UPDATE: The MV Agusta F3 has officially broken cover.

Italian news site Il Sole 24 Ore sat down with the new owner of MV Agutsa, Claudio Castiglioni, and asked the Italian perhaps the most pertinent question about his new company: what’s next? Striking to the point of things, Castiglioni says much of MV Agusta’s future will depend on the company’s new three-cylinder motorcycles, which the company hopes to sell 10,000 of during the next model year.

Officially now called the MV Agusta F3, Castiglioni was also forthright on some of the details. Already rumored to be a 675cc three-cylinder powered motorcycle, Castiglioni has confirmed this setup along with the fact that there will be at least two price points, with a base and sport model being available.

Pricing for the MV Agusta F3 will start at €9,000 with the sportier F3 costing between €10,000-€11,000. Some gorilla math on the A&R international pricing calculator computes those numbers to be just over $9,000 for the base model, and $10,500-$11,500 for the sport, which makes the new F3 a strong rival for the Triumph Daytona and undercuts the new Ducati 848 EVO considerably.

Like the F4 & Brutale, the F3 will have a naked counterpart as well. Castiglioni calls the smaller naked street bike the “Brutalina” which we sincerely hope is not the name the company lands-on for the bike, but the new CEO was quick to say that the naming of the smaller Brutale has not yet been finalized. No word on pricing yet for the smaller Brutale, but expect it to be somewhere in the $8,500 range.

While these prices are encouraging, the goal of 10,00 units in the first year of its restart is a daunting task for MV Agusta. Castiglioni is surely looking at Ducati’s numbers, which sells similar numbers in the lower-priced Monster segment. Time will tell if this strategy is the winning recipe for MV Agusta, and if the brand can maintain its premium sport bike status while undercutting with the F3 progeny.

Source: Il Sole 24 Ore

  • soupy

    If that price is for real and the styling (Tamburini’s supposed last design) is anything I’m hoping it’ll be, I’m putting my Daytona 675 up for sale and putting a deposit ASAP.

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  • If the quality is up there with the F4 and Brutale, I’d easilly consider adding one to the stable …

  • Alex B

    I hope this makes financial sense for MV… The cost of putting together a smaller displacement machine isn’t that much lower than the current crop, unless some things are omitted (go-fast parts, hand assembly, in-house built parts, dare we say, quality control…). Would be curious to see how it turns out.

    That being said.. I want one!

  • SPQR

    I want to see what it looks like naked.

  • Silver

    Let’s just hope that they change up the design of the motorcycle so it doesn’t look like a 10 year old MVF4 just warmed over. They are fantastic looking bikes but why buy a smaller displacement bike when a used F4 can be had for close to the same price. They just need to break the mold of the old F4 (and new one) and come out with something stunning.

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  • ihb

    And than of a sudden they use pics that A&R questioned months ago!


    buch of looser they are