Video: Rider Crashes in Front of CHP

03/29/2010 @ 6:05 am, by Jensen Beeler16 COMMENTS

Seeing a low-speed lowside crash on Mulholland isn’t exactly a rare event with so many inexperienced riders taking to the infamous twisty SoCal roadway. Caught on video though, this Kawasaki ZX-6R was surprised to see one of CHP’s finest waiting for him around the apex of a turn. Showing his greeness to trail braking, our protaganist grabs a fistfull of brake, and promptly tucks the front tire in front of the officer. Check out the video after the jump.

Source: YouTube via HFL

  • DOH! Even for a rookie that pretty bad. It can’t be a total surprise that there might be a cop around every bend. sheesh.. he’d be off a cliff if he’d been at Deals Gap.

  • eze1976

    I know I’ve done it, grabbing an instant handful when getting suprised by a cop up there, its just your first reaction sometimes (yes even though bad practice). To be honest I think its pretty wrong to be waiting at the end like that. I would think the highway patrol would rather just give a ticket than cause an accident too. There is no doubt in my mind that cop caused that crash by his position and intent.

  • The cop “caused that crash by his position and intent.” Really? The rider had nothing whatsoever to do with it?

    By the way, doesn’t it seem kinda fishy that someone was there, catching this all on video?


    Ai… I know the feeling, never grabbed my front brake thought. Just got an OH F*ck feeling inside, also because I know I was speeding. It didn’t look like he was going fast so he didn’t have anything to worry about. I do agree It’s partly do to the position of the cop he went down, on a straight he’d be fine.

  • JP56

    Do you remember a few years back there was the video of the sport bike rider crashing on Mulholland? There was a lot of press and it made the national news. A few weeks later it came out that it was staged by insurance company. I think itwas part of a campaign to limit sport bike capabilities. This video makes me wonder who’s behind it and what agenda they might have. The video seems well shot. Not a cheapo handled.

  • staged?

    it does look a little staged, good camera quality, sound no sound from the camera guy. the cop is not even parked, he is just on the brakes, and starts moving forward 1sec after the he hits the ground.

    if not staged it the cops fault for parking on a tight curve, provoking a driver to react fast.

  • local

    It’s not staged, this is a curve in Mulholland called “the snake” where a photography studio often plants themselves on sat and sun and takes pics of the riders going by, which are of course available for purchase later. There has been increased CHP activity in recent years and I’m sure the camera crew sees a lot of this sort of thing so they were expecting it to happen.

    Personally I know the cop didnt “cause” the accident but it seems unfair of him to sit in the middle of the turn, at a point where the motorcyclist is most prone to crashing. They should sit back a few hundred yards to wait until the bike accelerates out of the turn, i think there would be less chance of a crash in that situation.

  • erik

    guys are up on the hill every weekend filming and taking photos, not staged… Check out one of the dudes flickr account or something pretty close to it

  • wayne

    Saying the LEO “caused” this guy to go down is not so far removed from blaming flies for garbage trucks and pencils for spelling mistakes.

  • davidro

    Coming around a blind turn like that and seeing a chp cruiser opposite can target fixation. I’m surprised the rider did go straight to the car.

  • This is the rider’s fault—he either overreacted to the turn, the CHP, or, more likely, both and grabbed a handful of brake. What he should have done is slowed down BEFORE going into the turn, i.e Slow-in, fast-out. If he wanted to speed-racer through the turn he should have stayed off the brake (he’d need to pick a better line to make this work) or applied the tiniest bit of trail braking.

    Live and learn.

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  • Sean Mitchell

    Cops suck. Go fight some real crime, you glorified tax collector.

  • Don

    …perhaps the CHP did not cause the accident, but did he/she “precipitate” it? Was that officer culpable? It is reasonable to think that if the CHP vehicle was not there then the crash would not have happened. I’m sure there are lots of places for the officer to set up and lots of speeding riders to write tickets to. I bet CHP officers are well trained about how to pull a vehicle over to minimize potential accidents with road traffic. I know I would not want to do anything that would increase the likely-hood of any motorcycle accident.

  • Blackbrained johnny

    rnickeymouse is the videographer. if you check out youtube he has already captured dozens of incident on this corner over the past year.

    not staged. not some kind of scam

    just lots of squids…