XXX: 29 Photos of the MV Agusta Rivale 800

12/10/2012 @ 10:06 am, by Jensen Beeler17 COMMENTS

If there is an “on-the-fence” model from the EICMA motorcycle show, it is the MV Agusta Rivale. Highly anticipated ahead of the show in Milan, the Rivale debuted to mixed reactions regarding its design, giving the small Italian company perhaps its first ugly duckling moment in modern history. We’re still on the fence though.

On paper, the MV Agusta Rivale 800 strikes all the right nerves. Its 798cc three-cylinder motor puts out 123hp, while its heft sums to 375 lbs. Coming with the Varese company’s MVICS electronics package and a €10,990 price tag, perhaps the only thing on the spec sheet that we don’t like about the Rivale is its “second-half of 2013” availability date, which could easily become “early 2014” if the MV Agusta F3’s arrival teaches us anything.

Beauty or The Beast? We have 29 photos from MV Agusta to help you ponder that, after the jump of course.

Source: MV Agusta

  • joe

    since we know that MV Agusta doesn’t really produce bikes, I must give credit to the designer/photoshop artist who created such beautiful pictures

  • RGR

    Joe, since I own an actual MV Agusta motorcycle…I call your BS. Love this Rivale.

  • Jerry

    Love this bike!!!

  • Austin

    I’ll reserve judgement until I see one in the flesh. Definitely looks fresh to my eye though, love the detailing touches.

  • Anvil

    Sorry, it’s a bit over-styled.

    And I usually like Adrian Morton’s work.

  • Damo

    I think it looks a bit over styled as well. Not that I will ever get to see one in the Northlands….

    I honestly know one person around my neck of the woods that owns a first gen 750cc F4, hell even at the all Italian bike meets up here I saw two Bimotas and zero MV’s.

    I don’t even know where the closest dealer is in the Northeast US.

  • Damo

    I would also like to add, I LOVE rear tire plate holders. Cleans up the rear of the bike so well.

  • Halfie30

    Slick! It will definitely look better in person I’m sure though.

  • Superlight

    I just bought an F3, so I must like MV styling. This Rivale, however, is a bit too far out for me, design-wise. There appear to be some interesting design details, but I don’t care for the side “pods”, which are too fat and prominent for me. The bike looks pregnant

  • froryde

    Another beak designed by Spy vs. Spy cartoonists!

  • less is more…

    this bike has too much going on.

    oh the rebirth of the hoe!

  • KEG

    Amazing! I have seen it in the flesh and its every bit as good. Great job

  • JoeD

    I would own one despite a couple of personal dislikes on any bike. It would look nice next to the Benelli and we’re back to Mr. Morton again.

  • Gutterslob

    Prefer the Brutale – it’s got a nice balance between beast and bike.
    This one has a bit too much insect going on.

  • Pete

    First ugly MV Agusta in history, if you ask me.

  • Sam Adams

    oem tires are trash, shame.

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