Would You Buy This for $9,000?

08/16/2010 @ 2:00 pm, by Jensen Beeler28 COMMENTS

We should preface right off the bat that this is a photoshop’d render of the much anticipated MV Agusta F3 (that Castiglioni hopes will save MV Agusta), and not an actual image of what the final product will look like. Odd logos and checkered flags aside though (let’s do the time warp again), this photoshop by Russian website Motogonki.ru is a good start to imagining what the F3 will look like when MV Agusta drops the F4 camouflage later this year at Milan.

Low-slung triple-tip pipes? Check. Enough space between the rear tire and solo-tail for a small Sicilian family? Check. Distinct MV Agusta lines? Check. So the question remains, would you buy a 675cc three-cylinder MV Agusta for $9,000 if it looked like this? Thanks for the tip Jackie!

Source: Motogonki.ru

  • Ken C.

    Minus the silly checkered flag and yellow racing number, absolutely! I’d buy one in a heartbeat.

  • Maxx

    Ur missing the point forget the paint and look at the bike …….

    Yes,yes………….fooking yes….!!

  • CBR600RR 09

    ID BUY IT WITH OR WITHOUT!!! That is one sexy bike!!! Where can I put my down payment down?

  • yes please!

  • RGR

    For $9000 this is the perfect track bike for me. I want one! And if it comes track-ready, all the better! People will think you spent $50k on this Desmo-like beauty. Don’t hurt their feelings and tell them the truth….

  • Terry Lemmons

    one in silver please,but first are those harley a**holes trulygone ,if so I am in . T.L.

  • I’m ready to put my deposit down now if it looks similar to this rendering.

  • KK

    it would be awesome to get an italian motorcycle for under 10 grand (sportbike)

  • Greg

    I’m always hesitant to jump on a bandwagon when a bike is in its first year of release. If the bike proves reliable and the price point is indeed $9k, I’m sure that MV Agusta will have trouble keeping these in stock. Here’s hoping that the ‘little’ MV enjoys the same kind of success and praise as the BMW S1000RR has in its debut. If I didn’t already have a GSXR 750 in my garage, I would probably be in the market for one.

  • Ted Baxter

    jesus you guys are getting to be a joke with stuff like this. I mean its bad enough you make another “news” story based on a photoshop, but this $9k number is pulled completely out of your ass. its just laughable. you can’t buy a Japanese 600 for $9K and you think for one second MV Agusta is going to come in that cheap?

    lol, the brake calipers alone in this chop are worth about $2K.

  • The $9,000 figure is based off the €9,000 price point, which came from Castiglioni’s own mouth. Whether they stick to that plan is a different matter, but A&R has never been wrong on making pricing predictions from European pricing.

  • eze1976

    Looking forward to what the F3 looks like. They just might have something here with a bike that people actually can track & race, we will just have to wait and see.

  • TwinMe

    Not my kind of bike, but… for that kind of money (if they can keep such figure), sure….big 4’s 600’s are more than $9k , Right ?

    Just for the Heck of “Something Different” it would be enough xcuse to give it a hard look.
    Besides, an I3 675 Triple makes for a better overall engine than a BuzzBomb I4 600…or so goes the stereotype…lol.

    Like “someone” sugested, i would like them to break the chain, mold and ties with the F4 Lines…Yes, a good clean looking Machine but looking kind of “been around too long” already…REFRESHED OR NOT.

  • I would buy it for $9,000. It’s cheaper the any other japanese or european supersport bike.

    The problem is… why mags and blogs like A&R are naive enough to believe that MV Agusta will produce a bike for this price?

  • Ian

    Is it necessary for it to look almost identical to it’s big brother, which has barely changed since what, 1998?

    Yes the F4 was/is beautiful, but frankly I’m a bit bored of it now. Along with the “all new MV” announcements over the years which invariably involves just a new set of stickers.

    If you want the MV looks then no need to wait- there are a stack of barely used 750s on sale for around £6k.

  • Craig

    Ahhh…hate to bring up a sticking point, but 9000 euros is nowhere near 9,000 dollars. In fact, at the current exchange rate, it’s more like $11,952. Now, ask the correct question. Would you buy this for $11,952? My answer…NO!

  • Mark

    The estimated price was 9000 euro’s, which converts to approx $11,500 USD today. Still not too bad for an MV, however I don’t know how many people would pay that kind of money for a 600cc class bike. If the 1000cc F4 was that price, I think there would be no doubt that they would have a winner.

  • Craig,

    Rarely does international pricing directly follow currency exchange rates. In the case of MV Agusta, there has traditionally been 1:1 price comparison between euros and US dollars. For instance, the 2010 MV Agusta F4 retails for around €18,500 in Europe (taxes vary in some of the countries), and goes for $18,500 here in the US.

  • Prich

    In a heartbeat. I ride a Brutale around town, I’ve had it for five years and it’s remained perfect. As someone who has had a number of italian bikes, the MV has the soul of something built in Italy and the reliability of something built in Japan.

    This thing should prove to be a trackday killer.

  • another triple would be great, but this bike needs its own image. A qtr. fairing would be preferred to showcase the 3 cyl motor

  • If this can be had for 9 to 10K, I am in. No bs, I’m in.

  • To me the biggest thing isn’t the price but the dealer network. For the most part each state has at most two dealers with may having just one. IMO getting more dealers is key to survival of the brand.

  • Jake Fox

    Meh, I’ll stick with my Daytona 675. Triumph’s been there, done that already.

  • Nutz

    If it looked like that minus the stupid checkered flag and F3 stickers I would ABSOLUTELY buy it!

  • ML

    I know I’ll catch flack for this, but I find this design to be dated. They need to move away from the F4 look and start something fresh.

    If you went back to the 80’s and had someone design what they thought a super bike would look like in the future, this would be the design. It’s apperance seems old to me. Oh well…

  • unclewill

    Three months ago my local Kawi dealers had crates full of 2009 ZX-6Rs they were selling for $6,500 each.

  • 1,500 less than at Triumph Daytona? And it looks like an MV? I’ll take one, but it sounds a bit too good to be true…

  • ihb