is an employee period and any work he does is the property of the owner and founder Sr. If he does not like the way he is treated it is his right to quit but not his right to claim any work he did as an empoyee gives him rights towards the business. Just as an add agency may hire a talented design person to work there does not give that talented person claim to that business, he/she was hired to do that job. The 20% deal makes a differance only as a minority owner and has no effect on the day to day work other than as the business assets grow so does your share. I noticed on the episode I wathced with the fake Sr. showing up at Jr.s shop. Jr. stated that “He’s not looking to good right now” speaking about his father on the show, so is the show shaping what happens..are the cameras actually creating a lot of the situation as each of them try to comvince the audience that they are in the right.. that comment should be a clue. I’m sure there are some professionals out there that could comment on the effects of livng your life in front of a camera. In the end it may actually be a tragedy that they never intended.

  • Karl

    Sorry people they are not riding on Sr’s coat tail any more if they ever did. Unless Mikey is being paid money from his father and Jr is getting money from his shares. Lets face it Discovery is paying them.

    I will not forget the episode where Jr was looking for tools etc. The companies he called were the ones OCC use (I said OCC because we really don’t know who talked to whom and who had any input etc). Of course I would go with companies that I know produce quality tools. They then rang Sr who laughed at the fact he is going to same place OCC did and the company told Sr what Jr was asking. That would really turn me off that company.

    This behavior shows that Jr is being treated by other companies as an extension of OCC or so the “show” is portraying it that way. If I was Jr and I knew that they were disclosing information about my company to another person I would not be happy because of the breach of privacy.

    Also lets get something straight who built the bikes before they got famous Sr, who helped? Jr who else. Who designed the bikes, initially Sr. Then they were picked up by Discovery, who put the application in? Then who designed and helped build the bikes? It was and is always a team effort. Which they sometimes forget.

    It is not like Sr went out and built OCC. Then Jr (who has never worked with dad) some years after his father was famous went out in another area and built another one and advertised that he was Paul Sr’s son and play on his his fathers great reputation. Did his father actually have a great reputation before they got famous?

    Jr has through the “show” demonstrated what he can and can’t do and how well he works. He effectively has built his own reputation through TV and people can make a judgment based on this. The same goes for Vinney and Cody both worked at OCC.

    Just something to think about would they have been so “great” without the Discovery channel. Who bought a bike from them before they were famous. How many did they sell before they were picked up by TV?

    I would agree 100% that they were riding on dads coat tails if I saw their father design and build the bikes himself from scratch with no computer etc and Jr just popping in every now and then and picked up a spanner occasionally. I would question Jr’s ability but because of the reputation of dad I might think it was worth the risk. In actual fact I have seen him design a bike and help build a bike. So I know he design one and can put one together, with help. I am still not sure of Sr’s or Jr’s mechanical ability. If I saw a bike made by Mikey Teutal I would not touch it. Why, because I have seen how well he works with bikes on OCC. But possibly because I thought Mikey needs a hand and I have the money to waste why not. Where is Sr in this? Absolutely not in my mind and never enter it because I am using my own judgment based on what I have seen.

    So riding on coat tails, only Discovery channels.

    The whole point is that OCC would not be famous and all the rest without the TV and the viewers. Basically they owe Discovery. Everybody has formed opinions of each person because of TV. Without it they would be just another bike building company. All these people were there at the beginning. Jr worked with his dad in the Ironworks and managed it for a while then it went to his brother. All the time Jr was also working with Sr building bikes. The first one made was an old school bike by Sr. Later Jr started designing them and Sr built them because he noticed that he seemed to have a flare for it.

    So Jr would owe his dad for allowing him to find out what he is interested in. I think in one episode it also showed how Jr was always drawing designs.

    They owe nothing to Sr except a job. But through the show they have built there own reputation. Do we ride on our employers coat tails?

    In short there are no coat tails to ride on people. Think, where would they be with Discovery?

  • Karl

    To Maverick, you said what I have been thinking. I wish I read it first.

    I know that in my job that whatever I make at work and as part of my employment it is owned by the company I work for. It is not owned by me. Also by the same token I have the right to use whatever is produced by the company (other employees) in my work.

  • Paul Sr’s Dog

    To all the Paul Sr. Supporters out there;

    There is something seriously wrong with an individual who shows more emotion over the illness of a family pet, that he does over the estrangement from his former wife and three sons.

    There is something seriously wrong with an individual who continually makes disparaging commentary about Jr and his attempts to start a business.

    The only reason I watch the show is because this sorry POS makes me feel better about the occasional hiccups I have in my relationship with my children.

  • Jeremy

    There is something wrong with people who side with the spoiled brat of a kid who came and went as he pleased. Jr would have been fired long ago in any other business where he worked. Jr as part owner should be an example and show up for work on time. JR started the whole mess with his temper tantrum over the company not being worth anything. Maybe if Jr actually showed up for work on time and put any effort into the business side of things.

    So sad that many people support the laziness of spoiled workers. Sr did what any employer does to an employee who doesn’t follow the rules (JR had a contract that stated he had to be at the shop at a certain time, yet he still came in whenever).

  • Gerald

    This is all made for tv, love it.

  • Ron Ortega

    To Paul Sr’s Dog says:
    Perhaps you should know a little more about the issues before you start calling someone a POS. First of all Paul Sr married his new wife in 2007, there was no estrangement from his former wife, there was a divorce and it was years before Paul Jr was fired. By the way, Jr was fired on April 9th 2009 and after discussions came back to work for OCC until April 27th 2009 when he terminated his OWN employment. At which time he decided to start his own business; it was Paul Jr who stated that he would do everything in his power to destroy Paul Sr long before Paul Sr said it about Jr. There was a one year non-competitve clause in his contract with OCC, in that year Paul Jr sued his father and OCC to have the company taken away from Sr and put into receivership, the court denied Jr’s suit. Paul Sr is the one who requested a court appointed appraiser to value the company, Paul Jr didn’t like the result and tried to insinuate that Sr had something to do with the resulting valuation of $0.00. His little temper tantrum cost the company money and loss of income. That was when Sr decided to sue over the losses caused by Jr. and to stop Jr’s attempts at destroying OCC further. As for the dog, Gus had been with Paul Sr for years and never tried to bite the hand that fed him. There are plenty of people that mourn the loss of a pet that has been a loyal companion for years, which is more than can be said for Paul Jr and Mikey. Speaking of Mikey perhaps you missed the episode where he bald faced lied to his therapist about his father concerning the treatment of himself and Paul Jr, the man is seriously conflicted, he should remember back when his father overlooked his constant (crashing/sleeping) on the job. Concerning disparging comments or remarks, evidently you skip over all the nasty comments made all the time about Paul Sr by Paul Jr before and after he quit OCC, don’t forget the backbiters he has employed from the cast off’s from OCC, they get their licks in too. Every one of them is a disgruntled employee that was fired after the breakup. Since Paul Jr’s supposed rebirth in Christ (born again) he has certainly not followed the Christian doctrine, he has manipulated Mikey to keep him on his side and from making reparations with his father. If Mikey mends the fence with Sr then Jr is alone in his battle with Sr and appears to be exactly what he is, an ungrateful prim dona that is using OCC to springboard his company. I don’t really care what your opinion of Paul Sr is but you should have your facts straight before you call him a POS.

  • Ron Ortega

    To Paul Sr’s Dog says: Correction; “Every one of them is a disgruntled employee that was fired after the breakup.” That is with the exception of Vinnie who quit a couple years before because he was tired of the arguements between Sr and Jr and that he was tired of being left to do all the work when Jr decided he had other more important things to do.

  • Karl

    Ron Ortega, you have put in a lot of details about what happened with Jr. I have trying to figure out the legal side of things. Everybody said he was fired and then he had a position as a guest to help not that he was basically re-employed.

    Also are you implying that Jr is keeping Mikey around to soothe his ego and controlling so he does not go back to dad? From the few episodes I have seen, it does not appear that way but that is on TV we don’t see what goes on when the cameras turn off.

    As for the comments Jr made, they were heat of the moment type stuff. He is now trying to appear better and the roles have reversed according to TV. Sr is now trying to pull Jr down.

    Has anyone noticed that most of these shows have a similar feel to them? I have watched Boyd Coddington and the show around him. Same stuff and you don’t SEE Boyd doing anything at all. Also the same types of characters.

    To me it is only a show but there is so much said about the people in it. How much is it set-up for TV. Are they really great with each other after the cameras are off?

    How much are they getting paid by Discovery? Is it enough so the bike building is a sideline. In Sr case no way. His company is just to big. Where would they be without TV?

    A pet becomes a member of the family and such when it dies etc it is like losing a member of the family.

  • charlie k

    Bottom Line Where were the boys when Paul Sr. was working out in the cold trying to make a buck build a business these boys are spoiled if they hadn’t had everything given to them maybe they would be a little more appreciate . but it is a different world these days its like the money (i want it now ) forget about the long hall to get there.

  • Ron Ortega

    To Karl:
    The information I related is from searches “Google”, “Bing” and other sources I have done in order to get truth as opposed to propaganda from the show. There are evidently many scenes that are not shown but edited out if it doesn’t fit with the slant of the producer. Not all of Jr’s derogatory comments have been heat of the moment, same as the old man, they both have major sins. The main thing I have seen is a genuine lack of respect that has been shown over and over again. I agree that both sides have shown a major lack of respect for each other but Jr’s has been a major part of his persona and attitude toward his father. Usually respect begets respect but it has to start somewhere and there is no better place than to offer respect to your father who has provided a means for you to learn a trade, fame and wealth. Jr did not provide that to anyone but was able to utilize and expand it once it was provided to him. Show someone respect and they will usually return the favor. I suggest that if anyone wants to get to the truth about the background and issues about this family just do a simple search on Google or Bing, many things will be revealed that are edited out of the shows and many things are simply not discussed in any context on the show. Searches usually take less time than it did to compose this comment.

  • Allan

    Ive watched the show from its birth. Im tired of all the dysfunction in the family. If the family cant work out their problems this season Im done with the show. Its sad to see the dysfunction…get together or get off TV.

  • Ron Ortega

    To charlie k,
    You are absolutely right and correct in your observation, the sons did not provide the start or early efforts to get the company ball rolling. But bring them on later and they think that you are indebted to them just like Paul Jr’s attitude has been for a long time. I know this only too well from experience. Many a freezing ass late night and day in the field or shop, all alone, spent trying to get work done and meet the customers deadline. Accomplishing things all alone that should require two people or more but you can’t afford help yet. Laying on the freezing ground or in puddles of rainwater, pay your dues over many a year and build a successful fabricating and structural steel business, bring the kid(s) on as a laborer, teach him a trade. After years of hard labor you are finally at a place where you move to the office and concentrate growing the business. Pretty soon they think you are a lazy slob and worthless jerk with nothing better to do than bother them. They think all the company’s success is due to them and you should kiss their ass. Sound like a familiar scenario? It didn’t take me ten years of abuse, after a couple years you quit taking into account that they are your kids and you fire their ass. Now in Paul Junior’ case he has springboarded his business off of OCC’s contacts, suppliers, company files, customers and subcontractors to start his copycat business, if he had to start from scratch like his dad he couldn’t do it, he doesn’t have the work ethic or the patience to work at something more than a couple hours at a time. So even in his new endeavor to compete against his fathers company he still owes everything to OCC and his father.

  • Ron Ortega

    To Alan:
    Oh come on! This show hasn’t been about bike building for a long time, it morphed into a night time soap opera at it’s best. Look what you got, real personality interaction, drama, some art design, some fabrication, and hopefully a finished product. As a bonus you can thank your lucky stars that your family isn’t as screwed up as the Teutul’s and it is semi-reality, that is what the producers and editors decide to let you see and not see.

  • John R

    Sr built the chopper business? No way! He built the iron works business which started out building gates. His other son was the reason Orange County Iron works grew but of course Sr took credit for that and ran that son off. Sr claims he started OCC in the basement of his garage, bull crap. I have seen pics of the bikes he slapped together in his basement and they were anything but show worthy. Sr might be a welder but that is as far as his skills go. OCC was a joint adventure between SR and Jr, Jr was even the one who designed the OCC logo which as made the company no telling how much money, but of course Sr will probably take crdit for that also. I remember watching an episode where he and Jr went head to head building bikes to compete for a spot in their production bike lineup. Sr’s design won, although he didn’t do the design, but I can not figure out how. I mean the bike Sr built looked like something you would find sitting out in the back of a motorcycle dealership, you know, the bike waiting to be striped and junked. Bottom line here is Sr has no talent, none, nadda, zip! Only talent he has is the one for making himself like like a total a-hole. I watched an episode a few weeks ago where Sr tried to hire a metal worker away from Jr’s shop just to try and prevent him from finishing a bike! Sr rides by Jr’s shop and revs his engine acting like a 5 y/o. Sr has made countless remarks about Jr making claims he can not back up. Now if that isn’t an a-hole I don’t know what is, especially when a dad is doing that type of stuf to his own kid! Now I have to admit Jr isn’t to far behind him in that area. Jr does have some good ideas floating around in his head but somehow the seem to get clouded with all the crap he adds to the design. The SnapOn bike was about the best theme bike he designd in my opinion, and i don’t care for theme bikes. If Jr could get it through his head that more isn’t always better the SnapOn bike could have been world class. The Santa bike they built? I would have buried my head in the sand if I had designed something that stupid! The black widow bike? Way way to cheesy. I’ve watched a few episodes of the Sr vs Jr shows and not much has changed. Sr is still full of himself and still has no talent. Only difference with him now is his mind is gone! He really seems to be showing signs of Alzheimer. If you look at his eyes when he talks and listen to how he repeats himself you can tell he isn;t all there. Oh! someone needs to tell him it’s pronounced “Idea” not “Idear”. One thing that gets me is Sr sueing Jr, his own son. He said he affered to buy Jr’s shares but in the same breath said the company is worth $0.00? I loved it when Jr said he would just buy Sr’s shares since they were worth $0.00. To be worthless OCC would have to be in debt for more than all the bikes, all the michenery, the building and the land is worth, not very likely but it could be. Jr seems to be a little more calm since he is away from Sr and his business seems to be doing ok. Hopefully he will slowly fade away from the theme bikes and start building more custom bikes like other builders such as Eddie Trotta and the MArtin Bros

  • John R

    Ron Ortega……. Sr started Orange County Iron works but OCC was started by Sr and Jr together. Sr might have built a few thrown together choppers in his basement but OCC was never in the picture back then. Sr was the sole backer for OCC but he just like everyone else knows if it had not been for Jr OCC would have just been a wet dream. Jr’s designs and his personality, be it a spoiled brat back then, is what got OCC noticed. There is no way to deny this, the theme bikes sure didn’t make them famous, the show did. Who would have ever bought one of the crapy looking theme bikes if it hadn’t been for the show? Nobody! The show, which was mostly about their screwed up family, opened the doors for a whole new industry, the theme bikes.

  • Ron Ortega

    To John R,
    Seriously suggest you do a few Google searches and read the facts not what you have seen on the show. Sr signed the iron company completely over to Jr who was running the ornamental railing shop which was a department of the iron works, but not the only work being done, Dan was the manager. That company was dumped and a brand new one was founded by Dan with an LLC added to the name. Jr sold all the assets to Dan at prices below market value and they were all sued by Turner Const for fraud and won a judgement. In 1999 OCC was co-founded by both Sr and Jr but the money came from Sr. Dan paid 500K to a Trustee of the Court and is out of the lawsuit, Sr and Jr are still on the hook. You are obviously a Jr fan and I won’t argue with you because it is useless. Your facts are either founded on your imagination or the show, either way it is fiction and fantasy. Facts is facts dude and you are not commenting on facts but what you have assumed.

  • PS

    Sr is acting like a child. He hasn’t been happy about being portrayed as a buffoon for years. I recently watched an episode from a few years back where Rick says, “luckily he has a short attention span” as he walks back into the office. Now of course Rick and the rest of the OCC bunch have to kiss his ass and make like he is assisting in bike building. So what does this genius of a father do? Sends over an obnoxious look alike to Paul Jrs, has the OCC crew ride by Paul Jrs and honk their horns, and come in with a hat and sunglasses mocking Jr. Real mature. He’s acting like an insecure high school girl who isn’t getting enough attention. My only fear is that this is all BS for contrived drama to extend the show. After all, even on pro wrestling somebody has to be the bad guy….

  • LutherG

    gee Ron, its interesting that you now mention the fact the old man dumped his stock in the old ironworks, yet neglect to mention that Sr. was being sued as the real controller of the scam that resulted in the new company.

    Sr. was an overpaid “consultant” to ironworks 1, paul may have gotten the stock, but daniel managed the company, set the prices, etc.

    The old man has one real skill, and that is to steal credit and work from anyone who works for him. Why are his kids screwed up? Because a parent like him can do lifelong damage.

    John R. has this nailed. Also, the old guy isn’t suffering from alzheimers, it is probably strokes from premature hardening of the arteries from steroid abuse. You simply cant get arms like that without steroids at his age.

  • It’s just painful to watch. I obviously do not know any of the people on the show, but I can’t say it A) is similar to other family businesses I’ve been around and B) of course you don’t know the effect of the Disco Channel’s editing and/or staging: With the right editing, you can buld any picture you want. They’ve obviously laughed/fought all the way to the bank, but I really wish it was about motorcycles.

    I think back to some of the ‘Biker BuildOff’ episodes, and very few of these guys can build one from the ground up. A lot of them would be out of business without those huge parts catalogs. Ironically, it’s made me appreciate the moto companies more.

    I wish them the best, and some sort of peaceful rapproachment and a future together, if possible. I also wish I’d never watch it again !

    It’s certainly not a stable business with some of the characters involved. Billy Lane in jail. Jesse James MIA. God Rest Indian Larry. The Teutels. After most of these guys, I’m convinced Arlen Ness is the Coolest Man in the World, not the guy on the beer commercial !

    But I’ll always watch that re-run of them doing the Yankees bike, just to watch Grandma Teutel have the time of her life. Bless her heart !

    But I have always wondered: What exactly is Mikey’s problem(s)? It’s so unfortunmately obvious that this poor guy is barely functioning a lot of the time.

    I do pull for them to restore their family, and I truly hope they succeed.

  • Lyle

    OCC is all about the money, and since they have lost their viewer ratings on their biker builds, it’s all become a sleazy Soap Opera………………….. KILL THE SHOW ……..all the crap they toss on a bike sure makes it a dangerous, heavy piece of lethal steal (would YOU ride a bike with a sharp pointy piece of metal just inches away from your family jewels ?)………………………………….

  • Tom S

    I cant believe that you boobs put this much time and thought into commenting and these assholes. ITS A FUCKING TV SHOW PEOPLE and this family of dysfunctional fat fucks are ACTORS! They are ALL assholes in their own right but smart enough to know where the money is. Actors make big bucks, not big bikes. If you think this shit is real, you should probably discuss it with the therapist on your next visit (along with UFO’s and the Sasquatch). Hows THAT for free advice? You can thank me later but I wont hold my breath.

  • Ron Ortega

    To Luther G: Jesus Christ you are like a bad fucking dream that keeps re-occuring. Arguing with you is like wrestling with a fucking pig in the mud, pain in the ass but the pig enjoys it. Why don’t you read the facts and quit with your amateur analysis. I read the same facts that you did, however I didn’t put my spin on it as you have. Please re-read my statement, I said that Jr sold the assets of the old iron works to Dan at prices below the market value prompting a suit for fraud. There was absolutley nothing about Sr directing the liquidation, although you are probably correct because I doubt Jr could wipe his own ass at the time without assistance. Thank you for proving my point about Jr’s ability to do anything without Sr preparing the path for him. Now eat shit and die, please!

  • Ron Ortega

    To Tom S says: Well thank you for pointing out the obvious. This show is reality and fantasy combined with intentional editing to keep people cheering and booing their favorites and of course anyone not realizing that should sign up for “Common Sense 101”. If the comments to each other bother you perhaps you should quit reading them. If you think there is a lot of attention paid to this show by us “Boobs” then you have no idea the amount of time and energy spent by the religious day time soap opera watchers in their endeavor to be amateur directors and producers of their favorite shows. Which by the way Are based soley in fantasy, at least American Chopper has one foot in reality.

  • John

    Bottom line , those 2 clowns are ass holes . Paul sr. could tone it down a little . He did put gold spoons in their mouths .

  • Ron Ortega

    To John:
    I couldn’t agree more, they are both acting like juveniles. Paul Sr can’t help it because he doesn’t have the sophistication that it takes to argue without allowing his temper to control his tongue, he is often tongue tied and out comes the expletives because that is all he can think of. You know the tough guy act in order to beat down or bully your opponent, that’s the crowd he grew up with. Paul Jr should know better and he does have a certain amount of sophistication that should enable him to argue without getting down in the dirt with the old man but I don’t think that apple fell too far from the tree. He should have kept his smart assed comments and insults to himself but his pride won’t allow him to do that. If he was smart he would have let Sr vent and then if he had something constructive to say, say it and finish the arguement in a manner that Sr couldn’t retort. His arrogance won’t allow him to do that, he has to go toe to toe, shout for shout and expletive for expletive, this attitude only escalates an arguement with no apparent winner.

  • LutherG

    You are either uninformed, a liar,
    or both. Why all the vitriol? What difference is it to you that Paul
    Sr be so wonderful and his kids so bad? In fact, Paul sr (not Paul M Tteutal)
    WAS alleged to be the controlling party in a scheme which resulted in bankruptcy

    Here is allegation 57 or the suit filed against all the Teutals:

    57. Defendant Daniel Teutul. in his capacity as beneficial owner. “manager” and corporate officer of the Debtor, defendant Paul M. Teutul, in his capacity as record owner of the stock of the Debtor, and defendant Paul Teutul. as de facto controlling party of the Debtor.

    Keep those insults flying, pal, and I’ll document everything else.

  • Ron Ortega

    To Luther G,
    Gee counselor, I certainly hope for your clients sake that Alleged doesn’t mean automatically guilty by accusation. Or de facto “acting or existing in fact but without legal sanction” doesn’t mean that Paul Michael Teutul the actual owner/possessor of the company stock was a puppet to Paul John Teutul Jr’s instructions. Considering that Sr had no legal standing in the liquidation of the company assets, it would be pretty stupid of PMT to take direction, I mean PMT was the owner of record of the company shares wasn’t he? But if what you claim was the case then you have just proven my point once again, thanks keep up the good work.

  • PS

    The real winner here is Jr. You see that Rachel he married? Mamma Mia. He must wake up everyday and say is this really happening? That was some camel toe in the yellow McCuff jumpsuit. Without this TV show he’s marrying some white trash from the local bar.

  • John R

    Ron Ortega…..You basicly repeated what i said. Sr Started Iron works. You yourself said Sr signed it over to Jr which he could have never done if he didn’t start it. Right? You also basicly repeated the same thing I said about OCC. You said Sr financed it and I said Sr backed, those sound like the same statement to me. Like I said earlier Sr might have backed the theme bike business but the logo came from Jr and most of the bike designs came from Jr. What did Sr do except stomp around and have pissing fits with Jr? Also if you take the time to read my post you will tell I don;t back either one of the idiots. I agree Jr is a spoiled brat but he does seem to be trying to make a go at it on his own, be that choice forced on him or not. Read my post and you will also see I said Jr does seem to have some talent at designing bikes but he tends to hang to much crap on them. I don’t care much for Billy lane but that won’t stop me from admitting he has talent. Your vission must be bad or your dyslectic. You said I must be a Jr fan? Read the post again bubba because I clearly stated that he was a spoiled brat. I also stated that him being a spoiled brat and the fights between him and Sr are what got OCC known. Hell nobody would have watched the show if it wasn’t for all the fighting. Well except for the OCC groupies and nobody will ever be able to figure them out. As for my facts? They came from the Sentinal news paper. But then I guess you got all yours from Sr while you two were kciking back Geritol mixers and discussing his alzheimer’s and dementia. Personally I could care less if OCC hangs around or not. I ride sport bikes, never could go for the slow stuff. Keep up the good work of correcting everone Ron. So far you have corrected everyone on here proving you think you know more than you do and also that you spend way way to much time keeping up with the OCC drama. I would say your actually Sr but you do seem a little more coherent than Sr. By the way, I love your Taco products.

  • OMG…… reading all these notes is sad. There are about 5 of you that really need to get yourselves a life. People voice their opinions and you guys act like you are being personally attacked. Is that a man thing ? Most of you are acting just like Sr and Jr. LOL. Take your medications and work with the drug. LOL…….. if you want to leave me a note to attack me, don’t bother. Found this site by accident and will never log on again. L

  • RSki


    >>John R – re: Ron Ortega “…By the way, I love your Taco products.” That’s a freakin’ riot!

    This whole thread has become the Sr defenders vs the Jr defenders. They both got OCC to what it became, Jr’s designs – Sr making sure all the pieces were in place. Sr has no people mgt skills other than a size 12 up ur ass. Jr’s work ethic did leave something to be desired, but when push came to shove, he stayed late & they never missed a deadline. It ended up where it is now, because Sr won’t come down off his high horse, its that simple. Give Jr his 20% worth & it would have been over. At this point, I don’t think even that could turn things around. And I don’t care who you are, anyone who thinks the appraiser who came up w/ the business is worth $0 is as dumb as the appraiser, come on – anyone can understand its not = to $0.

    ……and dip-shit Jason is still a lap dog (sorry, don’t think many on either side of this issue would argue that one).

  • irksome

    You whiny little bitches; this thread has been up for a YEAR?! And you still CARE?!

    This is like some f**king afternoon soap opera for the pirate costume set; either get a f**king life or get a sex change.

    Seriously, it’s like a goddamn circle jerk here. get a ROOM!

  • Frank T Davis

    Have you noticed that there are those who truly are concerned about this family and enjoy watching “bikes” being built.

    Then there are those who feel the need to show their stupidity by complaining about our comments, which they would not know about unless they too are reading them. Plus, they feel the need to substitute filthy language for words they do not know.

    The Teutels are going through a very traumatic time and situation in their lives right now and everyone connected needs our prayers, even those using the filthy language.

    Paul, Jr. is showing a lot of faith and guts by including his pastor in his daily life.

    Amen, amen and amen

  • irksome

    @Frank T Davis: My humble apologies for offending your oh so delicate linguistic and personal sensibilities. I shall endeavor to utilize my mastery of the lexicon in this and all future communications, should said communications become necessary.

    Let it be known: I do not read this thread, for to do so would require wasting an inordinate amount of time on a subject for which I care not one tittle, jot or iota. The family Teutel and their ongoing saga represent all that which I abhor in the media’s fascination for “reality” today. Their infighting is a product of their own greed and dysfunction. Your concern for them in their “traumatic time” would be noble were it not for the fact that your presence in this thread and desire for knowledge of the issues at hand simply enables said trauma. Your belief that those who seem to feel some affinity for these maladjusted consumers of oxygen should in fact pray for them, and that the family Teutel would benefit from or even desire these entreaties, is sad and misguided. Let me assure one and all, the family Teutel is too busy laughing all the way to the bank.

    However, my primary complaint lies with those who find fascination in the psychosis of these low people. I periodically see that yet another reader has posted a comment on this thread (there is a sidebar for that purpose, you know) which, as I pointed out, has now continued to consume you and your ilk for exactly one year and two days. This obsessive behavior is pitiful at best and is reminiscent of a group of adolescent girls discussing Justin Bieber’s latest hairstyle.

    If you truly believe that you have more than an even perfunctory knowledge in matters concerning the family Teutel’s legal and personal issues, then you are a simpleton.

    If you truly care about the family Teutel’s behavioral anomalies, then I repeat; either travel to a country which permits gender-reassignment surgery at a relatively low cost or depart your domicile and acquire a new set of parameters by which to define your existence.

    Ya silly git.

  • Maverick

    irKsome: Very true but I have to laugh at the irony of you posting and adding to the static. In your lengthy talk on the irrelevance of the blog you validate it. If you truly could not care less then you would not have posted anything. I think of it more as a Jerry Springer type of event and I am fascinated by how involved people get in it. I was on a jury and was amazed at how everyone wanted to convict this fellow with almost no proof or intent. He was not a very likeable guy and did have a shady record but the amazing part was how when we argued the case people would interject their own experiences with “people like him” or how they were duped by someone like him or whatever. The point is they were all filtering everything through their own life experience and things were facts simply because “They knew it” it was a bizarre experience and we ended up going from 11-1 (I was the one) to 6-6 and a hung jury. I took from this that jury picking was a lot more important than whether you were guilty or not. I believe you see the same thing here.

  • John R

    Irksome….. If you “do not” read this thread, in your own words, how do you know people keep posting??? I just happened to stumble across the site and even though some may have started posting over a year ago the site is new to me, just as it is to others. Something must have lured you to this site, a web search on OCC maybe? Or could it be that you have been trolling the site for some time? You sure slung some serious verbage around i you last post. I would make this post in the same manner as you did your last one but I don’t feel like writing it in the thesaurus which is on my laptop. Who is Jutin Beiber and if school gorls discuss him how do you know about him??? Lets face facts here, OCC be it liked or not, personally I don’t care for their bikes, has had an impact on the motorcycle world. If you enjoy motorcycle, be it choppers, cruisers or in my case sportbikes, you do know of OCC and that will always cause a spark of curiousity. Two questions for ya Irksome, 1st why would you call yourself Irksome unless you just enjoy irking people? 2nd why does people making post on a site you claim to have no interest in and claim to never read bother you enough to make a post yourself in which you turn to profanity? Maybe everyone on here should psycoanalysis you instead of the Teutels???? Now look what you’ve gone and made me do! You’ve made me irk you.

  • John R

    Vickey……Yes it’s a guybthing. You must not be married or you would know we have to win any arguemnt, it proves who has the bigger willy!!! J/K. Sometimes it does sound like some are arguing and with my smart mouth I am probably one of those. Sometimes remarks i make sound personal but they are just my warped sence of humor. If I offend anyone I appologize, especially Ron Ortega. Reading back on my post my comment about liking his Taco products may have been taking as an insult, it was meant as friendly ribbing and nothing more. In my head it was more of a compliment in saying he owned the Ortega taco industry. If it was not taken that way I do appologize to you Mr Ortega and anyone else it might have offended. If anyone finds anything offensive about one of my post don’t hessitate to say something, I have a feeling most on here have no problem speaking their minds. Just remember I have a warped sence of humor.

  • John R

    Vickey…..Yes it is a guy thing. You must not be married or you would know we have to prove who has the biggest willy by winning the argument. j/k. Let me say that sometimes my remarks may seem smarta$$ but it’s just my warped sence of humor. If my remarks ever offend anyone I appologize completely, I do not come on here to insult or make anyone mad. I hope my remark toward Ron Ortega wasn’t taken as an insult. It was honestly meant as a joke or ribbing. Hey look at it this way, if you actaully own Ortega Taco company your a rich dude! If I ever say anything to offend anyone please speak up, I will not hessitate to appologize. Just remember I have a warped sence of humor. Maybe it’s caused by to many crashes in my racing days?

  • John R

    Let me through this question out there. Why is Sr sueing Jr for $1.5m? From what I have heard it is because Jr won’t sell him his 20%? So not only does Sr want to get Jr’s 20% but he wants Jr to pay him $1.5m for the trouble of taking it back? I haven’t really followed the whole case very much, only what I have seen in the paper and seen on this site. I have seen and heard where Sr claims to have tried to buy Jr’s share’s at market value but find it impossible to believe 20% of OCC is worth $0.

  • Ron Ortega

    To John R,
    Just to set your mind at ease, I hadn’t read the posts for a while. I read your comment and I did not consider it an insult. I could tell it was tongue and cheek, believe me when you are intentionally being insulted it is apparent. Thanks for the apology anyway, personally I think this country has gone way overboard on PC and you can’t turn around without insulting somebody. I think we all need to lighten up and let our skin get a little thicker.

  • david moody

    ron ortega………ron….buddy……thought u was on my side….you know…..pissin everbody off….lol j/k……u type in this room….u get jumped on for mis spellin words….u know….like i do….lol…..hey im a 2 finger typer…..and dont wanna learn 2 type…..short hand is faster….i wonder what happened to …paul sr on crack…..when i cussed him out…i guess i hurt his fellings….hmmm go figure…..i know all this crap on here is all about money….i was up at sr home few months ago doin lil work near his home…..went by to see him and jr and mikey were there….hmmm thought they didnt talk…oh well…..guess its just tv….well im in st louis mo tonight working the storm that hit othernite…chat wit yall later……………

  • Karl

    Hey David are you saying you knocked on the head Teutals door and said hello?

    Just think the boys hanging out with the villainous old man?

    p.s all this is tongue in cheek.

    Only place we have to discuss this in a sane way.

    By the way everybody have a good year.

  • david moody

    yes karl…….but not like that….i met sr in daytona yrs ago at bike week…..i do tree work and stump grinding…..did alotta work at his place……in st. louis now doing work at the storm

  • Karl

    Lucky person for meeting Sr and co.

  • irksome

    @John R and Maverick: I’m merely a frequent reader of the Asphalt and Rubber site which, you may have noticed, is kind enough to include a Recent Posts sidebar; it is through this feature that I became aware of just how frightening long the continuing saga which is this thread has been in existence. To date; one year, three days and seventeen and one half hours. With allowance for time zones. Doesn’t that seem a little sad to you?

    Those who continue to obsess (again, for almost 368 days) over the plight of the family Teutel remind me of the people who reflexively slow down and stare at an accident on the highway; they are ghouls who revel in the misery of others as it makes their own insignificant lives more bearable.

    I could respond to your points and questions (“irksome” is a long story; this is actually how I talk; Justin Bieber is, sadly, a cultural phenomenon much like OCC etc.) but… nah. I will simply state that I only resorted to profanity in a futile attempt to shock you consistent posters back to the real world, ie. quit staring at the carnage and get a life. It’s just a TV show.

  • Maverick

    Irksome: Sounds like you have the right attitude :), I actually find some of the comments on here more interesting than the show. The way people identify with either SR. or JR. is somewhat of a mirror for our society in general. What your seeing played out on the show is very similair to what’s going on in our contry in many ways. The older folks who probably had it much harder the their children and the children who appear to expect things to be given to them and the older person just step out the way. You see this with Social Security discussions, the younger complaining about paying into it when they feel it will not be there for them, meanwhile those who are retiring after paying into SS for 30-40-50 years are supposed to fend for themselves. From that point of view the show could be about a family owned bakery or many other similair situations.

  • Noreen

    occ is the dad’s business. the son worked for him. it wasn’t the son’s business. the employee submits to the employer, not compete with him. a little humility goes a long way.

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack

    Hey Moody,

    I just signed on here for the first time in weeks and saw your post. Trust me you didn’t piss me off. In fact this is the most time I’ve spent thinking about you since the last time I posted and doubt if I’ll occupy any grey matter thinking about you after this. Sorry to disappoint you! Personally I think it’s kind of sad that the rest of you don’t have anything more important to talk about than this. Later…

  • JohnR

    Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack….. What amuses me is when people go onto a site and make post about how stupid people are for posting or how they need to find something else to do instead of posting but at the same time they are posting on the same site. Sure there’s people who stumble across the site, read a few post and then move on. These are the people who really have no concern about the site or it’s discussion. Then there are the people who claim to have just read a few post but don’t care anything about the show or the people in it, but yet they post comments. Why is that? Humans can’t help but let a train wreck get their attention, train wreck being a vehicle accident, a fight or any type of drama. It’s in our nature to become involved. If i said I didn’t slow down anytime I pass an accident on the hwy I would be lieing just as anyone one else would be. Same thing goes if I was to say I wouldn’t stop to watch a fight between two men on a street corner or if I said I wouldn’t look and listen if I heard two women cursing each other out. It’s in our human nature to take the time to see whats going on. I have no regrets about making post on this site or any other. I get board here at work sometimes and if I get an email saying someone has made a new post on here I’m going to check it out. If i see something I feel like commenting on then thats what I;m going to do. If a person thinks it is a waste of time then they should bother reading any of the post, let alone waste their time posting. I guess I could block the emails so I wouldn’t know when someone makes a new post but why should I? It doesn’t bother me . Help me figure this out Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack, if it’s such a waste of time and you think it’s sad that people have nothing better to do why did you return to make another post? I’m sure nobody twisted your arm so could it be that you just didn;t have anything more important to do? Wouldn’t that put you in the same boat you just condemed? Just curious

  • Karl

    I agree with you JohnR.

    Unfortunately I don’t get the channel they it is on any more. I actually like watching the bikes being built. I have heard so much on what is going with the people in the show.

    Where can you discus your ideas and get other information?

    I am sure we all have other things we do as well. Also if the site annoys don’t come here.

    As for worrying about the fact that the posters on this site need to get a life I would say we all have a life and a diverse range of interests. How many of you who actually post on this site saying we need to get life post the same thing on other sites related to different topics?

    So if you surf to this site and read and find it amusing, then have your chuckle and then move onto a site that interests you and post to your hearts content and have a decent “chat”.

  • david moody

    paul sr on crack….hmmmmz…..well lets see….im been in st louis 4 days workin the storm here and i still have time …for my buddy paul sr on crack….what….you gonna STOP talking about my spelling now??
    remember…its only tv!! and this is…only a post room….if i met you on the street id shake ur hand….you type as you see it….as do i….but you still havent said anything bad about jr…..you cant see he’s wrong for crapping on his dad all these yrs……ive said sr is also in the wrong….but im believing you mite just be…..mikey….lmao..j/k….you seem to smart for that loser….lol….id still fired jr 3rd time his ass was late….cya

  • Ron Ortega

    To David Moody:
    I agree with everything you said as well as well John R and Karl. The Jr supporters never admit that he was ever in the wrong and give all credit to him for the companies success. Nobody has ever mentioned that before the 1.5 million dollar suit of Sr vs Jr, that Jr filed suit against his father and tried to have him removed and the company put in court ordered receivership. I think if my son did that to me I would try to destroy his new efforts in starting a company too, especially when you consider that without OCC, Jr wouldn’t have a pot to piss in. As for Mikey, that guy is seriously delusional, he lies to his therapist, he lies to himself. Jr intentionally has kept up the rhetoric about the father suing his sons when it is only Jr that is being sued but by including Mikey into the scenario he makes Mikey part of the equation. Jr is intentionally or unintentionally progressing Mikey’s delusions and depression, it seems to me that comradeship between the brothers exists only as long as Mikey is on Jr’s side. What a brother, with brother’s like him who needs an enemy, Sr had it right when he said that Jr has always manipulated Mikey throughout their lives.

  • colinA

    Jr is a spoilt twat. and mikey should be an actor.he would do well there.
    my big question is, why are they allowing filming in a physco’s room. no doctor patient privilege there.it seems like its the whole worlds privilege.

  • JohnR

    colinA……. They only showed a couple of minutes of the therapy session and it was probably scripted. If Sr even actually went to a session it would have lasted at least an hour. Damn! Now everyone knows I’ve been to therapy. Not really but with a wife and two kids sometimes I feel like I need to!!! I agree it was pretty shitty of Jr to sue his dad but being a dad myself I can say I would never sue either of my kids. I might whoop their butts, no matter how old they are, but I just couldn’t sue them. Mikie??? I just can’t see where he belongs anywhere. If it wasn’t for Sr ,and Jr, Mikie would be out in the cold. I mean the poor boy has no skills and even though he seems to try his art isn’t worth the canvas it’s painted on. That boy has just floated through life hanging onto Sr and Jr’s coat tails. I know a lot of people will argue this but OCC never would have amounted to anything if it hadn’t been for all three of the Tutels. I can promise you the biggest part of the fan base watch the show for the drama and could care less about bikes. I checked out the OCC site and it was mostly women defending either Sr or Jr, when they were not talking about wanting to marry them. Without the publicity and money the show brought in OCC would still be in the first shop behind the Iron works. I don’t care for any of them on the show, attitude wise. I really haven’t seen Sr build a bike by himself. Jr’s bikes always had way to much stuff cramed on them, and Mikie? well I guess they needed a third wheel. Jr’s bike do seem to have improved and even OCC bikes have gotten better. Maybe since they have gone their seperate ways both companies will start building some nice bikes. Dang Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack, I done gone and wasted more time making another post!

  • Ron Ortega

    To colinA:
    I think the therapist is a joke, what kind of serious professional would make comments about a person after one single session and in public too? The therapist mostly sided with Mikey, obviously not a OCC show enthusist, had he bothered to watch Mikey all these years in his element he would have known what a truly talentless, lazy, parasite he really is. He blames his father for his attitude about himself, in reality he is painfully aware of his selfworth and knows his only value was as a company clown or PR man during an unveiling and pretends that that little soft shoe shuffle was worth the money his father lavished on him. Mikey is special alright, the same way that they have special schools for special children, Paul Jr takes advantage of that emotional confliction and delusional state to his advantage.
    As for suing your children, when your children are in their late thirties or early forties and trying to screw you everyway but loose out of your company you had better believe most people forget about the cute little tyke they used to be. Children are children and adults are adults and your relationship with your offspring changes, you grow up as they grow up and if you think your going to “whoop their butts” into shape later on then you have a nice assault charge waiting for you in your future. What kind of naive attitude you have, if the situation is as contentious as the Teutul’s you would have a restraining order, an assault charge and the suit to wrest your company away from you. Don’t tell us what you would do because you are not looking at losing control of your company and anyone who thinks he or she can predict what their reaction would be is not living in reality. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be insulting and my comment is not meant as an insult but your comments indicate that you can’t really put yourself in Sr’s place.
    Junior’s personal legal actions against his father only further exposes his arrogance and narcissistic personality, if he had a little humility he might be sufferable but he is so full of himself that there is no room for serious personal reflection.
    His fathers suit stopped him in his tracks, I believe that was the intent in the first place. When someone has counter sued you for 1.5 milliom dollars you had better believe that the gloves are off and Daddy is not as stupid as you thought. Sr’s attorney’s are not screwing around and they are giving him serious legal advice to keep control of the business and to make Junior sit up and take a serious look at his financial future.
    Junior was given a one fifth share in the business, it was given to him in order that he might become a little more interested in deadlines, overhead costs and the PL at the bottom of the quarterly financials. Instead his little bit of ownership only served to inflate his ego further, he pretended that the company was his, that he was answerable to no one, that without him the company would dry up and blow away. He got exactly what he deserved only it was years and years too late and Sr has even made that comment that his allowances for both of the boys has caused the problems they face today. There is one person or more who comments that Jr was due his 20% ownership by virtue of his earlier dealings in other company businesses, this is an undocumented earned equity issue that has no basis in fact, only opinion. The validity of this opinion is defintely one of a personal nature, any ownership given or witheld from Jr was Sr’s to give or not to give, Sr now realizes what a mistake he made and the reality of his decision is something that is going to be dealt with in a costly, contentious and legal fashion. I believe you are correct in your opinion that this show has less to do with bike building and more to do with personal family issues that for the monthly cost of your cable or satellite you can be privy to. The bikes built by OCC has more to do with speedy production, repetition and plug & play parts than serious bike building. That’s what they are, a production bike building business, that’s where the money has been earned and will continue to be earned, the theme and custom built bikes are not the cash cows for this company and only serve to make the weekly episodes interesting. The bike designs that Jr took and takes credit for was and is a collaboration of the many talented people that are employed by OCC. The only exception to this rule was Vinnie and he had quit OCC years before the split between Sr vs Jr came about. The talent hired by Jr in his “PJD” company are currently or have been previous subcontractors or merchants of OCC that Jr knows only by his association with OCC and had it not been for OCC, “PJD” could not function as a company that produces bikes!

  • Karl

    Ron did the therapist actually make a comment to the TV about Mikey? I come from Australia and have done some psyc and the rules are that everything said to you in the session is confidential and you are not to make judgments. It is the responsibility of the therapist to help direct the client to resolve the issues on their own.

    To me this suggests that it was all done for the show not necessarily for the benefit of Mikey.

    One question that has been with me for some time is that Jr has always worked with Sr. He started to work with him at the Ironworks and then bought the Ironworks. Jr then sold it to his brother. His brother is taking to the next level and it is growing. If he did not work well at the Ironworks, why did he work with at OCC?

  • david moody

    karl……he worked with him cus its his fathers shop. just like you would of if ur dad had one…..but when ur a lazy ass as jr is…id ran his sorry asss off the first week…….its kinda SR fauld that he let it go on as long as it did…..but i guess he really just didnt wanna have to run his asss off….like he did in the end……mikey is a lier and a piece of shit in my book, and he psyo doctor….well SR needs to sue his dumbasssss

  • david moody

    wheres my ole pal….paul sr on crack…..lol……..RON, me or you must be SR. are you him, or am I…..lol….u look for tree service in athens Al u will find me, or on face book….under david moody….my pic in a yeller trailer with red writin on it….yes paul sr on crack…..yeller….lol….

  • Ron Ortega

    To Karl:
    No sorry, I didn’t mean to infer that the therapist had made public his opinion of Mikey, he made them about Sr. I believe that any serious professional would not declare the opinions and statements that he did for the media and for Mikey about his father. Further the statements he has made about Mikey’s confliction issues indicates that he has absolutley no previous history with Mikey. Anyone of us viewers that have watched Mikey for several years now have a better grasp on Mikey’s condition than the therapist does.

  • Ron Ortega

    To David Moody:
    Dave I’m pretty sure that neither you or I are Sr, first of all if he was either of us there would be no need for this forum because neither of us would have put up with the bull shit that was shoveled by Jr for even a fraction of ten years. I won’t argue that I indentify with Sr and I won’t apologize to anybody for it, he may not be the best father and he might not be the most articulate person but one thing he does know is his business and that is the major reason why OCC was and is a success. It’s also the reason why Juniors business will never ever equal or give OCC any real competition, Sr respects his employees, he is a strict task master but he also believes in letting them blow off steam and stress by occasional outings, mainly he he tells them in a group that they are part of a family and he appreciates them.

  • Ron Ortega

    To Karl:
    One other thing, Jr didn’t work with his brother Dan, he worked for him. Dan was the General Manager of the iron works and managed it for his dad. Paul Jr didn’t buy it, the controling shares of the company were signed over to Jr by his father. The shares did not go to Dan because he was already setting up the new iron works because the old one had law suits against it. As the new owner of a new iron works Dan was the sole partner of the new LLC and purchased most of the equipment from the old iron works through his brother Jr who on paper was the sole or majority owner. They liquidated the old iron works equipment to Dan at prices below market value and were sued for fraud, there was a judgement against Sr, Jr and Dan, over this action, Dan has bought his way out of the judgement by paying .5 million. Paul Sr and Jr still have this judgement hanging over their head, I’m certain that the judgement is being appealed and will be appealed for as long as the appeal process can be strung out. Paul Sr and Jr co-founded OCC but Sr is the only one with paper that lists him as the sole owner. It was Sr’s money that actually started OCC and Jr did not start out as a designer, he knew next to nothing about mechanics, absolutely nothing about iron or sheet metal fabrication, he knows nothing about electrical wiring, he learned while on the job. He main claim to fame is coming up with the ideas, somebody else with the skills were needed to make them a reality. The real designers were the employees of OCC that really had the skills and that turned Paul Jr’s pipe dreams into a reality.

  • Karl

    Hell Ron,

    I did not relise that Sr signed over the Iron Works to Jr. I thought his father started working for the original owner after he got out of the merchant marines. Then worked himself up to the point where he could buy it. Then when Jr came of age he worked for his dad and then eventually bought the business from him whilst dad got the Choppers going.

    I thought there was an episode where it showed Jr going through a heap of things and showed designs of various things when he was younger. I think he tried to pass of that he was a mechanic when he and Vinnie went to the school where they got their training.

    With Jr and Sr I don’t know if I have favourites. To me the show is trying to cause a bias by the way they are portraying them. In my case I think it is stupid when they wreck the shop or cars etc. But it was good when he had a game or took them to a showing. I have noticed the same on some of the other shows on Discovery where they have them working on cars. Also Top Gear use to be a classic for it.

    So how much of it is show?

    From all the episodes it seemed he could not do anything mechanical. I also noticed that all of the wiring with both (Jr and Sr) left to others and mechanics to others as well.

  • Ron Ortega

    I have never seen the episodes you are referring to. I’m not saying they don’t exist but I have been watching this show since it’s inception including years and years of reruns and have never seen the ones you refer to.
    If you do a “Google” search on “Paul John Teutul Jr” (Senior’s real name) or “Paul Michael Teutul” (Juniors real name) or “Orange County Iron Works”. You will get a number of fact sites, the only ones I pay attention to is “Wikippedia”and a few others which quote fact and not opinion or supposition. They have many fact highlights which will take you to other sites, which in turn will reiterate known facts about OCC, Sr and Junior.
    According to these fact sites, Paul Sr founded “Orange County Iron Works” he did not take it over from somebody else and Jr as well as Mikey both begin working there at the age of 12, only Jr continued . The brothers (Jr and Mikey) are 4 years apart in age and so would not have worked together in the same capacity. Dan Teutul was the General Manager and worked in that capacity for his father who was the sole owner. The Teutul’s have been named in a number of lawsuits, Paul Sr, Paul Jr and Dan developed a plan to liquidate the ironworks and form another company with a similar name. Paul Sr signed over his entire interest in the ironworks to Jr, brother Dan started another ironworks with the same name only it was formed as an LLC and added that distinction after the new company name. As the only owner on paper, Jr sold all the old company assets including existing contracts to the new ironworks at a price considered to be substantially below market value. It has been alleged but not proven that Sr was the mastermind (de facto owner) of this action and they were all sued by Turner Construction, a judgement was awarded to Turner Const, Dan (Orange County Ironworks LLC) paid them a half a million dollars to satisfy the judgement and free to conduct business. Jr ran the railing shop in his later years at the ironworks and so he has experience with the fitting and tack welding of shapes and tubing. Vinnie Di Martino got most of his knowledge working in his fathers auto repair garage. To my knowledge I have read nothing about Jr and Vinnie going to any school together except high school. Vinnie left OCC for unpublished reasons and started V Force Custom Motorcyles, several months later Ody joined him, Vinnie still runs V Force and operates his company at the same time that he is employed by “Paul Junior Design”.

  • Karl

    Thank you for the information Ron Ortega.

    Unfortunately I have not been able to see re-runs because I got rid of it. Now I have it again and watched a little of the new series until my packaged changed.

    Unfortunately I can not remember the episodes because they were on over a year or more ago. I just remember what Sr said as he was going by the old iron works. I may have misunderstood one day I will have to get the DVDs and have an OCC marathon.

  • Dave

    Paul Sr. has been a A-hole since the beginning of the show, always yelling at Paul Jr.
    Paul Jr. is the real talent of the show and the bikes they built. If it was not for Paul Jr the old man would be still just building gates and fences. Paul Sr. owes Jr for what he has.

    I think Paul Sr. will be a very hated man and his TV career is over unless he wakes up to reality and makes things right with Jr. Paul Jr is by far a better man and I think he would forgive his dad because of the stand up guy he is.

  • colinA

    hey Karl, i pity you.Getting an overdose of OCC.oh boy.
    thats a shocker
    i hope you survive it.
    if you do, tell us and then you can have a T shirt thats says something like. I survived watching 5 series of OCC non stop

  • Ron Ortega

    To Dave:
    Don’t be dumb, maybe Jr does have some talent but it comes in spurts and it is not consistent, he is a freaking narcisisst that plays to his fathers short coming in order to make himself look good, even an idiot can see that. Sr sold ownership of the iron works to Jr long before Jr left, Sr left to build choppers, Jr joined him later on, the facts sheets are generous when they state that OCC was founded by Sr and Jr. Sr wouldn’t be building gates and railings, that was Jr’s job, he was in charge of the railing shop, Sr owned the iron works as a sole proprietor, Jr was just an employee at the time. The money from the questionable liquidation of all the assets to the new iron works (Dan Teutul) is what funded the start up of OCC, they were all sued for fraud by Turner Const. a General Contractor that had defaulted contracts with the iron works. Do you think that Turner Construction sued for railings and gates? Better get a clue buddy, the judgement was finally settled for a half a million dollars, that’s one hell of a lot of gates and railings, duh! The iron works also fabricated and erected structural steel, that’s new buildings and super structures for the clueless. Without the bankroll that Sr had to start OCC it is Jr that would still be building gates and railings, that is why all he can do on a bike is exhaust and the handlebars. Paul Sr maybe a hated man by Generation X cry babies but nobody who has ever owned or managed a multi-million dollar business will find too much fault with him. Sr could have hired designer talent, instead he hired his son, who after some success get’s a big head and thinks HE IS THE BUSINESS. Remember, Sr could have hired anybody with designing talent, instead he hires his son who has no fabrication skills except for “GATES AND RAILINGS” and so extra company money was always spent to keep talented people on the payroll to make up for Jr’s short comings. That is the reason Jr has brought Vinnie on in his new company along with some other disgruntled OCC ex-employees. Jr personally doesn’t have the skills or talents and now that he is performing the same work his father did at OCC, he is a businessman, although when Sr did it, Jr considered everything Sr did as screwing the pooch, I guess now that Jr owns his own company screwing the pooch is not considered sitting on your ass, now it really is work! Funny how when the shoe is on the other foot the facts have changed sides just for Jr. By the way, when Vinnie left OCC he started a new bike building business called “V Force”. Vinnie’s business has been a success without the help and promotion of the “American Chopper” show, when Vinnie is absent it is because he is still running his successful “V Force” business. Vinnie’s business has had quite a few theme bikes and custom builds since he opened his doors several years ago. Funny how Vinnie started a new company and made a success of it without Paul Jr or OCC but Paul Jr can’t make a sucessful business with out Vinnie or the OCC show. Who did you say was the talented one?

  • Ron Ortega

    To Karl:
    I started to watch the supposed next new episodes last night, it was the same as the previous installations, just regurgitated rhetoric from episodes already shown too many times with little comments and insights added by Sr, Jr and Mikey. Either they are filming new episodes and just just giving us warmed over hash to tide us over or the show is finished and they are squeezing the last last drops of money from an already limp washrag. Either way I turned it off, once you have seen clips from several months old episodes three and four times it really loses it’s luster. Good luck with your re-run marathon. If the show is over it is the death nell for Jr’s company, without the “American Chopper” show he is finished. The only reason theme bikes and custom builds are usually ordered is because the company contracting the bike build gets their business extreme exposure on the show. Their company name is mentioned over and over again as well as their line of business, they couldn’t buy that kind of national and international company exposure and brand advertisement for what they are paying for the bikes, it would cost many times that amount. No show equals no theme bikes or custom builds or basically no business, no business equals bankruptcy and reposession of all company equipment not paid in full which in Jr’s case is total liquidation.

  • Wheelie Bar

    @ Ron Ortega You sure are defensive of Sr! You said the gen X crowd will always take Paulie’s side and no business owner will ever take Paulie’s side? I own and operated a custom bike business here in Dallas Texas which I will not name, don’t need a bunch of OCC fanatics spreading bull all over the net about me. We customize mostly sport bikes but also do a few cruisers and choppers. And no, before anyone jumps in and starts saying it, I am not an employee of Joe Martin, another fine Texas builder. I have met just about the entire OCC crew. I can tell you Jr is full of himself, but he has a little talent. He has big plans but doesn’t take the time to do proper research and planning before taking on his adventures. He has placed all his money on the assumption that his fame from the show will make his business a success. Sr is very delusional and has a problem admitting when he is wrong, he is also a very insecure man who feels the need to control and bully people around him. Mikie is a young man with some serious emotional problems and all the exposure from the show has not helped him.
    You keep making Sr out to be a great man and a wonderful father but his past and present speaks loudly. In his younger days he was a druggy and an alcoholic which was not there for his family. After he broke away from his addictions he tried to make himself look good by giving his sons a break in the business, but he still has never been there for them emotionally. You have seen him on the show, I saw him at a show in Florida and I also witnessed how he talked to Jr and everyone else around him. If there had been any respect for him he would have lost it right then. Whether Jr is a sorry son or not you don’t act like Sr did in public that day, and there were no cameras so it wasn’t for show. I think I have watched maybe two shows but just couldn’t stomach it because the show was more about the fake family drama than building custom choppers.
    I was amazed at the number of post you made, Ron, and all defending Sr and slicing Jr to tiny dog treats. I’m guessing you’re a senior citizen and maybe handicapped and that is why you’re so immersed in the show and Sr’s life? I just can’t believe you have done so much research on Sr, Jr, OCC and the entire cast, you must spend hours every day finding all this stuff. I found this site because of the sport bike section and was just surfing through when I came across this thread. Anyway I have spoken my mind so now all the SR and JR fans can have at ripping me a new one. Don’t worry because I doubt I will ever find this thread or even site again. THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN !!!!

  • Ron Ortega

    To Wheelie Bar,
    First of all please read some of my earlier posts, you will see that I have made my own comments about Paul Sr that were not glamorizing him. I’ll be the first to admit that Sr has been less than sterling father figure and I have said so numerous times, so has he.
    Second I said that anyone who has run a multi-million dollar company will not find “TOO MUCH FAULT WITH HIM” please get the quotes right. I am not handicapped and my referral was for business operation not for fathering. I owned a successful structural steel business that I started myself with a hundred dollars in 1983, sold the business in 2003 and banked the money, accepted a position as Vice President of a 50 Million dollar a year company same year and took early retirement last year. I have earned the right to state my opinion especially in regards to metal fabrication, I was a carded Journeyman Ironworker and Fabricator for 11 years before I started my own business and anyone with Jr’s skills or lack thereof would have been laughed out the door and sent down the road kicking rocks. He is a hack, a prima dona, and a narcisisst, he manipulates his conflicted brother to his own benefit, he has seriously dissed his father on TV and in public and he is a user of connections and contacts established by others to his benefit and he demonizes his father to put a better light on himself. His father doesn’t need any help in being demonized, he self destructs himself well enough without help.
    The research has taken all of maybe 30 minutes total over a 90 day period, you probably spend more time than that looking for the right tool in a week, I know I did. I do have a little time on my hands to waste in the mornings and I have always hated it when somebody speaks about something that they have no clue about and are making a personal statement based upon their incorrect assumptions. I own a 1965, 650 Triumph that I modified into a chopper myself from stock in 1978 and I enjoy a little putt down the road when the sun is out and the crazies aren’t.

  • Charlie K.

    Hey Ron, Enjoy reading your post your one of the few that has said anything intelligent

  • The most instering part i find funny is why are they fighting when they are being acused of bankrupcacy fraud. You would think they would stick together but they keep fighting and not in a good way.

  • So many informed people here so maybe they can shed a little light on this. Have Rick or Christian left OCC? Yes, I KNOW OCC’s website still shows them. Not all websites are updated as well as they should be. I have read on a number of blogs that Rick and/or Christian left OCC. Supposedly Rick went back to PA to open his own shop. I personally am NOT claiming any of this is true. OK?? Just want to see if anyone else heard about it.


  • netninja

    I loved watching the show. I have stopped watching it for 1 reason alone. The bickering.

    Every family has thier ups and downs and no family is perfect. As usuall everyone is an expert in business and family matters.

    Some people say that Jr. and Mikey just leached off thier dad. Really? It’s family and no matter what they would always have a job. Blood is thicker than water and I will take family any day over most people walking into my shop.

    Unfortunately I see a bad thing comming and if it doesn’t fix itself soon, like yesterday then there won’t be an OCC.

    I wish everyone who works there the best of luck.

  • Who cares, just make your motorcycles and stop all the bickering….

  • Layla

    Okay I’m not sure if some of you are watching or reading the same show and articles I have, but your comments to me are sort of off base. First off, Paul Jr is not suing his father, where did you get that information from? Second, Senior never one time gave Paul Jr credit for his talent until he fired him and PJ wouldn’t come back. Then Sr realized he screwed up and it was too late.

    Call Jr lazy and how’d you’d whip your kids, etc. but those comments have to be coming from some pretty OLD men. Sure the Gen Xers are on Jr side because we know where the talent lies. It doesn’t matter that Paul Jr was working for his father since he was 14 or 15 years old and his father never gave him credit for anything in the meantime Senior became rich off his son and thanked him by filing suit against him and trying to rip him off.

    Sr is a crotchety old man who is delusional and has an ego the size of Orange County. He needed to be knocked down a few pegs and he was when Jr opened his shop. OCC bikes are lame and cheap looking and if Sr wanted to remain in his million dollar home he never should have fired his son or at least gave him some credit for helping him achieve a goal he never would have achieved without him.

    I think some of you are pretty delusional here too.

  • Little Jerry Akins

    Just sorry Mikey had to get caught up in all this. I hope he gets some Quality counseling and learns to be assertive and not hide his feelings.

  • Ron Ortega

    To Layla or Alice in Wonderland (which ever is more appropos),
    Perhaps if you did your research thoroughly you wouldn’t be asking the question “where did I get my information”? But just like a lot of sloppy researchers you only pursued what you wanted to read and then quit. FACT: Paul Michael Teutul (known as junior) filed suit against his father, Paul John Teutul Jr (known as senior) to have control of the company taken away from him and the company put into receivership, the judge threw this suit out and has more concern about Jr’s contract clause default. This took place before Sr sued Jr for renegging on the clause that is written in the 20% shares contract they both agreed to. Jr being a typical Generation X not only has no ethics or morals but he is a frigging renegger to boot. You are discussing something you don’t even have all the facts to, why don’t you shut up and come back when you know what the hell you are talking about. By the way you obviously have never owned or managed a company but to put it in simpler terms for you my dear, every company gets rich and succeeds off of the toils of it’s employees, that’s what a company for profit does. If you don’t like the capitalist system perhaps you should get a one way ticket to Cuba, they like socialistic lemmings down there. FACT: Jr was just an employee and he was hired to design bikes and help fabricate. FACT: He may have been the owners son but he was still an employee. Why can’t you whinners wrap your head around that or do you need it put in simpler terms for you to understand?
    You really should have your reading comprehension tested and your sight too while your at it.

  • I never get tired of hearing the whining types go on and on about how wrong Paul Sr is. The truth is, Paulie should have been fired long before his dad terminated him. The level of insubordination left his dad no choice. Without exception, the loudest criticizers of Paul Sr are a bunch of unemployable juvenile posers. No parent with any self respect could allow their child to publicly treat them that way. No boss who can effectively lead an entire corporation can afford to allow anyone, without exception, to literally emascualte their leadership. What a joke. Everytime I hear Paulie tell his side I get a good laugh.


  • paul sr is a idiot he is a big asshole paul jr is the man

  • Nice sentence structure… I’m sure you are considered an integral part of your company. It’s more likely you don’t even have a job. You should hide your opinions until you’re smart enough not to make a fool out of yourself.


  • Ron Ortega

    To Mark:
    Now I understand why texting has become so popular, it allows ignorant people like you to converse without looking stupid. I’m glad to see that you can spell “idiot” correctly, obviously you’ve seen it and heard it often? If you are ever at a loss for proof of indentification just look the word “idiot” up in the dictionary, your photo will be right there alongside.

  • LutherG

    the level of bullshit you sling around here is simply amazing. Your repeated denials to know Paul sr despite the fact you were in the same exact business as him (so you say), is simply unbelievable. You throw facts around that I have given you, then misquote, distort, and even change them.
    The OCC saga is pretty simple. Drunken addicted ironworker starts business. Business does better once he sobers up, yet he remains an abusive ass. He brings his kids in, like 99.9% of all privately owned businesses do. Shockingly, the kids have some severe flaws as employees. No Duh. Who is their object lesson?
    The iron company screws up and underbids a contract with a huge and litigeous Non-Union firm, R.L. Turner. The ironworks figures out they can’t perform the contract and they default. The old man GIFTS his interest to Paul, jr. The Chopper company is started. The son Daniel is General manager of the old Ironworks. Daniel starts a new Iron company. Its in the same building, same equipment, same staff, same telephone, etc. The old man continues to cash in as a “consultant” Daniel starts subcontracting work from the other company at rates that leave no money behind in ironworks 1. Ironworks 1 is now a shell, all the equipment, staff, etc, having been sold to daniel’s new business at prices set by Daniel well below market value.

    Ironworks 1 having been sued by Turner loses that suit to the tune of 1.5 million. Ironworks 1 now has a value (not counting the lawsuit) of -400k or so. Ironworks 1 files bankruptcy and walks away from ALL its creditors leaving nothing for anyone. The Bankruptcy trustee (a court appointed agent of the government) files a fraud lawsuit against the entire tuetle clan. Daniel settles his share of the lawsuit for 500k. Sr. and Jr. are still looking at a significant liability.
    So, what did paul jr. do to earn a share of the funds? aside from anything he did for the chopper business, he acted as a straw man in what appears to be an illegal scheme to keep his dad rich. Who was running Ironworks one and was in charge of it when it messed up the RL turner Bid? the old man.
    Jr. can hardly say, “hey, my dad is a crook and is doing the same thing at OCC that he and I did at the Ironworks.” His attempt at wresting control from his dad at the bike company was as close as you can get to announcing his dad was a crook.

    And he is. Whats right is right, what’s wrong is wrong. His kid placed himself in a serious legal jeopardy to save the old man and give him a share of the bike business he’s clearly always wanted, and the old man should either pay him a legitimate share, or pay off a settlement in the lawsuit. Or both. Instead, the senile old bastard stiffs him, empties the bike business of value (probably the same way as the ironworks) and then tries to ruin him in every way for daring to stand up to the abusive jackass. Thanks pa. Worst. Parent. Ever.

    And Ron, i don’t believe any of your crap about you selling a 52million dollar company. Right. As construction companies go, that would be a huge one. Unless you are one of those Union Ironworkers who learned his trade from other union guys, and the union training program and then started a non-union company, I don’t buy it. I am inclined to think you maybe had a little Iron tying company that cashed in when we used to have minority set asides on interstate or publicly financed jobs. Construction companies go under with alarming regularity. I was a union carpenter on heavy construction work before I went back to law school. Carrying the boss’s useless family members on my back all day got pretty old.

  • mitchola

    they all suck, Saw OCCS news bike boring, saw Paulies new bike looks like a copy of about 5 OCC bikes,I think they need each other more then they know, Paulie built a 40 grand bike for a carport company looks so dorky,

  • Ron Ortega

    To LutherG:
    I don’t really care what you believe or don’t believe, as a matter of fact a pile of chicken shit has more value (even though you are about equal). The same goes for you as Layla, your reading comprehension skills are lacking. Please re-read my post, what I said was I sold my iron business and then accepted a position of Vice President with a company that averaged 52 million dollar a year in sales. It seems you are safe till next Christmas because you really are as full of shit as a Christmas Goose.

  • LutherG

    @ ron
    Uh huh. Vice president of fantasyland. How long till you were let go? You can’t keep facts straight, you heap abuse on people who disagree with you, and never address any legitimate issue with anything other than insults. Sounds like you were great management material.

    It’s time to close this thread. C ya later dopey

  • david moody

    RON….ur NOT goin to win with these morons in this post …..they all seem to think JR. is a GOD for some reason….and RON….if u talk about my spellin….im cussin urazz out….lol…..i can spelll good as…mmmm …mikey….lol…..an RON…u big puzzy….i ride a goldwing…an if it was 30 below id ride an not wait until it warmed up…..reallly, ur not goin to get anyone to see the true about jr, mikey, or sr..they cant read past this post, lol..yea i said yall dumbasses….if u dont like me telling u the truth about urself….then ask ron to tell u where u can find out the truth about occ and then mabe ill not cuss urasses out….lol…..sr. business…..jr only worked there….sr dont have to work, at all….he hires it done….u know like….jr, mikey, vinnie, rick????ring a bell….dumbasses???? go read the truth…then come back and post….my number is in this post, if u think im sr, call it….a tree service will answer….mine….alabama….also im not sayn sr is a perfect dad….but with nitwits for sons…..ill put my money on sr….anyday!!!!!

  • david moody

    LutherG says:

    looks like paul sr on crack is mabe…lutherG…not really sure ….lutherG….why dont u go and read the truth and then come back and post some more stupid shit ur tryn to sell??….why are yall so fockn blind?? Ron knows the truth, and others knows the truth….why ca nt u guys learn to read as we did??….if u watch the show…u mite learn something….an look at mikey….jr is using him…..tellin him not to go see dad??….sr has been tryn to reach out to mikey, and mikey keeps tryn to get dad…sr. to talk to other people and mikey will meet him….but mikey dont after sr meets with psyo doctor ….him wut an assss mikey is….hmmmmz….and yall like him?? jr built a spider bike….first bike in his new shop….hmmmmz…..didnt occ build one when jr worked there….jr cant come up with anything new….because others in occ helped him design it!!!!and others built it…not jr…..oweellllllll im off>>>>>>>>>>>>>>phooooooooof

  • david moody

    ooopppps….one more thing to say…..lutherG….what difference does it make where RON works or how much he made or wutever???? in the tree and stump grinding business….ill bet i make 4 times what u make a year….in 3 months at a storm…..now ask me to prove it…..i can…..and i DONT know what u do for a living!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i bet u wont tell me….either…..pussy

  • Ron Ortega

    To Dave Moody:
    Dave I never said anything your spelling. LutherG claims to be an attorney, sounds about right, much to do about nothing. He used to be funny in his protestations about himself, but now he is just a bore. I go to a cigar lounge about three times a week, we used to pull up LutherG’s posts for a laugh, now my cohorts just think he is pitiful and really don’t care to read his puffed up comments, I am ignoring his posts.

  • ryan g

    paul sr and paul jr how about family counseling ???????? thay have a really good show ima not in to bikes but i like the occ the bikes that thay build and show off on their are awesome i would hate to see the show go down in rating but the show must go on … get it toghter guys and learn that you only have one family , one mom and dad its time to grow up and put your feeling aside be a family … i dont want see the show go but you make it what you want hear to stay ??? or go ??? you decide

  • david moody

    To RON….i know u didnt….yet…lol…..if any1 has ever typed on a cell…..they would know its shorter to type….ur= your….2= to…an so on…..about all this counseling crap….i dont think SR needs any at this time myself…..mikey wanted his dad to go….he went….mikey still wont go meet dad….wutz up with that shit….then the psyo doc told ever thing sr. said to him….sr. needs to sue his assss offfff…..but really ron….do u think anyone in this post room cares about the truth?….i say not….if anyone in here would go and get the facts or watch the reruns….they would see whata piece of shit mikey or jr really is….like i said….sr isnt perfect…..b ut its his business alone….his mostly only fault i see is…..he let jr and mikey stay WAY to long….yes familys hire there kids then those same kids mess up….ill bet there dads….fired them also…i would…..gotta run….cya

  • LutherG


    I am a criminal defense attorney. I make crap for $, and never really cared about it. All the facts I stated in my previous posts were from reading the newspaper articles regarding Orange County Ironworks, and those articles linked to the complaint filed in federal court against the Tuetals by the United States bankruptcy court Trustee.

    It is Ron who keeps slinging insults at everyone who questions his view of the world. Please reread his posts to see how he addresses a single factual claim regarding the business relationship, and the connected fraud. He beats up on everyone who disagrees with him, then tries to make himself an authority by claiming some great business experience. what I do, or what Ron does, or what you do for a living doesn’t matter. Only the facts matter, and that is what i unsuccessfully have tried to point out to Ron. I’m not paul Sr on crack, and all you need to do to see that is to read our word usage, and syntax. It would not matter anyway.

    Let’s assume Paul Jr. helped his dad bleed all the money out of the Ironworks, and got sued in the process. You think the kid shouldn’t be entitled to something? If you screwed up a bid, and got sued for your whole company, and you had a friend help you out of it and they got screwed up as a result, you don’t think you owe them something? Is that what you people really think?

    And David, please don’t post your personal information on the internet. I know of several cases where crazy hotheads (and thieves as well) will show up at a home knowing you travel for a living. Its really a bad idea. (or Idear). Let the internet stay anonymous, and its a lot safer.

  • david moody

    i have about 30 different e-mail addresses, also post on craigs list….hotfrog in about 15 different towns..and have 4 wed addresses….i think if someone wants to find me….they can….and thats why you place ads….isnt it??…..RON maybe lil pissed on account of all the dumbasses that cant read like me, and ron can….we read the truth mostly and post what it is….not what its NOT….im NOT saying ur wrong, but whos side are you on??jr? or sr??…im siding with SR.. because its his business…not nor has it ever been JRs business….and i hope when SR dies….his new wifes and kids get the business….lol….hey, if jr got his own shop….why does he needs srs?..theres just way to many dumbasss posters in here that think jr isnt wrong…at alllll….i really dont giva shit about the iron works myself….thats just where it all started….but its occ=srs business…..period..owner..period….and if these people would watch the show…..they could see sr has been tryn to reach out to mikey for some times now……id tell my on sn to go piss up a rope if he did that to me, like mikey is doin sr….and jr is helping him stay away….i wish sr would go over to jr shop and whoop his assss….jr an mikey….owell im outa here 4now

  • Ron Ortega

    To David Moody:
    I agree with you whole heartedly, it’s obvious that Sr and Jr both got big heads from their popularity. The thing that Jr hasn’t learned is that when you bang heads with the boss too many times you lose, because the boss is always the boss. Mikey is just screwed up and Jr is working that to his advantage, Mikey is afraid to meet his father because he knows he will lose his resolve to be mad at him for nothing.
    Aren’t you the lucky one now, LutherG is appealing to your sense of propriety and trying to be helpful, obviously he doesn’t think you are intelligent enough to think for yourself. Isn’t he helpful to want to do your thinking for you? (Idear) really?
    Fact: I never isulted anyone that didn’t insult me first in their post, tit for tat, hell yes and something to boot. Your ever notice that he/she keeps harping on what he/she seems to think Jr is owed for his part in the fraud claim. He/she doesn’t bother pleading recompense for brother Dan who coughed up the half million dollars for the claim settlement, hmmmm? He/she writes like someone intimate with Jr or wishes he/she was intimate with Jr, in all reality he/she is probably the secretary or admin. assistant of an ambulance chaser. Criminal defense attorney, now who’s living the pipe dream, he/she better quit smoking that shit it will fuck up the comprehension abilities, uh oh, too late!

  • david moody

    ok…..lets sling sum more shit….lol

  • david moody

    RON….wut about that puss comit i made about u being a wimp…..lol….waitn until its warm to ride….lol….it was 8 this morning at home…..id got on my bike and rode anywheres…..lol…..but im in montgomery alabama until the snow melts….lol

  • david moody

    look guys/ladys….read first/watch the show..then speak…..u look so fuckn stupid when u talk about sumum u dont know about….

  • Ron Ortega

    To David Moody:
    Oh hell Dave, that comment about me being a puzzy, didn’t bother me a bit. You got it right, if only going for a putt on sunny days makes me a puss then I guess I am. I know when I like to ride and I plan to live a long retired life, I’m 59 going on 60 and I plan on riding on sunny days until I can’t kick start my ride anymore. In my 20’s, I used to ride a single lung Triumph 500 (vibrating bastard) to work and home everyday, rain or shine. Didn’t like the rain and cold then, don’t like it any better now, since I ride for pleasure it’s got to be when I enjoy it the most.
    I’m confident in my manhood, and being called a puss don’t bother me. You only have to prove yourself to one person and that is yourself. Once you know, nobody can take it away, besides getting a ribbing and a little name calling is all part of being a man isn’t it? My skin is pretty thick and I only get my cheeks tight when some asshole tells me he/she has it right and if I don’t think the way they do then I’m a liar or a confused idiot and everything I’ve done in my life is bullshit. So far you haven’t said anything like that and until you do, we are alike thinking. Even if you disagreed with me on everything but didn’t insult my intelligence we would still get along, everybody is entitled to their opinion without being insulted for it.

  • david moody

    RON….i was just messin wit u……its kinda funny that most in here are on jrs. side, or have u seen that?..lol..you know i hadnt seen u insult anyone in here until they had said either sumum stupid as hell, or went after u….if people would just go and read on the net what there posting about….they mite see it different….i not sure….but maybe they can read…..there posting….lol….im 57….may ill be 58….i can read….an i think if someones going to send a post…..they need to learn how to read also….lol….YES that means you to lutherG….lol….its a tv show….not that biga deal here guys….why not just post on what you know, or saw on tv…..instead of pissing everyone off in here about crap u dont know….now RON seems to beable to read…..why not re-read some of his past post….and go and look it up for yall self….be alot easyer….or do we need to write it out in….crayons????…lol….ok im outa here 4now….got tree work 2do

  • david moody

    P.S. ….you CANT fix STUPID ….learn to read people..then when you post.. i wont cuss urasses out….lol….and stop insulting fokes.. it dont matter who’s side ur on….we dont care about that…..just get the facts, before you type….then ill figure out sumum else to cuss u for….j/k

  • Ron Ortega

    To David Moody:
    It wouldn’t matter if you were serious, it’s all a part of being in the boys club, if you can’t take a poke in the ribs every so often get out of the kitchen. We’ve got all kinds of riders in this area, the biggest group are newbies who discovered ” Destination Harley” lately and had money burning a hole in their pocket. It’s all good, right?
    Yes I’ve noticed that there are a lot of supporters for Jr, like I said it’s all good if you support them without insulting someone else who has different point of view. But if they are going to quote without the facts then they just show their lack of knowledge. Like I said all they have to do is Google or Bing or whatever search engine they use and read the facts. Also you know the Teutul’s wrote a book with contributions from all about their start and their rise to popularity.
    On Friday morning I turned on the “American Chopper” reruns and it was the episode where the film Production company was documenting the rise of “American Chopper” in popularity. They had home films of the Teutul’s when the boys were just boys and through the years, it was pretty ironic because there was Jr stating that he owed his father his everything. he said ” my father rescued me, I was working at the iron works at a job that had no future other than a life of being an iron worker the rest of my life, I owe everything to him.” Funny how time has changed his opinion to what he says nowadays. When the first show was aired they documented the mini arguements that took place between Sr and Jr, Sr was angry enough to kick the shit out of the producer. He thought he was set up but the show received the highest ratings on cable for that week and after that no punches were pulled. Trouble is that the arguements escalated and the more there were the more serious Sr got and the more insubordinate Jr became.

  • Wheelie Bar

    @Ron O…..What is your problem with Gen X? I’m a Gen X and have a successful business, not anywhere near as large as OCC but I didn’t have a TV show to get me the fame OCC got. You seem hell bent on condemning everyone younger than you and sticking by Sr’s side no matter how much of an asshole he is. I mentioned in my other post that I met the OCC crew at the bike show in Florida tears back and no matter how wonderful you see Sr I’m telling you from a personal observation that he was a complete jerk. With the way he was talking, or I should say yelling, at his crew at the show I honestly can not see how anyone would work for him. Sr has always acted like his head was in the clouds but after watching him in Florida I came to the conclusion that he is actually very insecure and has a low self esteem, his tough guy act is just a mask. I have no intentions of taking up for Jr but I will say he never seemed to get any approval from his dad. Even his dad made the statement that he was never there for his sons when they were growing up. Now if you had a dad who never came to any of your football games, was never around when you were growing up, except when he was drunk or on drugs, you might turn out like Jr. Even when they were building bikes did Sr ever once tell Jr “good job”? The few shows I watched Sr always gave everyone except his son credit. Even when Jr got married Sr wouldn’t go to the wedding. Now that is sorry! Law suit or not it was his kids wedding and there is no excuse to miss that. When Jr showed his first bike from JR designs Sr wouldn’t even go see it. Sr is so full of himself that he even had the nerve to make the remark that Jr could never build a bike like OCC could, who the hell does he think came up with most of the designs for the OCC bikes? On a show that Sr knows Jr will see he even makes the remark to the Jason kid that he is the son he always wanted, meaning he didn’t have any use for his other sons? And everyone keeps saying Jr is brainwashing Mikey? You sure it’s not the other way around? Sr seems to like Mickey because he doesn’t stand up to him and Sr thinks Mickey is weak. He figures once he gets Mickey back he can turn him on Jr leaving Jr out of the family. Everything Sr does is vengeful and intended to either emotionally or financially hurt Jr. He has even tried to stop vender from dealing with Jr in order to harm his business. Nobody has yet to explain how the OCC corp. can be worth zero dollars. Are they far in the red? Look Jr has his problems and yes he has a lazy streak in him a mile long but don’t make Sr out to be a Saint when his is more screwed up than them all put together. Right now the only thing keeping both of them in business is all the fighting. All humans are the same, we love to see train wrecks and this family is one huge pile up. Once the show is canceled it will be a matter of months, if that long, before they both fade away and nobody remembers either of them.

  • Formerfan

    You all are arguing about what Sr owes his kids and who built up the business blah blah blah. It’s all irrelevant. What is nore important, who built the business and is responsible for it’s success, or the value of family?

    The obvious answer is that family is more important, blood is thicker than water. So all of you who say Sr owes the kids nothing, well, I hate to say it but you are dead wrong. Paul Sr’s kids should be the most important thing to him. He has grandchildren with Danny. If his mother is still alive (what a charming woman, calling Jorge Posada “George”) what is she waying, is she ashamed of him? Is she rolling in her grave, bless her soul?

    Paul’s behavior indicates he is a vindictive, insecure, bullying narcissistic egotistical megalomaniacal lunatic. He is SOOOO scared of anyone stealing his limelight that he berates his kids and everyone elase, even in public. HE even said something about “I should get priority” in one of his in show heart-to-hearts with Paulie, where because of all his hard work, he should be getting priority for relaxation or a break from hard work, something like that

    Honestly, this guy seemed like the type who couldn’t handle fame and fortune way back in like the second season. Used to liek the show, now, it’s just another case which proves money and “power” absolutely corrupt, and corrupt absolutely!

  • david moody

    Formerfan says….i think some of what ur saying maybe true…..but if jr and mikey would of took control of there life and worked with sr….it would of been lots better in the long run….but as i said before….if my sons….did the kinda shit his kids was doing to me….i wouldnt clam them any longer….they still be my kids…. but not working with me anymore….and mikey i think….is re-tarded….not really sure….but seems to me ….and ron nor i is saying sr was a good person when he wasnt around when his sons were growing up…..but what ever the reason he wasnt around…be a drunk, cheating, or just workin…..he had a job and went to work on time….and he all through the show said he was proud of jr….i dont see why some of yall keep saying he didnt….are we watching the same show????mikey needs to also watch the shows to….he said week or so ago…dad never said he was proud of jr….i say to mikey….ur a piece of shit and re-tarded….watch tv while ur wasting ur time….fatboy….ur paiting sucks, your not funny….if he was….why isnt he making enough money to pay for his room and board????lost his home already????apartment????looks to me like he needs to go beg his dad for a job!!!!!!!!!!!! and tell jr to kiss his asssss…..

  • david moody

    Wheelie Bar says:
    ..let me ask you and EVERYONE else that post in this room a questipon ok??….i keep myself 4getting to say this….isnt DAN also his son??..isnt sr and dan not talking????….why dont jr. and mikey say anything about there other brother????not just because of the show….its because jr and mikey dont really givea shit about him either!!!!..maybe there all just sitting up at sr home a few nites aweek watching there show and reading these post and laughing all the way to the bank…..hmmmmz…..ya think????..could be….and i have been to bike week som 30 times over the years and own a occ chopper…..i just perfer a goldwing…..mine wont ever be in a trailer, or be towed to a bike show….unless its stolen, or has a flat tire….lol….understand guys an gales….we not tryn to insult anyone in this post….just go read the REAL facts before u post….ron post as he reads what he reads, i know alittle more of what really is going on here….lol…..go an read some of my past post….u will see how i know lil bit…..NO im NOT sr, or anyone that works there…..but i do trees and stump business and if u go look on my face book acccount under david moody….and look fora pic of a yellow trailer…..its my profile….u will see….im sittin in front of….occ….why would i be wayyyyyy up in new york u ask…..read past post….tree service??……..cya

  • Karl

    I have noticed they don’t talk much about their sister or Dan but I have seen Dan in some photo’s of the family. So I have wondered why they are never talked about by anyone else in the family. Also back when I was able to watch I don’t think they said Dan wasn’t talking to dad.

    It makes me think going back to an earlier post that mentioned Sr not liking what he saw in the first episode. Then the arguing is seen in all future shows to a larger degree all because it got ratings. So maybe this is all for the show. Which means they are all good actors, so you have the son living in his fathers shadow who needs to stand on his own and prove himself an a son who has no idea where he fits in. Whilst you have a bossy father making it hard for his children.

    Mate that shows like the basis for quite a few movies I have seen.

  • david moody

    why is vinnie not at paul jr designs????….he always took crap when jr was missin…..always talked bad about jr….even mikey said jr was doing him wrong…..now….vinnie leaves and opens a bike shop…..why didnt his shop make it????….how long do you think jr will be in business after he pisses off everyone in his shop????….the carport bike almost didnt get finished because….jr didnt tell the painter it was going out what…fri??? i think….he had to work his asss offf to get dun on time…how long will he keep doing that???….remember what the painter said when he finally stopped in????i didnt want the same thing happening as it did at occ????…like late nites, ????….he was talking to jr…..not sr????….hmmmmz…..looks like to me…..its jr that wont be in business very long after the show goes off the air….sr has enough money he could give occ away and live comfortable the rest of his life….could jr????….no….mikey????….no….like i said before…mikey needs to go kiss dads assss and beg his job back….only thing is….mikeys hours woul;d have to be….10:00am-4:00pm….if he came back from lunch….lol….jr…..he wont ever i dont think….go back to occ…..i dont think sr would hire him…..sr may give him money……but wouldnt give him a job….if he did…..id cuss his asss out….lol….

    i see from this show….that sr shows up for work….even when he was a drunk….ill take a hung over man over a man showing up late and 3 hour lunches….any day!!!!

    in my business…..i only grind the stumps ..my men do all the work….i pay insurace and license ..sthil saws, gas, lodding, lunch, motels if needed….collect the money when finished….am i lazy????…..i have alott of equip….5 or 7 men most the time….i show up, dont stay long at lunch….i still have the same job i had when i was…..16….im 57….of course i fire myself from time to time and hire myself back with a raise….lol….just got back from st. louis then it snowed in north alabama so instead of being lazy….i came to montgmery alabama to work….no snow….hmmmz…..jr owes his dad….more than sr owes jr….anything….thats my fellings on it….i maybe wrong…..but its ok….type what you fill in here….or what you read….or what you know….ill never put you down….i mite cuss urasses out….but wont put u down….lol….ok assholes…post away….j/k

  • david moody

    karl…….im not sure if dan isnt liked or wutz goin on…..but they never seem to say much about him……is dan older and seen how sr was drunk and wasnt around much???…i dont know really….i 4get these days…old age i guess….most men in the world dont stay around or maybe workin or drunk or on drugs or wut ever…..sr probaly isnt any different then most anyone else that had a hard job or hard life….id had being in the steal business….an when i get to old to work….im goin up high sum wheres and jumping….i think i can fly…i think i can fly…..lol….ive had 3 broken necks an 3 broken backs from climbing, bike riding, helo crash….ive ner been on unemployment nor will i ever..i dont hurt…..yet….i think i can fly….

  • Ron Ortega

    To Everyone:
    This is what I know or have read, basically Dan and his sister really weren’t part of the show, they got mention every so often when a family gathering for a holiday took place. She is a nurse and does not live in the area of OCC and Dan owns Orange County Iron Works LLC, Dan and Sr were not talking for a long time and most likely had to with the lawsuit for fraud that Sr, Jr and Dan were all named as co-conspirators. Sr was alleged to be the master mind (de facto), Dan as the recipient of all the assets and contracts from the old iron works at a prices below market value and Jr was named because because he was the sole owner of the old iron works and performed the liquidation of the old iron works. Jr became owner of the old iron works after Sr decided to get out of the iron business and start building bikes, he signed over the old iron works to Jr, of course there were probably strings attached and I’m sure that it was all a conspiracy to liquidate the assets from the old iron works to the new iron works and hope to avoid monetary settlements. I guess their premise was if the old company didn’t have any value then the lawsuit would just dry up and go away. It didn’t and the suit was eventually settled by Dan paying a half million dollars to settle the suit, I think this is where the void between Dan and Sr occured. It doesn’t take a mental giant to figure that Dan didn’t come up with all that money himself, he couldn’t borrow against the company because it was tied up in the suit, some or all the of the money had to have come from somewhere such as proceeds from OCC and “Amercican Chopper”, this last is my suspicion and not based on any facts.
    The new headquarters for OCC was built by Dan or rather his ironworks, sound like payback? Sr had several estimate quotes from other iron shops for the new headquarters but decided to go to Dan’s company and award it unbid, doesn’t that sound a little questionable? Dan’s company fabricated the entire building structure and erected it, that’s what most iron works do, they don’t build just railings and gates, only small iron works operations do that. A company the size of Dan’s has to continuously bid and be awarded construction work that is much, much larger in dollar value than railings and gates would achieve.
    Facts are, Paul ran the ralings and gates portion of the old iron works, Mikey worked at the iron works and after graduation from high school left to go to college in Arizona and then lost interest, he worked 6 jobs in five months after leaving college and came home to a job at OCC which he never fulfilled his job description and became the company clown and got paid for it. Dan was the manager of the old iron works and managed until it was liquidated by Jr and supposedly Sr (de facto) and the new ironworks which Dan formed was the business as sole owner and bought all the assests of the old iron works. Sr has put up with more crap from his children employees than any employer would or should have to, I don’t care what you say about him. One fact remains true, his guidance of OCC in business has made it a success, you can say that Jr’s bikes were the reason for it’s success. The real reason is the show, Jr was an employee and he was hired to design bikes and build them, he did that. To all the nay sayers why don’t you go to work tomorrow and tell your boss that you are due a portion of the company because you have performed the work you were hired for. Don’t be surprized if you are laughed out of their office or shown the door. Jr would have eventually inheirited the entire business but he couldn’t wait, I was asked what I have against Generation X’ers. A large portion of them have always expected everything to be handed to them by the Baby Boomers generation. They think because we worked for everything that we begrudge them the things we have accrued in our life, it is a fact unless that unless you have worked for something you can’t hope to respect or enjoy it as an accomplishment. I’m not saying that all Generation X’ers are like this but as as a generation class a great many are, I speak from experience having children X’ers (three), one early and two later. Only the youngest doesn’t expect things given or handed to him, the other two take everything for granted and only appreciate the things they have worked for and act like nobody else has ever had to do this but them.

  • david moody

    damit boy…..u just said 6 months worth of post….lol….but now maybe some will see ur post and go read the truth for them selves before posting again….but i dont think they can…..read….

  • Lisa

    Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. are a great team. Sr. needs to be the wise one and just go to his son and ask him for forgiveness and patch all things at the end of the day when sr. dies he should be remembered as a great father not a father that did not care about his sons. money is something that is not worth the love of his sons.

  • david moody


  • Brian

    Well all i have to say is i have watch almost every episode of american chopper ,and for any man to do what this man is trying to do to his son Paul jr is a sin and he is a very disturbed man.Know he has filed another law suit against his son.In the end it will be Sr who looses .

  • david moody

    LISA….if u just watched the show tonite….u would of seen how jr and mikey lied , and how that long haired piece of shit that used to work at occ is going behind occ back and stealing builds….i dont think its going to matter once the public see’s how there getting there builds…..i think the jr lovers will see the real piece of shit jr really is….mikey is a asshole for keeping on messing with his dad ….i wouldnt go meet mikey if he was my son the way he’s doing his dad….sr has been trying to meet with mikey for a long timne now….sr didnt do anything to mikey….and if it keeps up the way there doing there dad….im sure they wont ever see any part of occ bikes after sr dies….i hope and pray….he sells them, or gives the business to his new wifes kids,….but thats me….think how u like….

  • david moody

    Brian….. i think ur wrong about sr loosing in the end…..jr thinks he’s going to wind up ith occ in the end….i think and hope myself he sells i out

  • david moody

    Brian….. i think ur wrong about sr loosing in the end…..jr thinks he’s going to wind up with occ in the end….i think and hope myself he sells it out

  • David Moody

    is anyone wondering why JR. and Mikey didnt go to jasons wedding????as bad as mikey is blowing up about sr NOT going to jr’s wedding????….i dont blam sr for NOT going to jr’s wedding….jr hasnt talked to his dad in over a year….sr has been reaching out, but nobody meets him….instead…..mikey keeps standing sr up….maybe oneday mikey will wize up and go back to occ….atleast he was making great money….thats alott more than hanging around in jr’s shop….making NOTHING!!!!….id be begging my dad to pleazeeeeeeee take me back….im no good..i cant build a bike….im never around when u need me….but i make u laugh….sr would say….ok mikey….ur hired….period

  • Carrie

    I’ve been watching OCC for years but never really understood why SR was sueing Jr for control of Jr. shares of stocks. SR sent him packing for lack of a better explaination so why shouldn’t Jr continue his trade elsewhere while still retaining control of his share? Jr. is still considered an investor in OCC and should be intitled to hold on to control of HIS stocks. In addition, I have always felt Jr. was the creativity of the OCC business and SR was the business person and they made a great product together, equally. It’s a shame Sr can’t see that. I don’t think Jr. is asking for anything that isn’t due to him as that equal partner. Where is the respect?
    Additionally, Sr. seems to thrive on downing Jr. ‘s achievement on his own, but you don’t ever see Jr. trash talking Sr.
    And Mikey just doesn’t trust his dad emotionally. He has said over and over again he would be willing to meet and talk with his dad, but does not want to go alone. He wants a professional there to mediate the meeting. Sr. doesn’t want to do that, so evidently it isn’t that important to him. If it were he would see that Mikey does want to resolve the wedge between them, but with some assurance that things won’t go the way they have in the past, with SR. getting heated.
    Lastly, I think it was incredibly cold to not even go to your son’s wedding. Jr. had the courage to invite Sr. so evidentlly he wanted him there, but SR. was an ASS for not setting aside the differences for a few hours to pay respects to his son on his wedding day. Who knows, with just that gesture, things may have been resolved by now.

  • Dom Raiano

    Hey Ron,
    Get a life!!!

  • Pookie

    Sounds like Ron thinks his kids are lazy and moochers, so he thinks all Gen. X is ! Wrong, i have had the same problem with my Father and his Baby Boomer greedy mentality, I Worked for my fathers company for very little money for the hopes of getting it one day, and then when we started a second company, I Worked for it as well, the problem was I never was paid for the new company, and all the profits from the old company that I was running went into the new company for 4 years while I basically worked for below minimum wage doing 60 -70 hr weeks with no overtime. When the new company started to take off, I was given the Old company with no assets, I had to purchase them all, and I was kicked out of the new company, that I was a founder of, I had worked for free in the new company for 6 years, without a single paycheck and my father was a greedy son of B*(& just like Paul Sr. is, and decided to retire liquidate the company, put alot of money in his pocket, then went through a divorce and I lost any chance of inheriting anything I had worked for!! SO your generation can go screw itself, your generation has screwed up our current gov. system and has bankrupted the entire federal budget system and currently tanking our currency, the U.S. Dollar. If you want to talk about greedy useless generalizations of generations, you need to start with yours being completely corrupt!!!!

  • Karl

    Hey, just seen a re-run and its the one where Jr got “terminated”. Some points I found interesting was that Jr had a contract that he earns X dollars and he does this. Sr reminded him of the times that he did not fulfill his obligations according to the contract he signed as an employee. All to do with time take for lunch and starting times. Sr must of had people taking notes of when Jr came in.

    Sr had a go at him but did not want to hear a single thing the Jr had to say. So Jr blew up. What Sr wanted was for Jr to say Ok I was wrong and I won’t be late again and you are the boss. Which Jr did not want to do. It seemed a butting of heads. Jr did not want to acknowledge Sr as the boss and Jr simply as an employee. Which means he was at the same level as everybody else.

    Is there a contract he had to sign for the show and where does it fit. Does he get the same money as Sr?

    Jr for some reason in this episode watched his dad and co when they were building the bike. It was as though he thought his dad could not do it. I noticed he was using Jason for the build. I really don’t like the guy (I don’t know why). Now if I was better then dad, I would let him do it and if he stuffs it up then, it would be proof of my skills over his.

    Why did Jr not renegotiate his contract. If he signed a contract he should know where he fits in.

    The episode gave the idea that Jr felt he was a partner. Which he was not. Also Jr felt there something wrong with Sr.

    Just another thought maybe Jr has issues with Jason and maybe Sr was saying things about him to Jr.

  • Tony

    Sr. started in the basement and if wern’t for Jr. thats were he would still be doing bussiness. All sr. has ever done is build old school choppers he has no input on the new because he hasn’t a clue on how to build a new style choppers . Jr. desinged all the bikes and Sr. takes all the credit. And now he does the same thing to Jason. And the reason he and jason get along so good is because jason is a suckass and he’s scared to say anything to Sr. were Jr. wasn’t and that’s what pisses Sr. off . Jr. would put him in his place he didn’t put up with his bullshit. Thats why he looses all his good help and Rick will be next.No matter his work ethnic Jr. never missed a due date for a build. Jr justs want’s to build bikes and Sr. just wants to build up his bank account. Sr. has nothing to do with any of his kids what does that tell you about him. Are all the kids bad or is SR. just an asshole and can only get along with people that kiss his ass. It’s to bad because in the end he’ll be all by himself just the way he wants it. What a dickhead!!!!!

  • bluediamond

    If my father talked to me like paul sr, talks to paul jr and mikey,,,i would have put my fist in his face the second day of such non-sense,,,what father talks to his children like Sr. does. i think this “junk” is just a put on to gather media attention on Sr.s part and somewhat on Jr.s part. AND as far as Sr. running the show,,,look what Sr. does,,,,,just walks around, using filthy lanquage towards his CHILDREN, calls them all sorts of filthy names..looks like that is the only lanquage SR. knows, like a convicts attitude, if you cant control anything “JUST CUSS IT OUT”.

  • Tony Nash

    I can’t beleive what was just said by Sr.. He takes his t-shirts to his tailor to have the sleeves cut off. Are you kidding me !! Your so cool that you can’t even cut your own sleeves off, Your a joke and a poor eccusse for a father. All you do is talk trash about Jr. You even had a mock scene were you hurt Jr. what kind of father wishes his family harm. Sure your the one who started the company but Jr. is the one who put it on the map. YOUR A BAD DAD !!!! You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • bluediamond

    to david moody

    GET A LIFE,,,,,sounds like you are another Paul, sr.,just running at the mouth, and nothing said!

  • Ron Ortega

    To Blue Diamond:
    Now the gen X’ers are coming out of the wood work and all they can say is Bad, Bad, Dad. You all must have had very poor parents and now are projecting your parents short comings on to Sr. Normally I don’t insult until I am insulted but your ability to comprehend is limited to your intelligence. You only see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear and ignore everything that is contrary. The old cliche is you can’t see the forest for the trees but I would question your ability to see the trees. By the way if you would put your fist in your fathers mouth then you obviously have no respect, you are free to walk away anytime, no one is forcing you take shit. Hopefully you’ll notice that no one at OCC ever threw punches, obviously no matter how bad these people are they are still leaps and bounds ahead of you.

  • Ron Ortega

    To Tony:
    Obviously you failed to notice that Jr did miss a delivery date with his new company and the only reason Jr never missed a delivery date at OCC is because the old man stayed on his ass. Are you so limited in your arguements that all you can pick on is how he has his shirt sleeves removed? If you failed to hear Jr trash talking his father all those years then you are obviously tunnel audio as well as vision. If a clue was on your ass you couldn’t find it with both hands.

  • Ron Ortega

    To Pookie:
    Once again, another person who’s reading skills and comprehension are around the 3rd grade level. Don’t you people ever get tired of showing your stupidity and ignorance or do you just revel in it like a pig in the mud?
    Go back and re-read my post, I said most I did not say all and even the better ones have an attitude of give me, give me, give me, so do you. You worked for your father, you didn’t own anything and if you worked for wages below your skill level, well who’s fault is that for allowing it to go on as long as it did. The shame on you goes to you and your father both, but it was his company and you were an employee. Didn’t it ever occur to you that your father never made the company name plural, most parents proud to have their children known to be present or future owners advertise it in their company name. You are extremely naive.
    If you weren’t smart enough to get a contract with your father after working all those years then you were only an employee and as such it was incumbent upon you to either force a contract to be drawn guaranteeing you what you claim to be your right or make your future elsewhere. You were relying on inheiritence and as such a fool and not deserving to manange or own a business. You weren’t even smart enough to require a contract that would guarantee what you claim as your right, how could you be trusted to take over a company and not lose it to your pollyanna beliefs?
    By the way your ignorance is showing again, the majority of brokers, bankers, fund managers and etc. that helped cause the current recession we are in are gen’Exers and talk about greedy, what a bunch of greedy little bastards they are. Your whole outlook of sourgrapes is totally based upon your inability to stand up for yourself with your father or move on, you stayed becuase it was a guaranteed job and easier for you, you are just lazy and took the easy way out and then cry because you didn’t have the balls to stand up for yourself.

  • Tony Nash

    Ron Ortega, You would fit in very well with the OCC crew there’s enough room for your head up his ass too!!! He was never late at OCC and it had nothing to do with Sr. he knew what had to be done and did it. The quad was late because of Odie not taking care of business while Jr. was out of town druming up jobs. So you think it’s alrite to treat your kids the way he does. He has nothing to do with any of his kids but i guess it’s because of all the kids fault. Couldn’t have anything to do with him being a asshole and a piss poor parent. Look at all the people that has left that company good people it’s not just Jr. and Mikey. I wouldn’t want to work for someone like that , but then again i don’t suck ass there’s plenty of other people out there that will do that Ron !! Have a good day :)

  • Ron Ortega

    Obviously you didn’t do the Google (“Wikipedia”) search (for Paul John Teutul, Paul Michael Teutul and Orange County Iron-Works LLC) I recommended, it states that there was a reconcilliation of sorts between Paul Sr and Paul Jr after the firing. It states that for several weeks after the initial firing Jr returned for several weeks to assist in some of the builds when Sr was gone and that Jr was paid as a consultant. It says that it was Jr that made the termination permanent himself several weeks after the firing and I believe that it was Sr’s failure to perform due diligence on his son and his activities before and after his leaving the company that has led to this legal impasse. When the company was appraised by a court appointed appraiser, Jr didn’t want to abide by the contractual agreement that Sr could buy back Jr’s recently given 20% company shares at anytime for any reason or no reason for the court appraised value, Jr is in default of his contractual obligations. The company was Probably appraised at $0.00 because of assets owned (including current AR) vs debt liabilities (including AP), if a company owes more than it is worth but is allowed to continue performing business then the ownership or management being legally challenged is usually considered by the court to be competent and is allowed to continue to function and is projected to eventually relieve the ratio of asset vs debt. Paul Jr sued to have his father removed as the management and have the company put into receivership appointed by the court, this motion was dismissed by the judge it was then that Paul Sr filed his suit for 1.5 million dollars for damages and loss caused by Paul Jr and his actions once having left OCC.
    Since Sr was the sole owner and Jr was employed as a bike designer and fabricator, anything designed, invented, etc by anyone including Jr was the proprietary property of “Orange County Choppers” and as such any copying of any of those designs for which Junior was paid a handsome salary to perform is infringement upon a proprietary design. If any information or design that was considered proprietary property of “OCC” was used to gain a contract with an old customer of OCC’s and was stolen away it is grounds for a law suit.
    By the way Jason was hired specifically as a graphics designer for the company and it is his job description to perform, aide or design anything that is within his job description for the company, the writing was on the wall for a lackadaisyical designer like Jr who did nothing but promote himself as the sole reason OCC was a success (true arrogance) and could not produce a schedule for design completion or project completion to save his ass.
    The day Jr was fired was conducted as most firings are, Sr was reading Jr’s personnel file and his continued lack of compliance with company rules and the constant breaking of those rules. You state that Sr wasn’t interested in what Jr had to say, what excuse or reason could there posssibly be for years and years and years of breaking the company rules? Being the owners son? Isn’t that just proof positive of Jr’s arrogance, he felt that he could do what ever he wanted, make his own rules and to hell with company rules that didn’t apply to people like him because he came to believe he was the company. He should have been replaced by a real designer years before, someone who didn’t believe he was the reason the sun rose and set just for him and that could produce a design, submit it to the customer for approval and go into production. A design that could produce technical shop drawings and sketches that provided technical information to the people in the shop that would be producing these parts that comprise a theme bike. Jr still doesn’t have this skill and still waits for his inspirations to come to him, he thinks his designs are works of art, his bikes are really limited in functionality and if someone tried to ride one of his bikes for any distance many pieces of the gingerbread crap he adds to them would fall off from poor design and lack of kowledge of stress vibration and stress cracking.

  • Ron Ortega

    To Tony Nash:
    Obviously there is no room up your ass because your head is already there taking up all the room. Your continued ignorance of the fact that Jr was an employee is just a glaring example of your making things up in your head to suit your own story line and are producing a show of your own choosing. Your continued posting and ignoring the facts are just proof positive that you comprehend little of what you actually see and hear and your only desire to see and hear what you want to. Time for you to go back to your little world in your head which is up your ass and create somemore make believe for spouting and proving that it’s not always the teachers fault, you can’t fix Stupid. Here’s Your Sign!
    You have a good day too!

  • Tony Nash

    Hi,Ron I didn’t realize that i was talking to mr. perfect, i read everything you post on here and all you do is try to out talk everyone and tell them how wrong they are and how perfect you are, lol…. This is Paul Sr. isn’t it . It has to be there can’t be two egos out there that twisted. And it’s a parent supposed to lead by example. Good job Sr.!!!! So you go back to telling how wrong everyone is and how perect you are. I love reading your reply’s they make laugh . Thank You.

  • RSki

    …..Tony, I was thinking it was Jim Quinn, ….Sr ain’t that articulate. :-P


    I lost my father couple years ago and our family has never been the same. My brother and i are very thankful that we were there for him. Our father loved us uncondionally and never treated us like we were anything else than his whole world. Money is the root of all evil in this world we live in. Paul Sr. and Jr need to put their ego’s so far up their ass that they will never find them again. Occ has not built a bike that has made me say”WOW” since Paulie Jr. left. No creative people in that building. Paulie’s anti venom bikes puts all the rest to shame. I know Vinnie does most of the work, but people you still need the guy with the vision. Oh yeah the production bikes they make are pieces of shit. Look on ebay, there is alot for sale. Then look at people comments who bought them. Wow some people were very upset cause they are pieces of shit. Paul Sr got the taste of basically being a dictator at Occ and has not stopped. I dont care about who did what and who started Occ and blah blah blah. HEY SENIOR BETTER MEND FENCES BEFOE YOU KICK THE BUCKET. It is obvious to anyone who has been threw the ringer that Paul Sr. was on something. He looks liked he has aged twenty years in the past two. I have read many of the post here and i dont mean to sound like i know what i am talking about BECAUSE NONE OF US KNOW WHATS REALLY GOING DOWN. BOTTOM LINE: FAMILY COMES FIRST PERIOD.

  • Karl

    Hello Ron O,

    I did the Google search. But it was what Sr was going on about that struck and the weird behaviour. Basically Jr should have been fired a long time ago base on the fact that he did not fulfil his contract.

    I was interested to hear Jr explanation was all. IF Jr had good reason for his lateness etc would you not talk to your boss. You would expect that you would communicate with your father and let him know what is going and get approval or told off.

    Also if he was on a contract, then he could have renegotiated the contract to suit him. He did neither. So his firing was really his own fault.

    But I still like Jr anyway even though he is silly and full of himself.

  • Ron Ortega

    To Johnny T:
    Hey old buddy who do you think was the orginal designer of those production bikes, that’s right your hero Jr. If they are pieces of shit then why is it you continue to worship at the altar of Jr. You destroy his work and then your worship it, which is it?

  • Charlie K.

    Hey Ron I like your commets

  • Ron Ortega

    To Tony Nash:
    You started it asshole, so you must be the perfect one because it was you going on and on what a prick Sr is and what a darling Jr is and anybody disagreeing with you has their head up Sr’s ass.
    First of all I am on the direct opposite coast, but if I was associated with OCC, if I was Sr, or Jim Quinn or anyone at OCC I would be proud to claim it. Since you are so proud of Jr and so down on Sr I guess that makes you Jr right? That’s how stupid your comments are.


    TO RON,

    first i am not your buddy. ok pal

    So its Jr fault the way the bike are manufactured huh. Dont think so guy. Its SR decision the way the are manufactured. They look great. never said they didnt. why dont you read what i said about them. Do you even ride man??Sure doesnt sound like it.So i actually didnt destroy him at all. Ron why is it so bad that people have opinions on things. You make such a big deal about it. I see alot of comments from you. Do you have a life or no?????Ha you make me laugh.thanks for the chuckle.Me and my wife enjoyed it.This is great entertainment aint it people?????

  • colinA

    great arguments and really enjoyed all the to and fro.
    basically, the shows reruns arent fun any more.
    i need to have a T shirt made that says i survived not going mental watching OCC reruns.
    the bottom line is that these guys have made millions from the tv show and they shouldnt be ripping off companies doing the ironworks trick.
    what they did maybe/not legal yet they tried it, but it was morally wrong
    when you have enough money it can give you a feeling of power and not needing anyone.
    i dont see them getting together in the future.
    Ron, keep giving the knucklehead gen Xers shite.

  • colinA

    oh and i forgot to add, Jr, hasnt got much skills, a few good ideas that come to him, and he still cant weld, beat steel, wire a bike and do hard work

  • i think your dad needs to step up and talk to you guys i lost my dad in 2007 so hopefully you guys can work it out because your dad well not be here forever and then you wont have anything

  • Ron Ortega

    To Johnny T:
    Hello PAL. Obviously you can’t discern sarcasm from endearment, you are right you’re not my buddy. As for your comment about Sr making the decisions how the production bikes are built; the production bikes are duplicates of bikes previously designed and built by Paul Michael Teutul (that’s Jr to you). Anyone having watched this show for any length of time knows that anytime Sr attempted to contribute to the design of a bike he was severly rebuked and insulted by Jr. until the man left the floor. I congratulate Sr for not having layed the boy wonder on his ass a long time ago. I am glad that I can add some levity to you and your wife’s life which must be a bore if so little amuses you. By the way here is your quote directly from your post “Oh yeah the production bikes they make are pieces of shit”. That would be Jr’s previously designed custom builds that were copied and put into production as “production bikes”.
    If you bothered to read a post of mine from several days ago you would know if I ride or not, but to save you the effort. The answer is yes, probably longer than you’ve been blowing your own nose, the other portion of my post was I built the bike myself. Am I qualified? I have been a journeyman ironworker fabricator since 1972, probably longer than you’ve been alive. I have studied metalurgy, quality control and quality assurance procedures, I carry certifications for all non-destructive testing of metals I am still have certifications for most welding processes and have a degree in business management. I owned a structural iron works that I started in 1983 and sold in 2005, accepted a position of executive management with another company that I recently retired from before the age of 60 and yes I know what the fuck I am talking about, do you really?
    I am not all asshole, I read your post about your father and I empathize and feel for you and your brother
    I lost my father four years ago and I know the loss. I have three children that go from 41 years of age to 32 years of age. My oldest son is and was the epitome of Paul Michael Teutul, he worked at my iron works for several years, right up until he started thinking he knew more than me and started disrespecting me in front of my other employees, it is hard enough to earn the respect of your employees. When they see you allowing insubordination because it is your son, it destroys any respect and pretty soon they don’t have any respect for you either. What I have seen on “American Chopper” strikes a chord with me and I can identify with Sr’s issues with Jr. Our first incident resulted in a private talking to, the second incident he was written up and the third I fired him, that was 20 years ago, he now works for a person with a karaoke system and has nothing. If he had kept his mouth shut about things he knew nothing about he would have found that you can learn a lot more through your ears than you can your mouth, do I regret my decision to fire him? Not a bit, do I regret what could have been, absolutely, he could have taken over leadership of my business and after a couple of years it would have been his, instead he has nothing when he could have been set for life.
    My prediction is this, if the “American Chopper” show is canceled, Jr will founder for a time and his business will fail. He doesn’t have the skills to build bikes himself, he needs to hire people with those skills and if the show no longer exists the companies that hire him for builds will cease to hire him. What possible reason could they have, they won’t have the exposure the show gives their company and brand name when they hire a custom build, that kind of advertisement is priceless, the same goes for OCC but it will take longer for it to fail.

  • colinA

    well said Ron. you put things in the right place and the right order.
    sorry about your son losing out.bummer.how we wish we could all do more for our kids.but someof them just dont want the help.
    on a more cheerful not. your comment, you not all asshole is true. it got me grinning and laughing.
    as small piece of all of us is asshole. its just that some people have big assholes, they have their heads up there, they have there fingers there, and they need to be pulled out to do work , and some people have other peoples head up their own.

  • Mr. Asshole, Known as David Moody

    you got that rite…colinA….i most of all is an asshole…..but i read the facts as also RON reads the facts….post ur commits as you like, just dont post anything that isnt true….then you wont have anyone dishing on you….and i wont cuss u out….maybe…lol….most that post in this room have been watching the show….others see re-runs and post only half of what they see….ron there looks to me as he reads alott and for me….im just lazy and wait until he points it out as where t go an read it for myself….lol…..but yes….im a sr fan….didnt say he was all rite in everything h has done…..but sr owns occ…..jr ONLY worked there …. if you look at rons post….it tells you where u can go and read the TRUTH……….period….i have never met ron, but have met and know SR….i live in alabama..have a tree service…own 2 new goldwings….yeller..ones a trike..also own an occ chopper….as much as i have said mikey was a re-tarded bastard…..dont u think is ron was sr…..he’d said sumum by now????….lol…..i always post my number in post i write….its up farther in my post….e-mail and my cell….i read sum of this shit SOME of yall are trying to shovel, and its just so wrong……read the truth and post the TRUTH…..and we will listen to ur commits and re-post back or commits to all of yall……theres 100s of other post on these guys…..and i do alott of cussin there asses out…..lol.. J/K…..this is 1 of 3 i post in…..but like this one the most….i like to see just how long it takes for u fine fokes….to read and type….the truth…..dont think it will ever happen….but i keep hoping…..asshole……..lol


    You people take this shit to seriously. Who cares what happenes to them. Its sounds like all of you Sr. fans out there better get their full share of him. He wont be around to much longer. He is a drug addict people. How can you believe a drug addict. Hey Ron i feel for you and your loss,but you had your father alot longer than i had mine. Dont say you know my loss. You dont. Anyways so tell me how a drug addict can be believed. If you say he isnt then you arent paying attention. He looks like hell. I said something about it above and no ones has said anything about that.Sr was on steriods and if you dont think so then all of your facts are shit.Like i said a drug addict isnt the best person to work for. Would you???????ROID RAGE BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!



    You tell em bud. These people act like they are part of OCC. If you are i feel bad for you.People who think Sr is right please explain how can a owner of a company can do what he does.(DRUGS)Yes he was doing them during the show. It is plain to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OCC is a joke in the motorcycle world. At least in Chicago they are.GO BEARS GO BEARS GO BEARS GO BEARS. Ron O i am wondering if you are a football fan?????????


    HEY RON O,

    Seriously i am just having some fun bud. that all. My father in law was a big shot iron worker in chicago. I am hopefully going to be one shortly. I cant very well argue with someone who has done that job for as long as you have. Total respect bud. For real. that is a job were you better have your shit together when your up that high. Cant wait

  • It is sad to see a father with such cruel intentions with his sons. I hope as opl see the new show
    They realize jr. is the aople that rolled very very far away from the tree and give him builds

  • Ron Ortega

    To Johnny T:
    Actually my mother left my father when I was two, he was an alcoholic and a wife beater, I grew up without a father. My father found religion and cleaned up his act but he also started another family in another state. I saw him during the summer vacation when I reached the age of 12 until I was 15. My father and I were never close until the last several years, my father died as a result of being hit over the head with his walking stick one morning at a Mc Donalds in San Pedro, CA. He and some other older gentlemen used to meet there in the morning for coffee, they were robbed, the cops never did anything about it. Please don’t jump to conclusions that you know other people’s business. I told you I felt empathy for you and your brother and you tell me I had my father longer than you and that I don’t know your loss. I’m sorry but that was very rude about a subject that is not one to be rude about, you can cuss me and tell me I am all wrong about anything to do with “American Chopper” but don’t ever tell me that my loss paled by comparison to your’s, is there really a method for measuring loss?
    Yes I am a football fan and your Bears just kicked our ass out of the playoffs.

  • Ron Ortega

    To Johnny T:
    Good luck with your future, being an Iron Worker is an honorable profession and we are responsible for almost all the buildings, skyscrapers and bridges that exist in this country. Walking the high iron is dangerous, remember to always tie off and safety first!


    To Ron O,

    You are completly right. I shouldnt of even gone their. My apologizes for that one. Dude dont think anybodys wrong for having an opinion. anyways just having some kicks bud. i am out of work right now and really bummed out. But i still wake up everyday so something still going ok.(dont know with my wife though)


    I went around to some other blogs etc. Man Occ is a ugly ugly thing. Really is. Vinnie is a true craftsman. The bikes he has built far exceeded expectations. Everyone he has built is better than anything i have seen so far. WOW. GO VINNIE. V FORCE will be around alot longer than both PJD AND OCC. He is building what people respect. Glad he is his own person. The only real one on the show


    GO BEARS!!!!!!GO BEARS!!!!! AH RON O A SEAHAWKS FAN I SEE. Well ron o- Football is probably one of the things i know best, and i have no idea what is going to happen on Sunday baby!!!!!!!!!!!Dont really care either. We made it this far with a sub par wide recieving core. lets see if we can sneek by two more games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Go Bears

  • ShuntR

    I’ve only recently (12 months) become a fan of the show in Australia & mainly for the fabrication side of things but inevitably got caught up in the drama. I have only just been able to catch the re-run of Juniors last day at OCC. Obviously there is a lot more to the business than Discovery channels theme bikes which are always awesome Junior or no Junior. The whole family has some big issues not just one of them, despite the heavy video editing that goes on anyone can see that there is a lot of hypocrisy from all players. The best thing that could have happened to Junior is for him to leave or as I saw it sack himself, after all did he really think that throwing a chair across the office was going to go any other way? We have only seen early episodes of his starting his own shop which sadly was 1 long bitch session about OCC but still managed to produce 2 good bikes. The great thing was to see him work really long hard hours to achieve things by himself. I think he may have actually learned something about running a business FINALLY. I may be behind the times with how the business is going but I hope that there is room for both of them in the market as the more intimate business of full custom theme bikes is much more interesting than a production bike anyone can have although I wouldn’t mind one myself.

  • Tony Nash

    Johnny T. yeh thats what iam talking about Da Bears!!!!!! can’t wait till Sunday. I can’t beleive how upset some of these people get over a TV show. You have people calling you names and cussing you out. Yes SR. is looking real bad this season looseing all of his bulk. He dosn’t look good at all!! Well anywat it’s good to talk with someone that speaks the truth instead of only seeing what they want to see. Some people can’t handle the truth i guess. any way i hope we kick some cheesehead ass sunday. Iam sure i’ll get alot of feedback on this one. oh well !!! Gives me something to laugh about.

  • Tim H

    Sr. needs to get off the Roid”s and Mikery needs to get off the Sauce. Looks like Jr. is getting his stuff together . I bet Sr won’t be around in two yearts do you see how his body is getting . Mikey looks like someone who belongs in a nut ward. That’s why Jr. is always giving him advice and that’s Mikey is always around Jr. Maybe the next show they will have Dr Phil on . I can’t beleive TLC puts up with their crap. Sr. acts all tough but I bet he couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag.

    People notice , if your kids start acting like Senior, or depressed like Mikey get them help.

  • Wheelie Bar

    I’ve worked around and with several large corps including Union Pacific Resources, Duke Energy, Marlin Midstream and Mark west. I have seen people leave and get fired but I have yet to see any of them have to “give” their stock back, which is what Sr is wanting Jr to do. If anyone thinks the stock is worth $0.00 explain it. Explain how the stock can be worth zip with all the equipment, merchandise and the franchises? If it is such bad shape then why doesn’t Sr sell his 80% to Jr for $0.00 like Jr offered?
    I watched the show last night and what a bunch of bullcrap. Sr is so freaking affraid that Jr will actually make his business a success that now his is sueing because a company went with Jr instead of OCC.

  • all of their bikes look the same after awhile. i’m surprised the show lasted as long as it did. paul jr. and mikey made the show. paul jr. did have the designs and ideas most of the time, but lacked work ethic. he would show up and leave when he wanted. mikey was just,.. well mikey. nobody expected much from mikey. paul sr. was just an assh@*&. he always found something to yell and rant and rave about. basically an oversized three year old throwing a temper tantrum. the father and sons never had good relations.

  • jax

    i think jr and sr just need to give each other a hug.

  • lee smith

    hey, come to simms in hayward california, they build real bkes..

  • GreekRider

    Life is too short…they need to put their differences aside…they all need to think before they speak…there are three sides to this story…Paul Sr.’s….Paul Jr.’s and somewhere in between…the truth…

  • rohit tilekar

    Paul jr always gave his best in making bikes where as paul sr. Kept on fuckin ordering and bullshitting around him24/7. Sr. Is dam over confident of his ideas and underestimated jr. So whatevr happened it has gone grt……….

  • Jake

    The only way this will get resolved is when someone in the family gets sick or dies. Grief can bring a family back together. Look both have big ego’s. But how many fathers sue their children.

  • yycwatcher

    What I find most interesting about this GROUP, is the fact that most have lost sight that it is a TELEVISION show.Tthere are producers, DIRECTORS, etc. They all want one thing, same as OCC, Sr and J,r and most here, MAKE MONEY. it is played-up, directed, scripted etc. meanwhile you all talk about it and they MAKE MORE MONEY.
    The first time I heard about the show was from a fellow business person who was involved in an family businees ,just as I was. He suggested I watch and take note about, how similar family busi nesses are. I have enjoyed watching to observe the family aspect. Personally I am not a “chopper” fan but do ride as much as I can.
    This familyand key staff, has become VERY wealthy from one thing. THEY ARE ON TV. They(people on the show) produce very nice products, and have done well at it. But stop to consider for a moment that ANY start-upin any business, product etc, can not help but grow with that kind of exposure. I even read here as someonewrote the main reason the multi-million dollar companies have bikes built was for the EXPOSURE and it would be cheaper to have their companys BIKE built than pay for equal advertising.
    The show is great, but, its all just DOLLARS and SENSE.
    If they really were that embroiled, why open another shop in the same area,doing the same thing, and being close enough to ride by HIS shop “for kicks”
    What really happens when the cameras are o ff the crew and shop staff go home?

  • bob

    sr is a dick licker ill bet he got but fucked in rehab

  • Ron Ortega

    To Jake:
    The answer to your question is easy to answer, however, if you do not own a family run business or a business period it will be difficult for you to fathom. The answer is everyday, Fathers sue their sons, sons sue their fathers, brothers sue each other, wives sue their husbands (both current and ex), husbands sue their wives (both current and ex). The list goes on, best friends sue each other, etc, etc. This is common everyday occurence in business, why is it so hard for many people to understand? Law suits arise for several reasons but most often for control of a company. (Money and Control)
    Why is it that everybody skips over the fact that Paul Jr had filed suit to have Paul Sr removed from the company as the owner/manager and have the company put into court appointed receivership. His claim is or was that the company was being mismanaged by Sr and the company suffered as a direct result. The judge reviewed the claim and found it to be not entirely correct and dismissed the suit/request by Jr. This was the first item on the docket when the two came to court, that means that Jr filed suit against Sr first. What kind of son sues his father and tries to have him removed from his own company? Next, Sr sued Jr for defaulting on his contract, when Jr was gifted the 20% ownership there was a clause that said that Sr could buy out Jr’s shares at anytime for any reason, at current market value and the court appointed an appraiser to determine current market value. Jr could not and would not accept that the value was placed at $0.00. This happens when your liabilities exceed the value of your known assets, in other words you owe more than you are worth, commonly companies are forced into bankruptcy when this occurs but OCC obviously had a sufficient track record of sales and management that they were allowed to continue operating under the current management. It was Jr’s plan to take the money from the sale of his 20% ownership and fund his new company, Sr sued to have the shares come back to OCC because Jr no longer has an interest in OCC making a profit, he is in direct competition with OCC and that could be considered a conflict of interest. Now if you still say what kind of father would sue his son then you have to also ask what kind of son would sue his father to have his company taken away from him? It works both ways and they are both guilty of disloyalty to each other except, Jr only cares about the money he would receive and Sr only cares about his keeping 100% control of the company. Now, please don’t say “but what kind of a father sues his son?” because the reverse is true also!
    Now my question to you is this, how long should a company owner put up with blatant unsubordination, complete disregard for company rules and a total lack of work ethic or consideration for a companies reputation? If this was nipped in the bud years ago there wouldn’t be any Sr vs Jr but that was what made the show and that is also what destroyed the relationship. It was motivated by greed for more money by both Sr and Jr, it reminds me of a rock and roll band that starts out as a group and if there is success the lead singer soon goes solo and drops his loyalty to his group and soon considers himself the reason for the success. This is what happened at OCC, except that they both consider themselves the lead singer.

  • Ron Ortega

    To bob:
    I would have to ask you how long have you thought about this and does it occupy your waking thoughts? You obviously have some personal experience with this subject to be such an expert on relationships in rehab, would you care to tell us about your experiences or are you ready to open up (so to speak)?

  • Ron Ortega

    To Wheelie Bar:
    I would like to introduce you to “bob says” the two of you have a lot in common. Your post about “working around” only proves you have little or no business or common sense and should talk about things that you do understand and not those over your head. It also illuminates why you will always be a worker and never an owner. You name four large corporations publically owned that you worked for or around (not sure how you work around), did you get the difference, “publically owned” never mind too deep for you to fathom.
    By the way, David Moody and I do have alot in common including age, we are not the same person but you probably see ghosts where there aren’t any, anyway. Did you get that or should I put it in simpler terms ? Going too fast for you ? Say, maybe you really should meet “bob says”, evidently you were you traumitized by your time in rehab too!


    Ron O good to see u back. Um that game really hurt the soul. I still love DA BEARS.

    to everyone. Jr filed that suit to countersue his fathers. I am sure that was his LAWYERS idea, and we all see what some of the lawyers do for our world(they have twisted it to shit). I mean you can sue somebody for farting in your direction. Come on with all that shit. I have three lawyers in the family and they are the farthest thing from “those kinds of lawyers”. You guys know what i am talking about. Ron o has a great point about how Jr didnt meet his requirements of his contract. But a partner shouldnt have to. especially the one who made them what they where. Come on they wouldnt of been shit without TV and Paul Jr. Anybody see it a different way ???Really????? I am confused if you do???Anyways just having some fun guys. i really dont see why i need to be cussed out over how i see it. Fuck i am sad about my BEARS. Green Bay will not beat the STEELERS. Looks like i have to get my steelers stuff out. Green Bay Packer fans you barly beat us, how do u think your gonna face Steeler town. GO PITTSBURG. HINES WARD is one of the best wide recievers ever.


    Well all the rehab talk should stop. If you dont know shut up. Yes i have been there couple times. Not proud of that at all, but it gave me the “right” to talk about it. Come on if you have never had it happen to you then you have no idea the hell i went through. I have paid my dues on that. My mother believes my knowledge of “my choice of drug” i might save some poor kids life that doesnt know. Tell me i am wrong, you cant because you know i am right. Hope i can help anyone who needs a little. If you have no real insite on what its like to be a drug addict that wants to do good , but cant bring himself to do it. The shit is the devil and he has got a tight grip let me tell you. Once again not proud of it at all, i hurt alot of people but forgiveness comes in time. Family is family. I think the OCC “family”(ha ha) needs to stop and think what Family is all about. Bad or good and that the bottom line. i F YOU BASH ME FOR THIS ONE YOUR IQ IS PROBABLY ABOUT THE NUMBER OF SMOKES I HAVE IN MY PACK.


    I have read the post about the truth. Um that is a bunch of bullshit. No ne of know the real truth. We dont. And probably never will.

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack

    Hey Moody,

    I just saw that someone (you) mentioned my old handle in here so I thought I would check it out. Listen you paranoid fool….if I had any interest in posting in here I would post under my original name not “Luther” or Jr. or whoever else you might think I am in one of your delusional states. Don’t accuse me of posting under someone else’s name! Now go back to grinding your stump, beating your stump or whatever else you want to do with your stump but leave me the hell out of it! Why are you so fascinated with me anyhow? Is it because I can spell? You’re like a Australopithecine who sees fire for the first time…hey Ron can spell…and you rely on him for all of your “original” thoughts anyhow so why don’t you continue to fixate on him. Comprendo?

  • Ron Ortega

    To Johnny T:
    Sorry about the Bears loss, I always liked the Bears, clear back when McMahon was the QB. The media is having a field day with your present QB and his knee injury. I think you are right, I think the Steelers will win the SB. I would have liked to have seen the Bears go to the SB.
    I’m not going to cuss you out for having a different point of view about “American Chopper”, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. The trouble comes when someone gets mean or filthy or nasty, if you don’t agree with their take on the characters, hey don’t insult the person leaving their post on line. Now, I have no problem being mean, filthy and nasty when someone has gone out of their way to insult me personally.


    85 BEARS WOW THATS ALL !!!!!!!!

    Ron your completly right. To each there own. STEELERS ALL THE WAY. I wish i could of grown up during the “CURTAIN”

  • Not once…..not once…..did I ever hear Sr. have a kind word for Jr. All through the bike building, Sr. yells obsenities….the F word is his favorite…..but then takes credit for the chopper after it is designed and built by Jr. and the rest of the team.
    Personally, I would have left that shop many years ago, just to get away from the foul mouthed, egotistical father.
    Even now, when the team is split up, Sr. cannot keep his mouth shut pertaining to Jr. and Jr’s new shop. He belittles everything about Jr., and insists that he knows for a fact that Jr. is not the one really doing the work at PTD…..even when he knows nothing of the sort. He just cannot stand that fact that the real talent has moved on. Rick and OCC’s designer are the only ones keeping OCC moving. Sr. couldn’t work his way out of a paper bag. And, as far as being a good father figure….Bawahahahahaha!
    Sr. needs to take his ever present size twelves, and retire to a long porch, far far away from civilized people.

  • corky

    maybe when the show is over he can hook up with hulk hogan…yeah dude no money down an rent to own

  • RSki

    Just watched the latest episode. There’s defintley a world of difference in the finished product from PJD vs OCC. Jr’s has so much of a “flow” to it (again). I know, his work ethic, hrs etc when he was at OCC left a lot to be desired at times. Proof of the pudding is in the eating.

    Now another lawsuit from OCC on what seems to be frivolous. Unless you work in an industry where a contract has a non- compete clause (usually 1 yr w/ in a certain radius, and lets face it, a MC shop employee wouldn’t be in that catagory, ‘cept for Jr because he had the great design skills obviously), that Joe Puliafico gets named in the suit. I had to chuckle at the “coming attractions” for next week, newspaper story “OCC in Foreclosure.” Ok you all have a laugh on this one….


    YES. ENOUGH MONEY TO PAY LAWYERS BUT NOT THE BILLS . YES. FARO PICKED JR. My wife works for a law firm. When faro gives their depostion all they have to say is”we picked JR on our own. Done. Joe you will be fine. Sr looks real bad just as a person. If your day is consumed with trashing your son then that means he is doing something good. that is scaring the shit out of SR. FARO BIKE LOOKS FUCKIN GREAT!!!!!!!!!!HEADRUSH BIKE NO THOUGH WHAT SO EVER. WHAT A SHITTY LAME DESIGN. A skull headlight. that’s original. never would of though of that. It has been though of before(i have seen it in chicago on normal street bikes. OCC SUCKS THEY ARE LOOKIN REAL BAD. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSABOUT TIME ITS FINALLY REALLY ITS SHOWIN

  • RSki

    Just found this from the Hudson Valley Times Herald-Record dated 11/18/10 re: an excerpt w/ OCC’s lawyer’s “Spin” on the foreclosure. …ya, right! I think I’ll go to my bank & say lower my note, my house isn’t worth as much as it was 5 yrs ago! They’ll say “get f&^#ed”

    ….The Choppers stopped making mortgage payments in order to put pressure on the lender to modify the terms of the loans, according to Choppers’ lawyer Richard Mahon. Mahon said that when the headquarters was built in 2007, it was valued at about $12 million. Because of the economic downturn, the building is now worth between $7 million and $8 million, he estimated.

    “This is just a bump in the road,” Mahon said. “We believe the parties will reach a resolution and the headquarters will continue in this location.”

    GE Commercial Finance spokesman John Oliver declined to answer questions about the suit, citing confidentiality.

    “We worked very hard to try to come up with a better outcome, but in the end we had to make a business decision based on our agreement, and we did,” he said.

  • Tommy B

    First I’d like to see a “bikers build off” between Sr. & Jr. Winner take all.
    Now TLC, please consider Paul Jr. Design as a show about building bikes again without Paul sr. My wife and I were fateful followers of the show until we got discussed with all the yelling, ranting and cussing by Sr. The show began to take on a totally different flavor with less emphasis on bike building. The latest episodes show Jr. hiring Vinnie and others fired by Sr., and while Jr. is encouraging Mikie in so many ways, Sr. trash talks his sons every way possible. While Jr. struggles to kick start his business, Mikie seeks counseling (smart move), Sr. manages to find fault with them where ever he can, and expects everyone to believe the world owes him. And now the latest law suit, (such BS Sr.) you’re a real piece of work.
    I truly believe a show could work with Jr., Vinnie, Nub and the new crew building bikes and never mention Sr. There wouldn’t be any cussing, screaming, tantrums and we could once again appreciate the process of building custom bikes. A show that kids could watch and learn about doing good things for family, friends and the community, instead of demonstrating a perfect example of a dysfunctional family.

  • Tommy B

    PS I partly blame TLC for allowing the show to get out of hand. After all, it is “The Learning Channel right. Otherwise see if Jerry Springer can build bikes.

  • Bryan P

    I cant believe the stuff Paul Sr says or does sometimes.I really think he is less than a man after watching tonights show.I thought he couldn’t go any lower than going to Jason’s wedding and not Paulie jr’s.But all the stuff he says about Jr is sicking.And even after all that Jr doesn’t really say a bad thing about Occ or Sr.I couldn’t think of a better son to have than Jr or Micky.I mean Micky isnt the best guy in the world be who is.He trys and he has a big heart.I really don’t think Id ever watch,Buy anything OCC ever again.Paul sr lied to America time and time gain.Than when the public see’s what a ahole he is than he trys to make it out like he didn’t mean it that way or cover it up somehow but I dont think Jr should ever talk to him again.And I cant get started on this LEE scumbag,I’m glad 99.% of the Fans agree.Oh and Paul SR going in about Joe F stealing his Business. Jr was co owner of OCC and new every client also but whatever I think Sr just made Shi&ist Father of the Year!!

  • Don W

    To start with to Jr. and the crue GOOD LUCK—GOD SPEED tell your dad to F— off and get a life but then he was never around when you kids were young he left your MOTHER to bring you kids up by herself.If that was my dad i would kick his a– and push him to the curb and leave him in the DIRT. PAUL SR. YOU ARE THE BIGEST JERK THERE IS AND THE POOREST EXCUSE FOR A DAD YOU DRUNK. I

  • Kabel

    Paul Sr. is just angry and delusional, period. He is so jealous of his son’s talent that he has nothing better to do, but to file lawsuit after lawsuit in an attempt to ruin Paul Jr’s company. The only reason I continue to watch the show is to see what new designs Paul Jr. comes up with.

    Best wishes to Paul Jr. Designs!

  • Paul Jr should never have to spend a dime on advertising. Just point the camera to Sr and let him run his mouth.

  • Tommy B

    Attorneys always amplify whatever issues are being disputed, so the rants and disturbing displays Sr. has displayed over the years have been amplified to the point of destruction. Television has become an interracial part of modern life, and characters become near and dear to watchers as a result. I’ve been watching the show for years and developed a fondness for a number of the characters, as well as an opinion of others. While the name of the show is “American Chopper”, it’s turned out to be about a family in turmoil. They should just rename the show “American Turmoil”, not really.

    I for one will miss viewing Mike’s antics and some awesome motorcycle designs. Back whomever you wish and don’t wish ill upon anyone. I’d like to change the focus to revitalizing the show about building motorcycles. Once Sr. gets out of his state of denial, maybe the family could repair what ails them.

    I pray the family finds some peace, and we get to view what we originally tuned in for.

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack

    Tommy a few posts back you hit the nail on the head! I quit posting in here for several reasons. First of all, for some reason I will never understand, there were a couple loud mouths who never let anyone else get a word in edgewise who continued to claim that Sr. was in the right. One of these guys is even fairly articulate (hmmm it seems he has disappeared the last couple of days)! I must admit my anger at this particular individual who kept defending an individual who is clearly insane and evil as hell (Sr.) just wasn’t worth the high blood pressure! Now back to your comment Tommy. The Discovery Channel should be boycotted (my opinion) for continuing to allow Sr. to display his insane antics on what was once a great show that entire families could watch together. Like you said it isn’t Jerry Springer, it’s supposedly a program that allows people who would never have the opportunity to see how choppers are built. Now the producers and production company have turned it in to one of the worst reality shows on television just to generate more money and they have no problem with exploiting a family going through a horrible crisis in order to do it. What kind of an example is that for kids? Discovery had some of the highest ratings on television when they did excellent educational programming but the greedy execs wanted more so they turned their channel into crap! Senior needs to be locked up in a rehab facility and Junior should be allowed to have his own program that does what the original program was meant to do….educate people about how a functional bike shop works (sadly Discovery may have damaged the industry beyond repair). I’m surprised they didn’t turn Discovery into a porn channel, there’s even more money to be made in that industry!

  • harley

    ithink it sad to see a father talk bout his son the way sr talked bout jr for years and let mikeie be a goof off the swearing and breaking of thinks i just don t understand it a case of white trash getting money now lossing money sr going to wind up a broke lonely old man without a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of

  • Ron Ortega

    To Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says:
    You are too correct, it is not worth the blood pressure. I have to agree with you 100%, I fail to understand why anyone would continue to defend (even idolize) someone who has shown nothing but a total lack of respect for anything but himself. It amazes me how some people completely gloss over all the insults hurled by one person but focus completely on another persons hurled insults. How dozens of compliments that have been given for completed projects have fell on totally deaf ears but yet the person giving the compliments is crucified for never having uttered one. I chalk it up to total self identification with the one person and abhorring the other. As I have said everyone is entitled to their opinion and not be condemned for it otherwise you are no better than the person that has been singled out for condemnation. Sound familiar, probably not since some people are so absorbed in their own opinions that there is no room or right for anyone else to have an opinion unless it reflects their own sense of reality. Don’t bother with your insulting rebutt, I have read enough of your posts that I could write it myself.

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack

    My only response Ron is that you amaze me. You will ride this horse to death in order to try to prove you are right about Senior. Did you even watch last night’s episode? I think you are projecting but you will never admit it because like Senior you can’t, won’t and refuse to change. You are defending a psycho who has destroyed his family and will in the end destroy his business just because he will never admit to being wrong. Could you sit through last night’s episode with your family and tell them that Senior is someone to be idolized? Yes Junior isn’t perfect, in fact when he was at OCC he sometimes reminded me of his father. Since then he has gone out of his way to encourage and thank his employees for their hard work. He stays late, comes in early and is trying his hardest to be a good man, a good boss and the polar opposite of his father. You won’t agree with me but why would you? Like Senior and Junior we are about as different as two people can be thankfully.

  • Iball

    Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says & Ron Ortega says,
    both of you are wrong!
    P’sr & P’jr both are tools and both OCC & PJD will parrish.

  • JackSprat

    Good thing the economy’s in the tank. We can send all of them off.

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack

    Have to give Ron one thing. At least he’s an intellectual. How many companies have you run Iball?

  • SwootzP

    Sr. is a jealous brute. Jr. does come up with some fantastic designs, but why he stayed
    under the occ yoke for all those years, and took those verbal beatings is beyond comprehension.
    It’s no wonder Mikey has so many problems with food/booze-no self esteem.
    Sr. need SERIOUS ANGER MANAGEMENT/THERAPY or should just be hospitalized.
    He’s a sick man; and how many wives has he blown through?
    I’m sure Jr. will be fine with his own shop; maybe his wife/church will keep him
    more grounded.
    I want to feel sorry for Sr. but he has so much hate in his heart, it’s hard to give him pity.

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack

    SwootzP that was well said.
    I think Jr. was hoping after all the years he missed with his father when he was younger that it was worth any abuse to try to keep a relationship going. You could see it tearing the poor kid apart over the years and making him just as angry as his father. I have a feeling when he met his wife she helped him break the cycle. I think she helped save Jr. in many ways. A lot of fathers have no idea how much damage they are inflicting on their kids…it’s damn sad.

  • NEPA

    I read a lot of these posts and I wonder if we are all watching the same show.
    I will keep it simple.
    1. Family is important. They will regret so much when its too late.
    2. Parents should be proud of thier childrens success. NOT jealous.
    3. Funny how Jr is more of an adult than Sr.
    4. Im saying prayers for them all!

  • ShuntR

    I used to lean toward Seniors point of view as it looked like his tirades were caused by Junior’s slack work ethic & inability to provide a build plan for the theme bikes. But creative minds being what they are the concept is the plan & the build can change shape & adapt as it comes to life. Senior is an old iron worker building from a plan is all he understands. If the deadlines are really that tight all the time then maybe someone better review how they operate but of course the show is edited for ratings & the truth is so distorted that I don’t think either of them could recognize it. The thing that does stick in my mind is that the only time Senior looks anyone in the eye is when he’s on fire, during their reconciliation meeting it was evident & even when dealing with clients. If it wasn’t for the exposure companies wouldn’t deal with OCC, with Junior having the same exposure he is now getting some theme bike builds himself. The people are making their choice.

  • Dr. Aki Bola

    Buy a frame. Buy an engine. Buy a gearbox. Buy suspension parts. Buy all the electrics. Make a tank and cut the wheel blanks on a programmed machine. Weld a few brackets and send it all out for paint/chrome/powdercoat. Screw the parts together when they come back. End up with an ugly uncomfortable chopper that rides like crap and can’t be serviced. LOL.

    The personalities were fun at first, but now that Sr. is on a mission to kill Jr’s business and Mikey is simply pitiful, it’s a sorry spectacle unfit for viewing. OCC will be bankrupt this year but Sr will again defraud his creditors and carry on. Jr’s shoestring operation might survive. Bye bye, won’t miss any of you.

  • Tommy B

    This blog contains 3 yrs. of comments about a dysfunctional father demonstrating how not to raise his sons. The endless negative senior moments are about to publicly end. Clearly senior has demonstrated his propensity towards the negative side of life, while the boys somehow managed to show their men in their own right.

    OCC has self-imposed deadlines. With deadlines approaching with every build, senior manages to pull everyone off the build to do something fun as a reward. Dude, build the bikes, and meet the deadlines and then party. Because of poor management (guess who), Chaos runs rampant at OCC and we can’t fix it.

    Anyone with half a brain could see where the problems come from. Mike has demonstrated more maturity than his dad and he is clearly disturbed by all this BS. Junior, hang in there and I hope you can see there are a lot of viewers that support you.

  • Captkirk

    Why are you guys and gals even waisting your time watching the crock show.. it’s all BS…..Turn the channel, watch something worthwhile. Try out the new Pawn Store programs running at the same time.. a lot more enjoying… thats or sure

  • Ron Ortega

    To, Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack says:
    I’m not riding any horse that you are not riding also, if you had read any of my previous posts with an open mind as opposed to already having your mind set you would know this. I have agreed and even stated in my posts that Sr. is a bad example of a father and has very bad behavior. My issue with your point of view is that you have never and possibly can’t, see both sides, you have NEVER EVER, given Sr credit for anything but the rhetoric that Jr supporters are known for, just as we Sr supporters are known for our rhetoric. From the first episode there was conflict and strife, at first Jr didn’t respond, then he began to respond with his own brand of insults but also began the undermining of Sr with the other employees. For the most part Sr thought that what ever was said at work was separate from their personal life, because work was work and personal was personal and never should the twain meet. He was wrong, obviously, Sr is a prick to work for, Sr is an asshole, Sr is a bad father figure, Sr is Sr and Jr KNEW EXACTLY what he was getting into when he went to work for him. Jr took the easy way out, he put up with abuse so he could keep his guaranteed job. Why didn’t he just quit if the abuse was so bad? Because he invented his own brand of abuse to counter Sr’s, he was just as bad, just as big a prick (only he heaps abuse with a smile), he abused the other employees, he sloughed HIS work on others and fucked off and dared his father to do something about it. But you just gloss over that because in your mind there is no bigger prick than Sr.
    I have stated in previous posts that the reason I identify with Sr is that I went through the same wringer, I ran a business and employed my oldest son. I ran into the same issues as Sr, the difference being this, company rules are company rules, respect breeds respect, familiarity breeds comtempt. I didn’t allow breaking of company rules, the same steps were taken as with any insubordinate. After three warnings and write ups I terminated my son. I got him another job with a supplier thinking that it was our personal relationship that got in the way, I was wrong and the same problems developed there with the same end result, it was my son. Obviously Jr is not 100% of THE problem but he was and is 50% of THE problem, in regards to abuse he has given as well as received. This is the part where you ALL gloss over. You say Sr did this! Sr did that! Sr is an ass! Sr is a poor father! Sr is a prick, Sr is, Sr is, Sr is, etc, etc. I have yet to hear one of you say anything contrary about Jr and believe me there is plenty of blame to go around, ever heard it takes two to tango. You remove one part of an equation and the equation is no longer an equation. You can’t argue when there is no one to argue with. I worked for my father in construction when I was younger, I got tired of seeing him sit on his ass (I thought anyway) and drink coffee and find constant fault with my performance and give me all the grunt work. I didn’t take the easy route like Jr, I quit in the very early stages and got my experience elsewhere, took my apprenticeship elsewhere, maintained my pride by doing it the hard way. Later I discovered that the scenery never changes if you are at the back of the dog pack, you are always looking at the ass end of someone ahead of you. I started my own business on a hope and a prayer, I worked like a dog for years until I had enough success that I could afford to hire employees, in walks my son with everything set up for him, out goes my son. I didn’t work for years to let anyone take advantage of me or my business. Sr should have fired Jr years ago, if Jr had any pride at all he would have quit and gone another route, they both took the easier road, they just heaped contempt and abuse on each other for too many years and finally the ego’s won out. Jr forgot that the boss is always the boss and thought that he would resolve that in court except it didn’t work out to his expectations, his boyish charm didn’t support the weight of his claims in court, now the Jr supporters say everything that Sr’ does in court just makes him a bigger prick and a poor excuse of a father. That my fellow post-er is the nag of a horse that YOU are riding along with your compatriots and you will all ride that horse into the ground. Just answer one little question, just one that’s all, if it was sooooooooooooooooooooooo bad at OCC why didn’t Jr just quit years ago, Huh? Just answer that one question without a diatribe of accusations and venting against Sr, why didn’t Jr JUST QUIT? Please don’t answer with a collander that leaks all over the place, just a simple answer.


    Dear viewers of OCC and PJD:

    I have watched every episode from beginning to end, and I can firmly say, without revocation, that I was more in tuned to watching when Sr. and Jr. were working together as father and son, and not at each other’s throats. When Jr. lovingly referred to his father as “Pop” and Sr. had good things to say about his sons. However, if you have been watching the show since the separation, you can literally see two totally different ambitions being presented. One the one hand, you have Sr. and OCC still putting out choppers that are fabricated by some very talented individuals, Rick being one of them. Then there is Sr., and he is more worried about killing his son’s business than running his own. He will tell his side of the story to anyone that will listen, just like a young school boy. Anyone that watches can see that Mr. Teutlue is a very sick man, and needs many years of therapy. I truly believe he gets pleasure out of putting his sons down publicly. Then there is the other hand, Paul Jr. Yes, I am not happy with anyone that shows up late, or doesn’t put in his 2 cents on the job, but I totally believe that was blown way out of proportion. How many episodes did we see Jr., Vince, and Rick stay to the wee hours of the morning to meet the demands of a deadline. Where was Sr. during these times? Then Sr. has the audacity to go on a rampage about him doing more work than Paul? Are you kidding me? How about this last episode, where a big time client of OCC goes with PJD to build a bike. Doesn’t that speak volumes about the path that OCC is going down? Who wants to surround themselves with all that negativity. I feel so bad for the OCC employees that have to bow down to Sr. in fear of losing their jobs when he starts going on and on about Jr. Leave Jr. alone, be proud of your sons’ accomplishments, and stop blammoing everyone for your own erratic behaviors. In conclusion, in a perfect world, I would absolutely love for all sides to forgive each other and come together as a family, but until Sr. admits that he has issues, this will never happen. I can only hope that in the somewhat near future, Paul Sr., Paul Jr., and Mikey could meet privately somewhere, and shed some tears, and forgive each other for all the embarrassment that has been shown on public television. It is not too late guys, and I continue to watch, and hope for the best for you and your families.

    Just my humble opinion.

  • Paul Sr’s Brain on Crack

    Three reasons. First of all, without Juniors creativity OCC never would have become anything close to what it became. Why should he leave and start over (like he has now) and have no access to any of the bikes he worked on or the percentage of the shop that realistically never would have become what it was without his creativity. Secondly, he was also more than likely locked into a contract with Discovery that made it very difficult to leave until he convinced them that he had no choice but to leave for his own well being (I have been involved in several of those type of production contracts over the years, I know how hard they are to get out of without losing your ass). Thirdly, like I stated above, he loved his father even though Senior was a jerk and because he lost several years with Senior when he was actively drinking he probably saw this as an opportunity to repair the relationship and didn’t want to give up on his dad. Some people put relationships ahead of work Ron (and because of it sometimes their own well-being), I guess we just have a character flaw Ron!