Reason #389 to Stay Out of Ohio

06/03/2010 @ 8:54 am, by Jensen Beeler24 COMMENTS

In a recent Ohio State Supreme Court decision, the armpit state of America further confirmed its status as the third worst territory in the United States by holding that a driver or motorcyclist can be convicted of speeding purely if it looked to a police officer that the motorist was going too fast.

The decision upholds a lower courts ruling, which held that a driver who challenged a speeding ticket could still be found guilty merely if the trooper stated the driver was “driving too fast” in their estimation.

In a 5-1 decision, Ohio’s highest court ruled that an officer’s visual estimation of speed is sufficient proof to convict a motorist of speeding, as long as the officer has been certified by a training academy, and has experience watching for speeders.

While we here at Asphalt & Rubber can find a number of things logically and legally wrong with this decision, we don’t really expect much from the state the brought us the tramp stamp tattoo and cornholing.


  • PA

    be careful, some of your most loyal followers (and avid riders) live in that “armpit state of america”.

  • Don Z.

    Yeah, it’s bad here.

    Roads and driver ettiquette get worse and worse here every day. Had a guy literally tailgate me (on my motorcycle) about 2 feet off my back tire and then had the nerve to flip me off when he decided to swerve around me because I was only going 5 over the limit during rushour. Scared the daylights out of me.

    And don’t even THINK about moving here if you’re an allergy sufferer. Ohio is a big bowl and all that crap in the air just settles here.

    – Don (Columbus, OH)

  • emd

    “be careful, some of your most loyal followers (and avid riders) live in that “armpit state of america”.”

    Good thing they cant read

  • buellracerx

    nothing like making the law totally arbitrary.

    at least now officers have an excuse to give you a ticket when they’re pissed off at life…not that they didn’t before, now it’s just legalized

  • Michael

    I’m from Michigan so I absolutely had to laugh at the armpit reference. Not that MI is much better but we all hate Ohio too.

    However, I have to argue with one point of yours; the game of cornhole. I’ve been living in Vegas for the past 5 years and all my Chicago friends out here play that game. This is the first time I’ve heard it called cornhole though. Everyone here seems to just refer to it as “bags”. Anyway, this game is actually a damn good time. You can setup and play almost anywhere, which is really quite advantageous in a densely populated city.

  • Dan

    I live in California, have an MV Agusta and a Ducati and have been riding and racing for 35 years. I’ve travelled the world and the country attending Superbike and GP races and consider bikes an integral part of my life. However, I am now removing your crappy web site from my list of sites I visit regularly due to the idiocy of your comments about Ohio. Good riddance, a-holes.

  • Howard

    Ohio is only good for roller coasters. Unless you want to do that I’d recommend avoiding the state at all costs and efforts.

  • Cornholeo


    Who cares about your MV/Ducati farkle…. What the hell does that have to do with the article???

    You shouldn’t be commenting unless you have been road racing for “36” years anyway…

    The California residence sums it up nicely. Oh and I’m sure you won’t be reading this and replying back because as you say it, “I am now removing your crappy web site from my list of sites.”

    Your an idiot and lighten up a little

    ~signed Cornholeo

  • Hmm…it looks like I need to clarify some things. First off, the tone of the article is supposed to be more joking than actual opinion. For those that don’t know, A&R was started in Pennsylvania (now in California), which has a nice running rivalry with Ohio (just go to an OSU vs. PSU game).

    Actually, there’s a lot to like about Ohio, namely Mid-Ohio, which is probably the finest track in the area (although I’ll always be partial to BeaveRun myself). I thought the hazing of our former neighbors of the west would be apparent with article tags like “PENN STATE FOOTBALL RULES!!!” and “MAKING WEST VIRGINIA LOOK GOOD”, but I guess not, so my apologies on that.

    Secondly, cornhole is an awesome game, but tragically named. It’s a staple of college football tailgating, and hot and humid summers of the area. I highly suggest if you haven’t played it, that you should…it’ll change your life.

    Third, this law holding by the Ohio State Supreme Court should trouble all residents. I see where the judges reasoning is coming from, but it’s highly troubling that they still came to this conclusion. Since it affects all motorists, I’m surprised there isn’t a larger outcry over the implications it will have.

    Breathe and ride safe. It’s gorgeous weather over 98% of the country right now.

  • Woody

    I’m pretty sure the whole midwest sucks, not just Ohio. There’s a reason I left Michigan.

    And if you don’t think it’s bullshit that a pig just has to say you were speeding to ticket you, maybe you should ride your MV Agusta into the bay.

  • doug

    Wow- This is almost as bad as a “what kind of oil should I use in my bike?” thread.

  • MTGR

    I tell ya, Orwells’ book “1984” was not wrong, it is just taking a couple extra decades to get Big Brother all the way there.

    Not a curprise that book is no longer on the school reading lists anymore.

  • Wavex

    Same law in California and other states… nothing ground breaking here.

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  • Jacob Fox

    Really, don’t waste time trying to defend Ohio. There are two kinds of Ohioans, those that are trying to leave the state, and those that have already left.

  • Kevin White

    Why the focus on Ohio? It’s just the first. You *know* this is coming to a state near you.

  • Westminister

    Won’t happen in California, we’re not that stupid nor timid to let that happen. The Officer is on a horse for Christ-sake… After I’ve ditched him on my bike , I’d be out of the state, before he could reach the telegraph to signal for assistance…

    Stupid is as Stupid does…

    Your Honour, that man is a criminal. Look at them clothes, I would know, as an officer of the law I see criminals every day…

  • Relax

    Dan in CA-Grow a sense of humor. The article was funny. I actually chuckled a little when I read the headline.

    I live in CA too and we’ve got plenty to be thankfull for, but also plenty wrong with our state and local government.

  • I think (but haven’t actually checked the statutes/case law) that VA has had a similar law for quite some time. I also picked up on the humorous tone of the article, no worries there.

  • You know, you might get out of the ticket this way:

    “driver was going to fast”

    to = traveling to

    too = too much

    Writing the ticket this way indicates the driver was traveling to the location named “fast”

  • As a former Ohioan I can’t help, but do a giant face-palm and think WTF? I propose this: In exchange for such arbitrary speed measurements by Troopers I think they should let Ohio taxpayers decide if they’ve paid enough taxes by letting them ask themselves if they’ve paid enough already. I mean if they can’t be bothered to look at their radar/laser gun then Ohioans shouldn’t be bothered to fill out a 1040.

  • Peter

    Wow. Looks like Dan really isn’t coming back.

    Good riddance.

    Keep up the good work Jensen and crew.

  • Kubby

    I too live in California, having moved here from Ohio. I’m an excellent driver and the only points against my license got there because I was cited for speeding in… where? Ohio, naturally.

    Whether it’s the armpit of America is debatable. But it deserves all the bad press it gets for its overzealous cops and ubiquitous speedtraps. It’d be a different if Ohio had an incredibly low highway fatality rate – that would demonstrate that speed limits were enforced for a good reason. But Ohio’s rate is only about average – higher than states like New York, New Jersey, and Michigan, in fact. So it’s clear: Ohio’s speed limits are strictly enforced with no regard for safety, but only as a means of raising revenue.

  • unclewill

    Writing speeding tickets is like shooting fish in a barrel. When you get a ticket you are breaking the law. It’s too easy to write legitimate tickets to select out marginal cases because of a “bad day.” If you don’t want to be the source of “revenue,” don’t exceed the speed limit! Life is simple that way.