Rumors Swell About Possible MV Agusta Purchase

03/22/2010 @ 5:58 am, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

Paolo Berlusconi, brother to Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, is rumored to be making a play for MV Agusta as Harley-Davidson continues to look for a purchases of the iconic Italian brand. According to Motociclismo, Berlusconi’s name continues to be mentioned in the same sentence as the Italian company, as the purchase would play well into Belusconi’s holdings in scooter manufacturer Garelli.

Garelli currently designs its scooter line in Italy, but does manufacturing and engineering in China. The company is reportedly looking for an Italian facility, which MV could conceivably provide and help the company go all Italia. Price is of course still a major issue, as MV Agusta has minimal yearly sales (and revenue), and with its current 2010 revamp being yet fully tested with consumers, it’s difficult to gauge whether or not Harley-Davidson was able to fully turnaround the failing company.

This rumor would seem to add another woer of MV Agusta, as Geox’s Mario Moretti Polegato (yes, the shoe manufacturer) and his group of investors is also rumored to be in talks with Harley-Davidson about acquiring the brand. With Harley likely interested in only one thing, it’ll be up to both groups in coming up with the most cash if they want to be the new owners of MV Agusta.


  • Skipper

    As soon as HD gets rid of MV Agusta then they can really concentrate on there 2011 line of clothes, belt buckles, fingerless nose picker gloves and do-rags. Also they can start to pick out there new colors for the new 2011 models.

  • Tin Man

    Darn shame that after rescuing MV from Debt that HD could not hang on long enough to reap some rewards. The MV fan sites report that the parts delivery has already improved thanks to HDs hand, and the new models appear to be well received. The mix was a natural, HD premium cruisers paired with MV top notch Sport Bikes.

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  • VeloceRacing

    To Skipper: Wait … are you serious? Do you know for certain that HD is revising the do-rag line? If so, Oh man …. Christmas done come early at the trailer park!

  • jpd748

    well said skipper! we like to ride.

  • ihb

    copycats, one week old and still a rumour!!