Product Lust: Photoshopped MV Agusta F3

03/01/2011 @ 2:09 pm, by Jensen Beeler21 COMMENTS

Our friend Anthony at desmoworks will probably be the first person in California to own the new MV Agusta F3 supersport motorcycle, which is expected to debut later this Fall as a 2012 model, but that hasn’t stopped him from photoshopping up some ideas on what to do with his F3 when it arrives. Mirrors? Headlights? Turn signals? Those are all well and good if you plan on riding on the street, but Anthony plans on putting his F3 to work.

Stemming from his track-oriented purpose we see he’s added GP-style belly exhaust, replacing the triple pipe outlet that you either love or hate on the new MV (admittedly, it’s growing on us). While we deride MV Agusta for constantly recycling the Tamburini aesthetic, this is going to be one hot bike, especially in race trim. Like what you see? Anthony is considering putting together a kit for F3 owners to achieve the same effect, and we imagine posting up in the comments would help make that opportunity happen.

Photoshop: desmoworks

  • Feelgood Inc

    Why couldn’t MV have though to do that with the pipe instead of that triple pea shooter monstrosity?!?! Good job that man!

  • froryde

    Schwing!!! That is HOT! However, I kinda like the pea shooters too…

  • fasterthanyou

    that ticks all my boxes

  • Odie

    Oh…..that is nice.

  • RGR

    The triple exhaust is killer and I wouldn’t trade that for the world. The belly exhaust looks cool too, but I want my 3 pipes. I’ve already got my down payment on one. :-)

  • KTMx

    That exhaust is beautiful! The triple pipes are terrible.

  • ML

    I’m still deciding what my next bike will be (most likely will end up purchasing the ZX-10R or the F3). With that said, I think my decision would be much easier if several items were changed on this bike.

    Since you all care about my tastes related to the new F3, here are some of the things that annoy me:

    1) I hate the color scheme (I hope they offer the F3 in a dark color scheme, like black and dark gray).
    2) The fork bottom looks cheap (probably because they are).
    3) Wish the production bike would come with true projector headlight(s).
    4) Will probably cost $15,000.00+ when it finally ships.
    5) Forks don’t look adjustable (related: see item 3).
    6) Wheels look ugly. Wish they were regular 5/7 spoke design, not pseudo 10 spoke.
    7) What ever else I forgot to mention.

    This is the color scheme I have in mind when I think of a good looking F3/F4:

  • @ML – I saw the bike at EICMA and the forks are adjustable for compression, rebound and of course preload. I highly doubt the bike will hit $15,000. In interviews they’ve already said it will be priced less than an 848 (and the official price has been announced for Europe, which is less than the 848).

    I think the fork bottoms look cheap as well. I’d like to see a set of R/T forks on there myself.

    Overall I’m really stoked on this bike. The cheaper items are easy to replace and I probably would have anyway to get the setup I like such as the rear sets, front fender, master cylinders, etc…

    The core of the bike sounds like it is done right though – the engine and electronics. If they hit their goals it will be the highest output and have the most advanced electronics of any bike in the 600cc class. The weight will most likely be impressive as well.

    I must say though – I like the silver/red paint scheme. I’ll probably do a carbon belly pan, rear fender and front fender, but leave the rest on mine.

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  • ML

    Yeah, the rest of the bike is awesome.

    Like you I’ll make many changes, too. Custom paint (unless stock paint comes in a color scheme I like), front forks, rear sets, upgrade to brembo clutch and brake master cylinders, BST carbon wheels, carbon rear hugger, and perhaps a carbon front depending on the bikes color scheme.

    Oh, and a GP style exhaust. At this point I should just buy a better bike. Hah!

  • No doubt… but if you bought a better bike you’re probably do all the same to it too as even the best bikes don’t come setup exactly how you’d want! We sold a Biaggi Rep. RSV4 to a customer (the $70K track only version) and it still had quite a few things I’d upgrade on it. A very cool bike overall, but just not totally done up. It has the electronics done right though!

  • Mike J

    “While we deride MV Agusta for constantly recycling the Tamburini aesthetic”

    Why deride MV for doing something that Ducati have been doing for far far longer?

  • Other Sean

    And Porsche even longer? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I’d like to see any of you design better!

  • Other Sean

    To expand on that, I would argue these makes, MV, Ducati, Porsche like I mentioned, have a rare aesthetic that is tied to their image. Kawasaki redesigns all the time, and we see how ugly those have been recently.

    As for this photoship, it’s extremely well done. And while it looks good, I agree that the triple pipes give it part of it’s MV flair. This gp style doesn’t look bad but it doesn’t set it apart, looks like MANY other (japanese) bikes. Nothing wrong with Japanese bikes, but you buy Italian for a reason.

  • I’m surprised you think of Japanese bikes with an exhaust like that. To me the RC8 comes to mind first and then Buell – neither Japanese. You’d better get used to this style exhaust on an Italian bike though – the 2012 Ducati 1200cc Superbike has exactly this exhaust stock!

  • mxs

    Are you still within reasonable noise level (not sure if you have a bylaw to obey)? What about cat? There’s no free lunch, right?

  • Mike L.

    I think they are broke and that’s why it’s not available….yet?
    Just seems logical to me, but I was wrong once before.

  • kastone

    See for some nicely coloured Photoshop F3s if you don’t like the classic MV Paint Scheme.

  • Ducracerx

    Looks more like the NEW 2012 Ducati superbike. You will see in November.

  • Ducracerx

    @Anthony true, good post!

  • Ducracerx

    @Other Sean you are on some serious drugs or live on another planet if you think the underslung exhaust looks like a Jap bike and is what the Japs do LOL!! KTM and Ducati did this 1st and others will follow in the future.