No Cross-Plane Crankshaft for 2010 Yamaha FZ1

08/27/2009 @ 5:29 pm, by Jensen Beeler4 COMMENTS


MotoRevue is reporting that the 2010 Yamaha FZ1, like the 2010 Yamaha R6, will not be updated with the R1’s cross-plane crankshaft. The FZ1 is a shining example of Reaganomics, getting the trickle down technology of the YZF-R.

So, it comes with some surprise that we hear that it won’t get the MotoGP inspired crankshaft, but never fear loyal Fazzer owners, it does seem that the FZ1 will get some love in the next two years.

For 2010, there’s the expectation that the FZ1 will get the 6 piston radical brake calipers currently seen on the YZF-R1. This is probably good news for Fazer owners, but it comes with a price…namely, the FZ1 is also expected to get the love them or hate them headlights also found on the 2009 R1.

Yamaha has also not ruled out adding the cross-plane crankshaft to the FZ1 later in 2011.

Source: MotoRevue; Photoshop: Jérôme Vannesson

  • I can’t believe Yamaha didn’t fire the cretin who designed the R1 front fairing and is actually going to use it on another bike. As good as the R1 is, I could never own one. Who would want to look at that face all the time? Yamaha should be ashamed. The rest looks great though!

  • I feel the same way about the FZ6 . Looks better naked . I would be tempted to buy the naked version . I think the FZ1 wind protection looks good . Considering a purchase of the FZ1 -2010 model for now .

  • Old rice

    Chill out. The FZ! is a do it all “quick” bike. Looks hot. You must not have one.

  • well i like it sofar, but yes that front fairing could be better, crossplane crank yes yes , lowered, exhaust,240 tire, mmmmmmm etc etc