Fresh off the moto-press newswires, we get word that Hudson Valley Merchandising LLC, the merchandising arm of Orange County Choppers, has sought protection in bankruptcy court under Chapter 7 of the US Bankruptcy Code.

Listed as having $1.12 million in assets and $1.44 million in debts, Hudson Valley Merchandising LLC will be given a trustee by the court, who will then likely dismantle the company and its assets in order to make the company’s creditors as whole as possible.

For those not familiar with the intricacies of bankruptcy law, Chapter 7 differs from the more well-known Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code in that it almost always signals the end of the company filing for protection.

However, there is some discretion given by the court to the trustee, who can allow for the business to continue with operations, if it looks like the continuation of the business could bring more income into the company’s creditors (similar to what we saw with the Moto Morini bankruptcy).

Considering the demand for Orange County Chopper merch is probably at an all-time low right now, especially after  the show American Chopper was taken off TV, OCC itself faced foreclosure, and Paul Teutul Sr. was named in an illegal steroid ring, we imagine the trustee will simply break apart Hudson Valley Merchandising LLC and sell-off its business assets.

Parent company Orange County Choppers Holdings did not file for bankruptcy in this action.

Source: Motorsports Newswire

  • mudgun

    Goodbye Orange County Choppers merchandising.

  • TexusTim

    hopefully it all ends soon.

  • Gleep

    I guess I can quit saving for that t-shirt.

  • frod04

    finally! hope to not ever see more yelling, bad attitude bs bike related stuff on tv (i know it’s just wishful thinking)

  • jet057

    GLEEP,you made…………word

  • GREEDY BASTARDS!! Paul’s keeping all the money and screwing all the suppliers.. O.C.C. go bye bye for good!!!

  • paulus – Thailand

    It had its time…. time to lay it to rest

  • dagoof

    It can’t end too soon for me…

  • JoeD

    As with elected officials, they were the reps for a sub set of people. When the “Electorate” woke up and realized the truth about the “Style”, the card house collapsed. Good riddance.

  • Gutterslob

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Patron

    I’m not sure this show, or any of the products they were selling ever really appealed to even 10% of motorcycle enthusiast. At least it never did to me. I watched it in its first year, really only because I love to watch people build and create. But it soured after the show just became focused on one long argument after another. All the best to the people involved who were genuinely just trying to make a living doing what they love. I for one will be glad when these peoples troubles are only their own, and don’t take up space on any of my frequently visited sites.

  • Another set of clowns leaves the circus that is cable television….

  • Jobie

    I think that most of the bad decisions were made by Paul Sr and his big head. The business could have survived had they not tried to go mega size, and kept it as a true famly business. Paul Jr’s spin off business seems to have the right attitude and I wish Jr much sucess, as for the rest, let the bank have them.

  • smiler

    Paul Jnr seemed relatively talented but for me I simply did not learn anything. Comments like we sent the tank up to xxx for painting. Now its back, look the tank has been painted. Coooool. Here’s a piece of metal for this….now it is bent & welded on…Paul Snr meltdown…..coooool.
    Even the Chip Foose prog was more insightful.
    Paul Snr used steroids, shock, horror.
    Live by the media, die by the media I guess.