The MV Agusta Rivale Will Be 800cc?

07/06/2012 @ 3:41 pm, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

According to Moto Revue, MV Agusta is set to debut an 800cc-powered model later this year, which is an interesting tidbit for anyone who has been following MV Agusta lately. Set to debut the MV Agusta Rivale at EICMA this November, the newest model from the historic Italian is said to be a hypermotard-esque machine that is loosely based off the MV Agusta Brutale 675.

Following the logical genesis of the Brutale 675 using the MV Agusta F3’s 675cc three-cylinder motor, most assumed that the MV Agusta Rivale would feature only chassis changes, and retain the same supersport-inspired motor. However, the news from Moto Revue puts that idea into doubt, and likely tips the Rivale to being an 800cc rival to bikes like the spied Ducati Hypermotard 848 and Husqvarna Nuda 900.

If true, then the displacement difference might give the Rivale a bit more of a differentiation from the Brutale 675, and thus help to broaden MV Agusta’s growing model line-up. Of course, the changing of the motor’s displacement will mean more R&D for the Italian company, which debuted the MV Agusta F3 with a poorly tuned version of the three-cylidner motor, which suffered from horrible throttle control and engine fueling maps.

With those issues reportedly now getting resolved, hopefully MV Agusta can launch the Rivale sans issue.

Source: Moto Revue

  • MikeD

    675cc Triple that can grow up to 800cc if needed…(SLOW CLAP)…well played MV, well played…(^_^).

    A Maxi-Motard ? Naaaah…but i still want to see it. What’s next ? An 800cc dual sport-tourer ? I wouldn’t be shocked…they need to xpand and make money…FAST !

  • Jon

    Not to sound alarmist but shouldn’t they be focused on successfully selling the 675 variants (not to metion having them properly engineered) before branching out to other things? It seems to me like they’re trying to please everyone before they’ve actually pleased anyone.

  • Gutterslob

    I have to agree with Jon here. MV doesn’t even seem to have a robust enough dealer network and parts supply chain for their current models. I realize that the market for straight-out sports models is not as big as it used to be and all marques want to be where the money’s at (current trends suggest street-based nakeds/standards and dual-purpose types), but spreading their focus and resources too thin might return to haunt them.

  • MikeD

    LOL. What are u guys talking about…this is MV Agusta we are talking about, remenber ?

    Putting the Horse after the Cart is how the do it…they’ll be on the Slaugther House is no time…………………AGAIN.

    I guess it’s an Italian Affair-Cultural thing…to quote someone from another tread about another famous Italian Motorcycle Brand.

  • Bryan Niese

    How long have we been hearing about the F3 and they still can’t make it available to US consumers. MV makes beautiful motorcycles but their business and marketing sense is lacking. Beauty and character are important in a motorcycle but there are too many other European manufacturers offering those qualities without the sacrifices that an MV would demand.

  • Damo

    MV makes some great looking bikes, but their ambition has always outpaced their manufacturing capabilities.

    I got into it with a British chap who keep claiming his brand new F3 was “FAR SUPERIOR” to a Daytona 675R, yet had zero objective evidence with which to justify said reasoning.

    If they want to be competitive they really need to focus on the three models they can actually make, before they start biting off more than they can chew.

  • Ryan

    I can’t support MV with my wallet, but I can support them by being a fan I guess. I ride a Triumph and think that every manufacturer who brings us a three cylinder bike should be appreciated. It may be good idea for them to nail the 675 first before moving on to the 800, though. That way they’re less likely to crash and burn and leave the world with fewer triples.