Norton NRV700 in the Works – 210HP Rotary by 2011

03/25/2010 @ 12:01 pm, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS

We were disappointed last summer when the Norton NRV588 didn’t take a lap at speed around the Isle of Man circuit during the TT, but that didn’t stop the British racing team from clocking 178mph on the salt flats. It looks like Norton Racing has taken the data they’ve learned from the NRV588 and plan to refine the machine into a 700cc race-spec motorcycle that’s an evolution of the current 588cc pocket rocket. Altough Norton plays it coy on their website, rumor has it that they’re reportedly eying the British Superbike series and maybe even a World Superbike comeback within the next three years.

We’re not sure how the Wankel motor will pass the regulations for either series, but that’s not really our problem. With both BSB and WSBK being production-based racing leagues, the big takeaway from this announcement will be the virtual guarantee of some sort of high-powered Norton rotary available to the general public. With 210HP being the magic number Norton hopes to go racing with, there can be little doubt that a street version would be a potent stead. For those that don’t remember, the NRV588 weighs only a paltry 286lbs dry.

We’re expecting to see the latest Norton rotary within a year’s time, but don’t expect the bike to hit racing circuits any time soon. Early indications put that roadmap milestone at a few years away.

Source: Norton Racing & MCN

  • What a sterling credit to MCN Jensen.

  • I can’t remember the last time MCN credited ANYONE except itself Guy, although you guys don’t seem to be shy about your “exclusives” that come from press releases, or watermarking photos that aren’t even yours. We’ll cite you as a source, but don’t expect any links from A&R ever again.

  • Doctor Jelly

    The wankel was such a beautiful design, I’m sad no one really ever put as much effort into overcoming its shortfalls as reciprocating piston engines… Meh, doesn’t matter anyway, electric is the future and it’s getting the proper attention/money thrown at it to quickly make it a viable alternative.

    Besides Guy, this info has been on Norton’s site for awhile. I read it on there at least a month or two back…

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  • Sorry, I was drunk and feeling arsey

  • CarbonBigfoot

    That’s going to be a rocketship.


  • Rumple Stiltskin

    Can’t wait!

    BTW MCN is a waste of money.

  • ziptech

    I can’t tell what’s what in this design…

    I thought Wankels all had their intake and exhaust ports opposite the rotor housing from the plugs… can see them at the bottom, but are the ports on top with the red fasteners intakes? They seem to be in the right place, with exhausts seemingly where Mazda rotaries’ would be… but then what are the ones on the bottom of the housings?

    Not that I *don’t* want a rotary engine in WSB… if this clip of a 787B’s R26B ripping up a standing start is any indication… all the best to Norton. ;)

  • Doctor Jelly

    My guess is the intake is on the bottom and the exhaust is on top because the blue around the plugs and up the back of the housing looks to be water cooling (rotor is traveling counter-clockwise in this picture if that’s the case). Doesn’t seem intuitive though unless it’s upside down in the image…

    Anyway, the ports can be just about anywhere you want them (including the sides of the chamber instead of the edges). Just so long as you still get the full 4 cycles (suck, squeeze, bang, blow).

  • I can’t wait for the street version – but I hope they are actually ambitious and make it something somewhat affordable (like S1000RR/RSV4 pricing). They will sell a million of them even if power is lower with that kind of weight.

  • JasonM

    @ziptech & @ Dr jelly

    to me it looks like the light grey sticking out bits might be engine mounts, if thats what your talking about for the intake and exhaust ports. you cant have the ports that far apart and have the motor still work.
    if you look close one of the ports you can see is on the top to the left of the grey bits that actually go through the housing, so therefore the other ports are to the right of the grey bits

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  • Jaybond

    An interesting World Superbike prospect!! The most important thing now is to get the production bike ready, and then apply for WSBK entry. As long as it’s still a gasoline , N.A engined bike, surely Flammini would not resist another marque to join and adds to up the WSBK fray, would’nt they? Just make sure the regulation fair and square for everybody.

  • Jaybond

    Just found out that Norton recently, has a controlling interest in Maxsym Engine Technology Ltd, with access to its cutting-edge parallel twin racing engine design. This should allow Norton to explore the 1200cc parallel twin engine design (happens to be Norton’s traditional engine configuration), which should be easier to comply with the WSBK rules. Another option for Norton, which does sound interesting..

  • Moi aussi j’ai beaucoup d’espoir sur cette NORTON NRV 700 , cela me fait énormément plaisir de voir que Norton Racing soutient ce projet .
    J’aimerai également rentrer en contact avec ce fameux inventeur E. BRUNO R. uniquement pour la curiosité de son invention .
    Cela confirme le potentiel de ce moteur rotatif qui mérite d’etre développé .