More Photos of the MV Agusta Rivale

11/16/2012 @ 9:08 am, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS

Debuting the MV Agusta Rivale at the EICMA motorcycle show, the company from Varese didn’t give us too much in terms of press photos of its new 800cc hypermotard. Based off the MV Agusta Brutale 800, the Rivale has been highly anticipated ahead of the Milan show, and with our first glimpses of the machine, it is clear that the Rivale is has a look that is unique in the MV Agusta line (though you may find some hints from other Italian manufacturers within its lines).

We go back and forth on whether we like the new MV Agusta Rivale, and our feelings on the machine might depend on which angle we are looking at it from. Beautiful in profile, the Rivale has an intriguing tail section as well, which seems to be a design element that the Italian company triumphs with consistently.

That headlight though…it is like the Ducati Streetfighter, only worse. That being said, this author criticized the SF1098 when it first debuted at EICMA, and then promptly bought one when he got back to the USA, so…we’ll let you make your own minds up on that one.

Like the Ducati, we might have to reserve judgment until we see a Rivale in the flesh, as so often is the case with motorcycles and the internet. Priced €500 cheaper than the now water-cooled 2013 Ducati Hypermotard, and €1,500 cheaper than the Ducati Streetfighter 848, one thing is clear: MV Agusta means to take a piece of Ducati’s business with what we figure will be an $11,000 bike — interesting stuff for sure. There are a few photos of the MV Agusta Rivale live from EICMA after the jump — courtesy of our good friends at OmniMoto.

Source: OmniMoto

  • Na, its too busy. I wanted to like it, but all that plastic and overdone styling serves little purpose. Bet it’s great to ride though anyway.

  • L2C

    This bike doesn’t even sport full fairings. It’s practically naked. Less plastic on it than any Ninja and whatever else in that genre.

    It is a bit over-styled. Though, I could get used to it. All I’d have to do was watch some anime, then I’d have the proper mindset to enjoy the bike’s design. Or I could simply set out to have some fun.

  • Afletra

    Naaah…I agree with the last statement :D The bike looks good though…maybe it will doing fine in some sci-fi movie, haha

  • MikeD

    I’ll take her in and give her LOTS OF TLC.

    I would rather take her than a Ducati…or the regular Brutale…i know (BLASPHEMY !!!)

  • AK

    Coming soon to dealer near you…. If there is one :)

  • Yuk. Like so many designs this year it’s over styled, and fussy for fussy’s sake. What makes the Panigale look so good is the clean design the lack of ‘fus’. If it doesn’t have a function leave it out. If it does have a function make it as small light and simple as possible. If its got a wart on it don’t hide the wart behind an overstyled piece of plastic – remove the wart! These overstyled designs will date very quickly and not end up classics. Often a good design is ruined in an update when they try to ‘add’ to the original design. (think Mazda Miata) Triumph has managed to destroy the beauty of their 675 bikes this year by ‘adding’ to an already good design.

    Can we please have a readers poll for the greatest LOOKING bike (regardless of genre and performance) released in the last five years?

  • Awesome bike, but in person (here in Milan), the tail looks like a full diaper. The F3 and Brutale tail are far better done, which is unfortunate because I think the Rivale could be the perfect street bike.

  • Giova

    I really like this bike, They took the hyper design and made it look amazing. The tail is very sexy. It does have a lot of unesesary plastic but I think it looks well. I reckon that this bike and the Pit bull looking Duke are the best bikes of the show.

  • anti

    On a personal level, I 100% agree with FastBikeGear and derestricted. It seems there are a great deal of bike manufacturers opting “pizza with the lot” fast food aesthetic these day. Fortunately there are still examples of companies with enough pride in design to produce the panigale, and companies with heritage that can make the Nuda 900, which if you look at Husqvana’s SMR511 you can see is a very clever authentic evolution.

    What I despise in principle is that MV have copied the front elements of the hypermotard and the mudgaurd of the Nuda 900. To think of Tamburini’s amazing F4 and then this aestetic plunder. Maybe they just thought they could do it better.

  • Westward

    This bike is functional art.

    Complaining about the aesthetic or the evolution of design says more about the complainer than the the style of the bike itself. Thrust me, there are plenty of GSXR’s and Harley’s to choose from, just pick a colour…

    Stealing elements from other companies is a fair criticism…

  • As the ‘ole saying goes, “desperate people do desperate things.” The same applies for designers. This is a ill-inspired amalgamation of ideas that make little, if any, sense!!

  • Rob04

    One thing about MV’s, they take great picture’s !

  • Mr.Truth

    Your all IDIOTS!

    We will take notice of what your got to say when you own a motorcycle company!

    Well done MV another brilliant bike, just watch the Jappers copy it as they do

    FORZA Made In Italy!

  • MikeD

    @Mr. Truth:

    Impressive. Smartest comment ever in the history of the internet. LOL.

  • KEG

    funny when i hear and read the term “over styled.” Then the aventador is over styled and so is the veyron or the pagani and the panigale at that because its a drastic change from the 1198. Personally i was very disappointed ducati did not jaz up the hyper and left that beak. I will order a rivale (no hyper looks as good or close to it) and i have ordered a brutalle 800 as well. I own a 2011 ktm dukeR, monster 1100s, monster evo, 848 SF and I am finally going MV and KTM superduke next year. And oh the Japs are following because honda’s cb1000r and kawa’s are all taking design cue’s from the Italian naked’s and we embrace it. I am a ducati guy but did not even stop over at their tent this time around because MV and KTM had my full attention. outstanding work!