MV Agusta Corse Shows Off Carbon F4 at EICMA

11/20/2009 @ 2:46 pm, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS


For a company with only a handful of models in its 2010 line of motorcycles, MV Agusta sure did take up a large plot of land at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan, Italy this last week. To help promote and show-off the MV Agusta Corse line of aftermarket and racing parts, MV put together this sinister looking carbon fiber F4. Photos and more after the jump.

Clad in a matte carbon finish, the F4 looks more like something Batman would ride through Gotham City, than around a track like Mugello. Still, with its covered headlight, and racing exhaust its clear MV Agusta Corse intends this bike to be a track-only ride.

Overall the bike looks stunning, and we especially liked the raised bevel of the MV Agusta Corse name on the side of the front fairings. Nice touch. The bike is meant to showcase the extenisve Corse line of aftermarket and race compenents that MV Agusta has developed in house. No word on how much a setup like this would cost you, but we’d imagine it’d be more than a few euros.

Photos: © 2009 Asphalt & Rubber

  • wow… i hate to say it, but the current Ducati 848/1198 and Aprilia RSV4 are both better looking than the new MV in my opinion, and it feels really weird to say :(

    it feels like they just tried to sharpen up and modernize a highly refined style… and in my opinion it didn’t work out for them. instead of lusting after the bike as a whole, i feel like i’m only interested in parts of it.

    the carbon fiber on this bike though is stunning and fit and finish seem obviously impeccable.

  • Re: the Batman comment…

    Christian Bale did in fact ride the F4 Sienna in the Dark Night. :P

  • Jenny Gun

    You mean Bruce Wayne? ;)

    Peter: I thought you were dead. Welcome back to the living.

  • haha, i’ve been snooping around, personal life took over for a bit, settling back into the regular routine again. thanks for the welcome back :)

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  • Jake

    Honestly I’m not completely crazy about the change to the front end and the pipes, but everything else I don’t have an issue with, because honestly MV be it HD influence or not finally looks to have started addressing the issues with the MV and not just releasing “new models” that were simply more CCs, BNG’s and calling them limited editions.

    I love the return to the 5 star MV wheels instead the generic Marchesini 10 spoke. If you’ve ever owned or ridden an MV you know that all the extra venting the new bike has is much needed as the MV has always had a problem with running EXETREMELY hot. So to me that is a welcome update. I like that they did it without removing much of the fairings like the Japanese bikes have done the last few years. If I wanted a naked bike I’d buy one.

    But most importantly, though many probably won’t agree, but I’m glad they went back to 1000cc and looked into other areas to make the motor better. Now as it is on equal ground with the other litre bikes they can focus on direct performence comparisions instead of just adding more CCs each year. If people would actually read the stated specs you’d see that while the over all weight might not have dropped as much as was needed (weight was always the other big issue of the MV), it seems they made the engine lighter, which in theory should be a big performance boost.

    Honestly as I said I’m not crazy about the new front and the pipes, but all the other changes for the first time in years have me seriously thinking about going back to the MV camp and getting another MV. I really wished they still offered a 750 though